【TVPP】Jung-Eum,Seo-Jun,Jun- Hee,Siwon- ‘She Was Pretty’, 정음, 서준, 준희, 시원 – 그.예 인터뷰 @Section TV
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【TVPP】Jung-Eum,Seo-Jun,Jun- Hee,Siwon- ‘She Was Pretty’, 정음, 서준, 준희, 시원 – 그.예 인터뷰 @Section TV

Today we are here for the hit MBC romantic comedy drama ‘She Was Pretty’. We are going to have a press conference with the main characters of the drama Please look forward to it. Today we have the 4 lead actors of the drama of ‘She Was Pretty’! Hello! Hello! Hello~ The sweet and thrilling romantic comedy drama ‘She Was Pretty’ by MBC pulled the viewers on their first episode onwards. It caused a big sensation on the viewers to see Hwang Jung-eum’s change for her new drama, Which led to her change being ranked 1st on the real time search engines. The ruined image of Hwang Jung-eum caused a huge rise in the ratings,everybody is looking forward to the drama In this drama Hwang Jung-eum is playing the role of Kim Hye Jin Many people say that I’m pretty Is it ok to say this? (laughs) I’m pretty,so I’m not afraid of being ruined Ah,of course you are pretty~ I really wanted to do a drama where the woman is not pretty as a main character (Is it a compliment or a curse…?) I was really worried that Hwang Jung-eum would turn out looking pretty. The title is ‘She Was Pretty’ so she will definetely be pretty. But there are no thoughts whatsoever of becoming pretty. It only came out until episode 8,not before that. When will you become pretty?-Last episode? You are pretty enough now~ From a timid and chubby boy to a man like a model Ji Seong Joon played by Park Seo Joon Aww,he’s so handsome! People say that you look like a perfect guy I’m embarrassed. The phrase ‘Guy who came out of fashion’ is also on the search engines! Where did this come from? From our Section TV. Since I always appear ugly,I’d say ‘Be thankful to me’ Because of me you all are shining. Park Seo Joon who always played gentle and soft roles is now playing a role which is rough and insensitive. If you’re like this,you shouldn’t reveal yourself. Are you mentally challenged? He’s really insensitive,how insulting! During shooting I got even more stressed. To act like a jerk to such an extent. People think I am like that in real life… Right after the shooting,they would act conscious towards me. He’s good at acting. No wonder Si won and Joon Hee came to me asking “How’s Seo Joon…?” (laughs) Ah,really? Just kidding. (It’s just acting don’t misunderstand) This time,Go Joon Hee is a girl who has a perfect body and is extremely popular. Impressive,she’s impressive. What impressive? She has an aura to not let people dare go near her The moment she moves,it’s as if she’s shooting an advertisement. He’s always teasing me like this… It’s just that my role is so good that I had fun at shooting. Do you do any extra things to manage you’re body? She eats a lot. I was shocked. Sweet potatoes,she likes sweet potatoes. Whenever she’s hungry she’d say “Wanna have sweet potatoes? Wanna have kimbap?” And I heard that it’s a role that is pretty but is always getting wronged. Like,not that you specifically approach someone but always get misunderstood. It seems that Si Won always misunderstands it. Is that so? Then aren’t all guys misunderstanding it? Go Joon Hee spoke to me,Omo! If it’s like that,of course there would be misunderstanding~ I think he likes Joon Hee Every guy’s dream is Joon Hee noona He does like her~ Choi Siwon we acknowledge that you are a Joon Hee-flower You learnt voilen before right,Joon Hee? Everybody: Really? Woahh! What’s this! Really? We should prepare and test it out. Why do I feel so embarrassed…ah..yes~ Really? How long did you do it for? I… You did not do it for only two months right? I did music way before I started acting. This will become many men’s dream again. Even doing violen… Si Won has always done dandy and elite roles. For the first time he is doing a sly and free-spirit role. I shaved because of the press conference. He’s beard grows out quickly. You’re a man! Me? Then am I a woman. Usually at shooting the hairstyle team follows me, But this time,it’s alright if they don’t follow me Because the hairstyle is comfortable. In a program,he was willing to give up his handsome looks for laughters, He doesnt even seem to care if his image is ruined. In this drama he will be showing some sly and funny acting. And it’s expected to give big laughters! I’ll suggest it to you,Bbong! Out of 10 points,I think… The radish scene we filmed yesterday is worth 8 points. It makes people curious,that radish scene… Yes,the radish scene is 8 points so there is 2 points left. That 2 points should be able to appear before I enter the army. Yes,Choi Siwon will be enlisting in the army this November. I’m also preparing my heart for the army. This isnt funny! Why are you laughing? It’s making me feel sad. Do you want to come along on 19th November at Yong San training center? Me? Yes,Chang Min will be there too. Then I’ll go,I’ll go if Chang Min’s there. I’m just joking. Chang Min?! In that case I’ll refuse. Then One Night TV (SBS programme) should come instead. Ah,Si Won Section TV will be there! What will be you’re commitment of ratings for ‘She Was Pretty’? We know that it’s hard to get high ratings but we are working hard on filming. If we can get 15% ratings then, Since our background is a magazine company,we’ll have a magazine photo-shoot together. That’s really unique. Our drama ‘She Was Pretty’, Please give lots of love to it!


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