14. SEO For Beginners: Firefox SEO Addons – Very Useful!
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14. SEO For Beginners: Firefox SEO Addons – Very Useful!

Let’s take a look at two very handy SEO addons
for Firefox. If you are using Google Chrome then I’m sure
there is something very similar to these available online and can be found very easily with a
quick Google search. PageRank addon PageRank addon is a fast, light and simple
addon that allows you to see the PageRank of pages you visit. NoDoFollow addon. When active this addon highlights Do-Follow
links in purple and No-Follow links in red. The URL links to both of these Firefox addons
can be found in the Resources Spreadsheet. Let’s start by installing the PageRank addon. To do this simply go to the Firefox addon
website and click on the blue Continue to download button. Then click on the green Add to Firefox button. You will then be prompted with this installation
box. Click on install now. To finish the installation you will need to
restart Firefox. Click on the restart now button. Once Firefox starts back up, you will have
this really cool little feature which shows you the PageRank of every page you visit. Let’s go to Facebook.com for an example. And there you go, as you can see Facebook
has a PageRank of 9. Now let’s go ahead and install the NoDoFollow
addon by following the same steps. Once Firefox is restarted you will have a
new feature under the Tools menu called NoDoFollow. To enable the addon simply click here. See how the links are now highlighted purple? Let’s go back to Facebook as an example. The links highlighted in purple are Do-Follow
links and the ones highlighted in red are no follow links

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