15 E-Bikes for On-Road and Off-Road 2018-2019

– [Narrator] Not everyone
has the money to shell out on a brand new car every couple of years. For some people, particularly those living in
busy cities with busy traffic, it doesn’t even make sense to own a car. E-bikes are one of the
latest vehicle market trends, in recent years, and could provide a fabulous alternative for both commuters and adventurers. – [Cassie] Number 15. – [Narrator] The Trance SX E+
is definitely a great model for serious endurance and trail riders. The E in the bike name is
important as it signifies, it is electric, rather than
your average push bike. The electric set up is
perfect for longer rides, as it takes some of the
pressure off your weary legs, while still getting you from A to B. Stock spring is 500
pounds, but heavier riders might want to opt for a heavier spring upon purchase at the dealers. It also features an SRAM XO1
Eagle 12-speed drivetrain. The bike will set you back
around 6,000 to $7,000, which is a fairly standard price
for an e-bike of this kind. – [Cassie] Number 14. – [Narrator] The Stereo Hybrid
140 TM is a unique e-bike, as Cube are the only manufacturer to use Schwalbe tires on their vehicles. This provides super
grippy and sturdy tires, for maximum speed, security
and driving comfort. The bike has a solid
suspension and great handling, making it perfect for tricky off-roading, or winding roads. The Stereo Hybrid can also
reach impressively high speeds, while maintaining a degree of safety. The design is sleek and simple, with a good looking frame,
sat atop chunky black tires. The all black finish, in
particular, is very stylish. – [Cassie] Number 13. – [Narrator] The completely unique product that you’ve likely never seen before. The Elmoto is a cross between a motorbike and a moped, in appearance, but without any of the
noise or exhaust pollution. These means, all you have to
do is jump one, turn it on, and whiz around the city
without a care in the world. This e-bike is better suited
to a road/city environment, rather than uneven off-roading. The latest HR4 model can
go 28 miles per hour, weighs 130 pounds, and can be fully charged
in just four hours. The battery has a range of 30 to 45 miles, and you will need a car
or a scooter license to drive this vehicle. – [Cassie] Number 12. – [Narrator] The Stromer
ST3 costs just over $8,000, but to be fair, you get a
lot of bang for your buck. The ST3 is a technological
marvel in the e-bike sector, with amazing speed, range
and commuting ability. It also has an OMNI cloud connection to link your bike up to the internet. 27.5 inch wheels for nimble handling, regenerative breaking,
an anti-theft system, different sizes, quick charging and battery upgrade opportunities. The cool, deep green paint job has kind of a retro feel to it. The ST2 provides a slightly cheaper, but equally brilliant alternative, with a great range of 100 miles. It also comes in white or black, as well as comfort or sport. – [Cassie] Number 11. The Nireeka carbon frame
weighs only 3.3 pounds, with the entire bike
weighing just 35 pounds. This significantly reduces the dead weight you’re
peddling around with you. The battery is hidden within the sleek, prepreg 3K twill carbon frame for optimum external beauty. The Nireeka can be ridden
as a normal, 10-speed bike, or you can cruise around 20 miles per hour using the 500 watt electric hub motor. This can take you on your commute, or adventure, up to 50 miles away. It also features a built-in
app for Android or iPhone, blind spot radar, GPS,
anti-theft systems, auto-lights, and assist mode, based on your heartbeat. – [Cassie] Number 10. – [Narrator] An elegant
and retro-style bike, modeled on an old fashioned motorbike, and particularly beautiful
in brown and tan cream. The Ruffian is designed to be a dynamic and powerful e-bike, and to catch the eyes of passersby as you cruise around the city streets. Style, quality, and zero emissions, the coolness of a motorbike,
without the exhaust pollution. The Ruffian is powered by the BOSCH Drive Unit: The Performance CX. This offers an impressive 55
foot pounds of torque always, providing you with enough
power to get around quickly. It also uses a BOSCH 500 Watt PowerPack, chargeable in 4.5 hours,
with a range of 55 miles. – [Cassie] Number nine. – [Narrator] The new Rhino bike looks like a dirt bike in appearance, but it is actually a
high performing e-bike. It is a blend of free rider
bicycle and motocross, giving you speed, comfort
and maneuverability. The Rhino can produce an
impressive six kilowatts of power, with QS 205 motors, or QS clone motors with two inch magnets. Made in Scotland, the
Rhino can definitely handle its fair share of tough
weather, and rugged landscapes. – [Cassie] Number eight. – [Narrator] The Ono Archont E60 is the first low-ride bike
to feature on our list. A style that has always
put style over substance. Despite the slightly
awkward peddling position, you’ll be cruising the streets
in style, that’s for sure. The E60 is one of the most unusual low-rider designs you’ve ever seen., sporting a thin and curvy black frame, that somehow looks retro and futuristic, all at the same time. It can reach top speeds
of 50 miles per hour, features 26 inch wheels,
weighs in at 44 pounds, and has a range of 60 miles
in its 72 volt battery. The E60 will cost you around $7,000. – [Cassie] Number seven. – [Narrator] From low-rider to something very, very different. The Italian-made Storta combines
innovation with performance in one interesting package. The sport bike is built
around an aluminum frame, painted in a visually
striking orange, blue or red. The seat sit high above
your standard bike, in a unique design. The Storta is powered by
Bikee Bike mid-drive motor, which can deliver between
250 and 1,000 watts, depending on local laws. The 48 volt battery can last 35 miles, with a top speed somewhere around the 20 to 28 miles per hour mark. The Storta is designed to be ideal for both trail riding and urban travel, with comfort, high on
the list of priorities. It also includes hydroauic
brakes, custom LED lighting, and leather embroidery. – [Cassie] Number six. – [Narrator] Built on the back
of a Kickstarter campaign, the Delfast bike is made for endurance. The main selling point, for
this particular machine, is the ability to trave 230
miles on a single charge. This means that anyone, no matter your shape,
size, or fitness level, can complete long biking
journeys without any hassle. This bike is also very
pleasing on the eye, with its black and gold
paint job, and retro feel. It features six modes of
smart security, two USBs, a fully electric light pack, a built-in mobile app, and much more. The Delfast Lite is also a completely clean and green
version of the snazzy bike. The Delfast should cost
around 3,000 to $4,000, a bargain price, considering the quality. – [Cassie] Number five. – [Narrator] As the name suggests, unlike any of the other bikes
featured on the list so far, the Brompton bike, has the unique ability to fold up between uses. This makes it ideal as a commuter vehicle, that you can then fold up
and take into the office. It can also easily be
stored in your car or house, without taking up too much room at all. It comes in a range of colors, including a series of bright and a series of more low-key options. Neat, fast and simple. The perfect bike for someone on the go. – [Cassie] Number four. – [Narrator] The Flyon range of bikes promises to set the new bench mark for electric bike performance, according to the manufacturers. The entire range is powered
by the TQ HPR 120S motor, which is the most powerful
option on the market. Despite its power, the
motor is very compact. The 48 volt power supply is powered by a 630 watt-hour battery. It should charge to 80% in 60 minutes, using the fast charger. The main screen between the two handlebars allows the user to control
the lighting, throttle, and a switch between five support levels. The top of the range, electric bike will cost you just under $9,000. – [Cassie] Number three. – [Narrator] The Gocycle
looks like the kind of thing you may find in a busy city center, offering hired transport for commuters. It is a lightweight,
folding, durable bike, with removing wheels to
ensure it can fit into even the tightest of spots. The battery and motor are almost completely hidden from view. Taking about seven hours to charge, this can travel 18 and 50 miles. This is another great option
for someone on the go. – [Cassie] Number two. – [Narrator] The Rayvolt
is a modern electric bike, but it looks like something straight from a 1960s motorcycle gang. It is supposed to be based around old Grand Prix road racing bikes. The motor offer up around
400 watts of power, and it features an impressive
array of road lights, for safety and visibility. The bike has a built-in
intelligent assistance, and in the future, you will be able to
link up your smartphone. This can reach speeds of 15
miles per hour with ease, and will set you back just $3,210. – [Cassie] Number one. – [Narrator] Like a futuristic version of a powerful motorcycle, the Fat Bike certainly looks the part. The huge thick wheels
allow the driver to take on even the most uneven and
unpredictable of surfaces. The 250 watt motor can
help you reach speeds of 15.5 miles per hour, or you can upgrade to the 48 volt engine, to reach 22 miles per hour. This bike costs just under $2,000, a bargain price, for what it is. (smooth electric music) – Hey, guys. This is Cassie, I hope
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