서울의 휴일(1956) / Holiday in Seoul (Seo-ul-ui hyu-il)

A Film by Sinseong Film Company My clothes were taken to pay the bar bill
and the blue sky buries the stars at daybreak I could be compared with Li Po,
the poet of a thousand years ago He must be looking for
silky bedclothes and a pillow Hey, hey, hello A respectable man like you is late
for work It would not be good for you to be scolded
in front of younger co- workers Wake up Why is this train
so empty today? Usually, it is rush hour
and there are many travellers… Are all the people sleeping late today? Why are all the streets so quiet?
It’s very strange. Chun-il Seed Wool Production Company How strange it is.
The company hasn’t opened yet. Ah, come to think of it,
today is… Holiday in Seoul – Dad, you’re in big trouble.
– This isn’t even big trouble; it’s normal trouble. You say that again.
Dad, give me some money Give me some money. It is a tiring holiday when
I get nagged. You poor man,
thy name is Drunken Husband. Once I came out,
why don’t I take a look at a couple of houses? All right.
It’s Venus Obstetrics… Venus Obstetrics Dr. Nam Hee- won Heh, he gave me only
50 hwan (old Korean monetary unit)?
He drank all night long hey there Yes, what is it? Is the doctor at Venus Hospital
a man or a woman? You can go in and ask. Hey, wait Why do you keep bothering me? What does her husband do? He’s a newspaper reporter. Hum, a reporter and a female doctor… The couple has no connection
to holidays. There must be a comedy or tragedy
in that kind of home. Let me take a look at them Why are you lying down doing nothing? – You need to haul your ass out of bed.
– Look, my article is the… It’s the most precise and the fastest, isn’t it? Huam-dong Murderer Missing
Authorities Desperately Looking for Clues But forget your job for today. Why? Since we got married 3 months ago have we had a day off
for just the two of us? That’s why I’m enjoying
time like this now. Listen to the birds’ singing. It’s the first time in 3 months I’ve heard that. You’re such an egoist. You should consider
my situation as a wife. Haha, women these days don’t know
the truth of love at all. Love is never limited by time or space. – Nevertheless,
– stop it If you say so
today’s plan is going to be ruined. Today’s plan? Tell me
what the plan is. Really?
Hold on a sec. What is it? It is our rendez-vous schedule
for today. Listen carefully. Ready to start
at 10:20 am – Start at 10:30 am
– To where? – Shinshin Department Store
– For what? – To purchase your tie
– That’s nice. – and my beach umbrella
– What? Then my tie is just the bait
for your beach umbrella, isn’t it? Well, we’ll have refined Chinese dishes
at Asawon at 12. – Oh well
– And go to the Han River at 1:30 pm – We’ll take a picket boat and go waterskiing
– What the… We’ll take a walk in Deoksu Royal Palace at 3:30
and watch a movie from 4:30 – And have dinner at Mise-en-Grill at 6:30
– Oh my god We’ll go to an Open Concert by the
LA Philharmonic Orchestra at 7:30 – I’m in big trouble.
– Why? Don’t you like my plan? Whether I like it or not,
it’s too much. – What is too much?
– What do you mean, what is too much? The schedule is busier than Princess Ann’s tour in. – It’s the holiday of husband exploitation.
– You’ve got such a sharp tongue. Do you like it? The total budget is 25,000 hwan. It is too much of a loss
That’s almost my monthly income. When did you become a frugal housekeeper? Have you ever once brought
home your monthly salary? So, you pay only 5,000 hwan. So I buy my tie for 5,000 hwan, then, phew… If you’re being sarcastic, I’ll go out with my friends. Suit yourself. Oh my.. Honey, please come and look at me What’s wrong with you all of a sudden? Check my pulse. It’s weird. Feeling sick? Why is a patient like you so aggressive? Ain’t I accused of violence against the doctor? Soon-i – You didn’t go to work today?
– No. Let’s go in. Closed Today How come you did…?
I’m sure you’re pregnant. What should I do, ma’am? You have no other choice. Talk to your parents and get married soon. Mr. Song~ You look good Not going out today? We have no place to go
Oh, I almost forgot. Mr. Song, there’s a phone call for you.
Someone wants to talk to you Thank you
I wonder who it is. Honey, hold on a sec. Don’t worry. – It’s a man.
– Well, you… I came here to talk to you about… – About what?
– I’ve been pregnant for three months… Well, Mr. Joo will be really happy about it I don’t care how he feels. – I’m not happy about it.
– How? Mr. Joo, how have you been? Oh, Song, it’s been a while. The world is so busy, so we haven’t had time to say hi even though we live next door. – Is this the reporter called Song?
– Yes, this is Song Jae- kwan. Who’s speaking? I can tell you about
what you’re most interested in now It’s information on
the murder case at Huam-dong What? Information on the murder case? Follow the four wheel drive sedan
which will pass the Supreme Court building at 11 o’clock towards
Deok-su elementary school. You can monopolize
the iimportant information. The car in question is leaving now.
You’d better hurry Hello, hello What’s wrong?
Something happened? No, my company wants me
to come to work. Thank you. Well, what is he so busy for? Have fun today. It seems clues
to the murder case might be revealed, so someone called me. I’ll be back soon.
You will wait for me, yes? That’s not our plan. Then, we can go to together
and you can wait there. I might have to go to the police station.
How can you wait on the street? – How long will it take?
– Probably an hour I’ll be coming back
in the company Jeep. – An hour?
– Yes – You should keep your promise.
– Of course. Why don’t you go
get ready? What’s the hurry? You’re like a kid
going on a picnic. It’s a holiday, and you can
go out with me for the first time in ages. – That’s why I am in a hurry
– That’s stunning. If I keep time with you,
I won’t have time to breathe. Arrange the car anyways. Let’s go out then. Wait
I’ll go to the beauty shop first. To the beauty shop, now? My mind will be burnt by the time we go out finally. I’ll just get a perm
and come back. You dress up, you put on make-up
and now you do your hair? What’s next? You’re a prisoner to make-up.
Thy name is woman. But my life spent waiting
for a woman also looks nice. Sure it is nice. Police Bureau Press Room Today he should be punished, since he never hung out with us
after his wedding. It depends
if reporter Song can be fooled. Once he comes out,
he will definitely be… Don’t worry about it. He was completely fooled
when I said it was about the murder case at Huam. I can imagine
how he reacted. He’ll be out already,
if I know him. So let’s follow this plan. Once he is trapped,
let’s drive around downtown and make him follow us to Toigyewon
to have him buy us drinks We’re so bad…
Anyways, it is a thrilling plan. It’s 10 minutes before the H-hour.
Let’s deploy. What’s wrong? We have only 4 minutes left.
What should we do? Stay here
I’ll go and see. The plan couldn’t be trusted.
We guessed wrong. 2 min. and 30 sec. before the H-hour. 20 sec. before the H-hour. Now I guess our plan is
out of the running. – There’s a big accident. I’m taking off first
– What? Heh I wanted a holiday
without accident. Sir,
should we wait more? Hey, follow the car, hurry. You’ve got fine taste. Shoot, she’s a troublemaker. How can you stay with your old hubby
on this beautiful day? It’s boring. You mean we’ll go somewhere else from here? After we go out and play,
you can handle him. He’s just an old man. Well, it’s a while
that he has been asking me to go out with him. Since you met this old man, you have been as insipid as stale beer! – If you don’t like it, never mind.
– Who said I don’t like it? Hey,
today’s partner is very young and good looking. Deep pockets are the best condition for a man. I can guarantee that.
You know who brought him here. I told you to come by 9:30.
Why are you so late? Everything went wrong
because of you. Your wife made me drive
to the beauty shop and her friend’s house. Shut up.
I told you to come on time. Stop talking,
huh? You think
I’m not your boss? Hurry up and go to Napoli beauty shop
down there. Your wife told me to come
to Dong-bang Theater by 1 o’clock. Stop talking and
listen to my words. Shoot…. Damn bastard. Such an idiot. Ms. Nam, how are you? Is the injection
working well for you? Well, yeah.
I saw Mr. Song going to work today. I have my car now.
So when my wife comes back, let’s go on a picnic together. On this beautiful day, a young woman like you
cannot just stay home. I could disturb you.
You two go out and have fun. I only mentioned it in passing.
If she really comes, that’ll be a problem. Why are you paying only 2,300 hwan?
Do you know how far it is
from Seoul to here? You had me drive for 3 hours.
You should pay more. Pay 6000 hwan. So, you take my ID card and this name card
so that you can get paid by where I work. – Don’t worry, just take it.
– You have no sense of shame. Are you asking me
to run your errand? Help me. Sh!
Those are murderers. If you talk thoughtlessly,
you’ll get shot. All right
What the hell, give it to me. You were suspicious when you got in my cab. What are you? – Look, there’s a white snake
– A white snake? Where in the world is
there a white snake? – Are you crazy?
– What? I am sure I saw it. Help me. Who is it? Honey… Byung-cheol? Oh my darling You’re my sunshine. The world is hell without you. Don’t worry too much. Though girls these days often have
seizures like her, many of them suddenly heal. How better and resentful I am. I raised her as my only daughter
for 20 years She was tempted by a bad guy.
He ruined her body and now she’s like that. Oh my god… Sang-cheol, turn off the light
and come here. Hew… Is he really the man
named Cheol? I don’t think so. In her condition, she believes that he’s Cheol. What should we do
if the man is a real reporter? I just tried to hide her
out of the public eye, but it’s a shame
if we’re in the newspaper. We should ask him
to understand our situation. Let me handle it. Cheol, I love you so much,
but why did you abandon me? Hey, please help me.
Open the door You go and bring the doctor. Yes, ma’am. In-soo,
my dear Hamlet. Where did you hide
this Ophelia’s diamond? What?
Is it a storm? The goddess of death betrayed
love on our bed? Then, why are you
abandoning me? Dong-hwa,
sing the song for me, hurry. Domino, Domino,
oh my love Domino Domino, Domino,
oh my love Domino How beautiful this tango is.
Dance for me, come on Why is today’s holiday
bringing me sorrow? Your feet look like
the seeds of a cucumber Take off your clothes
and come on in Mr. Kim leaves
after a drink and a poem. Does my life have to end like this;
only crying? No, my life really starts
when I’m 60 Maybe it’s time
for me to start a new stage of my life. Don’t get older,
even though you can do anything. Why do you knock
at home? Come on in. You’re sorry
since you’re a human being. I’m sorry
I thought you were my wife. – Can I use your phone?
– Go ahead. Hasn’t Mr. Song come back yet? No
There was an emergency. That’s too bad. There’re so many accidents
in the world these days. Hello,
is this Chosun Ilbo? Can I speak to
the city desk? Yes, society is full
of accidents Humans are born
to have accidents Is this the city desk? Is reporter Song Jae-kwan
there? Who? Song?
He’s off today. Hello, hello I heard that
you’re very busy. Yes
Is your wife here yet? My wife?
She’s a troublemaker. – She’ll be coming soon. Excuse me.
– All right. Don’t get older even though
you can do anything. To our youth
and happiness, cheers! Che bella cosa e’ na jurnata ‘e sole, n’aria serena doppo na tempesta! Pe’ ll’aria fresca pare gia na festa Che bella cosa e’ na jurnata ‘e sole Ma n’atu sole, cchiu bello, oje ne’ ‘O sole mio sta ‘nfronte a te! ‘O sole, ‘o sole mio sta ‘nfronte a te! sta ‘nfronte a te! – Hee-won~
– Hey, what are you guys doing here? How did you, the wives of
famous men find this humble place? – We came here for your qualifying exam.
– What? Qualifying exam? – The requirements for membership of Skaters.
– What’re you talking about in this hot summer? She must be crazy
from the hot weather. How dull she is.
Is your husband at home? You have the life of a loner as well.
You’re qualified now. Let’s go in. As I was going out this morning with my hubby,
he got a phone call. He said there’d be
an emergency meeting for an hour, but she saw him
taking a cab with a girl. That’s how players
cheat these days They have more tricks. If today is a holiday, a player makes
an engagement with another girl yesterday. And he makes an accident in the morning
feigning ignorance. That’s how we’re cheated on
although we know their tricks. We cannot say anything
about it. So we decided to make
our husbands surrender. You guys are so serious.
So what’re you going to do? We decided to do nothing but
play and eat from today. We’ll play all night and tomorrow
we’ll go to my house to eat – and then play. The day after tomorrow
– we’ll go to my house If we’re on strike,
they won’t be able to even touch us. You’re very confident. Our struggle will continue
until our hubbies confess what they did and
apologize for it. Join us, since you’re
in the same serious situation. Don’t miss your chance,
or you’ll regret it Hee-won’s husband is a reporter,
so it won’t be easy to find his faults. That’s right We’re not like you couples.
He’ll come back soon. You’re such a fool. In trust is treason. It is too obvious. He must be having fun
with a girl now. It’s you, Cheol, who suggested
coming to this mountain cabin. Oh, it’s the bitch, Young-hee?
All right. Be cursed,
you dirty bitch bastard. Walk along with
the wedding march To the wedding hall
with the stairs of death In-soo, hurry No You’re a beast, a horrible devil Turn off the light Oh well Ok- i’s father came… Doctor, is that true? You did such a good job. Where is he? Let’s go to see the face of my son-in-law. – Dad.
– Go, let’s go you slut Let’s go, you bitch
Huh? How can you disgrace
my name, huh? What made you
do this, huh? I can’t live in this town because you
made me ashamed. Who’s that guy? Let me see him. Walk quickly
Hurry, you bitch, stop talking – What’s wrong with that bitch?
– Sir, stop it. Let me go.
I’ll get her… It’s no use crying
over spilt milk. Let’s settle the affair. No, ma’am I’ll finish it
whether I die or he dies. Don’t stop me.
Let’s go. Calm down. You should know
the situation before and after you met him. How did it happen?
Tell me the details. I went to the factory
when I saw the classified ad. The director said that
I could be hired. So I followed him,
and he tempted me… You’re such a fool. We can see him
if we go there now. I found out later
that he doesn’t work there. Wretch! Don’t you know
what he does and where? He doesn’t want to see me
even when I go to see him. Let’s go together. Let’s go. – Soon-i
– Yes, ma’am When Mr. Song comes back, tell him that
I went out because I was tired of waiting for him. Yes, ma’am And tell him that I went out
with my male school friends. Yes, ma’am – Make sure you tell him that
– Yes, ma’am It’s good news that
we reporters on the city desk of a big newspaper
can spend a holiday like this since you have
no place to go Hey Get some drink on credit
at the snack bar. It’s not like Myeong-dong, you know. Shoot, I lost a big one
because of a pointless accident. He’s such a lucky guy. He must be having a good time
with his wife. Shoot! Why is it so hot? Hey, here comes
Song’s wife. That’s strange.
Why is she alone? Is anything wrong
with our joke? They might
have had a fight. I have an idea.
You guys just follow me. I should show
my reporter’s sense. – Ma’am, what’re you doing here?
– Oh, my – What are you reporting here?
– No, it’s just… Why did you come here so early?
Alone? Sorry? I saw you enter
Dong-bang Theater with Song just now. What?
I just came out of my house Is that so?
Now I guess… But Song shouldn’t have done… No, man.
She wore a totally different dress. Song is not that kind of man. Well, we don’t know him. I don’t know where he got that money,
but he put 30,000 won into his pocket. He didn’t pay for our drinks
and went home. Haha, I see Men and melons are hard to know. That’s right Did you tell
us everything? Even though a man has
an affair once, – You should understand him.
– Sure Thank you Where are you guys going? We’re going golfing
for beer. – Can I join you?
– Sure, you’re more than welcome – Oh, my
– What do you think? No problem, huh? Go in, go
go You should buy
us beer now. Welcome. – Beers, please
– Yes It’s cool here. I’ll buy one bottle for each.
I won’t buy more than that. When did you promise
a bottle for each? Well, ma’am, have a drink. Song should be here at this moment.
I’m so sorry. I love you this much, but why do you
abandon Mi-ju? That night was
my happiness. Cheol,
come to our home Oh, there is the death angel. Cheol, Cheol, hug me tightly.
Come on. Please open the door.
Your daughter is asleep. Are you sure she’s asleep?
Her doctor is coming soon. If you stay a bit longer,
I’ll give you a ride downtown. It’s a lot better
if you stay. Have some
sense of honor. I could go crazy
if I stay longer. What should I do
if she wakes up suddenly? She has fewer seizures
when a man stays with her. Fewer seizures? She thinks I’m her lover. Can she tell a man from a woman? Cheol, In-soo Isn’t it dangerous?
What are you? We’re policemen.
We came here to investigate. Please give us a ride
if you are going back to Seoul. This car picked up
a doctor for a patient. I can’t give you a ride
on my own. Then, I’ll just get in your car. Where did the driver go? I don’t know. – Is this car going back to Seoul?
– I don’t know. Where are you guys going? Why do you care
where we’re going? I have a right
to get in this car actually. Since I’m busy,
let’s call the driver. Please honk. It’s no fun at all
if you enter the house. Hey, let’s hurry. Sirs, you work at
Yongsan Police Station? You might have heard about him.
Detective Choi is the man who makes criminals hide
in rat holes. By the way, how is the murder case
at Huam-dong? I feel insecure
driving around. I understand. When you read
tomorrow’s newspaper, you will find out you made a contribution,
that you gave me a ride to Seoul. – What do you think, Det. Park?
– Our section chief is the best. Oh, you mean the criminal
will be arrested today? Walls have ears. I can’t tell you
police secrets. – Can I have one?
– I guess so. Since a reporter is sitting
next to you. Reporters can smell things
better than detectives So, they’re not good for us. Don’t be so suspicious
of me. Actually, I came here
with important information. Let’s write big news together. Hearing your words it seems that the criminals
hide in this countryside. So,
do you have some information? I can tell you
if there is a gentlemen’s agreement. What’s the agreement for? I don’t know
how much money you get You can’t just put pictures
of others into the newspaper. You can ruin them. That’s too harsh. It seems that you speak for
the criminals. I’m chasing criminals
without sleeping and eating. I’ll follow and
never lose you. Let’s not do
useless stuff. Sounds good.
I can lessen your trouble. I’m the murderer
in the Huam-dong case. I’ll shoot you if you do anything foolish.
Just drive. Why don’t you play up the news
with a banner as you wish? Do you want me to give you some materials
that you’ll write in hell? Choi Chang-gil, with 5 previous convictions.
Age 38 Accomplice, Park Il- yong,
with 3 previous convictions.
Age 25. What about this? Am I too kind? Let’s get rid of them.
Stop the car in an appropriate place. You brat You son of… Come out, you brat Bastard… You.. You’ve got some skill.
Untie me so that I can applaud. – More beer please
– Holy… How do you drink
so much? Beer is
not even wine. It’s been a while since we had
a grand party like this. I’m sorry. Friendship is good,
indeed. Unless he cheated today, how could we dream
of this party? Well, please have
one more glass. Do you know
why people clink their glasses? If you answer right,
I’ll pay for our drinks today – Well, how should I know that?
– It’s needless to say that alcohol can satisfy
our taste very well. It is for sure. See. This golden liquid satisfies our vision and our sense of touch
because it’s cool. Its mysterious fragrance also satisfies our smell but
one thing is missing; hearing. We bump glasses
so that we can satisfy all 5 senses. What is it? I lost my appetite. Let it go.
There must be a fire somewhere. It doesn’t seem like the siren from firetrucks
You go and find out what it is. Hummm Ma’am,
don’t just look at it; have a drink. It’s all right. please go ahead You guys take time to drink.
I’m taking off first. What happened? – What?
– Excuse me. – How much is it?
– 10,500 hwan. Thank you.
Good bye. That’s him. Just play it once.
Just pick one. If you want to play,
just do it. Don’t hesitate. Hey there. Hold on. You can play
after this man is done. You can have a bird and its eggs.
It’s a piece of cake. You should go to the mountain
to catch a tiger, to water to fish Oh, you hit it You hit it. Twice 300 hwan,
so you get 600. Next~ I’ll play again. I’ll bet 600 hwan this time.
You got enough money? No worries about money.
Men should have guts, women chastity. Money makes money
Don’t hesitate. Play it for fun. You should go to the mountain
to catch a tiger, to water to fish. Play it for fun once. Here. You got me again.
Today I’m not lucky. You’re the best gambler. I could lose
all my seed money. 600 plus 1200. You won 1800
at once You won some money
for rice wine. Next Play it for fun. – Let me play.
– The chance is 50:50. Play it for fun. Bet first. If you bet 100 hwan, you get 200.
If 500, you get 1000. You should go to the mountain
to catch a tiger, to water to fish Money makes money.
Don’t hesitate. Men should have guts, women chastity.
Don’t hesitate, just play. Sir,
try once again. Well, I bet 200 now. If you bet 200, you get 400,
if 500, get 1000. You bet more, you get more.
Try once. It’s my win
again. Such a liar.
Why do you take money for no reason? You think I’m blind?
You cheat me as well! What? It’s your skill
to pick right or not. You lost only 300 and it’s nothing.
Go home genteely. What a phony! You tempted my daughter, didn’t you? Your skill is from this.
I wanted to see you anyways. Are you crazy?
What’s this all about? Go before you get beaten. – Come here, you brat.
– You crazy old man. – Such an uncouth man
– Dad You just hit this old man? Stay here.
I’ll bring him. – Hello, are you Kim In-ho?
– Yes. What is it? – We should talk to you. Let’s go over there.
– Who the heck are you? – I’m busy working.
– Hey, you know this girl? I see She’s the girl whose boyfriend is
a manager at Myungshim Factory. I heard that you got fired
from the factory. So you came here
to ask where he is? Why? Did you get dumped again?
I knew it. I don’t know.
I went to the factory 2 or 3 times but I don’t know him well. I should get to work,
so go. Hey, if you’re a human, you should take responsibility
for what you did. You coaxed this young innocent girl
into getting pregnant. So you should take responsibility for that. There’s only one way
if you deny. We’ll see you in court
to find out who’s wrong. Don’t regret it then. You said that you’d get me a job
and marry me. Who bought
this ring for me? How would I know
if the baby is mine? Who tempted
me first? You hit my daughter?
I’ll finish this today. Is this old man crazy?
Let me go. – Dad
– Sir, be patient I should solve this problem
by myself. I can’t stand it. You brat, stop there,
hey, you. Hey you
Get him, get him. Oh my, a big problem. Hey you come here. I thought he’d know better
if I talked to him. So, I chased him. I was fearful of losing
a young man, but he’s lucky. Please forgive me. It’s all my fault.
I was immature. Sure it’s your fault.
You know nothing? That’s why you met
two men at once? Dad,
that’s not true. The manager noticed
our relationship. He thought I was a prostitute,
so he followed me. Though this man misunderstood it,
I never did it. What the heck are you
going to do from now? What’re you going to do? If he misunderstands
at the end, there’s no other way
but death. You’re such a fool.
Though I raised you poorly, I wanted you to marry a man
who really loves you. But that won’t happen. Today,
I was scared to death. Doctor told me to change the towel often.
You do it here. Ok-i I was a fool. I’ll get rid of the misunderstanding,
so please forgive me. Sir, Living alone, I was hungry
for a warm heart. I’ll make a living for Ok-i from now on, after I clean my mind. – That’s my son-in-law.
– Father Baby, why are you crying?
What’s wrong? Why are you just crying?
Tell me what happened. Is there a different hospital,
ma’am? – Hospital? Why?
– Mom is… You mom is what?
Tell me. I’m a doctor. – Mom is dying alone.
– Oh, my, what’s happening? She’s having a baby. – Is no one at home?
– No. A few days ago, dad went out
and hasn’t come back. Doctor, thank you. It’s the most important time now,
so please hang in there. Ma’am, my mom hasn’t eaten
anything for 3 days. – Make a fire in the stove
– Ok. Oh, hew, hew – I’ll be coming back.
– Are you not coming back? Don’t worry.
I’ll be back soon. Promise to come back. Great, it’s real top news
Good job. What about making it a full page
special column? – Should I visit his family?
– Sure – Ma’am
– Have you been waiting long? – Yes. Oh, it’s bread.
– Is your mom all right? I’ll make some food.
Let’s have a meal with your mom. Mom, she bought us
seaweed and rice. Quiet! Put this in water
after you have bread How can I repay
your kindness? Don’t you worry
about that. It’s so cute. Your husband will be very happy
when he comes back from his business trip. It’s so pretty. Is anything wrong? In fact… Hello.
hey kid, Is anybody home? Mom,
a stranger came to see you. Oh my What are you doing here? How did you know
I was here? Honey,
I should see the lady for an emergency interview. – She’s seriously ill after a difficult labor
– What? Labor? Such a trick of fate. When the husband goes to jail,
the wife delivers a baby. A trampled life and the birth of a new life.
This is top news of happiness and sorrow. Kim,
take a picture of the mother first. No, I don’t know what the case is
but she needs complete rest. Her husband is the murderer in
the Huam-dong murder case. Sh!
What did you just say? Then, her husband is the real criminal
in the murder case? Isn’t it worth writing news? – Do you have to interview her?
– Of course It’s the first case
in 10 years of my reporting career.
Sure, I will interview her. I got this scoop… No, listen to the baby. The poor mother and
baby are without sin I didn’t say they have sinned.
They are only the objects of my news. Reporters don’t have feelings? Do you have to interview her even though it takes sacrifice
from a person Why are you so upset
over just couple of pictures? It could be a shock for
this extremely weak mother. She cannot get well.
Darling, please go now. – This is the house.
– Huh, Song, what a competent man. How did you come here?
Did you smell something? Song from the Chosun Ilbo is
one of the most acclaimed. I can see
why you came here as well His wife just gave birth
but she’s in a very serious situation. If she hears sad news,
she won’t survive. – Who are you?
– She’s my wife… I’m the obstetrician. I know you’re busy, but please put off your interviews
until after she gets better. I’m telling you
as a doctor not simply as a person. Mom, the baby is so pretty. When will father come back? Hew… I see. I’m just afraid of
destroying evidence. I’m not trying to
bother the mother. Thank you for
your understanding. When will the mother
get well? Probably,
it will take 3 or 4 days. I’ll trust you and
report it then. – Thank you.
– Song, are you coming? – You go first.
– See you See you. – Ma’am, mom seems weird.
– What? Wait for a moment. Honey, go home and
tell Soon-i to send some IVs. – It’s an emergency.
– Reporter Kim, let’s go I’ll get off on the way.
Just deliver this article. Okay Bitch, you will never come
before me. I’ll break your legs. Honey, how long have you
been waiting? I’m sorry. So
where did you go? Those bitches
didn’t let me go. I dropped by because it’s the first birthday
of my friend’s baby. That’s possible. Women these days
are wrong. Well, two women get together.
Then they gamble, drink and eat. It’s the way of the world. Darling, why was it
broken and all? Did you hate me? Well, a rat came in,
so I tried to catch it. So did you catch it? It was too fast
for me to catch its tail. Let’s go. It’s already 8, and
where are we going? Let’s go to Jeongneung.
It’s good at night. What’s my annoyance for?
Why are you so upset? Despite our troubles,
let’s live and have fun La la la lal lalala
Hurrah, yippee Bees and butterflies fly to
flowers here and there – How’s she doing?
– She’s getting better. That’s good. It will take an hour and a half more.
You’d better go home first. I’m done today.
I’m happy to wait for you. Thank you. The open concert has
started already. Isn’t it nice that you can listen to
a concert on the radio in this situation? The End Korean Film Archive presents
Korean captions and English subtitles are sponsored by Google
Subtitles by Free Film Communications

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