3 Stupidly Simple Ways To Make Google Money Online 2020
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3 Stupidly Simple Ways To Make Google Money Online 2020

What’s up YouTube? Okay, so we’re going to go
over 3 stupidly simple ways to make money with Google. And I’m going to go over
these 3 different methods. The method is applicable world wide, okay?
So, it’s going to be really easy. So, let’s get on. We’re going to get on my computer.
I’m going to show you this step by step and we’re going to try to make some money here.
Let’s do it. Hey gang. So, in this video, we’ll be going
over three ways to make money on Google. Let’s hit my computer right here and I’m
going to show you one of the best ways to make money with a Google Website. So, and
I’ll show you how to set up a Google website and all that jazz. In fact, I’m
going to give you an offer for a free website right here which is really
exciting. Now, the first thing you need to do is you’re going to need to sign up
for a website. And I have a link to sign up for a website right in the
description. No matter what you’re doing in affiliate marketing. I don’t talk a
lot about this here but I’m going to be real with you here, is that if you want
to take your income to the next level; if you want to make six figures online or
whatever, you’re going to need a website, okay? Having a website is the foundation
for really taking your income full-time as an affiliate marketer. I show a lot of
methods where you can post links for free and all that jazz. And that’s a
great starting point to make your first couple thousand dollars. But if you want
to take this full-time and if you want to have it automated and just work the
internet working for you, you’re going to need to get a website and you’re going to
learn have to set something up. And I have a great offer for you right here,
for $3.95, you can get started with a website. In
fact, they will build you your own website if you sign up through my link.
And it’s again, only $3.95. So, make sure you go to
the link in the description. It’s John crestani/coolhandle and
sign up to get your website because I’m going tp be showing you how to get started
next. Now, the next step is you’re going to want to do reviews of products. You’re
going to want to rank in google for product name plus review keywords. And let
go to Google and you search in super affiliate system review, okay? And that’s
the name of my course. You’ll see there is a lot of people buying advertising
around my course. Okay? People buying advertising. In
addition to that, there are a lot of people who have done reviews of my
products. Now, I can tell you from firsthand knowledge, these affiliates;
these have top-ranked affiliates for my product. Make thousands of dollars a
month. Because the reason is is people searching for super affiliate system
review. This is the most high intent keyword. Let’s back up a step here and
let me explain what keyword intent is for a second. Now, if you look at keywords
their keywords that people look for research, let’s use a keyword like
“Make money online”, right? A lot of people are saying, “make money online”, okay? A lot
of people search for that but nobody’s really going to buy any products off of
that keyword. This is just masses of people looking to do research, okay?
They’re people aren’t going to spend money on any product searching for this
keyword. Whereas if you go a little down further,
whereas if people are looking for something like “affiliate marketing
training course”, you know? “affiliate marketing course”, that’s a higher intent
keyword. They’re a little more knowledgeable of about what they want.
They want to have a training course that they’re likely going to buy on
affiliate marketing. But they may not buy. Whereas somebody who’s searching for a
keyword such as super affiliate system review, that is somebody who’s actually
interested in potentially purchasing a product. That means they know the product
that they’re interested in. And they might even want to purchase it. So, in
order to be ranked for those sorts of keywords in Google, you know, here’s some
videos and here’s some sites. You can make a lot of money. And what’s great
about my course is obviously if you want to get started, I’m not going to pitch my
course here. But if you want to get started with affiliate marketing, really
take stuff to the next level. Mine is the best training course. We have ad
templates for everything. Everything’s done for you and you can get started
really quickly earning thousands of dollars a month. So, not going to go too
deep into that but it’s highly rated for a reason. Now, these are all people
who have reviewed my product and talked about how it works and they have their
affiliate link here. And they make a lot of money because this is a highly
targeted keyword. Now, how can you do this? Okay?
Well, what you do is you go to this site called MunchEye. MunchEye.com. And you can
find other products that are being released. Other online training products
that are being released on the internet which you can review. If you don’t have
the product, you can review the product owner, you can review information about
the product. And here’s an example: So, here is a product on by Omar Martin
called Commission experts, okay? Let’s find a higher priced product. Let’s find
Mark Lang, Overnight Freedom. So, if we put up a site reviewing this product, we can
make anywhere from $250 to $1,250. Just for ranking for a word overnight freedom review. Is this
making sense? And let me know in the comments is this just flying over your
head or is this not. Because usually, you know I’m trying to pack some of my more
advanced training you know like a small video. But we’ll see how it goes. So,
overnight freedom right there, okay? And you click it and this is the keyword you
would want to rank for. Here’s an information. This is called the affiliate
page. Every affiliate program has what’s called an affiliate page or a JV page
which explains why you should be an affiliate for that product. Now, you see
here you can make a lot of money. They’re saying oh you look you can make a lot of
money promoting it. And what they want you to do is basically be an affiliate
for them. And you would set up a site Freedom Review and you drank four
keywords such as Overnight Freedom Review and there’s a lot of money in
ranking for product review keywords. Now, if you don’t want to do education
products, you could rank for products that are skincare products or other
types of products that are being released. But these are the money key
works, okay? You don’t want to rank try to rank for generic keywords. You want to
rank for the money keywords. That’s again where the money is.
Just to give you an idea the way I kind of summed this up is make money online,
that keyword is worth $1. Whereas affiliate marketing
course, keyword might be worth $2 if you rank your website for it. Whereas super
affiliate system review, that keyword might be worth way more, okay? So, all the
money is in the very targeted keywords. And when you start a site and you could
get a free website when you sign up for cool handle is you will one-click
install your blog. You just follow the instructions after you sign up and you
can start writing articles very quickly. Now, what I’m going to go into is 3
methods of how you can get links to the site because it’s not about writing
articles. This is about getting your site ranked. So how do you get it ranked. So,
there’s 3 ways you can get links to your site. You can purchase backlinks
from a site called Fiverr. You can also use Facebook. You can create a Facebook page
and you can also create a YouTube page for the product that you’re trying to
rank for. So, how would you do this? This is all gonna help your site get ranked.
So, what we would do is we would go to fiverr.com and this is a great site,
fiverr.com. And what we’re going to search for is back links. And you know, the way
websites work is if you get backlinks, it pushes your site up higher in the
rankings. And you can purchase backlinks. As you see, there’s all sorts of places
you can purchase backlinks you know from Fiverr.
You know, I would start small. I would start with few backlinks and you know, if
you really want to go into this, there’s a lot of stuff you can learn. You can
google some more advanced information because I don’t have the time in this
video to go over everything. But let’s say we want to say, you know, this person
will do manual backlinks with units $5. So, I’m going to click this. And I would
purchase backlinks. They’re giving 20 backlinks for $5. And this person has
very good reviews on Fiverr. As you see, thousands of reviews. And over 50,000
satisfied clients. So, that’s pretty good social proof saying that this person is
the real deal and these links should work fairly well, okay? So, you would do
that. The second method that you would get backlinks is you would literally
start a Facebook page, okay? So, how to start a Facebook page is you would go on
Facebook and you go down here two pages, okay? Click that
button. And in the top right corner, you would want to click this which says
“create page”, okay? Right there. And you can create a page. You can just
walk through the steps for a page and you can name it Overnight Commission
Review, right? Because that’s the keyword you’re trying to rank for. And then you
just continue going through the steps. So you don’t need to enter all that
information I was just trying to be quick. And create a page and that’s going to
create a high authority backlink for your website. Again, all these links show
Google, they say, “Oh, it’s got a Facebook page. It’s got a YouTube channel. Oh, this
is an authoritative site.” And what also happens is your Facebook page will get
ranked for that keyword. Let’s move onwards. You can also create a
YouTube channel for free. So, even though you had to pay $5 for fiverr
links, you can create a YouTube channel for free. Now, once you’re on YouTube, all
you would do to create a channel is you would go to this upper right corner. And
if you don’t already have a channel… Obviously I do have a YouTube channel, you would click this and it would say create a channel, okay? Right over
there. And you’d be able to create a YouTube channel. You know and you’d be
able to post your links in places. So, if you see here, I can click customize
channel. Now, that I have a channel… And I can create backlinks. I could call my
channel overnight commission review. And I could put up links here. You know, I
could do, you know, I could click edit links. Or you know right here. And I could
put in links that go back to my Google blog, the website you just registered
with cool handle. So, there’s a lot of things you can do. Very easy to get good
high quality backlinks. And you could also put up a video review. So, that way
you’ve just created a vortex of social proof that shows Google to rank your
site higher. You got some backlinks. You have a YouTube page linking to your blog.
You have a Facebook page linking to your blog and you have a video. If you post a
video on your YouTube talking about the program, now you have another video,
you’ve both your YouTube channel and your video linking back to your blog and
they’re all promoting this program where you can make a thousand dollars
commission from. Hope you enjoyed this video. This
was a bit of a primer to kind of SEO which is kind of a boring subject. But
there’s a ton of money in it and people don’t really understand it. And you know,
or take the time to understand. But this gives you a kind of a primer to how to
make money with SEO. You want to go after very targeted, high intent, by your
keywords. You want to get those backlinks. And you want to set up other social
media to get high quality links and have everything link back to your site. And
that will help you rank higher in the Internet. So, hopefully that helps. Let me
know if this helps. Make sure if you want to learn, go deeper in affiliate
marketing and really learn the specifics of how to do stuff like this, make sure
to join the money club because I have longer mini training courses where you
can learn about exactly how this works and how to set up your own website. You
also get two times a month. You can speak to me on a live stream on YouTube and I
look forward to seeing you in it the next video. Talk soon.


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