11 Scary Creatures Accidentally Caught on Camera

You never know when something is lurking in
the distance, following your every move. And if you do notice, it’s usually not until
it’s already too late to do anything besides record . . . and scream. 11. This video was taken in Akron, Ohio by two
teenagers while driving past a cemetery on their work break. A ghoulish dark figure is surrounded by fresh
dirt as it apparently is digging up something in the cemetery, possibly its next meal. The stunned friends stop to watch it for a
while longer before driving off and uploading the video later. They have no idea what it could be and neither
do I. I was also unable to find any news stories
of grave disturbances in Akron, further making me believe this may not have happened. Then again, maybe this incident was buried
by the local authorities for whatever reason. Either way, let me know if you think these
friends really saw something or if they are part of an internet hoax. 10. This video was taken in the Sequoia National
Forest in northern California by police trying to bust growers. They left the cameras out in a field to try
and catch the grow operators on tape, but they find something much more unexpected instead. A pair of hairy red arms flips the camera
over without warning and quickly buries it under a bunch of leaves. Everything from an escaped orangutan to big
foot itself has been proposed, though nothing has been confirmed. I have no idea what it is either, but judging
from this video, I’d say it’s clear that this is not someone in a costume. 9. A car makes its way across an open field when
it suddenly stops, waiting for something. Moments later, this creature comes crawling
through the tall grass. This video itself does not look like computer
generated special effects, but it could be a person in a costume. Look closely at its back legs and you will
see a well-developed heel, meaning that this creature does not normally crawl on all fours. It could be a person dressed in a costume,
but then again, maybe it is a humanoid with a damaged foot that is now forced to crawl. The car quickly reverses and gets out of there
fast, which is something I definitely would do too. We may never know if this video is a legitimate
accidental sighting or staged, but I’d still like to hear your best guess. And if this is real, tell me what kind of
creature you think this could possibly be. 8. Many claim to see a hidden monster in this
YouTube video from Australia. Look closely and you’ll see what appears
to be the top half of a tall furry creature standing among the trees. Some people even claim to see a second similar
creature in the bottom righthand corner. While I do see what they are talking about,
this also looks like it could just be the blackened center of a rotten tree, but I’m
just not sure. Let me know what you think this is and if
you believe there is any possibility of this being the legendary Australian bigfoot. 7. Richard Grebenik recorded this creature from
inside his home over the summer of 2017. He is on the phone calling a friend named
Mike for help while a large hunched-over white humanoid prowls around his backyard. The “gargoyle”, as Richard describes it,
seems to sniff the air from time to time, almost as if it can detect someone’s presence
nearby. It certainly has the build of a predator,
but for some reason, it seems hesitant to move forward. If you were wondering why Richard would call
his friend instead of the police, I was thinking the same question. But soon it becomes clear that Mike knows
how to handle this situation better than anyone. The humanoid creature convulses as Mike unleashes
a string of words in an ancient-sounding language I have never heard before. If you recognize what is being said here and
can translate, please let me know. After Mike is finished speaking, the creature
skulks off into the forest where it came from. This event looks very convincing, but I wish
that Richard could have zoomed in a little more so we could have gotten a closer look. If this is real though, then he was probably
way too scared to worry about camerawork, so I definitely understand and still fully
appreciate what he was able to record. 6. A YouTuber named MBJREPORT has a pest in his
yard that has been bothering his dogs, so he decides to stick a garden hose down into
the ground and flood it out of its den. Now they are waiting with a net to catch the
pest and dispose of it if necessary. It isn’t long before he sees two glowing
eyes appear out of a second hole in the distance. This appears to be no ordinary pest, but rather
a monster instead. It remains frozen in the beam of the flashlight
for a while, hoping that he will leave it along. Then the creature drops back into the ground
below with a shriek. MBJREPORT has had enough and decides to pull
the creature up by its tail. His pulls back a red hand with a deep cut,
which I, unfortunately, can’t show here, and the video ends. I noticed that the creature doesn’t really
move its limbs at all and possibly looks like a toy, though I can be wrong. Even still, that still doesn’t explain the
glowing red eyes though, so if you think you can tell if this is fake or real, then be
sure to tell me how you know. 5. A YouTuber named batteryphil is exploring
a cave in Jamestown, Arkansas and taking a random video with a small keychain video camera. His friend once told him that he had seen
a reptilian face suddenly appear in front of him while down here before, but batteryphil
doesn’t exactly believe him. So, imagine his surprise when he looked at
this video much later and saw this creature looking straight at him . . . Look closely and you can make out the semi-intelligent
gaze of a humanoid creature with a single brown eye, a flat nose, and a thin expressionless
line for a mouth. It’s there for only a moment and then gone. Of course, this could also just be a random
rock formation that just happens to somewhat look like a face. I will say that the eye looks extremely realistic
above all else, however, so I’m just not sure what to think. 4. Bill Ryan is the leader of Project Camelot,
an underground organization tirelessly attempting to uncover secrets on everything from alien
lifeforms to time control. Since Project Camelot encourages members of
top secret government organizations to blow the whistle on the most sensitive of state
secrets, you can only imagine how many people want Bill Ryan gone. That’s what makes this interview so creepy. While Bill Ryan calmly explains the inner
workings of Project Camelot, a shadowy figure silently leans into the camera shot multiple
times. Some people believe that this is a shadow
messenger warning others not to come forward with their secrets. Other people think that this is a sign of
constant surveillance on Bill Ryan because of what he knows. I personally think it just might be the reflection
of a cameraman’s arm, but let me know what you think is going on with this strange background
figure. 3. A YouTuber named Richard205maria believes
that some kind of advanced lifeform is following his every move, so he sets up surveillance
equipment around his house. He finds this strange creature flying around
his yard at around six in the morning shortly thereafter. The glowing all-white apparition looks relatively
small and is so fast the camera has a hard time capturing any details. We can vaguely see four humanoid limbs and
perhaps a set of wings as well, though it’s hard to tell for sure. It appears to fly headfirst with its arms
stiffly Sat its sides, a strange characteristic for almost any creature of flight on this
planet. I think there is a strong possibility that
this could be CGI, but I can’t eliminate the possibility of an insect, a reflection
of light, or even otherworldly contact. I encourage you to watch the other videos
on Richard’s channel and tell me if you think he has an extraterrestrial following
or not. 2. This video was taken in Miami, Florida during
Hurricane Irma, which rocked the entire state in September of 2017. A YouTuber named HollywoodScotty published
this mayhem when he hears a booming roar and zooms in. It’s hard to see anything due to the terrible
weather, but he somehow manages to capture the gigantic black outline of a creature in
the distance. The massive monster is apparently heading
his way and appears to have huge limbs, almost like tentacles. There is a strong possibility that this is
CGI since something this big would have undoubtedly made the world news. On the other hand, large scale events somehow
go unreported all of the time. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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I upload every Thursday and Saturday. 1. Jason Nilson and his friend are walking along
a path of frozen ice in Utah when they come across some kind of creature colony the likes
of which they have never seen before. They appear to have a squishy, loose form,
yet they show little reaction when touched. The giant circular patch of ice has hundreds
of strangely-shaped egglike objects melting deep into the ice, but I can’t tell if these
are actual eggs or maybe even some kind of larva. Whatever it is, the tiny creatures are neatly
lined up in creepy, nearly symmetrical rows and not moving. Maybe they are either frozen or, worse still,
waiting to hatch. Nobody in the comments section has been able
to properly identify what these things are, which makes me even more curious. I wonder if this really could be some sort
of hatchery site for a rare species we’ve never seen before.

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