15 CREEPY Humanoids Caught on Tape
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15 CREEPY Humanoids Caught on Tape

CHILLS 15. “Ningen”: What you are witnessing is rare
underwater footage of a Ningen, a gigantic sea creature apparently first spotted by Pacific
fishermen sometime in the 90s. The name literally means “human”, and
that’s because they tend to have a round head along with four long limbs and a skinny
torso. The creature is about the size of a submarine,
but looks rubbery and boneless. It appears to be mostly carried by ocean currents
and has only a limited control over its directional course. Since Ningen sightings are so new, not much
is known about these creatures aside from it having a preference for artic waters and
a nocturnal sleep schedule. There’s rumors about various government
officials suppressing information from the public, so there’s no telling what new Ningen
footage will leak in upcoming years. It really makes you wonder what other humanoid
monsters are possibly being hidden from the world’s eye. 14. “Don’t Disturb the Humanoid”: Two friends
are creeping around a forest in Grenada, Spain when they stumble upon something that they
were never meant to see. The humanoid is likely hunched over its prey
as the two approach. They accidentally make a noise and the humanoid’s
keen ears detect them instantly. It looks up from its meal, ready to attack. You can see that this creature is thin and
boney. It looks skinny and sunken in, fast with a
high metabolism. Its reaction time seems way too quick for
any ordinary person. 13. “Desert Monster”: Desert workers in Portugal
were in for a giant surprise after a huge humanoid decided to wander around their remote
job site. The workers were casually filming the desert
landscape and having a private conversation when they noticed a hulking creature stomping
its way across the prairie in the distance. This towering humanoid looks three times the
size of a regular person. The length of its forearms alone is probably
the size of a grown man’s leg, and despite being heavily hunched over, it looks to be
well over seven feet tall. It’s almost as tall as the tree it disappears
behind. The stunned Portuguese workers keep filming
for a bit, and when the creature doesn’t reemerge, they wisely choose not to pursue
and the video ends. They definitely made the right decision by
leaving it alone. One look at its massive arms and long legs
and you’d have no doubt that this monster could have easily defended itself against
them. 12. “Humanoids in China”: Otherwise known
as the “Hybrid Man”, this intimidating giant grew up in a rural peasant village not
too long ago. Though skeptics believe that this man simply
suffered from a genetic disease, all we have to rely on for sure is the legend of his birth
as told by his mother. Here is what she says happened to her. One day a huge and savage humanoid snatched
her from her village and took her to his lair against her will. The wild man spoke no language and appeared
to have no part in civilization, instead choosing to live deep in the wild on his own. He forced himself on her many times for days
on end, and soon she became pregnant with his son. She eventually escaped back to her village
and nine months later gave birth. Her giant humanoid offspring never seemed
to adjust well in human society. Our complex social mannerisms were too foreign
for him to grasp. He could likewise not speak any Chinese, but
he did grow to understand a few basic commands. Other than a few instances of brief interactions
with people, his gestures were purely animalistic in nature. He ate like a wild animal and squatted on
his haunches instead of sitting like a man. He died at the age of 33 and was quickly forgotten
by the community. The footage was discovered much later and
the “Hybrid Man” story soon grew into the internet legend that we know it as today. When researchers went to the village to learn
more, however, there was little information to be found. Though theories abound, his true origin remains
a mystery to this day. 11. “The Blue Visitor”: Anthony Choy is a
UFO investigator who has been looking UFO activity in Peru for the past 25 years. For decades it had seemed like the aliens
were always one step ahead of him, but one summer night, while hunting for humanoids
near a gas station in Pachacamac, Peru [“Pat-cha-ca-mack”] [“Per-roo”], Anthony finally captured
one of them on his cell phone. The blue being vaguely has a human outline. Look closely and you can make out its arms
and legs as it glides across the street. It looks like it is made out of pure energy. Whatever the technology is, it comes with
one special life-saving trick: teleportation. The humanoid stops in the road just as a freight
truck comes barreling its way at about 70 miles per hour. It looks like the strange blue visitor is
about to get flattened, but then it suddenly disappears and materializes behind the vehicle
like magic. It keeps crossing the street while Anthony
watches with his crew in disbelief. The fact that it stops in the middle of a
busy road suggests that this thing is not familiar with our highway traffic rules. Even though it is probably not from this earth,
it still appears to be well-experienced and capable of adapting to new dangers. It continues to cross three more lanes and
teleports straight through another truck with ease. Anthony and his team of investigators say
that the creature was about 3 feet tall with red eyes and a head that was shaped like a
pumpkin. As the video shows, they were too overjoyed
at the thought of discovering extraterrestrial life to be afraid. It is a video that Anthony will not fear,
but instead cherish forever. 10. “Unknown Humanoid”: Youtuber Don Jon Averon
claims to have captured an unknown humanoid on tape while deep in the woods in 2016, but
without more information or evidence, little can be verified in regards to this video’s
authenticity. But if it’s real, then this chilling footage
shows Don silently creeping up on an ape-like creature that has tiny legs and a hunched
over upper body. The humanoid does not seem to notice him as
it casually swings its massive arms while walking. It moves like a human, but apparently has
giant sloth-like arms with no fingers. It retreats deeper into the forest and Don
doesn’t follow. 9. “Ghouls and Aliens”: This cemetery footage
was taken over ten years ago, and the owner was looking over it at random when he noticed
a humanoid object in the background for the first time. As the camera pants over the tombstones you
can see something rushing out from the background. As soon as the cameraman noticed this, he
enhanced the footage and slowed it down to make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him. To his amazement, this adjustment only made
things even more clear. This is what he saw. This strange sighting has since caused a huge
debate online as to whether or not this humanoid was a grey alien or a ghoul. Many people point out that aliens aren’t
really seen in the cemetery, but ghouls, on the other hand. Who knows what other kinds of humanoids have
been accidentally caught on tape, waiting to be discovered. 8. “The Thing”: This footage comes from Vietnam,
where all sorts of strange creatures are rumored to still roam free through the wild and unconquered
forests. This stuffed humanoid in particular has been
deceased for quite some time, possibly for decades, and now looks discolored and slowly
falling apart. It appears to be half-man, half-snake. Long blonde hair grows from its humanlike
head, which is furry all over yet also covered in straw blonde facial hair. Two rodentlike arms stick out from its fur-covered
upper body. Its face looks a cross between a man and an
ape. The nose looks like it belongs to a primate,
but the grey lifeless eyes and smirking mouth look like they could belong to a person. It’s scaly lower half looks exactly like
a snake’s. Watching this thing in action must have been
a terrible and shocking sight. How such a creature could come to be is unexplainable,
yet here it is. Perhaps there are even more of them out in
the wild. 7. “The Goblin”: Humanoids apparently come
in all different sizes. The one in this video is mistakenly labeled
as a “goblin”, though it looks completely human except for its height. The supposed goblin in this video is shorter
than one brick tall. It peaks around from behind a wall and quickly
disappears once it sees the camera. The camera follows it to the other side of
the wall and finds a tiny hole that the humanoid must have escaped into. If it wasn’t for the video, this supposed
goblin would not have left a trace behind. 6. “Humanoid Bugs”: This video could very
well be proof that the humanoid kingdom extends into the insect world. At first glance this footage appears to be
a firefly or some similar sort of bug, but when slowed down frame-by-frame you can clearly
see that this is not a bug at all, but rather appears to be a tiny winged humanoid. The video shows an insect-like humanoid with
clearly discernable arms and legs. Unlike most bugs, this humanoid only has four
limbs, and the arms appear to be twice as short as the legs, much like a person. You can also plainly see the head as well. There’s simply no insect on earth like it. It’s just too bad the lighting conditions
don’t provide more detail because it would have been interesting to see more of its face
and overall color patterns. Exactly where this video was shot is not known. 5. “The Sewer Monster”: This amateur footage
was shot somewhere in an underground sewage system. The cameraman is presumably a maintenance
worker who is wearing a chest cam. Little did he expect to find a humanoid down
there with him. The video begins with the cameraman seemingly
frozen in place. The camera is very still, as if the maintenance
worker is too afraid to move. Maybe he heard a noise and is waiting for
a creature to reveal itself. Suddenly a pair of floating eyes peer at him
from the distance. The eyes appear to belong to some sort of
nocturnal predator. They reflect so much light that all you can
see are two gigantic white dots that are roughly as wide around as flashlights. The humanoid does not appear to have much
experience with humans and seems apprehensive as it peers around the corner. It decides to run away and the cheap camera
cuts out before we can see any more of the chase. The creature seems incredibly fast and probably
got away, but exactly what happened next is anyone’s guess. The video footage survived, so the cameraman
probably did as well. Then again, maybe they recovered it from his
dead body instead. There’s just not enough information out
there to say for sure. 4. “Backyard Creatures”: Two friends are
feeding their pet rabbits in the living room when they suddenly hear a mysterious noise
coming from outside. Both of them are feeling pretty brave as they
creep up to the window and continue recording. As tough as they might be, neither of them
are prepared for what they see next. Outside, some sort of orange four-legged humanoid
is facing away from them. It’s very low to the ground. Look directly under the clothesline if you
can’t see it. It’s a strange glowing color that doesn’t
seem to belong in this world. Play the tape again in slow motion and you
can clearly see the humanoid sprint away as soon as one of them knocks on the window to
get its attention. It’s clearly startled as it retreats over
a fence with a speed too fast for its bulky body. The two of them rush out in the backyard for
a fight, but they find that the creature is already gone. They check a nearby alley and quickly give
up. Nobody was hurt. As for what the humanoid was doing, perhaps
it smelled the scent of two rabbits and went in search of a fresh meal. 3. “Hiding Humanoids”: This footage comes
to us from Holland. A group of friends are exploring a park and
decide to visit some watch towers from World War 2. The towers are closed for vandalism and it
looks like their trip is over. Little did they know they were about to see
something much more interesting than a cluster of abandoned towers ever could be. A large black figure is observing their movements
from somewhere off in the distance. It looks like it is trying to hide behind
a tree, which shows that it has some level of intelligence, but it does a poor job and
gets spotted immediately. They begin shouting for the humanoid to come
out. Suddenly a series of banging noises fills
the forest and sends them running. When one of them enhances the camera footage,
this is what they find glaring at them: Then again, I guess it’s hard to glare at
someone when you have no face. Whatever this humanoid was doing, it looked
like it was up to trouble. The group might have even been attacked if
they didn’t try to scare it off. 2. “Almost Human”: A paleoanthropologist
[“pale-lee-oh-an-throw-powl-low-gist] and his team discovered a cave boneyard in 2015
that has since made the scientific community question just what it means to be human. These findings, which were uncovered on the
African island of Palau, tell of a tiny humanoid race that lived millions of years ago. A team of small women explorers were chosen
to traverse the tiny caverns because they were the only ones who could fit through the
narrow entranceways and navigate the winding cave paths. At the end of a twisted rock journey they
found themselves standing at the mouth of a crypt with some of the earliest humanoid
creatures ever recorded. As mineral rich cave water hardened into stone,
it preserved pieces of the humanoids’ history. The team chipped away at the stone and found
ancient teeth, bones, and pieces of cranium. When they pieced the creation together, the
final results were chilling. These tiny humanoid creatures had large teeth,
narrow chins and a brain that was roughly the size of a gorilla’s. They scurried about in caves and buried their
dead. Humans were thought to be the only creatures
to have buried their dead, but this crypt shows that at least one kind of humanoid species
had been doing it for about 2.5 million years longer than we have been. The extent of this animal’s intelligence
is impossible to determine, but if they were smart enough to bury their own dead, then
they were more advanced than us by more than a million years. What happened since then is anyone’s guess,
but extinction isn’t the only possibility. They could have burrowed deeper into the earth
for all we know. After all, the world is a large place and
we only exist on the surface. Before we get to number 1, if you’ve ever
been curious as to what I look like in real life, then follow me on Instagram @dylan_is_chillin_yt,
with underscores instead of spaces. I also have Twitter @YT_Chills where I post
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and feel free to send me a DM if you have a questions or suggestions. If you’d like to see more of these videos
in the future, then hit that subscribe button because I upload a new scary video every Thursday. 1. “The Abandoned Shack”: Whoever shot this
footage claims to have been filming back in 2008. They were exploring an abandoned house and
decided to start filming after hearing a strange noise. It’s a very short clip since it wasn’t
long before they were running out of the house screaming. Reviewing the footage again, you can clearly
see that this is not any ordinary forest creature. It’s front legs bend inwards as it runs,
kind of like a human running on all fours. It doesn’t appear to have much of a face,
yet it can somehow make a terrifying scream. The humanoid appears to be ready for the cameraman
as soon as he opens the door. It approaches aggressively, but also with
a hint of caution, for it rushes at the cameraman at only half speed. It also doesn’t seem to pursue him when
he starts running, which means it’s probably just claiming its territory and wants to be
left alone. The YouTuber who uploaded this video says
that this is not their only encounter with the creature. Another time they went exploring the abandoned
house with a friend and a knife. They peer into the house from the front yard
and listen for any signs of the creature inside. They don’t hear anything so they decide
to go further in to investigate. That’s when they hear its disturbing warning
cries. It sounds like a mix between a squealing pig
and some sort of enraged dinosaur. The two quickly turn off their flashlights
and remain quiet in the dark, then they slowly get up and start sneaking away. But just when they think they are safe . . . They run full speed back to their nearby home. When they review the footage, they vow to
go back to the property the next day with guns, but they never got the courage to follow
through. Since the monster never chased them in either
video, perhaps it was just as uncertain of them as they were of it. Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure to subscribe because I upload a new
scary video every Thursday. Or if you’re still not convinced, here are
some of my other videos that I think you’d like. Enjoy!


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