박서방(1960) / Mr. Park (Bak-seo-bang)
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박서방(1960) / Mr. Park (Bak-seo-bang)

A Hwaseong Film Production – Mr. Park!
– Yes, ma’am. – Can you Come and fix Our fire pit.
– No problem. – No problem?
– Sure thing.   Mr. Park   Kim Seungho won
the best leading actor award at the 1960 Asia Film Festival Planning by Park Huibaek Original play/ Kim Youngsu
Screenplay/ Jo Namsa Cinematography/ Lee Moonbaek
Lighting Director/ Yoon Youngsun Music Department / Lee Inkwon
Art Department / Won Jaerae Sound Department/ Sohn Inho
Special Effects/ Lee Sangman Film developer/ Kim Bongsu Film Editing by Kim Huisu
Printing by Kim Seongok Archives/ Kim Gwiseob Assistant Directors/ Yoon Chulsang
Jung Wun, & Hwang Dosuk Assistant Cinematographer/ Kim Yeonwook
Lee Hyeseong, Kim Jae-seon Assistant Lighting Director/ Lee Myeongrae
Ban Kildong, Soh Byeongrak Producer in Chief/ Kang Yonggeun
Production Management/ Jeon Bongpil Still-photographer/ lm Gaekeum Cast Kim Seungho,
Hwang Jungsun, Kim Jingyu Jo Miryung, Eum Aengran,
Kim Haejung Hwang Hae, Bang Sooil,
Kim Huigab Yoo Gyeseon, Yoon Jeongran
Rah Jeongok, Jang Mi Jang Hoon, Choo Seokyang
Yang llmin, Jang Hyeok Lee Young, Jeong Cheol
Bang Yeonshil, Hwang Ingyu Filmed on locationat
the Yuhan Corporation Sosa Factory Technical Work at
Anyang Film Studio Produced by Lee Hwaryong Directed by Kang Daejin   Ice-cream cone!   Hey, give me more ice cream
with this cone! Out of my way
or you’ll get hurt.   Hey, Mr. Park!   Why are you hauling the water? ‘Cause Yongsun, my first daughter
is on an errand… My wife nagged me
to get the water.   Where are you going all dressed up
Hwang?   I’m on my way to get my commission
for some realtor work I did last month. You didn’t get it yet? That’s what I’m saying
he’s so behind. But, he said
he’d pay me today for sure. Really?   Hwang if you get the money
will you buy me a drink? You have my word. I’ll drop by this evening. Good.   In the summer, you buy a drink
in the winter it’s on me.   Fish, I got fresh fish! Goldfish! I have the sweetest
melons on earth! Goldfish!   Goldfish!   Put the pails down.   Let me empty them!   I thought
the dog days were over.   Why is it so hot and humid?   What’s going on with Yongsun?
She’s out day and night. Oh, honey, don’t get worked up
she’s a grown girl. That’s why I fret! The more she’s out
the more trouble she’s in.   Oh, there was a message
from Mr. Lee’s What message? They want you to fix the fire pit
it caved in after the rainy season.   Mr. Park, you are already at work! I left a message; I was worried
that you would not be prompt. Worried?
‘On time’ is my middle name.   Well, it’s all done. Yes ma’am
I just need to wash my hands.   Hey, warm water for washing.   It’s annoying. We light a fire
and it’s gone out the next minute.   That happens a lot
after the rainy season.   But don’t worry now
I made it work properly.   Look, the problem was that
the flu was not aligned.   I should’ve have
let you do it from the beginning.   Making a fire pit asks
for a lot of work like getting along with
a screwy old spinster. After you
wash your hands come up and have something cold. Great!   – Come on, it’s all right.
– Thank you.   Oh, not on the floor.
Sit in the chair. Don’t bother about me. No, you’re my guest
come be comfortable in the chair. Really, I’m just fine
here on the floor. – No, Just Come up here.
– My feet are so filthy, so…   I think you’ll like this
better than a cold beverage.   What’s that, ma’am? It’s whisky. We got it as a gift
it’s quite rare. What a treat!
Thank you very much!   It looks beautiful! It’s the same color
as soybean sauce.   It’s thought to be
one of the best liquors. I heard
it helps keep you healthy. – My innards don’t deserve it.
– Oh No, don’t be shy. Your children earn enough to
treat you like this!   Don’t give it a thought.   They’ve just begun to
get by on their own.   So, getting such an expensive thing
is not something I dwell on.   But I know people are envious
of you and your children.   Well, because they are well-mannered
there are rumors.   Your son works for
a pharmaceutical factory? Yes, he’s been promoted
to a manager. I think I’ve had enough.
No more, thank you.   He is in charge of deliveries. He’s not around much
these days right? Yes, he stays
in the company dormitory. Comes home every two weeks.   I’m telling you,
I am proud of him. I think you have a right to be. And your second child is
a daughter, yes? – Myeongsun?
– Right.   She must take after me. She has nimble fingers
which help her make her living. You know
the Gaepung building? She is a typist for
an airline company there.   Please type this, Myeongsun.   ‘No matter what
see me in the coffee shop.’   Yes, right. Miss Park!
It’s a call from your brother.   Hello Yongbeom?   Myeongsun? Hi, how is everything at home? Dad is busy?   Naturally, after the rainy season.   Hey, Myeongsun,
I get paid today.   Okay, tomorrow is Saturday
and I’ll leave at 3.   You want to meet
at the bus stop? Yeah, at the Shimjeong
coffee shop.   I want you to meet someone.   Okay, I will be there at 4:00   bye.   Sorry, I’m late. Is everything all right
with your family? Sure,
thanks for caring, Jeomrae.   – Take this.
– What’s this?   It’s rice candy that
your mom likes.   I thought
you’d be off tonight so… You already trying to
get in her good graces?   The package was great,
so I thought it was jewelry. I know the secret
you work for the packing department!   Don’t make fun of me, Yongbeom. Mom will love this.   Then I will buy something for dad.   But you are so dear to mom
more so than to dad, right? Of course.   But mom always
takes my sisters’ side and dad is on mine.   Your father supports you
’cause you’re a most devoted, dutiful son. Oh, you know the whole story?   Dad is my brother’s bosom buddy.   So it goes well as long as
it goes through my brother first.   Is your father that strict?   He is the most pig-headed
person on earth.   He greets a stranger bluntly
even rudely, saying…   ‘Who the hell are you? ‘   He belongs to
a different generation.   I have news, too.   My aunt is coming soon from Hawaii
to help with my wedding. Your aunt? When? In two months.   So, I want to see
your dad as soon as I can   tonight would be great. No, meeting dad directly
is a bad plan.   Meet my brother tomorrow first.   If my brother is on our side
there won’t any trouble with dad either.   I’ve already told my brother about you…
about your losing your parents. Really?   You’re so amazing
with your planning.   – Myeongsun is late again!
– She’s busy at work.   How come you know
so much about her?   I told you, she’s old enough
to be home late, don’t butt in!   Like mother like daughter.
Don’t give them blind support!   – Eat quickly, dad.
– Oh I’m expecting a guest.   Is there any liquor left? Liquor is your best friend, dad! Show some respect to your pa,
smart-mouth! At my age, nothing means
more to me than liquor, smarty. Please drop the ‘smart-mouth’.
People will find fault with that. Never! All the neighbors like me
don’t they buy me drinks?   – Park!
– Yes. Here you are. All right.   In a moment.   Give me my rubber shoes. Finish your dinner first! Here. Dimwit here is good
at shining shoes.   – Dad, when are you coming back?
– You’re going out this late? Don’t start again. She has a lot on her plate. You Just go on. Just be home! It’s you that’s worries me most! He’s carefree when it comes to
“hey, Park, let’s have a drink.’   Mom, Jaecheon is learning
how to drive. – Driving?
– For more than 2 months.   But he should get out of
that gang first.   He did! Please tell Dad
he’s a good guy. You know
he’s deaf to my words!   But remember
however tough he is with you he’s proud of you all.   So, be careful not to hurt your father,
by seeing Jaecheon.   – Hey, some liquor here.
– Coming up. This guy is a pain in my ass. He paid me only half
of the payment – and couldn’t care less.
– Careful, it’s too full. Then it tastes better.   I’m crazy for you, lady. Behave yourself!   Something with the liquor?   This afternoon
I worked on Lee house fire pit. So?   Mrs. Lee treated me
with some westernliquor that I didn’t know about.   It tasted awful.   You should have some choice
of what you drink!   When cows eat meat
they get a stomachache.   For you and me, this rice liquor at this bar
is the best. True, true.   But I’m curious; do those who drink whisky
have a special gut.   Let me put it this way.   Whisky or whatever,
it’s for the westernes, not for us.   It’s like a nail in our coffin.   This rice liquor is the best.   Hwang…   How about a dish of pig liver! Yes! – Good.
– I will make a special one. – Make It a double.
– No problem. – What’s with you? Just talk!
– I don’t give a damn! I’ll kill him!
Don’t get in my way!   Hey, cool off! I don’t give a damn
if he is the son of a CEO. I won’t forgive his betrayal!   That bastard will pay for this!   What’s the problem? What?
You son of a bitch!   Hey, riff-raff!
Where do you think you are? A cheap bar!
And screw it! What the?
You… you… Have you no respect
for your elders? Get him out of here.   Hey, let’s go. What rude trash! What does school teach
these days? It’s unbelievable! They are drunk.
Don’t let it get to you. I wonder
what their parents are like. I’m afraid my kids will turn out like that
that’s why I don’t want kids. – They act like thugs.
– No argument there.   Park, you also should keep on eye
on your children.   What are you talking about?   Okay let me
tell you something. What?
Is it about my son or daughters? – Yongbeom, your Son is the best.
– I know.   – But Yongsun and Jaecheon…
– Don’t even start.   But your daughter Yongsun is
in love with that guy! – What? Yongsun?
– I knew you knew nothing.   If you had seen what I saw,
you’d have had a stroke! Just tell me, what happened?   – You aren’t drunk, are you?
– If I am? Listen.   A couple of nights ago,   I was passing by your house…   The scum, Jaecheon…   – oh, I can’t do this, forget it.
– You trying to make me angry or what?   Then I happened to see him…   Signaling to your daughter
by whistling to her.   – Is your Dad home?
– He Just went out.   I have something to tell you
in private.   What if dad comes back
while I’m gone? Unless he sees us
with his own eyes we’re okay. – But he smells a rat.
– It will be all right.   Oh, it’s so cool.   Yongsun, I’ll get
my drivers’ license in 3 weeks. – Are you sure?
– Of course.   You want to see
the training school card? – Where is it?
– Let me show you.   Have a seat here.   Now you believe me?   I can’t wait to see you driving.   The day I show up
with a driver’s cap on… Everyone will be surprised,
your dad included.   Dad thinks of you as a street thug,
believing the rumors.   Yongsun,
I don’t care what they say. I’m determined to
do the right thing.   My parents would be
pleased to know that you don’t belong
to the gang.   Yongsun, I’m a better person
because of you.   Whatever happens,
I can’t think of life without you. Then promise you won’t be
with the gang again. Sure I promise.   I will make a living
when I get the license.   And I will buy you a present.   – Really?
– Just Wait and see.   Who’s there? It’s nothing.   Jaecheon?   I feel addicted to you
missing you every moment.   I even see you
in my dreams, Yongsun.   How disgusting,
are you out of your mind? It’s how he kissed your daughter.   Hwang!   Every word of yours is true
as steel, right? Sure, you want me
to kiss you again?   – I will kill…
– You’re drunk?   She kissed a guy
without asking me? Don’t tell her I told you,
got it? You lecherous old goat
you lied! I told you,
I saw it with my own eyes!   But I’m scared that
the thug may beat me to a pulp!   – Lf he asks, you know nothing.
– Park, hey, wait!   Shall we have something cold? No, it’s too late.
Mother’s waiting and fretting. Okay let’s take a cab home.   That slut!   Why are you locking the gate?   That whore!   – Where is Yongsun?
– She’s on an errand. What’s wrong with you? What a damnable mess this is! She flirts with a lowlife scum
without asking me a thing. I don’t want to hear
that crap again. If I find you two
plotting against me, I will break your legs! Honey, you’re drunk, just stay home.   – Did you see Yongsun?
– No, sir.   Slut!
When I get my hands on you…   What? My dad is over there.   Did you Yongsun? I saw her walking down
under the bridge. Bridge?
I’ll catch you red-handed!   – Yongsun, get home fast.
– See you tomorrow. If you run into Dad
Just be polite. Got it.   – Mom, is Myeongsun home yet?
– Not yet.   You didn’t see
your father out there? I didn’t see him. Why?   What happened between you
and Jaecheon? Nothing. – Your father is furious.
– Why? He blew his top, thinking you
kiss men without asking him.   Oh he puts too much trus
in the rumors! Mom! I’m ashamed of poppa! Why? He toppled off the bridge, drunk. Oh my god,
I knew this was coming.   He went crazy.
Is he hurt at all?   Over here.   Honey, are you all right? – I am sorry, Jushik.
– Hey, wake up! It’s nothing. Jushik, this is my mom.
Mom, this is Jushik. Nice to meet you.
I’m Ahn Jushik. I’ve heard so much about you, have a seat. Wake up, dear.
You disgraced yourself, didn’t you! Please bring me some water. Yongsun, you deceived me! Yongsun is not home.
I sent her on an errand. – The slut!
– Bring the water, quickly!   You’re driving me crazy. Sorry but I need to get going,
it’s late. I can’t thank you enough. – Good bye, Mrs. Park
– Nice meeting you. What, who is it? Come here. It’s someone looking for you. – Say hello to him tomorrow.
– For me? Who is it?   He carried you on his back
all the way home! – What? Carried me on his back?
– How shameful for your children! Please, stop being an idiot – and go into the bedroom.
– I am bright eyed and bushy tailed! I said stop.
Let’s go to the room.   I’m okay, you can go now.   – Will you Come again tomorrow?
– Of course.   – Go.
– Good bye, take care.   Sorry, I’m late. Yongbeom will be here
any minute. Let’s take a cab.   Haebangchon, please.   Not to Seoul Station? Yongbeom is always frugal,
he came sharing a cab. Oh? Then, after the department store
let’s buy a drink for your father. After we meet Yongbeom.   Jushik, this is how it should go.   You’re my brother’s buddy,
so mind your manners in front of dad. What if your brother
doesn’t help? That’s why we’ll meet
Yongbeom first. You’re the only one I trust.   But I’d be stunned if your dad says
‘who the hell are you? ‘   Just defer to him
if you want to win his favor.   Is your dad home? Sure, he must be home
since Yongbeom is coming.   It’s nap time for him.   This goes to Wonhyoro!
Hurry, get on!   Go, go.   Jushik, dad is there!   – What?
– Look!   He must be waiting for Yongbeom
let’s go to the coffee shop.   Over there.   – What time is it?
– 4 o’clock.   My back aches.   – Yongbeom, here you are!
– Dad!   Give your stuff to me.   – You shouldn’t do this.
– I’ve been here so long.   – You’re later than last time.
– I am busy at work.   Let’s go.   Dad could see us,
let’s move.   Since you moved away
from home, Myeongsun’s home late
every night. She must be busy at work.   Dad, would you mind
waiting here a moment?   I have to see my friend
in the coffee shop. Your friend? Okay, I will be here. – Give them to me
– It’s okay. No, you could lose them
in there.   It won’t take long, dad. – Okay, keep It short.
– Of course.   Yongbeom, over here.   Yongbeom, this is Jushik,
Jushik, this is Yongbeom, my brother. – I’m Ahn Jushik.
– I am Park Yongbeom.   Give him a juice too.   I’ve heard a lot about you
from Myeongsun.   Drink up. Just treat me like
your younger brother.   Let’s have the juice.   I know your father is too demanding
to understand me at first…   I want to tell you about me in advance
to get your support.   Myeongsun is right,
you give a good first impression. Have you seen my father? Sort of, but nothing formal. You’d be stunned to hear
what dad did last night. What happened? Dad fell off the bridge,
roaring drunk. And? Jushik carried him
on his back home.   Oh, that was very kind.
I should have done that. By the way,
my sister is like a youngster to me – so please take care of her.
– On the contrary, I learn a lot from her.   And no worries with dad tonight,
I’ll put in a good word for you. Yongsun looks forward
to see you, too. Is she? Is she still going out
with Jaecheon? Yeah, but dad’s in
such a fit about Jaecheon, he agonizes all night.   But dad only wants
our happiness.   Hey, come on, son!   Hey, watch out, kid!   Yongbeom!   – Come on, let’s go home.
– Wait a moment.   Myeongsun, I’ll get home first.
See you later. You didn’t see us here, okay? Excuse me.   Now it’s done.   – Give them to me, dad.
– It’s okay.   What took you so long? What were the other two doing? – My friend was dating his fiancee.
– Not married? Oh, boys and girls these days! But the world is changing,
people in love see each other. Don’t hand me that…   If Myeongsun does that,
I will kill her.   – Mr. Park!
– Yes! I’ve got something to ask you. You go first.   Mother! – Yongbeom is home?
– He Just got here. – Yongbeom.
– How have you been? Mom’s not home? – She went shopping for dinner.
– Out shopping?   – Yongbeom, I’m in big trouble!
– What? Dad suspects
I’m going out with Jaecheon.   He’ll kill me if he sees me.   If dad asks,
I’m not home, okay? Don’t worry.   Is your Mother home? Looks like she’s out. She’s crazy,
leaving the house unwatched! Where’s Yongsun? She’s busy with something.
Oh, my back aches.   What’s in the bag? – It’s laundry.
– Take them out. – How about a drink?
– Ah, you bet!   Here you go.   Let me see,
I need some snacks.   – Where are you going?
– To the kitchen. – No, you don’t have to.
– Why? – Let me get you something.
– No, you take a rest. No, you just sit still, Dad. Do you know what is where? Take that radish,
on the shelf. Okay. Over there.   Here you are.   – It’s ages since I drank this!
– Let me pour for you, Dad.   Watch out, it’s overflowing!   Let me pour. Me? I am okay
Dad, it’s your call. – Is Yongsun home?
– No, she’s not here! What are you women up to?   Damn!   Yongbeom, I have a question. Go ahead…   When a girl and a boy kiss,
what are they supposed to do next? – What happened?
– Nothing, Just out of curiosity.   If they kissed…   They should be married.   No matter
what kind of bum he is?   If Yongsun is the girl, you wouldn’t let her marry him?   If she did it, I will kill…   Oh, here comes your mother.   – Mother!
– Yongbeom, are you home?   How have you been?
Come on up. What was so urgent,
that you left home unwatched? Yongsun, take this for me.   What am I saying?
I sent her on an errand! She must be in the kitchen!   – I told you, I sent her on an errand.
– I don’t you trust Mother?   You drink
in the middle of the day?   Oh, are you drinking again? It’s what Yongbeom bought
for me! Oh, Mother!
I have Something for you. What is it? – Rice candy.
– Thank you so much.   Let’s eat this
when Yongsun comes home. Okay.   – Break It into small pieces.
– Okay.   Dad, when is
Myeongsun coming home? When it’s after dark, she’s late.   – Take them off.
– Yes, father.   – Dad is drinking, that’s good.
– Is your Mother home, too?   Who is?
What’s going on?   – Yongbeom, How have you been?
– I’m doing great, thanks.   Are you doing well too?   – Are you home from work?
– Come on up. How are you, sir?   Pigs can fly?
How come you are home this early?   Father, it’s Saturday!   Hey, Jushik,
say hello to my dad. Nice to meet you, sir
I am Ahn Jushik.   Ahn Jushik? Oh, what shall I do now? – Last night he carried you…
– Don’t, Mom! He works for the same company
as Myeongsun. – You work with Myeongsun?
– Yes.   I’m being forward saying this, but… I’ve been in love with Myeongsun
for more than 5 months now. We got something for you, Father.   Here it is. You don’t have to Do this. What the?   Hey, Jushik, please leave!   Father, it’s rude
if you ignore his kindness. This sneaky gift plot
doesn’t work on me!   If you do that,
Yongbeom will lose his friend’s respect! Do what?   Myeongsun, quit the company! What’s wrong with you?
Myeongsun did nothing wrong. – Mother, stay out of this.
– She should! – You won’t budge?
– Father, Please calm down. I won’t move until
I say what’s on my mind. – You aren’t going?
– No, just sit! – Then I will leave.
– That man! What a temper!   Mother, where is he going? Where else?
To the Ohdong bar, probably.   Hello! I will go get dad
you just prepare dinner, Mom. You want to go?
Okay, but get back early. – I’ll be back soon.
– Take care, Yongbeom. – Yongbeom, bring Father home.
– Don’t worry.   – Jushik, you have a lot of spunk.
– Spunk?   He always picks on strangers.
You took care of him. Frankly, I was pretty shaky. – Help yourself.
– Thank you.   – Yongsun, Come up.
– Yes, Come here.   It’s so cool.
Sit next to me.   Dad, are you all right?
You drink too much!   I’ve been miserable out
since you left home…   So I’ve been drinking
every night since.   It tears my heart apart, but I think of
how to be a good son all the time.   Oh, you are my boy.   – Have a smoke.
– No, I shouldn’t! You’re not a kid any more.   Even if I make a fuss with
Myeongsun or Yongsun… They will leave us
to join other families.   Dad, don’t think
about them that way.   When you’re gone, they’ll shed more tears
than anyone. Who will even know if I am dead?   You are drunk, Dad.   And, Dad?   If Yongsun or Myeongsun
has someone in mind let them get married this year.   No, I want to see you
have a wedding first.   – Yongbeom?
– Yes?   Isn’t there a girl you like?   To be honest, Jeomrae,
who works for my company, likes me. What?
Not the other way around? I do, I like her too.   But I want my parents
to approve of her first.   Then I will tell your mother about it
and pay her a visit. – Mother already knows.
– What? Dad, please drop by my office
in a few days.   The guy
who came with Myeongsun, he’s got guts,
which is impressive. And he’s intelligent
and warm-hearted.   I read his fortune from his face
he’s born lucky.   Myeongsun loves him,
which says it all.   I intended to drive him away
but I didn’t.   I will see how he’s doing.   I am sure you will like him too.
He’s a great guy.   I’ve kept you from Mother too long
she’s waiting.   No, I’d like to stay like this… I want to talk over things
all night.   Oh, it could look weird,
two men being so close! What’s weird?
We freaks, burglars or what?   Mr. Park, do you have
an important appointment?   – I’m going to Yongbeom’s office.
– Oh, right.   – It hurts.
– Oh, sorry. Make me a handsome, okay?   I see, you’re going to take
a look at Yongsun’s fiancee, right? You’re nuts… Why do you care about
Yongsun’s life? Is there something
on your mind?   Well, the cutest girl in town is half-hearted
about getting married. What? Half-hearted?   So, even that lowlife, Jaecheon,
is after her.   Speaking of which, I was thinking of
talking with you about this matter. You know what?
You are way out of her league.   Just wait and see
who Yongsun will have to marry her.   Hey, Gabdeuk!   – Let me ask you something.
– What is it?   Is that true
that Jaecheon quit the gang and is learning to drive? Why? You want him to be your son-in-law
if he becomes a driver?   No, I’m just asking,
because there’s a rumor says so. He’s such a thug. ‘Trust’ doesn’t apply to him.   Hey, Gabdeuk!   – See you for a sec?
– Sure.   Wait a moment, please.   What’s up?   You seen Jaecheon today? If you want to see him,
he’s at the driving school, what’s up?   Driving school, where?   Don’t worry,
I know where it is.   When you see Jaecheon
tell him we want to see him.   I’ve not seen him at all
for more than a week.   Since he fell for Yongsun,
he doesn’t give a damn about us!   Worse, he’s turned against us
he’ll pay for that.   Screw the driver bullshit!
I’ll never let him out of the gang!   He must have it in for me, too. We got a plan to teach him
a lesson tonight. – You’re in, right?
– Okay.   You just watch me.   It’s been hours since your father went to the barber’s.
What’s going on? Mom, be sure to bring a photo
of Yongbeom’s girl friend. Photo? I’ll see.   Tell him that Jaecheon will get
the drivers’ license in 10 days! – I see, don’t leave home unwatched.
– Don’t worry. Okay, see you.   Jeomrae! Mr. Park wants to see you
in the backyard.   – Mr. Park?
– Yeah, hurry.   You want to see me?   Ah, you’re here.   I want to tell you that my parents
will be here during lunch break… They can’t wait to see you,
so… You mean I should meet them
in my working clothes? Why not? Just be what you are
it’s what my dad wants to see.   But it will be the first time
I meet them.   It’s not your clothes
that he wants to see. Just get back to work
and don’t worry. I’ll call you. – I see.
– See you later.   This is Sosa! Quickly   – Honey, tickets.
– Quickly. Here you are. Hey, can I ask you something? – The pharmaceutical company…
– Go straight this way.   Hurry up, get on! Let’s go. The bus is leaving, hurry!   Oh, it’s a long way? – No, I see the building.
– Where?   This is a huge place! Let’s ask
where Yongbeom works. Let’s.   Oh, I’m afraid, we’ll get lost
because it’s enormous! He said he’d come to guide us. – Honey, let’s ask him.
– Good.   – Hey, Who the hell are you?
– I’m… a watchman here. We’re here to see Mr. Park,
manager of the delivery dept. – He’s my son.
– Honey, keep quiet. Deliveries manager? – Here he comes.
– Hey, we’re here.   Welcome, Dad.
I’ve been waiting for you. – You finish your shift?
– Not really, But It won’t Take long. Let’s go this way. So, Did you tell her
we’re here to see her? Sure I did.   – You shouldn’t have told her.
– Why not? I can watch her secretly,
pretending to be a stranger. Cut it out, you’re not up to it.
Pretending to be what? She’d notice you
in a minute. Shut up,
if you disagree with me!   Honey, watch out!   Hey, look at all the stuff! So That goes to
all over the country? No, they are going to
be shipped overseas. Overseas?   They’ll go to Thailand. Oh, Thailand!
You have a good job. All this is really amazing!   Mom!   Wait here a moment,
I’ll bring her here. – Hurry up.
– Okay   Why are you far behind? I want to take my time
and look around. – Step on it, hurry!
– Okay.   Jeomrae!   Mom!   This is my mother from Seoul. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Park.
I hope you enjoyed your trip here.   Oh, what an adorable girl you are!   Mother, where is dad?   He was just here! Maybe he went to the rest room. Restroom?   Oh, what a lucky man you are,
Yongbeom!   Mom, we’ll take a lunch break
in 20 minutes. – Go into the reception room.
– We’ll do that. I’ll wait for your dad
and we’ll go there together. Manager Park, to the General affairs bureau
immediately. Oh, my son, you’re in demand!
It’s great! Mother, I will be back soon,
please wait here. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.   Hey!   Where have you been? – Yongbeom is gone?
– Yes, and Jeomrae was here too.   I’m so proud of him,
his fiancee is fabulous. How can you say that?
You didn’t even see her! When you are
far away from a person, you get a clear impression.   Here he comes.   Father!   – Have you been to the restroom?
– Restroom? Sure.   It’s too hot out here
let’s go inside. And what are
those beautiful houses? They’re for company employees. Oh, then you live there? No, only married couples do. – I live in the singles dorm.
– Do you? – Then you should get married soon.
– That’s too much! Let’s go inside,
it’s cool in there. – Okay, let’s go.
– Yes, let’s.   Come on in.   Have a seat, Dad.   Wait here a moment,
I will bring Jeomrae. Take your time.   Yongbeom will treat us to lunch
right? What a worrywart! Take off your hat.   And put it under the chair!   Where do you mean?   You look so awful in that hat. What’s wrong with it? This is my hat,
nothing awful about it! You pigheaded old dog. When she arrives, greet her
as if it’s the first time you saw her. Don’t worry,
I’ll act natural.   Just relax, my parents have
the warmest hearts on earth.   Oh, I’m starving,
what’s taking so long? Please be patient
and don’t make a fuss!   – Who is it?
– Here they come.   Your knocking surprised me! This is Mr. Park, my father. Nice to meet you,
I’m Kang Jeomrae.   Oh, that’s enough.
No need for a big bow!   Aren’t you a sweetheart!
I am his father.   Let’s have some lunch. Oh, I’m not hungry, though. That sounds great,
let’s go out. – Let’s go, Dad.
– I’m coming.   Thanks.   I liked the food here.   Are you finished already? Sure, one bowl of rice…
To be honest, I was famished. – Then have some more.
– No, thanks. Then water?   – Sweetie?
– Yes?   Maybe I keep going on about this.   What I want from you
two is very simple;   Just love each other
and be happy. And have kids
and a good family.   I’ll keep your words in mind, sir. You won’t forget?   What a great girl!   Dad, I heard Jaecheon turned over
a new leaf…   To better himself for Yongsun
he’s even learning to drive.   He’s a useless piece of crap!   Honey,
listen to Yongbeom about that. I know he’ll
be licensed in 10 days.   Okay, he’s got looks
and he’s a scrapper Sure. But he’s in a gang!   All done?   Why brought you here? I couldn’t wait to see you driving. Things okay with your dad? Mom and dad went to
Yongbeom’s factory to see his fiancee. Really? Then Yongbeom will get
married soon.   You told your mom that
I’ll get the license in 10 days? Sure, she’ll tell Yongbeom.
Then he’ll know what to do with that.   Yongsun, I got something to tell you.
Shall we go to the park? If you want.   Then come to visit us soon,
Jeomrae. Now, back to work,
we used up a lot of your time. – Get on.
– Hurry, the bus is leaving. – You get back to work!
– Step on it! The bus is leaving.   – Good bye and take care.
– Good bye, dad. Take care.   See you soon. Don’t forget to be home
for dad’s birthday!   Hey, we’re leaving!   Oh, you don’t know
when to stop! You overdo it.   – Your hat!
– Where’s my hat?   – Stop the bus!
– Driver, stop, stop!   Jushik will be here in 10 minutes and dad hasn’t gone.
What should I do?   I should get going! Today,
Jaecheon graduates.   Tell mom to make up
an excuse to tell dad. Okay.   – Oh, it’s so cool.
– Mother, help us, we need dad out of here… Hey, don’t forget
to feed the squirrels. Jushik will be here any minute. Out of all the days,
he has no work today! The bars of soap are gone already!
What’d you do with them? Eat them?   Mother, tell him to go to
a public bathhouse. We’ll pay. Yes! Brilliant idea. – Honey.
– What? Why don’t you stop bathing here
and go to a public bath. Yes, do that. Public bath? Hot soak? At this hour,
there are few people there. You stink, hurry! – I will pay, dad.
– Good. You’ll pay? No reason to say no,
a hot soak is good. – Have a relaxing time.
– You bet.   Ah, scrubbing at a bathhouse…   – Hurry!
– Put on your clothes first.   Yongsun, it worked!   Father’s ready!   Dad, here is the money.   This is more than the bath costs.   After your soak,
have some drinks or something. – What a lucky father!
– You are my daughter! Okay, I’ll do as you say.   Don’t bring your smell
and grime home. Take your time! No need to tell me!
I will get my money’s worth.   Let me see
I got 400 more than I need.   Take your time
Dad won’t be back for 3 hours. Myeongsun, I’ve got to run. Tell Jaecheon to call on your father,
now he’s licensed! We already planned to. Be back before it’s too late! – Yongsun, don’t be late.
– Sure.   Hello, Yongsun. Myeongsun,
Jushik is here for you!   – Hi!
– Oh, how are you? How are you doing?   – Come up.
– Thanks, I will. – Come up.
– Thanks, I will.   – And Mr. Park isn’t home yet?
– He’s off at public bath.   Is it locked?
What’s going on?   It’s closed?   Look at the notice.
It’s a regular day off.   ‘Closed, 1st and 15th every month.’ You never know
what day it is.   – Yongsun, you got time tonight?
– Never!   – Get out of my way.
– You’re going to see Jaecheon? I got two movie tickets; join me. Please try to understand
how I feel. Move…
It’s so embarrassing. What?   I’ll never let Jaecheon
get what he wants.   Then have a good time. If dad asks, tell him
I am at the book store. Don’t worry.
I’ll make something up. Bye, Mother. Be careful
and don’t go up too high.   What?   – Hello, sir.
– You are here… again?   Where are you going? Dad, our minds are tired,
they need some recreation. – Your minds need What?
– Recreation. She means, we need to
climb a mountain or relax on the beach.   – So, you are on your way to the mountain?
– Yes.   – Only the two of you?
Yes. Father, I won’t be late
let me go.   Now I see. You drove me out
to have a secret date.   Just the two of you? No!   Give me my helmet. – What are you going to do?
– I’m going with them.   No, Mom…
I don’t know what to do.   Here.   Since I my mind gets tired
fixing fire pits, I’ll join you. – Oh no, dad.
– You just don’t! I won’t let you
two go to the mountain.   – But it’s tough going, sir.
– After you. Please stop it!
Let them go on their own. – Please lead the way.
– Please don’t lose your temper! Myeongsun, stop your father! It’s so annoying!   Myeongsun, I’m out of breath.
Let’s take a break.   You take too many breaks! – Just keep going.
– Don’t leave me behind. I told you,
you did not have come here. – Where is the bastard?
– Up there!   Is he a freak or something? That’s not funny!   Yahoo!   Yahoo! ‘Yahoo’, what is that for? Jushik and I communicate
with each other.   He’s already up high.
How fearless he is! To hell with fearless, he’s a nuisance Why do you say that? Yahoo!   Because of that weird sound!   Yahoo!   He’s signaling me to come up. Yahoo! I’m sick of hearing that ‘yahoo’.
You go up on your own.   Dad, if you need my help,
shout ‘yahoo’ Yahoo!   Hey, Myeongsun.   I’m dead thirsty.   I’ll bring water after I join Jushik.   How thirsty I am for a drink!
I want rice liquor!   Am I that old?   What would that bastard do
to my little girl?   Yahoo! However you shout yahoo
or whatever, you’re still a loser!   Jushik!   Come with me!   Myeongsun, my helmet! You stay there.   – Your Dad is far behind?
– He wants to Take It slow. Okay then let’s go up.   Sounds like dad is calling you! Yahoo!   He collapsed from thirst
and exhaustion, didn’t he?   He wants water badly.   Yahoo! Yahoo, Myeongsun. Yahoo!   – I’m getting worried.
– Let’s go down.   Father!   Hurry.   Father!   Myeongsun, he’s here.   Father! Hold this.   Hold this tight.   Wait.   What a relief!   Give me some water.   Here it is. What happened, sir?   You just asked for all this pain. What am I doing here?
I am such an idiot!   Sir, are you okay?   My helmet!   Hold this.   – Did anything happen to you?
– What are you talking about?   – Shall We have ice flakes.
– What If Dad is looking for me? Don’t forget
I’m a registered driver. I will see your dad in no time,
so don’t worry. Jaecheon!   Look at you.   Wait here. Jaecheon, don’t go.
They are the gang jerks. Let’s get out of here, fast!   Jaecheon, stop there.   Stop!   Jaecheon, stay there. Stop.   What’s this for?   Don’t answer or anything.   Are you scared of us? You even lost your balls
since you got this bitch! Meaning? We’re going to throw a party
because you got a license! Let’s go.   Thanks, but I’m busy now. – Five minutes is all I want.
– Let’s Do It tomorrow. It’s late, let’s go quickly.   But we have no ‘tomorrow’.   We have something to settle
so just go like a man, okay?   Let me go.
Just talk about it here.   I don’t think so,
’cause it’s secret.   Yongsun, wait here for 5 minutes.   – Don’t go with them!
– You stay here.   Yongsun, where are you going?   Why are you with Jaecheon? Keep your nose out of it
hands off me!   Yongsun, I already asked for
your dad’s permission! Out of my way, loser!   – He won’t be back to you in one piece.
– What?   – Jaecheon!
– What? You bitch! Jaecheon!   Why are you looking back?   Just go.   – Don’t make a sound!
– Someone help me.   Oh, help!   Yongsun!   Now tell me,
what ‘s the secret?   It’s the punishment
you deserve for your betrayal!   So… you want to beat me up? I ‘m giving you one last chance
to come back to us. You want me to come back
to the gang world? No need to fight.
You are the winner, period.   I don’t belong to
your trash world any more.   Trash?   Yongsun!   Jaecheon!   Yongsun!   You bastard!   Jaecheon, no!   Don’t fight! – Yongsun, don’t look.
– Violence is no good!   You son of a bitch.   Jaecheon!   Jaecheon!   Oh, no, hang on, Jaecheon!   What’s wrong? Where were you last night?   Dad is home? He went out to search for you.   Last night the gang scum
attacked Jaecheon. What? What happened? He didn’t fight back because I asked him not to;
he was severely hurt.   So you were with him last night? I sat up with him
nursing him, afraid he’d die.   Yongsun…   – I have news about this louse.
– Where have you been? Jaecheon was
in a fight with the gang! What?   I’ll kill her! Oh, honey, calm down
please, hands off! – I’m so sorry! I made a mistake, Dad.
– Please, hands off!   – Let her go!
– You stupid bitch! So every night
you’ve sneaked away like that? – Dad, it’s my entire fault.
– I will kill… – Take your hands off!
– You stay out of this! So where were you last night? You put me to shame
in the neighborhood. You know that? She was at her girl friend’s.
Stop this nonsense! Tell me the truth, or get out! You’re acting crazy!   Yongsun! Let her go!   Hello, Mr. Park!   What is it?   – Could you fix Our fire pit?
– I’ll be there in a minute.   You completely lost it!
You beat your own daughter?   Yongsun, why are you crying?   – Don’t sit up.
– I’m okay.   – Your Dad hit you?
– It’s nothing.   You want me
to go to your dad? No!   Jaecheon! I wish we could run away
and live on our own.   Don’t worry, you and I will move into
my aunt’s tomorrow. I’m sick of the gossip,
and these people. Yongsun, don’t worry!   When I recover and start work,
we can do whatever makes us happy.   Yes, President?
You want to speak to Mr. Park? It’s for you.   I’ll be there in a minute, sir.   Come on in.   – You want to see me?
– Yes.   – Have a seat.
– Thank you.   I heard you’re engaged to Jeomrae
in the packaging section, right? Yes, even my parents
approved of it.   What a perfect couple!   – Congratulations.
– Thank you, sir.   I think this news could be
a great wedding gift for you. For me? What? The board has decided to set up
a branch in Thailand… And to appoint you
the first manager for the branch.   – Me?
– You don’t seem excited.   It’s only for a married couple and the transfer will be
as long as 5 years.   Of course, you could feel uneasy
about your old parents, so…   I can’t thank you enough, sir!   But I’d be grateful
if you’d let me think it over for awhile.   Certainly. Anyway,
it’s your call and you have 50 days. But I’d be happy if you don’t miss this chance
of a lifetime. It’s so thoughtful of you. I’ll try to talk my parents
into agreeing to this plan.   It would be best if you get married
then leave as a family. Yes, sir. These are
the forms you must fill out.   Thank you, sir.   Okay, back to work. – Just Do your best.
– Of course.   Sorry for your parents, but you shouldn’t miss
a once in a life time chance. But I’m not sure
how they will take this because they’re
so attached to me…   They are wise enough to
look at it on a long term basis. When I left home,
they went through lonely nights at first.   If you are so uncomfortable with it
I will tell Father.   No, I will get the paper work done
and wait for the best timing.   Everything will work out.
Cheer up. We can give them
enough financial support before we leave.   You have no idea
what they really want from me. But I believe
they’ll be on your side.   What? You turn against me
after 10 years?   My marriage is not for you
to do with as you please.   Aunt, there’s nothing more to say.
It’s all done.   All done?   When your father died
he asked me to look after you.   And you’re the head of this family line
for three generations.   Have you no regard for
your family’s reputation?   You know better than anyone
that I’ve been alone all my life!   So please support
my choice of the woman with whom I want to spend my life!   Not if it means sitting back,
watching you mess up your life with a scheming uneducated slut! I don’t want to talk about it any more. This is my life.
Stay out of it.   You idiot!   Your auntjust doesn’t see me
as a worthy fiancee, right?   But she’s up to something else
she thinks this big fuss will work… to claim a large share of
my inheritance.   But she didn’t even see me in person
and hates me? It’s so upsetting.   I want to see her right away and tell her
how much we love each other.   No need to bother
at the moment.   Trouble fades away as time passes. There is another stiff necked person
other than my dad.   Don’t worry. Whatever scheme she concocts,
I’ll be with you forever.   There is only one woman for me,
it’s you, Myeongsun.   But you are not assertive enough
so I’m nervous.   Myeongsun, let’s not talk
about my aunt any more.   If we remain steadfast,
nothing will stop us.   Jushik, sorry
I am no help in this matter. But don’t worry so much.   Just think of my dad. First, he didn’t even want
to say hello to you, but… Once he saw your sincerity… He’s told me ‘Do whatever it takes
for Jushik to be with you! ‘.   Mom, Yongsun even forgot
dad’s birthday! I’m afraid so.   This dish goes there.   This can go through, to that room.   It’s hot, be careful.   – Oh, it’s quite a meal!
– Help yourself. – You’re so beautiful!
– No kidding!   Bring dad.   Father!   You look splendid today!   Go out to the living room.   Tell Father
about the Thailand office.   Not now, he’s down
because Yongsun is not here.   I’ll tell him tonight in private.   Father, come here, please.   Honey, it’s your birthday,
enjoy it!   Dad, don’t worry so much
about Yongsun. Today I’m here for you.   Let’s make an appearance. Help yourself without me. – No, dad.
– Let’s go out there…   Set the table, please.   – Look at you!
– He’s gorgeous!   – Enjoy the meal.
– I will! Help yourself. Isn’t your son with you? No, he’s by himself.   Okay, go join your children. – Just one glass for me.
– You go say Hello to them. Hey, please serve more dishes
to those in that room. Yongsun, his daughter ran away.   He’s smiling but crying inside.   Look at Yongbeom’s fiancee
she’s great. Have a seat.   Jushik is not here yet.   He’s supposed to be here
by 9:00.   Help yourself
while the food is warm.   Father.   – Here is a birthday gift for you.
– You didn’t have to do this. It’s a suit.   This is from my son. You need it anyway for our wedding.   Hey, honey take this for me.   Father, many happy returns. I am curious
what’s inside this small box?   It’s a watch.   – Here.
– Try It on in front of the kids.   Dad, try this on.   Myeongsun, Jushik is here.   Hey, thank you for coming. – How are you, sir?
– Good, come on up. We’ve been waiting for you. – Sorry, I am late.
– No problem. Over there.   Have a seat.   Is he the fiance to
his second daughter?   Take yourjacket off.   Father, remove the tag!   Hey, don’t you have anything
in your hands?   What nerve to ask for a gift! – They’re shoes, dad.
– Oh, Thanks so much.   Sorry it couldn’t be more.   Shoes…   Then you all dreamed this up, huh?   Honey, getting all these, I am getting greedy
and want to live long.   Sure, Dad,
live a long and happy life!   – Help yourself.
– Cheers.   Hwang, cheers! No more drinks,
I want to have some food. – But it’s a party and we need to drink.
– No, food first! Well I changed my mind.   – Where are you going?
– Hang on… This is my party
let’s have drinks!   I’m full, help yourself.   Hwang, do you see something
on my wrist?   – It’s a neat watch!
– Don’t touch!   It’s from Jeomrae
Yongbeom’s fiancee.   Mr. Park, you should be
proud of your kids!   Try to get some news
of my family. All right.   Will you be here for me
at midnight when I finish work? Yes.   Out of all the company employees
why you? Dad, that’s the point!
We had stiff competition. Only a few get this chance! So?   If you leave,
who can your mother and I count on?   Sorry, but drop the plan.   Dad, It’s tormenting to bring this up,
please understand! I said no, and I meant no!   It’s as long as 5 years!   If you really want to go,
go when I die.   Father! We’ll do our best for you
to live comfortably while we’re away.   You know what I want from you…   I want to see you and your wife happy
with kids next to me.   But. This is my future.
I need your assent. Please say yes.   Mother isn’t okay with it
unless you say yes.   Listen to me. Is it the only way for you
to have success in your life?   What if the plane crashes? In one second you’re dead,
no way out, and then it’s all over!   But I am going. It’s a way to grow as a person
and be a good son, too! Please cut the crap!   I want you to be next to me
at the last moment of my life.   Yongsun left home
and now I feel depressed.   Now if you leave,
what’s left for me?   Yongbeom, you’re the best son ever
in this neighborhood.   And you’re saying
you’ll leave your own parents?   I didn’t raise you
to let you leave us like this.   Let’s go home.   – Good morning!
– Hi, you’re late.   Sorry, I got up late. Miss Park! – A letter came for you.
– A letter?   ‘My love, Myeongsun… ‘ ‘Sorry about this bombshell news.’ ‘I unexpectedly received
a draft order’ in the middle of an argument
with my aunt.’ ‘Without advance notice,
I’m leaving for the army this morning.’ ‘Sorry for not
saying good bye to you and your parents.’ ‘Let’s keep in touch with letters.’ ‘God bless. With love, Jushik.’   You look troubled, bad news?   No, it’s nothing.   I should say yes
to my boss by tomorrow. I don’t want to hear it! I said no!   Honey, I learned that Yongsun is
at Jaecheon’s aunt’s house.   Jaecheon’s aunt’s? Jaecheon has been employed
as a driver for his aunt. We must Do whatever
It takes to bring her back. Absolutely. You’re sure? She is there? Let’s go there and bring her back. I can’t wait around helplessly
losing my daughter.   Hello, yes, that’s right. Myeongsun, it’s a call for you
from an unknown woman.   Hello, yes
this is Myeongsun.   This is Jushik’s aunt.   When he left, Jushik asked me
to meet your father. You want to meet my father?
I see.   At 8:00 at your house?   I don’t know what it’s about
but may I go instead?   No, it’s about your marriage.
I need to talk with your father.   8:00 sharp!   – Yongbeom!
– Oh, you are home! Is father home? Mom and Dad found out
where Yongsun is and went to see her. That’s good. Then what shall I do?   What’s is it? I got a call from Jushik’s aunt
and she said…   She wants to see dad at 8:00 tonight
at her house. Dad? What for?   Jushik left to enter the army
this morning. Oh, really?   Oh, my poor little sister,
missing his love. Don’t make fun!   I have news.
I got seats on your airline’s flight. – And the medical checkup?
– All done by tomorrow.   Dad is okay with things?   I will push him harder.   Let’s go home, sweetie.   What’s worse,
your brother is asking dad to allow him to leave the country… So your dad is resentful
and I’m in an awkward situation.   I’ll go back home only
when Jaecheon sees dad. An unmarried young girl lives
with her boy friend, People will talk!   Dad is here too,
so just say hello to him. I won’t.   Damn.   Honey, just tell her you
forgive her and bring her home.   She looks miserable.   – When is Jaecheon back from work?
– Around midnight.   So, she won’t go home?   Honey, just coax her.
Go on…   What for? If she wants,
let her have her own way!   Please! ‘Sorry’ is not
the most difficult word to say! But she doesn’t want to see me,
so why should I? Deep down inside,
she wants to see you, trust me. No, I’m out of here!
You stay over with her. What an unbelievable old dog!   – Hello, dad.
– Is It dinner time? You alone? Where is Mother?
Did you see Yongsun?   She’s with Yongsun tonight. – Shall I set dinner for you?
– Don’t think so. Give me water.   Jushik’s aunt wants to see
you at 8:00 at her house.   Jushik’s aunt? What aunt? His aunt recently came back from Hawaii! – Hawaii?
– Yes. I guess it’s about their wedding
so you should be there.   – Where does she live?
– I know where It is. It sounds important, Dad.   – Okay, let’s go.
– Dress up and wear the watch! Cut it out! How I look doesn’t matter
in your marriage! – Let me get changed and escort you.
– Hurry.   – Here We are.
– Oh, I see.   When someone comes to the door,
you say you’re Myeongsun’s father. Understood. You can go home
where Yongbeom is waiting. – Please be nice to her.
– Don’t worry.   Say sorry
you’re visiting this late. Yes…   Who is it? I… I am Myeongsun’s father. I see, come on in.   Only this small door opens?   Don’t be frightened, he’s tied
and he doesn’t bite.   – Have a seat here.
– Thanks   You are Myeongsun’s father, yes? Yes, I am Mr. Park. I am sorry to visit this late. – No problem, sit over here.
– Yes.   I wanted to see you earlier
any idea why I want to see you?   I guess it’s about their wedding.   Right, you should be proud of
wonderful daughter. Thank you. People say she’s
a sweet-tempered nice girl…   – lf anyone calls, I’m not home!
– Yes, ma’am.   – Have tea.
– I had had enough.   It’s a tea bag, go ahead.   You don’t?   You don’t know how to have tea?   Remove the paper wrapper!   Damn!   What?
Is there something wrong?   Yes! You know…   Considering you’re
just a repairman of fire pits!   I’m convinced that I’m the best… In my neighborhood
few fire pits haven’t been fixed by me!   Oh, what a splendid job you have!   Mr. Park,
I wanted to see you because… I want to tell you
to make your daughter end her relationship
with my nephew. What? Did she do something wrong
to him or to you?   Not really, but please understand
Jushik is far out of her league.   To begin with,
she’s not a college graduate.   And I arranged for a girl in
Hawaii State University to be his fiancee.   Face facts. An uneducated temptress
certainly cannot be part of my family.   He had no parents to warn him,
so she must have allured him.   My grandfather was a nobleman
at the turn of the century.   Is this What you wanted
to see me for? Certainly.   To make it easy for you, an uneducated repairman,
to understand… She is trying to bite off
more than she can chew.   So, as a father, you should stop her,
if you have any sense.   You should not get
above your station.   Jushik will never marry your daughter,
understood?   End of story, get out of here!   You, dog, bark, bark! Are you also from
a snobbish family line?   Mr. Park, here you are!   You’ve come through
this pouring rain!   Do you want to
have some rice liquor?   What’s wrong?
Have you been quarreling?   You stubborn!   Dad, you are so late!   You’re soaked!   Was the meeting okay?   You are so drunk!   Yongbeom,
should the tea steep in the bag?   Or should the bag be ripped
and the tea stirred into the water? What do you mean? I mean the tea bag… I should tear the paper
or just leave it in the cup? You just leave it there. – What happened?
– What happened?   Why didn’t you tell me? – Dad, what’s wrong?
– I feel so… Father, just tell us.
What happened?   Myeongsun I will work
my fingers to the bone for you. Go to college.   Blame me for everything
I deserve it!   Yongbeom, don’t mind us.
Go to Thailand. Do something for your future!   I’ve been proud of you, all my life… But now they look down on you! Because you didn’t go to college
and your father has no class!   I m sorry for Yongsun too.
It’s all my fault.   Dad, don’t take it that way,
calm down. We’re doing fine
as we are, aren’t we?   Yongbeom,
do you know why I am crying? Forgive me for not affording
your college tuition.   Myeongsun, it’s heartbreaking
butjust forget Jushik.   Don’t try to rise above your station!   Dad!   – Where are you going this late?
– I won’t be long.   Don’t mind me. Go to bed.   Sir, where are you headed?   I just seen your wife
and now I’m on my way to you. Get in the car.   – Is this what you are driving?
– Yes.   Get in the car, sir.   Sorry, I should’ve gotten
your permission first.   Do you love my daughter?   I love her, with all my heart,
so much that…   I’m determined to be a better man. If you want to be my son in law,
you should be the best man.   – Can I treat you to a drink?
– A drink?   ‘Dear Jushik, how hard it must be to be
in the army in this hot weather! ‘ ‘Your aunt worked out
a scheme that hurt me.’ ‘She belittled me and my family
to break our engagement.’ ‘I feel so resentful
and bitter, out of indignation.’ ‘I want you to meet her
and settle this matter as soon as possible.’ ‘A lot to talk about,
Myeongsun.’   I was stupid to believe her all along.   There’s no other way
but to see Dad and be upfront with him… as Yongbeom is busy
with his wedding.   – Dad’s changed a lot.
– Should I see him?   Dad!   How have you been, sir? – Follow him.
– Sir! Sir! I’m sorry about what my aunt said
it’s all a lie.   My daughter is not high class! I’m awfully sorry,
just blame me.   Forgive me.   You’re okay.   – Now you know What I am, Yes?
– Yes and I respect it.   – Take this and come with me.
– Yes.   Thank you.   Photo time! Take off your hat, good. Look at the camera!   Help yourself,
thanks for coming.   Let me pour it for you.   I hope you like the food.   – Congratulations.
– Thanks. Help yourself.   Take care of Yongsun.   Congratulations.   – Let me pour for you.
– No Thanks, maybe later.   Yongsun, it’s your turn next,
set a date!   – Myeongsun,
there’s Someone for you. Really?   Let me pour for you, sir.   – It’s from Jushik.
– Thanks.   ‘I wish I was there
for the wedding. But last night
I had an appendectomy. When you are free,
come see me. Jushik ‘   – Was the operation successful?
– Yes.   – I will go tonight.
– That’s great. Thanks for everything.
You should’ve eaten something. – No, Thanks, I have to run.
– Good bye.   Ladies and gentlemen,
your attention please.   Yongbeom the groom will say   a few words of
thanks and farewell… as you know,
they will leave soon for Thailand.   Thank you very much.   First I would like to give
a few words of heartfelt thanks to my parents
whom I love dearly…   and who have gone through
a lot in life to raise us.   As you know
my two sisters will marry and scatter… then my parents will be
left by themselves, unattended and lonely.   Thinking of how empty hearted
they would feel, without any kids around,   My heart almost bursts with grief.   They have had a hard time… To raise us three
with tears and hunger.   So, I am sincerely asking you…   to be with my parents
every day while we’re gone… and to have fun with them for us.   I’ll buckle down, dig into the job
and attain success.   May you enjoy life!   Oh, he’s crying.   What a good son!   Help yourself.   My son, don’t worry,
I know how much you love me.   – I can’t contain myself.
– Dad!   Hey, today is the best day
of your life, don’t cry!   It makes me cry too.
Let’s get inside.   Dad…   Think of Jaecheon and Jushik
as your new sons, and count on them. But dozens of sons’-in-law are
less than you alone to me.   When you come back home
in 5 years… you won’t recognize me
as I will have a lot more wrinkles.   Dad…   Don’t cry, son, buck up!   Don’t be sad and wait for us with hope in your
heart and a smile on your face. Who says I’m sad?   Now I feel what it means
to be a good father.   When I miss you,   I will come here
and shout your name.   Oh, what are we doing? Your new bride is waiting.   Dad, I will stay with you tonight. With me?   Oh, no! What about your bride?
Let’s go inside.   Thank you.   Thank you very much, sir. Do well, eh?   Take care, Father.   Jushik is very sick,
so Myeongsun is nursing him. Don’t worry, I will go see them.   Write me and let me know
how things are, okay? – Don’t worry.
– I see.   – Jaecheon, take care of my parents.
– Don’t worry.   And be good to Yongsun.   – Good bye.
– Mother, good bye. Go inside. Let’s go. – Father, over there.
– Where? – You should go up there.
– What for?   Hurry.   – Mother, come here.
– Yongbeom! Get inside the plane!
Don’t look around.   Good bye.   Yongbeom!   Take care.   – Yongbeom, have fun!
– Get in the plane! – Yongbeom!
– Good bye.   Yongbeom!   Mother, Let’s go.   No more tears, let’s go.   Never did I even dream you would be away
from me for this long…   I’ll count the days and nights,
looking forward to seeing you back here.   Damn it,
the planes better be strong!   And you have kids.   When you return, I expect to see a couple of
sons in your arms.   The end Korean Film Archive presents
Korean captions and English subtitles are sponsored by Google
Subtitles by Free Film Communications  


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