📈 HOW TO RANK #1 ON PINTEREST – Ranking Hacks and Pinterest SEO Strategy for Winners!
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📈 HOW TO RANK #1 ON PINTEREST – Ranking Hacks and Pinterest SEO Strategy for Winners!

How can you rank number one on Pinterest?
Is that the question you are looking for? Well, in today’s video I will show you
how you can rank high in Pinterest search results and why you don’t
necessarily need to rank number one to get a ton of traffic from this platform. Hi!
I’m Anastasia of AnastasiaBlogger.com. I’m a Pinterest marketing expert and I
publish my new videos with Pinterest tips every Thursday. If you don’t want to
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Obviously, what makes your pins rank high in Pinterest search results if your
Pinterest SEO – search engine optimization for keywords. And in case you don’t have
it yet, I will give you a link to my Pinterest SEO Checklist for free at the
end of this video so stay tuned for this link. And now let’s dive into the
training. You have to understand that even though Pinterest is a search engine,
it also has pretty important features of a social media platform. And it’s also a
visual search engine. Pinterest search results are very
different from what you can see on Google and user behavior is also very
different. Another thing you have to keep in mind
is that the majority of Pinterest users are on their mobile apps they’re not
on desktop computers. So, how does the user experience actually look on
Pinterest? I open my Pinterest app and search for the keyword “vegan recipes” and
the first type of results of the Pinterest is currently pushing quite
hard especially on mobile devices is a block of video pins and then I start
scrolling and looking for inspiration with regular pins. So how many results I
will probably scroll down and see if anything catches my attention?
Well, according to Pinterest official stats it’s about 60 pins per search
result. Yes you heared that right 6-0 60 pins that people will watch on Pinterest
while just searching for one keyword. Can you imagine yourself going through 60
search results on Google. Of course not! That’s because
Pinterest is a visual search engine. Visual information gets into your brain
so much faster than text in Google search results you have to read the text
process that information before you actually take a decision to click these
are the sources of text information attached to a pin which Pinterest is
using to understand your pins and rank them in search results. And I suggest
that you have a look at this article in Pinterest blog on medium you will find a
link below in the description of this video. So Pinterest team shows the text
sources in this exact order. Do you think that it’s also the order of importance
for the text sources? I think so! Number one is pin title, description and URL.
Number two is board name and description. Number three is page title and
description of the link. Number four is search queries that
frequently lead to clicks on Pinterest. And number five is the names of the
object detected in the pin image. The text information in the last point
number five is very interesting because Pinterest tells us that the platform has
a visual classifier in which visual objects of the images have specific
names attached to them so when Pinterest is ranking your pin, the image content
can also influence how high your pins are going to rank for this focus keyword.
So what I mean here is that if your pin is about blogging it’s not a good idea
to have in the pin image something with food or something else that has nothing
to do with blogging. A laptop or a notebook or an office desk would be a
much better background for your niche. You’re better off using pins with no
background image at all than using something irrelevant on your images that
will only confuse the Pinterest algorithm. Now let me show you all the
other text sources Pinterest team mentioned so you understand very well
how you can add your keywords to them. The first one was pin title, description
and URL. When we are looking at a Rich pin, it has a pin title. Pinterest
recently added a new field called “title” to all the pins and you can edit this
field even after the pin has been published in this field you can have a
pin title of maximum 100 characters. Still plenty of space to use a few
related keywords along with your main focus keyword. Pin description is what
you are adding manually to save the pin image on Pinterest. It can be up to 500
characters and in pin descriptions you have to include relevant hashtags as
well. I have a detailed guide about hashtags on Pinterest and you need to
look at your top right corner for the info icon and you can open the link in a
new tab and then check that information later. And last but not least, Pinterest
will also look at the keywords you have in your page URL so you need to also
make sure that you paid URL is relevant. Now board names and descriptions – it’s
the second point in the text information sources. So I recommend to
always have your first saved to your first pin to the board that has the most
relevant title so what I mean here is that the board title needs to have the
same keyword which you have in the pin title. And board titles allow you up to
180 characters and it’s plenty of space to include several related keywords.
Board descriptions have up to 500 characters so if you want your pins to
rank high in Pinterest you have to spend some time optimizing your board
descriptions and adding several keywords to them if you want to learn how to
create keyword optimized boards on Pinterest and how to find keyword ideas
to use them in your board titles and descriptions I made another video on
this channel covering this topic in detail so click that info icon in the
top right corner to open the video in a new tab and watch that video later now
point number three was page title and description of the link
what does Pinterest mean by page title and description of the link here well we
know that if you say the pin from your website Pinterest will fetch your page
SEO title as a pin title so I guess that’s just another place Pinterest will
look for keywords associated with your pin and by description of the link they
probably mean the page SEO description this information comes in to your pin if
you have rich pins enabled and if they’re working properly now point
number four is search queries that frequently lead to clicks on this pin.
That’s some additional information that Pinterest collects on their platform and
it’s based on the user behavior on this platform. The only way I can think of
that you could use to influence or to affect this factor is having the focus
keyword in the text overlay of your pin. This way, when users do a search and
they find your pin with a focus keyword in the text overlay, then probably they
will choose your pin over others to click through and so this will increase
chances that your pin will rank for this keyword in the future. Now you know where
you will be adding the keywords, you might ask me but how do I know which
keywords I should target and how can I find those related keywords to include
them in my pin descriptions. So the first place you should go is simple
Pinterest search suggestions you just do a quick search for example nursery decor
and start looking for other related keywords Pinterest shows you in the
search suggestions. Not all of them will be relevant to your specific post but
some definitely could work. For example imagine you want to make a post about
farmhouse nursery decor style so here we have easy DIY farmhouse nursery decor
ideas this can be your post title or pin title but that’s not enough you need to
find more related keywords to include them in your pin description. What are your
options? Firstm you can use google keyword research tools. For example you can use a
browser extension called Keywords Everywhere. After having a quick look at
all the keywords in Keywords Everywhere I found some additional keyword ideas to
include in the pin description. These are rustic nursery, girl nursery ideas, rustic
baby nursery, farmhouse nursery furniture, baby girl nursery decor ideas, rustic
floral nursery. And another place you can check
for related keywords is Pinterest advertising cabinet here you need to
click create an ad then you click on targeting and scroll down a bit you will
see there is a keyword research tool and you will find a few more keyword
ideas here. In this case, I will choose nursery
decoration ideas, modern farmhouse, nursery neutral farmhouse, nursery white
rustic nursery. One note here you don’t need to actually finish the ad creation
you just are using this keyword research tool and the next step is just to write
down all the skew words that you found and think of nice text thinking like you
were trying to write this text for Google as you remember that you have up
to 500 characters for your pin description so don’t forget to leave
some space for your relevant hashtags in the pin description and once everything
is done just save your PIN first to the most relevant board and later you can
repeat it to other similar boards on your account and you know what is the
best thing you can do to succeed on Pinterest you definitely need to
subscribe to my channel and click on that Bell button to get notified as soon
as I publish a new video. By the way, I published about 35 in depth videos
with Pinterest tips so far and YouTube seems to like my videos and many of them
ranked in top three or top five videos for the keywords I targeted but until
now I didn’t have a chance to see one viral video on my channel I noticed that
often bad videos with contradictory or lame content get viral and not because
they actually are so good but because viewer stars can commenting and arguing
in the comments a lot I think comments are super important for
the viral effect on YouTube want to help me with my little experiment? So listen
up! This video is about how to rank number one on Pinterest, and I want to
see if a lot of comments under the video can also make it rank number one on
YouTube for the keyword “how to rank on Pinterest”. And hopefully, it will make the
video viral. If you want to join the simple experiment it will only take you
a few moments to give me a thumbs up and comment something short like Yes or
Agreed, or anything else you would like to comment under this video. And I’m
setting an ambitious goal of a 1000 – thousand comments under this video. If
you like experimenting on social media like like I do, drop a comment below and
let’s see how it goes and if it goes well, I will shoot another video
how to make your YouTube videos viral. And don’t worry I didn’t forget about
the checklist I promised if you’re serious about setting your Pinterest SEO
strategy for success make sure you get that checklist below the video it’s free
but I promise it has a ton of value because it includes my entire SEO
process for every pin I create and it helps me drive a ton of Pinterest
traffic to my website and I’m sure it will help you as well! If this video
helped you, you can share it on Twitter Facebook or Pinterest and I will get
back to you next Thursday with new Pinterest tips. See you in the next video!


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