트와이스(TWICE) 정연(Jeong Eon) 울린 서장훈(Seo Jang Hoon), 감히 여자를 울려? ‘수습불가’ 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 27회

(Candid camera by Ho-dong and Twice starts)
(Creating the atmospher) “So you want to play against Mina to the last time?” (Sang-min complaining) “Why does she have to keep doing it?” (Exchanging sign with members) (Jeongyeon’s name brought up) “But because he doesn’t like Jeongyeon” Oh no no why would I not like her?
(Got you!) I love them all. (Atmosphere is created as Jeongyeon is being talked about) “They did a scene together and she liked him.”
(As Jihyo said ‘she liked him’ as promised) She’s crying (Acting crying). “Don’t say something like that.” (Ho-dong trying again to stir up) (Together with crying act) “No, why not? This is just a show.” They haven’t done many shows so far.
(Everyone’s pointing finger at him) No I mean it. No…why are you crying? Why?
(Starting to get worried) I don’t know what to do when girls cry. (Denying) You are lying! (Can’t believe she’s acting) Excuse us. Excuse us. (2 who have no idea what’s happening) (Ho-dong trying to resolve) (In fact) Because of her name Ah~ (Fully convinced) I was just trying to make joke Just to laugh about it (Sobbing at the right time) (Out of control) It can’t be. She’s really crying. (Made her cry more) (All accusing him) Oh I am sorry…why are you crying? (Leaving without a word) You are making it worse. Are you leaving? (Each word makes it worse) (However hard he tries to explain) (He has no idea what he’s done wrong) (Jeongyeon coming back after killing time) (Still has no idea) (Enters again pretending to feel better) Because he likes you the best. (Sobbing) He has no intention to make fun of you.
(Ho-dong trying to resolve for the last time) I wrote you a letter coz I like you.
(A letter all of a sudden?) (Must be a letter of luck) This letter is from Canada… (Still trying to make jokes in this circumstance) (Carefully) This was a candid camera for Jang-hoon! (Making fun of him) (A candid camera for Jang-hoon succeessful) (Ho-dong found something) Wait a minute. Give us a close-up here. He’s sweating. (Denying) I’ve been sweating since… (Heroine) It could be someone else, right? That’s right. (Except the target being Jang-hoon
Nothing was planned) So Jeongyeon wasn’t the heroine from the start and it could be anybody. (If it wasn’t for Jang-hoon’s success and abandoned Jeongyeon) (Destiny?) Then he chose it himself! (Written and played by Jang-hoon)

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