262 SEO Tools (Paid & Free) to Rank #1 on Google (Full List 2019)
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262 SEO Tools (Paid & Free) to Rank #1 on Google (Full List 2019)

Today, it’s difficult to imagine website promotion
without tools. SEO tools save a lot of time and money because
they gather, analyze, and measure data 100 times faster than a manual job. Some data you can’t get without tools. There are thousands of tools. For 10 years, I’ve been choosing the list
of tools that I must have. I use them every day. In this video, I’ll show you the list of 262
tools, and 83 of them are completely free. Stay tuned, the best part is coming. What’s up, guys. Anatolii is here. Today I want to share with you my list of
SEO tools that you need to use when you promote your website or your clients’ website. Because, you know, without tools is difficult
to get high results and it’s difficult to analyze your competitors and think what type
of promotion you need to use for your website. You know, I took this list many years, and
today, I think that all tools on my list, I check them, review them, and put this information
on my website. You can open the page on my website and see
all this list. Okay, we can start from this page. It has URL “seotools.tv/seo-tools” and on
the left side you can see some filters. You can choose what type of tools you want
to analyze, multi-purpose, I have five of my tools. Keyword research, rank trackers, site speed
& tech, content checkers, text checkers, link building, outreach, analytics, local SEO,
Pay-Per-Click, graphic design, video SEO & editing, social media, E-mail, audio, software, online
resource, WordPress plugin, Chrome plugin, free, premium, paid, and even with price,
you can choose what kind of budget you have for tools. You know, I started my list from Multi-Purpose
tools because it’s important to use these tools today. And first tool is “Google Analytics”. You know, I think it’s important, all websites
need to have these tools because you can analyze your audience to find your buyer persona,
analyze your readers, visitors, and this data helps you to analyze what kind of promotion
you need to have. For example, when you know important parameters,
like time on site or bounce rate. You know what you need to improve, so go ahead. And yep, I think it’s important all websites
need to have this tool. The second tool, “Google Search Console”. You know, I like I like this tool, even more
than Google Analytics, and I think that I use even more because many online tools show
technical optimization or side speed, but this data provides by Google, free and you
don’t need to pay for this data and it’s better to take data from Google and think what type
of problems you have to fix. I think it’s important to have Google Search
Console. Even more I like in this tool, you can see
your positions, what kind of traffic you have, which pages show good results, which not,
what you need to fix there, and yeah are lot of data. It’s important to use Google Search Console. “Bing Webmaster Tools”, you know, it depends
on your purposes. I am not sure that many websites use this,
but you can definitely set up Bing Webmaster Tools and give additional data. Of course, Bing is not good like Google, but
that’s okay. You know, you can add additional data from
Bing and additional traffic because some topics have even more traffic from Bing than from
Google, it depends of course. “HubSpot”. I’m not sure about this tool that you need
to have or not, but it’s great for email marketing. What I don’t like in this tool – it’s expensive. Of course, HubSpot has some free data, but
you know, when you want to get more and more, you need to start from $800 per month. It’s very expensive. And I don’t know a lot of websites who use
this tool, but I like HubSpot, their blog, because there are a bunch of useful information
of what you need to use. Okay, go ahead. “Ubersuggest” good if you don’t have any money,
and it’s a great tool because by using this tools, you don’t need to pay at all, even
Neil Patel doesn’t ask you to register on Uber suggest. You know, Neil Patel bought this tool for
$120,000. I think he invested more to develop this tool,
and he continues to improve this tool. And it’s interesting, he told that he wants
to destroy big websites like MOZ, SEMrush, and ahrefs, and to provide all this information
for free because he wants to monetize his SEO agency. I recommend this tool if you don’t have money
to use Ahrefs, or SEMrush, or MOZ because there are a lot of data, website positions,
traffic content plan. Yep, definitely good tool if you seriously
don’t have any money. “Small SEO Tools”. You know, I like this resource because there
a bunch of data, a lot of different small tools, you can check plagiarism and you don’t
need to pay for this. All of these tools are free, perhaps some
blicket techniques there and a lot of small tools with image compression, [xx] generator,
a bunch of features, and I think hundreds of small tools. Yeah, I think you can use it and I use, for
example, even often when I check unique content on websites. “SEMrush”. I think everybody knows about SEMrush. It’s a big tool, important tool, especially
if you want to work professionally, you need to have this account and pay for this tool
because there are a bunch of data. You can get keywords analytics, organic traffic,
website audit, and a lot of data. You can even create your content plan and
analyze your competitors. Yep, it’s important tool. “Similarweb”. You know, I never pay for paid version of
this tool. But you know, sometimes it’s enough to get
some data from their Chrome extension because what you need to do its just one click and
you can know the traffic from a competitors. Of course, it’s not accurate but I don’t know
any online tools that can provide accurate information, perhaps Google provides in Google
Search Console, but Google doesn’t share information of your competitors. But with Similarweb, it’s the best choice
if you want to know all traffic, not only organic traffic, and in that point similar
web is good tool. Even if you can analyze traffic from social
media networks. In my experience, many times I checked my
projects and my clients’ projects. Of course, data is not accurate. But if you don’t have the better choice, why
not? You can use this tool. “Ahrefs”. I like this tool,because bunch of interesting
data and the best data of links of your competitors, you can analyze your competitors there. In my experience, the most accurate data on
Ahrefs. If you analyze your traffic or your competitors
traffic keyword ranking, and stuff like this. One more point, I like understood that you
can build your content plan, analyze low quality content of your competitors and you can analyze
the data of publish content. Yeah and yeah, a lot of interesting other
data, even ahrefs has technical audit! I don`t know, a few times I used this audit,
but you know, I like more Screaming Frog or Google Search Console, but you can use Ahrefs,
why not? Especially, for example interlinking, they
have interesting features. On few of my websites and I made interlinking
with internal pages, and positions increase a few times. And by using ahrefs, you can check your interlinking
or for example, you can set up some plugins for WordPress and check there. “MOZ”. Yeah, I like MOZ blog a lot and I like Whiteboard
Friday with Rand Fishkin, I think he’s are great speaker. I prefer Ahrefs more because MOZ is more suitable
with local SEO, but there are a bunch of data, checking keywords, keyword ranking. Yeah, It can be used for any websites. But anyway, I like MOZ because there are a
lot of different features. You definitely can use it. “Yoast”. Yep, I use Yoast because I use WordPress and
many of my clients asked me what kind of plugin they need to use. You know, I don’t want to tell that Yoast
is the best. Perhaps Yoast is the most using plugin on
WordPress. And I know why – because it’s suitable and
they always analyze new data, provide new technical points, and you can check internal
optimization of your website by using Yoast. I usually use premium version, but they have
free version. Yep, if you don’t have money, you can start
from free version. It definitely helps more than if you don’t
have Yoast at all. “All in One”. I think it’s like competitor of Yoast. One time I used this tool, but I decided to
use Yoast. I think all of these tools have advantages
and disadvantages, and you need to choose what you like more. Using All in One more cheaper than Yoast,
but I think they have different advantages, disadvantages and you need just to choose
what you like more. “Serpstat”. I definitely prefer more Ahrefs or SEMrush
than Serpstat. But Serpstat is not expensive like Ahrefs. If you have Russian projects, you can use
Serpstat because Serpstat provides data from Yandex. Yep. And it’s important to have this data if you
promote your website in Russian direction, but there are a bunch of data for different
countries. When I compare data with Ahrefs, I saw that
Ahrefs has more accurate data. Yeah it depends of course, but you can use
it and they have some unique features too. They have interesting feature “Clusterization
of your keywords” because, if you don’t have time to make grouping of keywords, you can
give this group into Serpstat. Yeah, it’s unique feature on Serpstat and
I just want to share with you, because in close time I’ll provide my tool with grouping
of keywords, and you can do this clusterization in a few minutes. I promise, you will see on this URL in close
time! Okay. I skip some tools, you can use them too. For example, “Majestic”, it’s a great tool. I think Majestic competes with Ahrefs more
because Majestic has a lot of link data as well. But Ahrefs has more about. Like we see that the price for Majestic is
much cheaper than ahrefs. Okay. “SE Ranking”. It’s a good tool if you want to get analytical
data, technical errors to check them. “SpyFu”. You know, it’s good for Pay-Per-Click. I don’t know why it’s not a good rating. You know, I just put one more star here because
I know SpyFu and it’s good tool, especially if you provide Pay-Per-Click advertisement. Okay, I just skip a lot of tools because there
are a bunch of tools, you can analyze all of them. “Screaming Frog”. I think you know, everytime I spoke with John
Mueller in [xx] and he told that you can definitely use Screaming Frog because there are a bunch
of data, technical errors, you can check all of them. I think all SEO companies check these data
with Screaming Frog because you will know a lot about your website, especially if you
know that website speed is a ranking factor, and it means that if you have low speed, you
will lose ranking and you will lose conversions, and even each second after a three seconds. For example, if your website is lower than
four seconds, five seconds, you can lose 20% of collaborations for one second. Amazon invests a lot of money to improve their
site speed. Google does it each year. You need to do it as well. It’s the best way is to have good hosting
and don’t try to find free hostings because they set up a lot of advertisement on your
website, and your website speed will not be good. It is better to find good hosting to pay for
the best price even if you don’t need this plan. After this, you will have good high speed
and you can check other technical errors by using Screaming Frog. Okay, we can skip some tools, there are a
bunch of tools so we can go ahead. You know “Scrapebox”? I know that a lot of people who use black
hat techniques and all of them use Scrapebox. But even if you provide white hat techniques,
you can use Scrapebox just to get the information from Google and many other search systems,
Yahoo, Bing, YouTube. You can get a lot of keywords, interesting
ideas by using the Scrapebox. There are a lot of black hat techniques, for
example – to submit a lot of comments. I’m not sure that it works today. It’s old school, but some people can use it,
It depends of course. Okay, go ahead. I just try to find some interesting tools. You can use all this list, to choose filters
what you like more. And you know, I have some my tools – “Keyword
Generator by SEOtools.Tv”. I can explain quickly about this tool. What you can do it here, just click here to
see how it works and you can insert your keywords to many different columns and get one list
of keywords. You can do it in a few seconds and combine
all these keywords in one huge list. Yep, it’s simple free tool you can use it. The second tool “Link-Kwik” and what you can
do with this tool? You can type your keyword, for example seo,
and we see a lot of link building search operators. You can use the search operators to find a
link build opportunities. If you want to provide guest posting, just
choose search operators what you like, open them in Google and you can see some different
ideas where you can submit your guest post, different lists. I have here some interesting social operators
to find directories, forums, comments, resources. If you provide link building open this page,
for example, and what you can see here? Some different opportunities where you can
submit useful links to different pages. Okay. The next tool “UTM Tags Generator”. I think that what you can do here, just to
add some of your website page and choose what type of advertisement you will provide and
generates to you tags in a few seconds. You can see here. Yep, I generated some UTM tags for my Pay-Per-Click
campaign. The next tool – “Google Ads Keyword Modifier
Tool”. Okay, I opened this tool. Here you can combine keywords and get different
match for Google Ads. Here we can see broad match, broad match modifier,
phrasal match, exact match. Yep, you can do it in few seconds. Just put your list here and generate keywords
ideas and copy to the browser. Okay. The next tool – “Getting domains from a list
of URLs”. You know, it’s good to, especially if you
work with some big lists, you can submit here the list of URLs and you can convert them. For example, you can check some list. For example, if I open some websites like,
I don’t know, ahrefs for example, SEMrush, I
don’t have right now some list. But what you can do here to insert any list
and click convert, then you will get this list without HTTPS, just a list of domains. If you want to leave HTTPS, for example, you
click Convert you have this list. If you want to leave URL, you can convert
and you will have only a URL. Yep, you can remove duplicates. For example, if you have two times one URL,
you can remove your duplicate and you don’t have this one on the results. For example, I don’t want to remove duplicates
and I have all domains, if I want to do it, just click convert and I will lose them. And it’s suitable too if you want to split
two different lists with 200 domains, it’s useful when you want to check a bunch of lists
on your Ahrefs and they come to all to check one time, more than 200 domains, and you can
click convert, split into 200 domains and it will give different lists. Okay, go ahead. Go ahead and to the next tool “Google Keyword
Planner”. You know, I like this tool! I think that even I started from this tool
when I learned about SEO because all online tools, keyword tools take information from
this tool, ahrefs, SEMrush, Serpstat and doesn’t matter what type of tools. They get all this information there and you
can use this tool. It’s better to have Google Ads account. If you don’t use this tool before, you can
register that in a few seconds. It’s better even if you pay some for Pay-Per-Click
campaign. In that point, Google Keyword Planner will
show you better information with volume and stuff like this. I like this tool. It’s free to use, but you need to have one
Pay-Per-Click campaign. Okay, the next tool “Google Correlate”. All Google tools are free and they are different. You can use these tools and I just tried to
find some interesting tool from this list. “Answerthepublic”. Yeah, it’s famous tool because you can get
a bunch of data. Here, to get questions, propositions, and
started this. When Answerthepublic was first launched, it
was free, today but today it’s need premium. But there’s a key you can use even for free
like I usually do it. What you can do here its type your keywords
and get data with all questions that people might ask on the internet. And why it’s important? Because in 2020 audio search will take half
of all traffic online. I mean, voice search and image search, and
in that point, it’s important to analyze what type of questions people might ask because
voice keywords are different with comment classical keywords, and in that point, this
tool, it’s useful, you know, you can find the questions and give the answers in your
content. Okay, go ahead. “Whitesparky”. It’s great tool if you will provide local
SEO, local link building, and you can find some local citation finder by using this tool. Yep, it’s a good tool. I need to, to put a review here because I
just provided this list and you can do it as well. If you like some tools you can use your ranking
to put on my list. Okay, go ahead. There are a lot of tools, you can choose what
you like more and you can choose the filter, what type of information you want to get. If you want to have only free tools, yeah,
you will take list of 83 free tools and all of them are here, analyze them. If you want to have some Chrome plugin, just
click here and you will take plugin what I usually use. You can see on my screen all these plugins
here. “Similarweb” or any other. I don’t know what type of plugin I can show
you. This plugin, at first, my plugin shows my
information, title descriptions. And just to click one time, I see what type
of title I have, description and I can fix this or analyze my competitors. In that point, many plugins from Ahrefs, SEMrush,
MOZ and if you have access to this tools, you can use this plugins. Okay. “SEOquake”. I like this plugin. What i like in this plugin – if I type online
SEO tools and click SEOquake will connect. I don’t know why it doesn’t connect. I click here to open SEOquake and SEOquake
will provide data by using Google search. You will see all this data on the list. And this data goes from SEMrush. We see how many pages are indexed, and data
from SEMrush. Bing, how many pages Bing has from this tool
for this website. And ranking on SEMrush, yep, many different
data, yeah, by using this tool. Okay. I always use “Grammarly”, this company today
estimates around $1 billion. What I like in this tool is that you can check
all grammar mistakes on your website. And I use free version like you can see, you
can pay for premium version. And yep, it helps a lot, you know, to write
text, to check text. I write all the time, yeah, I definitely recommend
this tool. This bar, it’s similar with SEOquake. I can rank five stars in this tool as well. Okay. What do you might interest in? Yeah, we have some WordPress plugin here,
you know, Yoast, All in One, and many other plugins to check for follow links, many different
plugins. What I want to tell you that you need to use
online tools because it helps a lot to promote your website. I save a lot of time by using SEO tools. Even I save my money, I gather information
quickly, then I can do this manually and provide this data to my clients and to provide the
best results that I can give for my tasks. The next filter what I want to share with
you is “Keyword Research”. I think all website promotions starts from
Keyword Research. You need to know what kind of traffic you
want to get. You know, many websites failed because they
don’t have exact content plan. I don’t remember exactly the number, it’s
more than 50% of all websites if they don’t have a content plan or even have poor quality
content plan. They don’t know what kind of traffic they
want to get and it’s important to start from Keyword Research. I think the best tool here is “Google Search
Console” if you have traffic. If you have traffic today and sometimes you
can improve your traffic, just improve on page or off page optimization, you need to
open Google Search Console. You can check what type of traffic you have
to highlight positions. If you have some positions from 4 to 10 on
the top down, that means if you increase your ranking positions, you can improve your traffic,
and in that point, you can analyze in two ways. First way, to check your own page optimization. You can improve site speed on your pages,
or add additional information, additional content, and Google will rank your website. And the second way, to check your link building
opportunities by using ahrefs or SEMrush to check competitors backlinks and to think how
you can provide this link building for your website, or even to have internal linking. For example, if you have a lot of internal
links to some pages on the top 10, you can improve positions. For some of my clients, I get in seven times
more positions in three months just improving CTR, yep, they improved CTR because we rewrote
title, descriptions, and we use some techniques like number, symbols, and other data. If I write title I try to provide some value
or benefits of why people need to open this website because many competitors don’t do
it. They want to use only keywords or boring phrases,
but you need to have some curation, like to tell people why they need to open your website,
what point you will give them. It’s important to highlight your benefits
in title and description as well. Yeah, in that point is better to use Google
Search Console. We can see here other tools where you can
find some keyword ideas. I think many of them are multifunctional because
we highlighted in the first filter multi purpose. Go ahead. Rank trackers. Yeah, for Europe side, it’s better to use
Google Search Console. I don’t know why you need to have other tools,
and I usually never check rank trackers. For my website, it’s better to open Google
Search Console and have all this data. I use other tools like ahrefs, SEMrush, but
to check only some positions, I don’t do it, I don’t know. Neil Patel highlighted in his videos he doesn’t
do it as well. Because for you, it’s more important traffic,
not your positions, you know, positions don’t provide traffic. Of course, if you have better positions, you
can get better traffic. But in that point, you don’t need to pay for
tools that provide this data because you can use all this data in Google Search Console. Okay, go ahead. Site speed & tech, you know, it’s important. Yep, you can use Google Search Console. And I like the tool, it’s a tool from Google. I need to find this tool on my list, I don’t
know why I can’t find. I think it’s here. Yep, “PageSpeed Insights”. We can open this tool, and you can check your
website optimization, just click. You know what I like in this tool? PageSpeed Insights, that you can get all technical
recommendations from Google in few seconds. Sometimes it’s lower than [xx], but you can
get all information about mobile optimization, desktop version of your website. Yep, it definitely is better to fix this data
and, you know, some website owners, they want to get 100% of optimization. It’s impossible, for example, even Amazon
has a 55% of optimization by using this tools. Don’t be batty or insane by using this tools,
just optimize to the green line, sometimes you can’t do it to get this green line because
content is more important than a technical optimization. I usually, at first, create content for user
experience, for a human and after this, I optimize this content for search systems. If you can get higher with your data,maximize
and you get maximum data of what you can do it, that’s it, it’s enough, you know, because
your competitors, you can check them as well. They don’t have this 100% of optimization. Even big websites, they have different type
of optimization because user experience is more important. Okay. The next tool is “Structured Data Markup Helper”. It’s important to use this tool. I can explain why because only 14% of websites
online use structure markup. Websites that use this data. They get at average plus 30% more clicks,
and you know, many websites don’t use this structured data markup and they lose 30% of
more clicks. It’s important to set up and if you have WordPress,
you can use some plugins to set up structured data or using this tool, you know, it’s totally
free, just open this tool. Today, you can set up all the important data
of your website and after this Google will understand better what type of content they
need to scan on your website and to show on their index or their search results. Okay, “Gtmetrix”. Yeah, you know, I like this tool because it
provides a lot of data about site speed. And Yep, it’s better to use paid version of
this tools, so you can get a lot of different data. And you know, I think websites like Gtmetrix,
they scan data from different IP resources, from Google IP resources and provide this
data. Just combine all this data and provide more
suitable form for their visitors. Yep, you can create your Google XML sitemap
by using these tools. And we can check other type of filters what
we have here, content checkers, text checkers, link building. Okay, we can check for example, content checkers. We see here some multifunctional tools, they
provide all this data, but some tools can provide content checker many, many different
SEO plugins for Google Chrome. We can see here like “META SEO Inspector”. You can click in one click to get data from
your page. [xx] description, h1-h6 text, and any different
other text. Okay. I want to show some unique for you. Many outreach tools, Ninja outreach, Buzzstream,
Pitchbox, I think the most famous Buzzstream and Pitchbox because you can use them to provide
different types of outreach campaigns, there are a lot of templates. And Yep, I like this tools because you can
have some plugins for Google Chrome if you want to work in browser, or you can use their
admin panel and get information and submit their list of link building opportunities. What type of tools you might interest in? For example, graphic design. I submit this list because it’s important
to have high-quality content and high-quality pictures, and yep, using these tools like
Canva. You know, even if you don’t have some knowledge
of how to create pictures or infographics, you can use Canva. Even in free version, you can get a lot of
unique pictures and submit to your website. Yep today, it’s important to have it. Many other tools you can see here. You know, for example, I work with video SEO,
I provide video for my YouTube channel. In ahrefs, you can find some keyword opportunities,
but you know, I never use this keyword opportunities. I use all the time ahrefs when I promote websites
to get keywords, but for YouTube, it’s better when you find some videos that have a lot
of views, you can analyze this quantity of views with quantity of subscribers on channel,
and after this, you have some data on what type of videos you can create, it’s interesting
or not for audience. I like this tool, “Social Blade” because by
using Social Blade, you can analyze different YouTube channels and see how many subscribers
they get each month, how they grow. Yep, it’s interesting to spy all your competitors
in YouTube. Different software that you can edit your
videos, here, you know, for YouTube Analytics, it’s better used “TubeBuddy” and “vidIQ”,
and I usually use YouTube data from their YouTube studio. But you know, with vidIQ and TubeBuddy, you
can analyze where are you ranking on YouTube just having this application for Google Chrome. Okay, many different tools, social media tools,
HubSpot here, any other tools, “BuzzSumo” you know, with BuzzSumo, for example, you
can find some content that, you know, that trends today. For example, it’s better to create content
what people are talking today. In BuzzSumo, you can get all this data faster
than in many other tools because BuzzSumo scans social media networks and find some
topics that have a lot of shares and other type of information. Okay, I think, yeah, we can finish here. We have different type of tools, software,
online resources, WordPress plugin, Chrome plugin, and you can analyze all this data,
just open this page and get what you want to know. Okay, that’s it for today. Thanks for watching my video. Ask some comments, questions in the comment
sections. Write comments. Yeah, it will be useful for me. I will reply to all your questions. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel,
like this video, and see you next time. Cheers!

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