2019 Scale Crawler Superstar! Redcat Racing Gen8 International Scout II Truck Review | RC Driver
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2019 Scale Crawler Superstar! Redcat Racing Gen8 International Scout II Truck Review | RC Driver

Guys you know I get really excited when
new vehicles show up here at the RC driver workshop but I am super excited
about this one this is a new Redcat gen8 Scout – and there is a lot of people
talking about this truck on the internet right now it is an awesome ready to run
scale crawler and is just loaded with features Redcat is on a new direction
they are on a mission and this is one of the first vehicles from that camp to
come out fully designed here in the US and so far by what I’ve seen they’ve
done it right so what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna go into a fully
detailed review yeah I’m gonna do a lot of talking in this one so I’m gonna put
a key in the description below to let you know what times talk about different
parts of the review so if you just want to see action you could of course check
out the time key down there and skip ahead and you know what hey while you’re
there hit that subscribe button alright it’s time to take this over the regular
workbench dip into the box and show you guys what it’s all about so are you guys
ready to get into the new gen 8 I am but first I want to show you guys some
details on the box just to make sure we don’t miss it later on down the road and
first up I got to talk to you guys about the body this is a licensed
international body it is a awesome look about it wait till I take it out but
this particular kit here is obviously ready to run four-wheel drive comes with
2.4 gigahertz radio system waterproof electronics and it goes for about $2.99
from what I saw on the web right now but let’s get to those details that I want
to show you on the box and starting off right here is the electronics so again
waterproof electronics 17 turn 550 motor 40 amp speed controller by a hobby wing
it’s got some really cool-looking bumpers on there and the front bumper is
actually already drilled out for a winch so that is very cool we’ve got license
into go super swampers on here I love the look of those tires it is really
cool to see it on here I’ve got some rock sliders on the side and it’s got a
low CG battery chain we’ll take a closer look at that pretty neat looking
receiver box – I got to show you guys there is extension wires that come out
of the receiver box which makes taking things apart later on down the road
nice and easy it’s got steel rings on the bead lock wheels and then over here
a couple of other things we’ll get will get through those guys I promise but I
did want to call ally it has 32 rubber seal bearings throughout this kit it has
a pretty unique slipper clutch setup on there mod one gears on the inside of the
transmission the steering angle this is this is the one thing that I wanted to
show you guys I didn’t want to forget about later it’s got a 47 degrees
steering angle on there and it actually has five degrees of caster in there as
well so this thing you know by looks of it the steering is on point
alright the other thing I wanted to point out we’ve got seventy three point
five millimeters of ground clearance in the center there it is an adjustable
wheel base so you could go and adjust this from 312 millimeters all the way up
to 336 millimeters and then another important feature is the approach angle
and descent angle here so on the approach we’ve got 61 degrees in the
front departure angle we’ve got a tad over 39 degrees so that really helps out
with clearance on the trail there’s some neat stuff going on the body will see
that later it is also LED ready so you go throu
five-millimeter LED lights in there but you know what let’s get into the box and
I’ve actually already had this open so this thing is ready to come out I’ve
gone and checked everything I could I couldn’t wait to unbox in front of you
guys I had to check it out myself but obviously we’ve got the instruction
manual there we’ve got some plastic parts to talk about here is the truck
guys check this machine out super cool and then down in the bottom of the box I
was surprised to see this it’s got a spare tire in there and then over here
is the radio system let me just grab this out of here
there’s the red cat radio alright so let me get set up here we’ll give you guys a
nice angle to check this thing out while I talk about the radio system so the
radio is a basic radio system it is a obviously 2.4 gigahertz radio system
it’s got a nice feel to it but it has the basic trim functions in here you
know you’re steering reverse your throttle overs steering dual rate trims
and that’s where your on/off switch is underneath this top panel but it’s got a
really nice look to the radio I like the graphics that they put on here the
decals and of course it runs on four double a’s which you’re going to need to
pick up now let’s talk about the instruction manual really quick
obviously if you’re new to RC go through this I’ve actually been through this
manual already and they did a great job of laying out what you need to know
about this vehicle and it actually answered some of my questions like why
is there a spare tire in here and let me show you what’s in this bag so in the
accessory bag are a number of different things to finish off the details of this
truck if you want to these are the LED clips so if you do good LED lights for
this particular truck they give you the backing and the hardware to install that
and then there are body mount accessories here so there are some long
body posts and there’s actually front body posts as well so we’ve got those
and then there’s even a cross member to help stiffen up the body mounts and
these are some pretty thick body mounts and you’re probably going why aren’t
there body mounts on the car well I’m gonna show you in just a minute
but again there are some other little plastic pieces along with it but this is
what I really wanted to show you guys this is the spare tire mount how cool is
that in the back body area there’s a cross bracing in there and you can mount
this in there and you could just drill a small hole and you could put a spare
tire on the back of the truck if you want to how cool is that all right now
last of the details of basically a pine plug and a antenna tube and then some
ESC instructions so Redcats got you covered on everything that you’re gonna
need the only other thing you’re gonna need obviously is a battery for 2s lipo
3s lipo 7 cell nickel metal hydride if you want to and then of course charger
already talked to you guys about double a’s for the radio system now we can get
into this truck here and I think red cat did an awesome job with this buy check
this thing out I mean this just looks so awesome sitting here on the workbench
and I can’t imagine what its gonna look like on the trails actually I’ve seen a
few videos of it it looks super cool out there just driving through rocks and
dirt and stuff like that but there are a number of things that have really caught
my eye with this body starting off with the front grille this is a molded front
grille so there is a decal behind there for the radiator so you can see through
it see the radiator that’s very cool the headlights here there are buckets behind
there so you go through the LED lights in there and
obviously there is clear lens over the front moving on there are these really
nice-looking fenders now I noticed a couple people say well those aren’t
exact you know replicas of what a a scout had you know guys it’s open to a
little bit of interpretation in my book I mean I think they were just looking to
give you guys something really really cool looking you know obviously they
want the Scout name on there but I think you know with these style of fender
flares and everything you know they were just building a really cool-looking
truck for you guys and you know what I really think they nailed it now the only
thing that I would actually give it a point deduction for would be you know
it’s got window decals it doesn’t have clear windows on there but you know what
it still looks really cool is it looks like a really nice tinted window but
here here’s one thing I wanted to show you guys check out these mirrors the
mirror actually swivels it’s screwed on so when you’re driving there is less
likely of a chance for this thing to break off you know if you roll it over I
think that mirror is just gonna fold over you don’t have to worry about those
breaking off I thought that was pretty cool now let’s take a look at the truck
out back here as you can see there are rear tale lenses on this so again there
are light buckets you could put five millimeter LED lights in there and it
will shine through these clear lenses there’s just two screws that hold on the
lens and that looks really really nice then we’ll talk about the bumpers in a
minute but the one thing that really caught my eye when I took this out of
the box was there are no body Clips none none whatsoever they do give you the
body post but you know what holds on the body velcro check the head out just four
pads of velcro and that secures it to the body and from what I’ve read they
actually have an optional magnet system that you can put in there rare earth
magnets where you go and two-side tapes of magnets down and you can use that if
you don’t want to use the velcro but check this out underneath here check out
this inner body system so it’s kind of like an inner fender well and then
here’s another inner fender well and what these do is they basically help
just guide the body down onto the fender well so it secures the body in the
proper location so that is pretty neat there and obviously that’s what these
fender flares both two up front here there are those LED light buckets same
with the rear three LED lights could go into the rear buckets now on each side
and here’s that crossmember that is where the spare tire
so there is a lot going on inside this body but it’s just really cool how this
just drops down and it kind of guides itself in place and you push it down and
it’s secure so obviously I got to pull this back off
because we have to see what’s inside here now let’s check out this new truck
again this is all new from red cat design here in the US and this is a
first for them and I think they did an awesome job from what I’ve seen I’ve
gone ahead actually and taken a few things apart and I love the way this
thing goes together the size of the screws are all you know similar in size
so when I was taking the transmission apart pretty much all of those two
millimeter button head screws were the same length when I was working with the
1.5 s they were all the same in length so I think this thing is really easy to
work on when I was pulling apart it was really easy to take apart I actually
didn’t want to take it apart because you know it could be very time-consuming but
this wasn’t I had an apartment back together in no time so I think this is
gonna be really easy for people to work on all right so let’s start going over
some of the features itself and let’s start off with the front bumper here got
that nice approach angle to it it’s already drilled so you can put a winch
on the front and it has really thick mounts so hopefully you know that bumper
won’t snap off if you’re you know trailing out there really hard and hit
something it’s got some really thick posts and the bumper mount so a nice
composite crossmember that attaches to the frame rails on here and these frame
rails are huge they seem like they’re much thicker frame rail than some of the
others that are out there you know the box of it is much larger and at first I
was like well you know how is that scale wise but you know what I’ve bent frame
rails on other vehicles out there and so I’m actually really excited to see the
size of the frame rails on here I think they did a great job on those of course
or steel they’re stamped and you know they flowed nicely through there it
seems like it has really good clearance in the front and rear for the axles so I
think they did their homework there alright moving back to the shock towers
these are composite shock towers on here but they are super thick guys and they
are very very strong I mean there is just no flex in those but is what’s
really nice is they have a number of different holes that you can move the
shock position they’re depending on you know when you
go and change wheelbase or if you want to change the shot gang a little bit
that option is there if you want it and now if you look in the center between
the two shocks you’ll notice that’s where the body posts are so you go put
in body post if you do want to go and swap out bodies maybe you know something
besides the International Scout here they do give you those body posts and
they slip in right there nice little cross member going on and
it’s time to talk about the I guess we’ll talk about the steering servo next
because it mounted up front here chassis mount steering servo and it is a metal
geared servo high torque servo and most importantly it is waterproof but what’s
even better is it comes with a metal Cirro arm how cool is that really
excited to see that in the land of you know plastic servo horns I think it’s
just a great job when I company includes a metal one obviously they did that here
and then of course metal links we’ve got you know a metal steering link here
metal link that spans between the steering knuckles and then on the end
here is a turnbuckle so you go and adjust the toe if you want to you don’t
have to go and slip spacer in there anymore you can just go and turn the
turbo go that is very cool I do like the rod ends on here there they are plastic
but you know metal ball studs in there so that is done really well I like the
steering on here the steering servo bolts right into some brackets here
right in the front really easy to access and just an overall nice setup all right
next thing up that’s really you know popping out that I need to talk to you
guys fender wells check this out guys friend Darrell’s front and rear and when
the bodies on here you know you really don’t see much of the inside of the
vehicle we’ve got these floor pans in the center so that helps you know just
seal up this vehicle and you know gives it that more realistic look you know out
there crawling up on rocks and you’re looking up at the vehicle you’re not
looking inside at wires and stuff like that I think that’s pretty neat and it’s
really what manufacturers have to do that’s what we want and that’s what Red
Cat gave us why don’t we move on to the transmission next and the transmission
is loaded with some pretty neat stuff so bolted to it first is a 550 17 turn
motor so we’ve got a lot of torque here a lot of power to it and then it is
mounted to a metal motor plate which is really neat
we’ve seen some plastic motor plates out there
not here definitely like that red cat didn’t go and save a few pennies there
they gave us the metal motor plate that we wanted and as you can notice the
motor has melted towards the front so we get some more weight over the front
wheels now inside it is a 32 pitch metal pinion gear and that goes to a 32 pitch
spur gear and what’s neat about the spur gear is it’s fitted with slipper path
but what’s really neat about the slipper pads is they are crushed by hexagon
plates and what you could do is is if you don’t want a slipper clutch in there
you can remove the pads and put those plates in to the spur gear and then lock
everything up so you could just go and run a lock transmission versus having
that slipper clutch in there and that’s just a really nice option to
have right out of the box now inside of this Senate transmission here are
plastic gears supported by ball bearings but they are mod1 gears guys so they
have really big teeth on them so I don’t even though it’s plastic I don’t really
see any problems they just look like really stout gears in there and then the
transmission actually has a slider drive shaft that goes down to a transfer case
so it is separate from the transmission itself it’s got the transfer case over
here under the battery tray and of course we have slider drive shafts that
go down to the front rear but the yokes on here are metal so the slider shaft is
plastic but the yokes are metal so that’s really cool you’re not gonna have
to worry about the yokes popping apart while you’re out there on the trail but
everything just has a really nice smooth feel to it and yeah I think everything’s
gonna work out really well here guys it just looks like Redcat did their
homework on everything here so that’s the transmission let’s talk about the
receiver in the in the speed controller while we’re up here so the receiver box
is over here and it’s actually really well done what they have is the receiver
is tucked away inside waterproof receiver and they have a little
extension wires that come out that allow you to go and access your servo wire
your ESC wire without having to take that box apart I think that’s pretty
neat there’s actually two extra ports here that allow you to do the same thing
with some accessory wire so that is pretty cool the way that setup does have
a little antenna wire sticking out and they do give you that antenna tube but
over here is the hex fly 40 amp speed controller this is done by hobby wing
you know it’s fitted with a Deans plug rubber boot on the switch here nice big
heatsink and then of course it has the little adjustment pills in here so you
could adjust the drag break on here if you want to or you could switch the pill
over if you’re running nickel metal or lipo so definitely keep that in mind
depending on what batter you buy speaking of the battery here’s the
battery tray right here obviously uses velcro straps it’s even got the red cat
logo on there and you know it takes a number of ten different sized batteries
you know nickel metal all the way up to a three s lipo and they notice it even
has this little drop down here so I don’t know if that is a you know a
little accessory tray or maybe if you run smaller packs but I just did want to
point that out because that did jump out at me when I was looking over the truck
alright so let’s talk about we’ve we basically talked about the shock towers
let’s talk about the shocks now actually so the shocks are aluminum body shock
aluminum top cap aluminum lower cap and they are a threaded body so it is a
really nice looking shock a bit larger than some of the other scale vehicles
out there and it has a really nice smooth feel to it and again you know
lots of adjustability there and I think overall they did a nice job on this
particular shock it feels really really good now while we’re talking about
suspension let’s talk about the suspension links so up front is
obviously a three link suspension by the look of it with the panhard bar on there
which is extremely popular right now for the scale crawlers and then a four link
in the rear and those links are aluminum links again really heavy-duty looking
stuff going on and there’s some adjustability here as well here in the
center skid plate there is a number of different holes to move the position of
the links but the suspension on here it just feels really good now let’s talk
about another big deal of this vehicle the portal axles what’s really nice
about portal axles is it gives you the ground clearance that you need also
gives you that torque without the twist which is what a lot of people are
looking for when they’re looking for a competent crawler you know I think it’s
really cool that they went with this style of setup and it looks like they
did a really good job on designing these axles I mean it’s kind of a minimalist
design here so if you are you know crawling over stuff and it does scrape
on here there’s not that much to really hang up on it is a composite axle case
and then the end caps obviously are all posit but in there are metal ball
bearings throughout and those bearings are rubber shielded but all the gears
inside the axles are actually all steel so we’ve got steel ring and pinion gears
we’ve got steel gears and the portals we’ve got steel axles obviously that
wrote that drive from the ring and pinion all the way out to the the portal
axle so really nice setup and when I took it apart I was really surprised on
how good everything looks even the spool it is a really large aluminum spool in
this that supports that ring gears so really neat stuff going on and then what
really just blew me away when I was looking at it is these covers here these
are metal guys this isn’t just plated plastic these are actually metal really
neat that they went and did that just really puts that axial up and over the
top of course the front is a steering knuckle style so we can get that turning
radius again 47 degrees of steering just check that out guys I mean that is a lot
of steering and just really well done alright let’s talk about now the rear
bumper pretty much the same as the front we’ve got the shackles hanging out the
back here it’s got a little bit of red cat logo in the top it’s even got the
cat logo out here in the trailer hitch this hitch cap is held in with a scale
looking pin nice details on this truck I really like here are those Rock sliders
help protect that body and and the body actually tucks nicely into those sliders
so hopefully nothing happens to the side of those and I think that finally leaves
the tires on this thing and the wheels so the tires again they are integral
super Swamper tires and you know really nice compound on here a nice soft
compound and it’s got this firm like memory foam in here so you push it down
and you could kind of feel it slowly rise back up and there it filled out the
tire again so these tires mount on B lock wheels these are a steel ring on
here from what I’ve read so it is a true bead lock and again this spare tire here
as well is a true bead lock so if for some reason you needed to you can go and
use this as well so I think I’ve covered pretty much everything on this new red
catagen a again I am really excited that they sent one over to us I haven’t had a
red cap machine and I’ve never had one of their scale crawlers and you know
this is an awesome introduction into what Redcat has to offer I am
super-impressed now it just leaves what’s it gonna do out there on the
trails I gotta go find a good spot to show you guys what this could do you all right guys time to wrap up this
review and talk to you about the performance on the Redcat gen8 and for
testing I took it over to one of my favorite spots it’s called lover’s leap
in New Milford Connecticut and it’s a spot where I take a number of vehicle so
if you’re a frequent watcher of the channel you’ve probably seen that
scenery before it’s a super cool place to crawl lots of dirt routes rocks and
just you know really neat stuff to crawl over so it was a perfect spot to test
this and the other reason is is I was able to kind of compare it to some of
the other vehicles that I’ve driven over there so let’s start off with the
steering of this and when I first started turning the wheel on this I
noticed that the steering servo on this is pretty loud however it’s got a lot of
torque to it it actually holds the wheels really well while you’re crawling
through a lot of the rocks and stuff what I like to do to test the steering
on a stock truck such as this is I like to kind of jam the wheels into crevices
of the rocks and see if you know it could break the plane of the tire you
know break traction of the tire and move the front of the vehicle and this servo
was capable of doing that so you know when I jammed it in there I cranked the
wheel and it just shifted the truck over so it’s got some power to it it’s
actually got some torque really nice to see and they ready to run usually the
servo will stall out but it did really well here and it’s got a nice tight
turning radius you know I was able to get this truck turned around in a nice
tight turn which really helps when you’re just crawling and navigating
through rocks and stuff like that and just out for fun when you’re you know
ripping around the backyard or something like that it turns really really well so
I was definitely impressed with the steering of this truck now let’s move on
to handling and well again this truck impressed me because it was doing some
stuff that other trucks I’ve tested there have not been able to do you know
I’ve got pretty much the layout of that scene there I know what rocks I like to
go and crawl up what dirt banks I like to go and crawl up and stuff like that
and you know as far as pulling itself up and over rocks it did that really well
in a number of areas you know it grabs traction these tires have some great
traction to them they were able to pull the truck up and over it had
Tork it had the wheel speed that I needed in a number of different areas so
that ability to crawl in like a scale type fashion and get up and over what
you need is totally there what was really nice was the clearance of those
portal axles I was able to span over some jagged rock and and just clear it
it to get hung up a few times that front diff cover it does kind of have a you
know to sharp edges on the bottom and that will catch once in a while but you
know you’re just rock the steering back and forth it shifts the vehicle over and
gets around what you needed to get over but having that extra clearance there
came in handy a number of different times the truck itself was able to get
up over a number of roots and stuff that I wasn’t able to with some other trucks
that I’ve tested but overall the handling is totally there there is one
instance where I was on an angle and I knew from previous experience driving
other vehicles on this the side ledge that you know it was probably gonna roll
over and I had my camera right next to the truck and I’m like alright just in
case this thing does roll got to stick my camera out so I don’t destroy the
body just yet well don’t you know testing it and you know what it made it
through between the body weight and the CG of it it didn’t actually roll over so
you know you could push this thing pretty far I think you know a lot
farther than a few other rigs that are out there you know with more weight up
on the roof so this is a very capable truck I was really impressed with some
of the things it was able to do alright now let’s talk let’s talk a little bit
about speed again it’s actually kind of slow and you know the torque is there
the speed is there when you need it the wheel speed is there when you need it
but you know if you are out walking on a straight trailer flat trail you know
it’s probably about just walking pace but you know where it counts obviously
is is the torque and wheel speed you know when you’re crawling stuff and for
that you know it definitely has that now as far as durability guys I really you
know I was out there for about total of three hours and it was a 39 degree day
so I was cold but the truck seemed to do pretty well there’s no durability issues
to really speak of at this point you know no slop in any of the links or
anything like that but the one thing I did notice that I that I do want to
point out and maybe you already picked up on this already is
this thing is pretty loud those mod one gears in there it is a
pretty loud truck that it’s got a loud steering servo it’s got the loud gears
and so I just want to kind of throw that out there that you know be aware of that
do you have a truck already it’s quiet this thing is on the opposite end of the
spectrum there so it’s pretty loud the other thing I noticed is even though it
was cold out the the velcro started to peel up off of those wheel wells so just
something to watch out for you know maybe you do want to go upgrade to those
rare earth magnets later on down the road but those are really the only two
things that you know popped up so far I mean other than that this is a very
cool-looking truck you know I I like the Thunder flares on it you know it’s not
completely scale it’s getting you know it’s got that 79 tech grille on there
and you know the stock fenders were rolled from the factory but you know
they had to put the fender flares on here because it’s got that body mounting
system that kind of integrates in it so that’s that’s why they did it I give
them a pass on it it looks pretty cool I like the way they look you know the fact
that they give you a spare tire for the back that’s also very cool the fact that
you could put the thing I kind of like 14 LED lights in two four six eight and
another six out back so that’s that’s 14 I mean that’s a lot of light that you
could throw on this thing and then if you go get a light bar as well I mean
you could really light this thing up for dusk but you know overall very cool the
you know the side mirrors they did fold over I did run into a few branches so
they are still intact and you know like dad’s had some other trucks where those
have completely broken off radio system works really well
overall guys really easy truck to drive it’s a lot of fun and I think wherever
you’re gonna drive it you’re gonna have a blast with it too red cap really has
stepped things up here I am interested checking out more of the stuff that they
have to offer I know they had a number of new vehicles come out this year 2018
but going forward 2019 I think red cat is really gonna make a splash in the RC
industry if you’ve been looking at the red cat gen8 to maybe get into crawling
or add another crawler to your collection I think you should definitely
pull the trigger on it this truck is definitely going to be in the talk of
2019 so I know one question I’m gonna get
asked is what does it look like size-wise in
comparison to other vehicles well here you go guys


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    I'm just getting educated about these Rtr rc. Loving your videos, I'd love to see an unboxing of the carisma 76 f150. That's the one I've been thinking about

  • John Mark Cristobal

    Thanks for your refreshing review RCDriver_Online. At least you give a more exciting, encouraging review of what you think about the new Gen 8 Scout and Redcat Racing not like the guy at RCReview channel where he just bashes Redcat Racing is too critical about the Gen 8 and thinks Gen 7 pro was awful…he's simply just a Traxxas lover. Redcat Racing has come a long way and nice to see they are getting better and better. I still have the 1/24 redcat sumo truggy RC nice little truck.

  • Goodfella1974

    Greetings from the UK Greg! Great review. I am torn between buying one of these and the TRX4 Sport if I am honest. The price point of the Gen 8 is very attractive, but the TRX4 Sport looks like a better truck where it counts….. this will be my first rock crawler so trying to get it right first time giving me a solid base to build from. I prefer the scout body and don’t seem to find any aftermarket shells specifically for the Sport, just the Original TRX4…. unless I am missing something as a noob! Anyways, any advice would be great. Watched a bunch of your videos now and they have been extremely helpful to me as I am very new to the hobby. Keep up the sterling work Sir. Cheers, Jono

  • Glen Garcia

    90% of reviews are positive!!! Definitely getting this rig!! I was thinking of getting the trx4 but wow this blows it away especially with the price. Awesome review bud!!

  • Tom Tracks

    EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT review man! You sold me on this thing and that orange pops! I think redcat did a great job on this one! Big difference and improvement compared to the GEN7….Keep up that work, your the best! 😎πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š….daaaaym I had to edit this comment again after watching the running footage near the end just to say BOOOM! LOL the music….The angles…..The view….The lighting….fuckin amazing!(pardon my French), lovers leap has my love….that spotπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. RC DRIVER you hit it out of the park with this one!😁….just looks amazing at the end there with a lil mud on the tiresπŸ‘πŸ‘….i watch alot videos and comment wisely, but you definitely put that work inπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’―

  • Carl G

    Thank you for the review and video bud. πŸ™‚ Just bought mine last night. Agonized between it and the Axial SCX10 II Jeep Cherokee, and or Vaterra Chevy Suburban. Honestly I think I would have been happy with either of those purchases, but we'll see how this one goes. In the end, I didn't want to buy shorty batteries as a further investment, and body style also edged the Redcat.

  • Luis Diaz

    Im going to get my first good quality rc car within the next month, I need help deciding what would be better, this red cat model, the rc4wd trail finder or a scx10 with a killerbody hard body, I mean for the money what would be better and more upgradeable model to get

  • James Kratzer

    I bought a TRX-4 Defender over a year ago, and as of NOW, the ONE (okay, Two) advantage it still has is 2-speed transmission, and locking doffs. But at $450+, it's still a HUGE investment for a box stock RTR ride.
    At $300, if Redcat can add those two items to the Gen 8 Pro and keep it under $400, Traxxas will be Out of the Rock Crawling game (IF the Gen 8 is durable).

  • edwong3

    I had pre-rordered a black Gen 7 Pro right before Redcat released it for sale back in 2017. I thought that was a pretty amazing truck back then. Mine is still "box stock" and enjoy it that way. But this newer Gen 8 is on another level altogether and evidently a serious contender right up there with the "big boys" such as Axial and Traxxas. I am not in the market for another crawler though I had thought about the second gen Axial Trail Honcho, but it looks like my next purchase might be the Redcat Gen 8 should I decide to add another truck to the "fleet". Great review!

  • Brian of Texas!

    I like this truck. I had a Scout back in high school. Way back in the mid 80's. I've got a few TRX-4's. Defender, Bronco & the TRX-4 kit. I'm already wondering what a Gen 9 might look like? I don't think Traxxas is coming out with a TRX-5 anytime soon.
    The portal concept brings me to Redcat for the first time. I'm liking the Gen 8. Might have to pick one up soon…

  • Tucker Anderson

    I'm saving up for one of these, should not take me long as 300 is about a month of work for me (im 13 and do custom woodworking… hey that rhymes!). thank you for all the great info and sweet driving, just makes me want to buy one even more. Also what battery would you recommend for this truck that I can get a decent run time on? Thanks!

  • Kane Nine

    I just bought one last night. Im 100% new to RC, i know nothing. But once i discovered crawlers were a thing in the RC world i knew i needed one.

  • Plastic Apple

    We have two Everest-10 crawlers that have been nothing short of awesome. Sure, they look more like a monster truck than a "real" truck but they work great! Unfortunately, we recently purchased a Redcat Volcano and two Blackout SC's which have been tragically bad! The list of things that went bad on us is way too long to include in this comment. I know how to adjust and maintain RC vehicles so the multiple mechanical failures certainly wasn't out fault. Now these three "buckets of junk" are going to be disassembled and tossed into a spare parts box! My confidence in Redcat products went from super high to the bottom of the barrel.

  • sluf1963

    Very good review , I lied , great review , nice coverage of everything , I will be getting one of these to add to my crawler garage , thanks for the great run , I am trying to find such a place here in Kentucky , closer to my home for great adventures , crawl on .

  • stephen preece

    loving Redcats new stuff picked up an old school rs10 Redcat rock crawler last week very well built think I am going to purchase the scout

  • Jamison Taylor

    I snapped my left side rear axle right in half killed the entire shock within 30ms out of the box on a crawler track at my local shop. Shop owner couldn't believe it had rush ordering me the parts.

  • Douglas Elliott

    I bought a cheapie WLtoys 10428 to see if I liked this nonsense. Speed controller went bad after 3rd time playing with it. Their support is for-shit, and the local hobby shop can't or doesn't much want to help. But now I'm vacillating between a Traxxis Rustler or possibly this. I knew buying the 10428 was a bad idea.

  • panayiotis konstantos

    I like when people make a detailed description of an rc car and one of these persons is you. So after i have see some of your videos, i must say that you are one of the most best rc persons i have see. I learn everything about this car and from some other cars from your channel, so i don't have something to ask , you have cover me in everything. We need rc persons like you.

  • Leftenant Malachi

    Just picked mine up during lunch break at my local hobby shop! Got the orange one. Can't wait to throw this thing in the mud. πŸ™‚

  • Two Niner

    Made in China alert…I bought the gen 8 and it's ESC had a mind of it's own. It will trottle-stick and just go haywire, at full speed, randomly. Plugged the battery in once and it shot right on off of my workbench.

  • Haystack 510 D

    Check on YouTube the 7 problems with this low budget rig ! You might want to hold onto your Money for a minute.

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