11 Deadly SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2019
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11 Deadly SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2019


  • S_Roobel

    Hi Gotch! I'm very enthusiastic to know about the latest Google's update.

    Want to see a new video about that.

    Thank you!

  • Nathan Gotch

    I'm going to give free Gotch SEO Academy access to any person that explains the mistake I'm highlighting on the video thumbnail. Whoever gives the most detailed response will win. Submit your response in the comment section to be considered!

  • Mohammad Qaiser

    Hi Nathan! A very valuable video, love watching your videos as they bring a ton of insight on the table. Also, I would like to participate in the Gotch SEO Academy access giveaway, so here is my submission:

    The SEO mistake you are highlighting in the Thumbnail is Title tag optimization, one of the most important on page factors in my opinion.

    Proper optimization of title tags not only helps Google bots understand what your page is about, but also helps with CTR, which is a huge ranking factor once you are in top 10.

    The best approach towards using a proper title is making sure your target keyword is present in the title, there are some modifiers or numbers present like "11 tips" or "2019" which makes it attractive and also making sure the title is persuasive enough to make the visitors want to click and check out more as well as use a secondary keyword if there is a scope for it.

    A perfect example is the most recent post on GotchSEO blog: How to Learn SEO in 2019 (According to 130 Experts)

    1) It has the primary long-tail keyword in it: "How to Learn SEO"
    2) Once the post gains some authority & links it has potential to rank for the main short keyword with higher volume: "Learn SEO"
    3) The title has a number modifier present in to make it not only stand out and give the user the impression that the guide is upto date, but also rank for some additional keywords like: "learn seo in 2019" or "how to learn seo in 2019"
    4) It has good click bait in it for the searchers to want to click the result, hence helping with CTR: (According to 130 Experts)

    Just my 2 cents 🙂


  • Nalin S

    Hi Nathan, I'm having a particular issue. Google is showing my meta titles on search suffixing a previous category to the title with h3. I don't know where it is pulling this from. Even though i change the title, this previous category still gets suffixed to the title.

  • Zap Ofertas Net

    Thanks Nathan , I have learned so much with yours videos. I think the correct answer was already given, the title is longer than 60 words and the keyword is used twice in title ( should use LSI and variations )

  • Roland Rodriguez

    Good Evening Nathan Gotch!

    In honor of a Gotch style MONSTER Quality Content post that satisfies the user intent and search engine algorithms, here goes:

    Thumbnail image: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/SNgv2CqISS8/hqdefault.jpg?sqp=-oaymwEYCKgBEF5IVfKriqkDCwgBFQAAiEIYAXABu0026rs=AOn4CLDo-nBK8gJYBjUq_skmuZ7x2lm9XA

    Problem and challenge: I'm going to give free Gotch SEO Academy access to any person that explains the mistake I'm highlighting on the video thumbnail. Whoever gives the most detailed response will win. Submit your response in the comment section to be considered!

    Direct Answer (hopefully wins a Google snippet): #5 Targeting the wrong keywords

    #7 Not creating unique value

    The mistake(s) that is highlighted in the video thumbnail is multifold. The first one is not creating unique value. The second one is not conducting preliminary longtail keyword research to create ripe opportunities to rank ASAP. I used a free tool so everywhere can re-create what I did. The tool I used is called Keywords Everywhere tool. Nathan Gotch has a nice article and mentions this tool here: https://www.gotchseo.com/google-keyword-ranking/

    One of the quickest way to rank is by using the Keyword Golden Ratio and/or analyzing the backlink profile and domain authority of the competition for your longtail keywords.

    Long tail keywords and like strategies: https://www.gotchseo.com/seo-strategy/

    Keyword golden ratio = # in “allintitle: keyword” / total monthly searches = X . The answer X must be below .25 and total monthly searches needs to be 250 or below.

    Our thumbnail’s first longtail keyword is “st. louis personal injury lawyers”

    SEO Analysis:

    Total monthly searches: 70/month

    Allintitle: 727

    Cost per Click; $94.17 <<< this is a red flag in itself as how competitive this long tail keyword phrase is going to be. Law firms in the area are paying around $94.17 or close to $100 per click!

    The competition when you type this in Google is fierce! I used a free tool to check out my competition’s domain authority : https://websiteseochecker.com/domain-authority-checker/

    1. https://www.expertise.com DA 49 PA 51 Total Backlinks: 16,840

    2. https://lawyers.findlaw.com DA 84 PA 63 Total Banklinks: 5,616,838

    3. https://attorneys.superlawyers.com DA 60 PA 49 Total Backlinks: 411,609

    4. https://www.stlouis-personalinjury.com DA 21 PA 32 Total Backlinks: 3,232

    As you can see there is one local “exact domain match” website that is ranking. The other ones above it are lead aggregators and dominate multiple verticals. There is a chance to outrank #4 with Gotch style strategies however! So don’t lose hope. You would need videos, images, infographs, gif’s, etc and provide something unique and a pleasant user experience so that they stay a long time on your page! This will help with rankings.

    In conclusion, the keyword research was flawed which in turn will produce mundane is any results in Google, Bing, Yahoo. Also, the niche and long tail keyword should be in the title. Another thing that is important is providing something unique like “ 7 Insider Auto Claims Adjuster Secrets ” free ebook or just a long blog post. I feel if you can offer the user quality content, free, honest, and not care whether they buy from you or not, you will create just the experience that makes them want to buy from you! Why go elsewhere if you’ve answered all their questions, concerns, or at least have given them a foundation and good overview of the topic they searched for.

    I hope you all enjoyed this “mini” Gotch style post. To read more posts like this follow this channel, like the videos, and don’t forget to subscribe as I will be posting on Nathan’s channel as often as he lets me! I appreciate all his advice. I bought 3 websites in the past year and my domain authority are 9, 18, and 20 now all by following 2-3 guys. Nathan’s advice is most sound as there are no “tricks’ (techniques & sounds strategy instead) and if you’re trying to create a lifestyle, then you need to use white hat SEO techniques in which Nathan has many years of experience.

    With Positive Energy,

    Roland Rodriguez

  • Tarun Bhardwaj

    Fantastic video Nathan. Very well explained. You are one of few SEO guys who provide real value to everyone in this crowded SEO market.

    Now coming to your question on SEO mistake. I saw you are mentioning 2 different keywords which are St Louis Personal injury lawyers and Auto accident attorneys in St Louis in title.

    In my opinion, Google loves a single title tag for a single page. But if it founds multiple title tags on a single page. This can result in confusing search engines over which title tag to show in search results, when a user submits his query regarding same. Google may also over write both of the tag titles.

    Also, this is a very competitive keyword and when we enter any query like St Louis Personal injury lawyers and compare top few searches except map results on page 1. We can find that they are using some modifiers which can increase chances of clicking on their website even if that website is not on first position.

    Modifiers like Best, Top increases chances of clicking and since it is a high cpc keyword around 95 dollars. These small modifications can help these companies gain organic traffic and win the game of traffic without spending money on ppc.


  • Ali DÖNMEZ

    Merhabalar önemli bir için teşekkürler., ingilizce bilmediğim için 11 ölümcül seo hatasını anlamadım. Bu 11 hatayı metin halinde paylaşabilir misiniz.

  • Shiva Shankar

    Hi Gotch, still meta robots tags are important for SEO after using robots.txt? If so what meta robots tag is important for the pages? ie., noindex, nofollow, none, noarchive, nosnippet, nooodp, notranslate, noimageindex, unavailable_after. We can use allow and disallow in robots.txt file. Even though we have use Index and Follow in each page? Pls clarify

  • Javid Hakimi

    Hi Nathan, Amazing video. Is there a way to get links to all of the stats you mentioned in this video? I would really appreciate it.

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