서장훈(Seo Jang-hoon)에게 배신당한 JYP “YG의 다이아가 그렇게 좋더냐?♨” 아는 형님(knowing bros) 118회

Since we were drunk, I scored 8 points first I think he was angry about that. He grabbed the ball, Did he dunk? Did he push you with his body? He even dunked that time He tried his best to beat Jin Young That’s wrong How could you dunk like that when you’re just playing angainst me? That was wrong I admit that I was wrong -Look at him
-You two were very close friends He decided to be friend with Yang HyunSuk You are wrong -That’s right
-You’re so mean I knew it He was so mean to you JYP Entertainment is always on my mind He’s so funny You all have to get this straight -You were so mean
-I can tell you when that happened It was hwhen YG entertainment started doing better than my company No no no no He’s so cute He loves money I could not reach him often But I saw him at a club with HyunSuk I should explain -Really?
-When he was a basketball player He didn’t any money. I paid for his drinks and everything He even went to US to see Janghoon -You guys are wrong
-You even played basketball You don’t know how to repay your debts I have a lot to talk about They even left the car lights on Do you choose YG or JYP? In 1, 2, 3 I choose YJ? -Nice one
-YJ -Ask him again But the funny thing is that you work for Mystic Entertainment He said YJ Your boss visits our show quite often -Jong Shin would be upset
-I have a lot to talk about Do you remember when you started your business in US? I could not reach him since then -That’s right
-He was in the US when I called You should’ve gone there to meet him -I shoud have?
-Yes, Jin Young went to US for you -You are so mean
-Why should I? He’s right on that But I came back to Korea, right? I came back But I could not stay close to him anymore He was so close with Hyun Suk He even quit drinking that time Guys have this too Even though he wasn’t a girl. he was a close friend of mine It feels like Jin Young was Janghoon’s ex girlfriend and Hyun Suk is his current girlfriend -He was jealous
-What happened afterwards? Did you like his wealth that much? Hyun Suk owned a club -He’s here to kill me today
-He could have all the drinks He stopped contacting me when he went the to US Just say sorry for once I didn’t do anything wrong I decide this at that time I should do better than YG entertainment (He gives up) My company wouldn’t be where it is now without him

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