11. SEO For Beginners – Google Webmaster Tools Overview
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11. SEO For Beginners – Google Webmaster Tools Overview

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service offered
by Google to help to monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google search results. To get to this page you will need to go to
www.google.com/webmasters/tools or you can simply go to Google.com and search for Webmaster
tools. Click on the first result that comes up. To use Google Webmaster Tools you will need
a Google account so if you do not have an account you will need to make one by clicking
on create an account. Now, what you are seeing here is a list of
websites that I have already added to my Webmaster Tools account. I’m shortly going to teach you how you too
can add websites to your Webmaster Tools but first I want to show you a little sample of
what Google Webmaster Tools can do for you. Keep in mind that so that I don’t overwhelm
you with information, I’m only going to be showing you what I believe are the most important
features of Google Webmaster Tools. Here is a website created a few days ago,
as you can see there are two variants of it. One is sharinganeyecontacts.com and the other
is www.sharinganeyecontacts.com I will be explaining the reason for this in
the next video. I’m going to click into the variant with the
www. in front of it. The first page that comes up is the Dashboard. Crawl errors shows you any issues that the
crawlers may have had when trying to crawling your website. My website currently has no cruel errors. Search Analytics shows you some of your web
statistics. Site maps shows you how many URLs have been
submitted to Google and how many have been index and any issues Google may have with
your website. I am now going click on Search Traffic and
then click on Search Analytics. Along with clicks, I’m going to turn on Impressions,
CTR and Position. Clicks is how many people have clicked from
a Google search. Impressions is the number of times pages from
your website have appeared in Google search results. CTR stands for Click-Through-Rate rate. This is the percentage of people that have
clicked on to your website from a Google search. Position is the average position of your website
in Google when that specific keyword is searched. Now, if I scroll down, you will be able to
see some information based on queries which is the keywords been searched. You will also have the option to change queries
to Pages which will show you information about specific pages. If you select countries then you will get
information based on location. And devices, you basically get information
on what type of devices are being used to access your website. Let’s move onto Linked To Your Site. This shows how many links you have pointing
towards your website and where they are coming from. Seeing as my site is only a few days old,
it only has one link pointing towards it. The website that is linking to my website
is to tutoranswer.com and is linking to my FAQ page. This down here shows what anchor text is being
used for the link. Now, please note that at this point in time
Google shows both internal and external in this section. If I wanted to see some more information related
to tutoranswers.com, I can simply click on the link which will show me the total number
of links they have pointing towards my website, the amount of pages they are linking to and
which pages exactly they are linking to. We are now going to take a look at the index
status of the website by going to Google Index and clicking on Index Status. This shows how many pages Google has indexed
and when they were indexed. If you click on Advance, you can also see
how many times Google’s crawlers have been blocked from accessing specific content on
your website. Now, let’s take a look at Content Keywords. This shows what Google thinks your website
is about. Even if you have a website about food, Google
may see it differently and therefore rank it differently. For example, my website is about Sharingan
Contacts but here Google is showing me that the most significant keyword is episode, followed
by april. However in my mind, the most significant keyword
is sharingan and contacts. I will now need to tweak my website to ensure
that Google knows which keywords are the most important. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page,
you will see that you have the option to see even more keywords. Now, if you click on one of the keywords,
you will be able to see some information including, how many times Google has found the word on
your website and the exact pages the word was found on. You can also see a percentage of Keyword Significance
by moving your mouse on top of the blue bar. Let’s go take a look at the Crawl section. We have previously discussed Crawl Errors
but you can access the same information by clicking here. Lastly let’s take a look at Sitemaps. Here you can submit and test your Sitemap. You can also see how many pages were submitted
to Google and how many of them were indexed. You can also see when the Sitemap was processed
and if Google had any issues with the Sitemap. If Google did have issues with your Sitemap,
you can see exactly what the issues are by clicking on the errors link.

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