3 Easy Steps to Submit Your Site to Google and Get Indexed For SEO
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3 Easy Steps to Submit Your Site to Google and Get Indexed For SEO

If you want traffic from Google, you first
had to get indexed. If Google doesn’t know about your website,
you’re not going to get any search traffic. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m
going to teach you how to get indexed in Google. The first thing you need to do is sign up
for Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a free service from
Google that allows you to see your website, somewhat similar to how Google sees your website.
They give you a glimpse under their hood and they’ll show you things like what errors you
may have, what pages they’re indexing, are they even crawling all your pages? Because if they’re not crawling your site,
that means they can’t index it. Second, you need to create a XML Sitemap. If you have a WordPress blog, this is easy. You can use the Yoast SEO plugin, it will
automatically create a XML Sitemap for you. The beautiful part about the Yoast SEO plugin
is, every time you update your website, it updates the Sitemap automatically. You don’t even have to be technical to create
one. Third, take that Sitemap and submit it to
Google Search Console. That way Google can continually read all the
changes you’re making to your site, and every time you add a page or delete a page, Google
will know and they’ll make the necessary changes on their end. If you follow those three steps, you’re much
more likely to get your website indexed in Google, your new pages are going to get crawled
faster, and you should get more search traffic in the long run. By doing this, you’re not going to get traffic
right away. Google doesn’t rank new websites at the top,
but after a four, five, six months, and even a year, you’re going to see way better results
compared to if you didn’t do this.


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