1 Simple Social Media Strategy for Getting Attention in a “BORING” Niche
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1 Simple Social Media Strategy for Getting Attention in a “BORING” Niche


  • MSI Sakib

    Hey Neil, your videos are like knowledge bombs. I love these!

    Can you please make a video on discovering new topics or niches to start affiliate blog?

  • the money book blog garg

    Heya neil, converting your old content which is not getting that much visits, into, video's is a good way or not?

  • hitesh patil

    Hiii neil great video will be glad if you can make a video about completing 4000 watch hours and 1k subscribers to start monetization on youtube channel thanks😊

  • C. Allen

    Hi Neil, I recently purchased a starter website (Myinternetmarketingtips.com). Can you give me some advice to bring it from a clone to a profitable and engaging website? Thanks!

  • Jason AK Mitchell

    This was a great video. I've been listening and watching from the very beginning. I've got a great question that maybe a little challenging. What kind of content marketing strategy would you advise for someone in the creative arts? Someone who is a musician, actor, painter, etc. What would you say to someone who is in the entertainment field that will set them apart?

  • Marcelo Henrique

    (BRASIL HERE) NEil, i watch your videos every day and i really NEED YOUR HELP :

    "What would you do if you only had 15 days to MAKE MONEY?

  • Md Amin

    Hi Neil Patel sir,
    i want to know why a website not rank on google after create awesome content and a lot of backlinks?
    My next question is, what is means by quality Backlinks?

  • Ashwin Jaipurkar

    Hey, Neil this was quite simple and direct…lucid explanation of how to start with very basic things… thanks for the genuine tips you share

  • Milos Sesevic

    Hey Neil, how much time does it take to outreach all those people? I assume you outsource – how much does that cost you (for someone on a budget) ?: ) Thanks in advance!

  • Bhagyesh Patel

    Nice Tips Neil.
    I think you should Come Live on Youtube to answer small Q & A Once a Week by informing everyone Day & Time.
    See Technical Guruji (Tech News in Hindi) is growing fast.
    His niche is different. But I think This will be beneficial

  • Arbaaz Ibrahim

    Hey Neil, Thank you for sharing all this information.
    What website would you recommend for shortening URLs, and what impact do you think shortening URLs makes on a website?
    Thank you.

  • Dhaval Soni

    Hey Neil , greetings. I'm Dhaval, I'm 17 and I'm thinking to launch my ebooks that tells about '51 ways to earn money online' but I have no user base so how do I sell the book with zero followers. Tell me some ways that I could just see the spark. Thanks , cheers.

  • FlyRyde

    Thanks Neil! I appreciate all the content brother. Here's my question for you. What is your best advice to use a modestly successful social media following into traffic specifically to an E-commerce website?

    I'm in a very crowded industry (Automotive Parts) and I specialize in an ultra niche corner of it. I use BigCommerce and really want to start focusing on driving traffic and scaling up product sales instead of service (my bread and butter currently).

  • Shibam Kar

    I have a coupons and deals website. Can you please give my any idea to create viral content for my Facebook Page?

  • Luxus Häuser

    Hi Neil, Do you have any tips for creating an engaging home page in a highly saturated field like real estate?

  • Mobile App KIng

    Hey Neil Please Answer It Is Possible To Rank A Website Without Backlinks And How Much Time It Takes To Make Money From Brand New Blog Without Backlinks….It Will Motivate Me A Lot….I Don't Want To Make Backlink Myself Because Most Of Them Are Comment Backlinks Which I Think Doesnot Help Much To Rank A Webstie>>>>

  • Surej Shams

    Hi, how do we generate maximum leads from a Facebook lead gen ad at lower cost per lead.? It would be great if you could do a video on this.

  • Wei Shang Low

    Hi Neil, I've been learning Digital Marketing related tactics for a couple of years now from your content, your amazing and you inspire me to take action more! I've recently been capitalizing on all i've learnt into helping people do digital marketing, but they always compare what I offer to them with other more established agencies or teams. Any advice on how to always be a step ahead into the competition with your services? Thanks!

  • BasswoodMountain

    Hey Neil

    Love your content, but i was wondering, what is the most needed add ons on wordpress. Im about to create a webpage for my dads company, working with people.

  • The Craxy Store

    How do I get traffic on social media when someone shares the infographic, they'll be posting a photo in their facebook/instagram. How would people come to my page

  • KSM 431

    Neil Sir….I am in 11th standard learning web designing from an institute . Please tell what should I do next…..should I go for JAVA ,ANDROID , etc. What ?

  • Ride Bmx India

    Hey, Neil the earlier advice really helping me out a little but would do wonder if be consistent. One question please now that I am expanding through different social, email and other platforms. My motive is to do what I love (sports) the scope is almost 1 % here in India and much bigger in other countries like one where you are haha. So what things can help as an individual to represent skills connect with them and build a strong social circle get them along to my mission of success. I dont know if I have put it correctly hear soon!

  • Radoslav Georgiev

    Another excellent video, Neil, congrats!
    Besides an infographic what other types of content would you recommend doing in the boring niches? Thanks

  • Inzamam Safi

    make a video on how to get the backlink. because most of the method that you says in the previous video has very low conversation rate.

  • William Hagerty

    Hi Neil, I am re-designing my website (we offer website support for SMEs), in an effort to improve conversion rates. I would love my website visitors to think, "Wow, I like this company and I TRUST them to fix my website!". Due to the sensitivity of the work, trust is an important factor. Can you kindly share some tips on improving the trustworthiness of a website? Thank you!

  • el muzaffer

    Hey Neil, awesome videos! I am wondering what your plan of attack would be to make a Clothing Brand popular in a country like Indonesia! I am a law student from Holland and looking to create a fortune for my parents through online business so that they can retire early.

  • Shad Alam

    I don't know which webhosting should I choose godaddy or siteground some bloggers are saying that siteground is fast and other stuff so I am confused I am in 11standard so I have a tight budget too

  • Alex Bordei

    Hey Neil thanks for the vid! Curious, for someone trying to learn internet marketing, is it better to specialize in a specific branch of marketing (social vs seo)?

  • Csaba Pádár

    Really love your work and videos Neil! I started a hungarian healthy recipe site. What kind of advices do you have for me?

  • Saurabh Darade

    Please make video on how to write seo friendly article for blog, how to use Yoast SEO plugin like pro! Please Neil you didn't make this video in past, Plz make

  • Barka Dia

    Hey Neil. Thank you for the video. I"m from Senegal and I want to create my Marketing agency in few months. But I dont know if I have to specialize on SEO, Facebook Ads, Social Media Content or I have to do all to get 1st in the market.

  • Camila Fontes - Social Media Marketing

    I have a question: I am from Brazil living in the US for over 15 years and I work for a social media network that I can't say the name, but the first platform comes on top of your head that is the one. (haha) I have passion for social media and I take courses everywhere, I put 12 hrs of social media daily in from posts, to audit, to videos, editing etc… but I am not getting the views and the attention, I am not sure if the channel, is confusing, or what is missing that I am not doing it better. Can you help me? what do I need to "fix" or improve my path to become successful in social media expert? Thanks in advance I love your blogs and your videos. You help me a lot. I am currently don't have website/Blog because lack of funds, I am trying to slowly have my own service as managing small business accounts and help clients create a presence in social media and make a good impact on their business. I am just not sure what else to do. Can you give me some tips? THANK YOUUUU

  • Arek Dvornechuck

    Hi, Neil, you're absolutely making a killing, I'm a big fan of yours. I love your actionable video and blog articles. You give no BS and go straight to the point, which I admire, in contrary to e.g. Veynerchuk or Lopez who are more of motivational speakers.

    After watching your videos and reading your blog over and over again I understand that I must produce great content. My only question is: What kind of content should I produce?

    Is it better to address business owners and educate them on the importance of a strong brand identity design (my potential clients) or should I rather address design students with some tips and tutorials on how to design a great brand identity, the tools I use, the process etc.?

    I don't aspire to be a teacher like e.g. Chris Do. My goal is to get traffic and position myself as an expert in my industry. Is it even achievable without actually posing as a teacher and addressing my content to design students?

  • Sheryl Schuff

    Hey Neil—I recently subscribed to your channel and am enjoying your videos, especially the Thursday Q & A. Would love to hear your thoughts about video advertising on YouTube. Do you think that’s a good strategy for someone in a boring industry (small business tax consulting) who’s new to video marketing—as a way to get discovered by providing eye-opening content to folks who don’t even realize they have a problem or don’t know how to express it?

  • Ray Kingston

    Is social media necessary or can a blog be successful with just affiliate marketing, adsense, and selling your own products on your website?

  • Deborah Mitchell

    i have a social services site looking for some ideas for affiliate marketing merch besides books. Can you please help with some suggestions?

  • soujanya reddy

    i started eco friendly product store but outreach for fb groups and instagram has no much following how can i market

  • Changeforever Life

    Hi Neil thanks. this is an old video that I am watching. Gaining a lot of knowledge from you. Great and much appreciated.

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