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2020 YouTube SEO & Search: Strategies To Dominate Search and Rank Your Videos| Little Monster


  • The Horror Geek

    These videos were always full of great information, but now they're entertaining too. It's been fun to watch you grow as a presenter over the past few months.

    Keywords are the one thing I've mostly gotten right so far in my YT journey (not that there's not room for improvement…), but there's definitely stuff I'll be implementing here.

    One thing I have noticed — my channel has grown off of search traffic, but the watch time from the audience who finds my videos through search pales in comparison to my other traffic sources. I've heard that explained as search viewers tend to be a little "click happy", but is that accurate? Is there some other reason? Are they simply finding my video when it's not what they were looking for?

  • CroatanWolf

    <—- raises hand😸
    Okay so here's what happened
    My main game is America's Army, not a ton of youtubers featuring it, but it was definitely Male dominated when I first started playing. Fast Forward a few months I noticed I started ranking for the updated videos I.e( AAPG 1.06 update) cool. Then I made a series playlist that got a lot of traffic (Girls 💗2 Clutch) so I decided to search Girls that play America's Army and it was about 5 main vids from girls who weren't active youtubers and those vids were 2yrs old. So I started using that tag and even put it in the title for a few of my videos. I was ranking most my videos under that tag, fast forward, when I went and checked I've been out ranked on that tag by dudes, the same dudes who never ranked in it before. I took to the pro female side of AAPG because no other females were doing it, now I've been dethroned by guys and some of them are on my friends list ….I'm feeling kinda cheated here. How do I regain that rank?

  • The Adventure Biker

    Is there a point or a limit to the number of hashtags that can be added to a video description before youtube considers this spam? And if so will the algorithm suppress a video's ranking etc as a result?

  • Venters Gaming

    awesome video matt so your saying if I do a video on say ps5 hiaptic sensors then those should be my keywords but if I do a walkthrough it shouldn't focus on ranking as its entertainment

  • Off The Jacks

    So when you say Hashtags, you mean an actual # word in the description area, not just video tags that are not seen externally?

  • Fresh Sounds Florida

    Your video style has improved tremendously. In addition, this video has made seo search and ranking so clear. thanks

  • Kent VanderVelden

    Is there any data to discourage removing the automatic captions after publishing corrected captions? YouTube could favor the automatic captions as less biased (with no extra words injected) but YouTube must realize the quality of the automatic captions is all over the place and that a person can do better. Many large channels don't seem to care at all about captions, only having automatic captions as an option. Thank you

  • Carmen and Brian

    If you've already covered this sorry – but would love to hear what hashtags do exactly in the description. I use them but I have no idea why. 🙂 Great info as usual, thank you!

    Maybe it's just me and my poor hearing but for some reason I found your background music distracting – like noise. I'd rather just hear your voice – I noticed the music in the more recent videos.

  • Malcolm Lawson - REALTOR

    So do you think backlinks play a factor in SEO? I know they influence the "trending" section but I always heard they really did not play a factor with YouTube's algorithms.

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