40 SEO Tip Quotes From the Pros [Infographic]
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40 SEO Tip Quotes From the Pros [Infographic]

Hello everyone, it’s Ileane from BasicBlogTips.com
and I’m over on Blab and I’m doing about an Infographic that was posted on my blog
today and it’s called, 40 SEO tips from 3 best minds. And the three best SEO minds
are Neil Patel, Brian Dean from Backlinko and Rand Fishkin from Moz, who is also known
as The Wizard of Moz. So I just want to first, read out the 40 tips, and we’ll try to go
through these quickly. Neil Patel “I’m kind of a big deal” that’s Neil’s quote
– Customize your 404 Error page, create an interactive Infographic, create a 3D Infographic,
use buzzwords in your heading, borrow an awesome Infographic. Which by the way, exactly what
I did with this Infographic. Cen Muru is the designer who created this Infographic and
I’m pretty sure it’s getting spread around the web because he always makes such gorgeous
Infographics. Optimize your website load times. Length is strength in content. Ensure your
website design is mobile responsive. Give away free tools. Target commercial keywords,
not informational keywords. Target long tail keywords. Target competitor keywords. Create
data driven content. And those first 13 tips came from Neil Patel. Next up is Brian Dean
from Backlino. Here’s the quote When it comes to Link Building Brian Dean is the best
in the business and that actually comes from Neil Patel. So Brian Dean’s quotes. Use
the skyscraper technique with your content – build something bigger and taller (go into
detail about that skyscraper technique) Vary Your Anchor Text. Get a link from an Audio
Sharing Site. Get a link by donating to charity. Get links from product reviews. Get links
from testimonials. Find your brand mentions and claim links. Get links from the right
directories. Help a Reporter Out HARO. Get .edu links. Get links from website review
sites. Find broken links and offer yours. Google Plus profile link. Ok and now those
were tips from Brian Dean. Now let’s get to Rand Fiskin, the Wizard of Moz. Rand is
the wizard of mOz, no Wizard of Moz. No list of SEO experts is complete without Rand who
is ex CEO of Moz. Mmhuh. I read that wrong, I’m gonna do it again. Rand is the wizard
of Oz, no Wizard of Moz. No SEO experts is complete without Rand who is ex CEO of Moz.
Ok let’s get to the tips. Do not use a subdomain to host your blog. Create a unique experience
for your website visitors. Keep website design and navigation simple. Reduce ads on mobile
devices. Content: Quality beats quantity. Improve pages that users like that do not
rank in search engines. Not all links are the same. Try to produce your own visuals
and use data. Have a Call to Action in your home page. Ensure
people have a visually compelling reason to scroll down the page. Provide social proof
and credibility in the home page. Use a keyword research tool, Google Adwords is not enough.
Good and unique content are not enough, provide a good user experience. And the last tip is
Help before you sell. So those are the 40 tips from the best SEO masters of the web.
Hello everyone, this is Ileane Smith, and I have with me, right now Nazim Beltran. And
I just wanted to talk about an infographic that’s over on BasicBlogTips, the link is
over there in the chat area. And it is from 40 Actionable SEO Tips And Tricks From The
Best In The Business. And the best in the business, according to this Infographic are
Neil Patel, and he’s a content marketing genius, Brian Dean, who’s relatively new to the space
of SEO, and Rand Fishkin who I think everyone is familiar with Rand. Yeah, I know who Rand
is. He was interviewed recently. He’s a smart, smart guy. Plus, I love the story of how he
built the company, it’s very interesting yeah, I was going to say, he was here on Blab several
times, and I’m not sure if Nazim is referring to the interview that my friend Wade Harman
did with him. Yeah, that’s the one I’m talking about. Yes! Oh my gosh, that was great because
– It was really good. Wade wanted to not only talk about the SEO stuff, but to get up close
and personal with Rand. Yeah. And hello, Sheila! And that wound up being a really insightful
interview because, like I said, he didn’t ask him all about the typical SEO questions.
Yeah, it didn’t go the SEO road, it was all about he developed his business and all the
phases, which I find to be quite interesting because as you build your business you through
all these different phasing and you also, what do you say, we focus your direction.
Yes! Well, it’s always part of a business, I think. and even though Rand came from, I
guess I wanna say Middle Upper Class beginnings, but at one point his business was in the can.
Yeah He was in debt, serious debt. Yeah, yeah. Ileane And he was actually in business with
his Mom. Yeah, yeah, it came through in that interview because, y’know, I think it was
very inspiring for people who are into business, be it consultancy or your own entrepreneurial
road that you’re going to, to understand that you, y’know, always have these fluctuations
and you just gotta stick with in there and you gotta keep hammering at it. Mhm. And in
fact, when I published this post this morning, it was a guest post submitted by Cent Maroo,
and he is the designer of this infographic. I actually reached out, and went over to youtube,
and said “Let me get a video from one of these three guys, that’s being quoted here,” and
I naturally picked one from Rand. I saw that, I saw that right after you put it up. and
Mat said he should jump in, but he should be sleeping and so he’s going to watch from
bed, and hi Andrew, thanks for coming. And so, I found this, I figured I’d just search
for Rand over on Youtube and see what came up outside of Rand’s White Boit Friday’s,
because he’s very popular for his White Board – Whiteboard Fridays that he does over on
Moz. Nazim have you seen any of those White Board – I saw one, awhile back. A while back.
Okay, Every friday they do a White Board Friday which is really cool, Rand doesn’t always
do them, different people from the Moz Team or other invited guests come on and it’s really
interesting because they have the white board already set up and so it looks really neat
and clean and because, y’know, everything’s already written, and the person will just
go through everything, sort of like Webinar Style, but instead of showing slides, they
show the white board. Right on the whiteboard. Yeah, it’s a very interesting approach. They
go through the steps, and y’know, there’s little graphics there and there’s a little
chart maybe or flow chart or something like that. So, I didn’t want to use one of those.
I wanted to use something that actually came up in search. And so I found this one. Let’s
see, what’s the name of that one. I paraphrased the name of the video of that, when I embedded
it. Oh, the “Make These 3 SEO Upgrades Today.” And he talks about, for one thing, Google
Webmaster Tools. Yeah, that’s fundamental. Yeah, which, y’know – Lot of people – if you’re
not into that – a lot of people can say “What’s that all about?” And it sounds super techy,
I gotta be honest with you guys, it may be a little confusing because Google actually
changed the name – They changed the name, exactly. I don’t know why they did that. They
call it now “The Search Panel” or something like that “The Search Console.” Yes. Which
I guess reminds you of an old piece of furniture that you used to have. What I think they did,
Ileane, What I think they did the name change because Webmaster Tools obviously goes back
to people who build websites and it’s kind of like the Web Master part, and what they
did is like, “Let’s just open it up and take away this connection to a Webmaster specifically,
and everyone can use it” – I think it’s a great tool. I mean, we use it for all kinds
of sites that we’ve been doing in the past, to also keep track not so much SEO but all
the characteristics of what can happen, y’know, what happens with the sites that you’re running
or you’re involved with. And, it’s a real great tool. I have some questions over here
from Mat. Mat, if you use slash q, then I can highlight your question over here. He’s
asking about backlinking strategies. Yes. Well, I’m not an SEO guy, so.. I’m a developer
more than anything Well, Mat must be using a little tool ’cause there’s a bunch of tools
that you can use to check other people’s backlinking profiles and he must have used a little tool,
and looked at the backlinking profile of BasicBlogTips. It’s Slash Q, not Q Slash, Slash Q. My name
is spelled I L E A N E I L E A N E I L E A N E Can’t get your question featured if you
don’t spell my name right. Okay, so, anyway, thanks I appreciate it Mat, I’m just teasing
you. It’s okay, but yes, you have to do the question thing. Oh, yay, and he did it right!
Oh, I wonder if I can highlight two questions at once. No, Okay, so since the first one
was answered, we’ll pin this one. You have a decent amount of sites linking in. Have
a backlinking strategy? Okay, Mat, that’s a great question. And in fact, I am following
you already and I always advise folks, y’know, when you’re here on these Blabs, don’t just
follow them on Blab, ’cause more than likely you’re going to turn off your Blab notifications
if you’ve been here for more than 5 minutes, follow the person on Twitter. So, that’s what
I’m – Oh! This is Mat! I already am following you on Twitter, Mat. I don’t even have to
look. Okay, I didn’t recognize your name because I thought you had two Ts in your first name,
but now I see you only have one. Mat, just to give you a little piece of advice, you
might want to edit your Bio on Blab here, because it’s getting cut off, unless you did
that intentionally. So, anyway, now, my strategy, for backlinking is very simple Write great
content. Write good content, folks will link to you. I have some of the best. I have featured
some of the best guest bloggers on the planet. Y’know, Zac Johnson from ZacJohnson.com, blogging.org,
moneyrain.com. He’s – Zac started as an affiliate, when he was a teenager. That’s a long time.
Yeah, he was a teenager, and he started affiliate marketing, his dad helped him, he’s got a
wonderful podcast called “Rise of the Entrepreneur,” and if you ever want to hear – he’s been here
on Blab too – He’s a super, super cool guy, and he’s one of those folks that uses a tool
called MeetEdgar, and MeetEdgar is a social media automation tool that lets you schedule
out your tweets and your social shares, like months and months, and all of a sudden I’ll
see this Tweet and I’ll be like “Oh, that’s coming from Zach” And, y’know, on Hootsuite,
they tell you where the tweet was generated, and so he loads up all of his guest posts,
because he’s not just guest posting on my blog. He’s guest posting on tons of blogs
because he’s building backlinks. So, Ann Smarty, and the reason I almost said SEO Smarty is
because that’s one of her Twitter handles, and these folks have multiple Twitter accounts
too, that’s another thing, and I have two, I have Ileane, and I also have BasicBlogTips,
which is why I noted it there, in the title of this Blab: SEO Infographic on @BasicBlogTips.
So, anyway, guests. Having wonderful guest bloggers. Some of you people may be familiar
with a guy named Jon Morrow, that’s J O N Morrow. He used to write for CopyBlogger.
He’s actually in a wheelchair, but he is an amazing writer, and he parlayed his expertise
and exposure he received over on CopyBlogger, into his own Website, which is called BoostBlogTraffic.
Sometimes people get confused and say “BBT,” and I’m like, “No, BasicBlogTips is the original
BBT, okay?” I love Jon Morrow and all that, but BoostBlogTraffic came after the fact,
so I’m the real BBT. So, anyway, okay go to sleep Mat, get some rest honey, probably been
up all night Blab-ing. So, BoostBlogTraffic specializes in Guest Post Blogging, and he
has a course. I mean, people are paying hundreds of dollars to take this course. And one of
the sites, he recommends that people guest blog on, is my blog. Because I got several
requests from people that will tell me “Don’t worry, you’re gonna have wonderful content
because the editors at BoostBlogTraffic will make sure my content is optimized before I
submit it.” So, what do you guys think I’m gonna do? Most of the time, I say “Okay!”
Now that you bring that up, let me add something, because now I have a question for you Ileane.
Medium: How important is Medium as a platform to write on? Because I find I love the UX,
I love the design of it, y’know, coming from the world of doing Websites where we have
high standards in graphic design in UX, I love Medium, but I wonder how it works with
what one is trying to do – build, content-wise in our case, Casi Chiesi, which is about Italy
and everything else. Posting on Medium gives you authority in a certain direction, or that’s
what I’m trying to figure out. Honestly, I have not written on Medium, but I hear a lot
of talk about it, and actually, the one thing that I really like about Medium is I’m actually
leaving comments because the BlabBlog – Yeah, the one Brittany does, Brittany over at the
BlabBlog, Brittany, yeah. yes, and also Lela, who is another very popular, very old school
Blabber, she has a Blab that’s called The Blablet Chronicles, and unfortunately I don’t
have the links for you guys, right off the top of my head. But, you can go to the home
page of Blab and you’ll see a link at the bottom of that for the blog. I don’t happen
to have Leela’s link, but it’s called The Blablet Chronicles, and so if you go over
to Medium and search for Blablet, you’ll probably find it. So, in any event, they have had some
great articles, in fact, Leela featured me in a couple of the Articles where she featured
a little gif, and it was me talking and a bunch of props. So I shared it, and I always
comment on Brittany’s post. Yeah, I do comment on Medium, but I have not sat down to write
an article, because subject matter would have to be something with Our Love for Italy or
something like that, and I’m still racking my brain on that one. That’s an easy subject,
but the problem is running around and having three jobs at the same time.
Y’know, but what I was going to say about the comments. I’m actually getting people
liking my comments, and Medium is notifying me about “People like your post,” and I’m
like “What post?” and then I go and then I look, and I’m like “Oh, that comment that
I posted?” So, that content, I believe, is getting –
Yes, amplified, yes very quickly amplified, like you said. I think it’s a great place,
especially for someone who is looking for another outlet. For example, in addition to
your own blog, which I highly recommend, there’s Medium, there’s LinkedIn, I believe it’s called
Pulse, also there’s the other platform that folks, a lot of time they’re syndicating content
to a site called, I want to say it’s SocialMediaToday, or Business2Business, and they’re taking their
existing blog posts and repurposing them. So these are kind of like Blog Aggregators,
in some way. Yes. Another great thing about Medium, is they let you embed your Blabs.
So, you guys have done a Blab… Right And I don’t know if you posted it on your blog
or not…No, yes we do. Okay, you did, but you can still post that same Blab on Medium
and just change a little bit about what you talked about. That’s interesting. That’s a
great suggestion. So, even just take a quote or a question that someone asked you, and
use that as your text, and you can expand on it. It makes it a little different from
your blog post. Excellent. Pulse is good too. DeGraphics, yeah. Yeah, and Pulse. I agree
with Medium. Yeah, I’m just reading comments on the site. Yes, and this is DeGraphics and
– I think we’ve met. Yeah, I’ve met DeGraphics. Oh, that’s Dameon, on Elson, and I want to
make sure that I am also following you on Twitter, and I am pretty sure I am. I’m into
the open seat, right? Right, Ileane? Right! Absolutely! Feel free to come in and welcome,
welcome, welcome folks. I’m just not there right now because I want to make sure I’m
connected with Dameon on Twitter, on the Twitters. Okay. Oh boy. So, Okay, let’s see, did he
press to come in? Okay, feel free to come in, honey. Ok, so RebelMouse, is sort of like
a Paperli Okay, I never heard – have you never heard of Paperli before? Paperli, yes, but
not RebelMouse. Ok, it’s very similar to Paperli. Would you agree with that Dameon? It’s like
an aggregator of the best tweets and it may include other sites besides Twitter, I’m not
really sure. I do have a RebelMouse, but I don’t curate it, I don’t look at it and check
it out. Yeah, Paperly is the one I use, but I find folks get annoyed when you mention
them in your Paperly. I’ve had people say, y’know, it’s annoying. So, I don’t retweet
it out, but it is there. I have about 4, 5 of them, and if people were already subscribed
to them, they still get them. Okay, sure, no problem if you’re just commenting at the
moment. No problem, dear. Thanks! But I do want to know from you, do you think – would
you compare RebelMouse to Paperly. Do you think those two are, just, like, different
versions. Yes, thank you for helping. I appreciate it, he says he’s here to help if he can. I
love people that are helpful like that. Reminds me of me, and Nazim. ‘Cause Nazim is always
so helpful. Hah, thank you. Now, what about Triberr, now that we’re on the subject of,
umm – Oh my gosh, Triberr is one my favorites. I know, I see you on Triberr a lot, I started
it and then I stopped because I was y’know, heh, – Too many instruments to deal with,
you have to have a certain consistent strategy and for us, for me and Betty, we’re always
learning and learning and learning, but at the same time we have to prepare content.
That’s the hardest part. Yeah. Oh yeah. Better Content is the hardest part. You guys may
want to consider adding some – since you’re not really setup for guest blogging –
Not yet, no, not yet. yeah, and I know that I read about it, I read about it, but not
yet. Yeah, well, why don’t you consider doing more interviews? Well, our thing is, well
y’know, doing all the videos. We love video interviews. Yeah, well, video interviews!
Go to Periscope, I mean Yeah, that we’re – Yeah, Periscope we’re on Periscope. Met with somebody,
and just, it doesn’t have to be an expert. It could just be a person that the tourists,
at the site you want to talk about, and you say “Hey, do you mind if I periscope you?
And this is gonna be live, and I’m also gonna post this on my blog.” And ask them some questions,
and all you have to do is transcribe whatever was said, and BAM! There’s your content. Well,
the news of the weekend, which was very interesting for us was that Periscope is now gonna be
on Apple TV, or already is on Apple TV, as we speak. Yes! And right there, Betti was
like “Hmm, interesting,” and I’m like, “Yes, very.” I was Periscoping yesterday and I was
like “Hey, hey!” And, so let me just read this comment: “At the moment, what works for
me is scheduling my posts, of my blog content, then being actually on Twitter and engaging
now rather than later.” Yeah. And he’s impressed about the Apple TV, and I am as well. Y’know,
Apple TV, I may even order one. I’ve been considering it. I’m gonna have to upgrade
mine, because the old one, for those who don’t know, does not work with the new TVOS option
that they put in so we’re going to upgrade it, cause I’m looking at the stuff I’m seeing
on the website, and I’m like “Wow.” So, I think they did, I think – you know that there’s
Chromecast, the new Chromecast? I do it everyday. Chromecast is great, but really think that
Apple TV’s new version upped the ante a little bit, also. It’s a little bit like this battle,
y’know. Yeah, that’s why I said I’m considering because of the apps, and you know, if Google,
if they’re true to form, they will probably make some sort type of apps. Yeah, yeah, I’m
pretty sure. I will not be surprised, but Chromecast, for the price, which is only 35
dollars. You have a Mac? Yeah, I think DeGraphic does the same line of work that what we’re
involved with, over here in Italy, building websites and y’know, high standard – Uh, we
do a lot of corporate websites for fashion brands and stuff like that, so that takes
a little different approach in our strategy and stuff, but that’s great, that’s great.
I’ve met DeGraphic, I remember Dameon, I remember him in a conversation at some Blab. That’s
the thing about Blab, you jump in all the Blabs, and are talking, meeting people, and
afterwards, you see familiar names and go like “Hmmm, that guy, I know that person.”
Okay, I just want to send out a tweet real quick. I’m gonna have to go, Ileane. Let me
get back to work here, I took a small break, I’m super happy to have joined in. I appreciate
it! By the way, Wednesday, and this is a personal promo, my birthday schedule I’m gonna have
a Blab, me and Betty, from the house, with some friends, dropping by, and having some
wine. It’s at 1 O’Clock, eastern. You have it scheduled already? It’s already scheduled.
We’ll put the link in the comments there. You sure? That way people will be able to
see in their own timezone. Okay, I’ll do that, if that’s okay with you. Absolutely! I always
like to ask before imposing anything. Oh, yeah, no problem. I’d love for you to do that.
I appreciate you jumping in and hanging out with me. Yeah, I know, well the time schedule’s
perfect because now it’s 11:30 over here, so that – for us it works great. Okay, and
this is going to be a little Birthday Celebration from Casa Chiesi. Okay! Great, great. Bye
everybody! Thanks so much again. Okay and DeGraphics, you said that you’re hosting the
11s Hour and 13 minutes Motivation Monday, feel free to share that link as well. Guy
Cook has just joined us, so Guy, would you like to jump in? Feel free, also Chef and
Andrew, if you guys wanna jump in, feel free. There’s also a couple of people here who are
not signed into Twitter and just so you’ll know, and in case you’re not familiar with
Blab, it’s simply just sign in with your Twitter account and then you can also come on Camera
or you can ask a question, if you have any questions, you would use Slash Q. I’m just
going to pin again, the link to the blog post that we’re discussing, with the infographic
and the infographic is “40 Actionable SEO Tips and Tricks From The Best In The Business”
and the three best that this Infographic refer to are Rand Fishkin, from Moz, he’s called
the Wizard of Moz. Brian Dean from BackLinko, and Neil Patel. Neil Patel is from Quicksprout,
KissMetrics, NeilPatel.com, and probably a whole bunch of other things because the man
probably just thinks up new companies as he sleeps, because he’s just genius. So these
guys all know SEO very well. When I think of Neil Patel, I think of him more of a Content
Marketing Professional, then I think of him as SEO, but what he’s doing with his content
marketing is also very congruent with SEO. So, I just want to read one of those tips
here, if I can, and I can with this print out that I made, and I have to go over to
the blog post now, and that’s over at BasicBlogTips.com. And it’s the first post there. Okay, and this
one is from Rand Fishkin, and the tip is: “Help before you sell.” And that’s one of
the tenants, really, of content marketing as well, to provide value. There was a quote
from Joe Pillizzi the other day, I listen to his podcast, and he said “You can’t extract
value, unless you first create value.” So a lot of times, people just want to push their
products but they haven’t given their audience or their potential customers any value and,
y’know, we want people to know, like and trust us. Chris Ducker said, at the Ascend Conference,
he changed it to Know, Love, and Trust. You want your audience to really fall in love
with you and you do that by providing value. So, one of the reasons I’m doing this Blab,
because I want to see, I want to know, if you have SEO questions, if you have some interest
in SEO, what you’d like to know about it and if we’ll see if this infographic is helpful
to you at all. So, if you have any questions, just use SLASH Q, type your question, and
we can also highlight the questions over here. I’ll highlight Mat’s question. Mat was here
earlier. I thought this was a good one. He actually must have used an SEO tool and he
looked at my site, which is just BasicBlogTips.com, and that site has been around since 2010,
and he goes “You know, You have a decent amount of sites linking,” and yeah, I have thousands,
tens of thousands of links, and quality links, and he wanted to know about my backlinking
strategy. And, y’know, one of the strategies is providing content great content. When you
provide great content for folks and you’re helpful, they like to link out to you. The
other day, I gotta tell you guys, I was almost a little embarrassed that someone linked out
to me, in a post about professional bloggers. Okay, and the reason that I was a little embarrassed
was because I didn’t think, feel, I was worthy to be in this post with the other people that
I was compared with. For example, let’s see if I can find that. Okay, hang with me, bear
one second, guys. Don’t think I can find it fast enough, but what happened was the person
listed me as a Top 10 Pro Blogger, along with, here are the people that the compared me to.
They compared me to Arianna Huffington, from Huffington Post. Not making that kind of money,
folks. Also, they compared me with Darren Rowse, from ProBlogger. Now I feel like, okay,
that’s a little – I know Darren, he’s been here on Blab, we talked, you know, he was
pronouncing my name wrong until I got on camera. He saw me and he was like “Oh, Ileane.” Okay,
so Darren knows who I am, and I’m sure Ariana Huffington has no idea who I am. But, okay,
you guys got a couple more questions answered, and I’m going to answer Andrew’s first. Okay.
“SEO baffles me. I understand what it does but there seems so much. I am an online seller;
eBay, Amazon, etc, etc, but want to use blogging to develop my business. I was an offline seller
for years with stores before finding eBay.” Okay, great, and so Andrew, I think that some
of the tips that were shared in this infographic would be very helpful for you, especially
the ones from Rand and Neil Patel. Brian Dean has some great tips too, but like I said,
it’s really hard for me to read these. Let’s see if we can find one. Content Quality Beats
Quantity. And that’s a good tip for you, Andrew. When you are going to start writing and start
blogging. In the case of a brand new blog, if you’re starting a brand new blog, I recommend
that folks have at least 5 to 10 posts to launch the blog, because you don’t want to
send – build up a marketing campaign or promotion to send troops over to your blog and there’s
only one blog post. So, I recommend, you know, just putting things in draft until you’ve
got them written, until you’ve got them written out, and then you can launch. Okay? And even
if you launch one, one day, one the next day, you know, until you have at least five to
ten, depending upon how detailed and in-depth your articles are. Now, after that, after
you’ve launched, and you have your site there, you want to focus on the quality of the content
that’s being presented versus always trying to, you know, put out a blog post, because
there’s a lot of misleading information out there, and some of it says, y’know “You need
to have fresh content all the time, and you need to post everyday or once a week, or – you
do want to try to post at least once a month, and if find that you don’t have time, especially
when you’re building an audience – if you’ve already built an audience, then you can post
pretty much, at least, once every two months. You know, there’s a few bloggers that do that,
but I think, in the beginning, when you’re trying to build momentum, you want to post
it at least once every two weeks, but only if you have time to write really good content
that gives people – sort of sets the stage for what the problem is that you’re going
to solve for them, or tells a story, then you go into your content, what it is, the
value that you’re delivering them, and then if you have examples, or if you’ve done case
studies or anything like that, you want to include that, then you want to make a conclusion
and wrap things up. So, those are some of the things that help with good content, if
you have a Blab, you can embed the Blab. If you have a Youtube video, you can embed that.
Podcast, of course, are fantastic ways to, y’know, make your content rich. So it’s not
just like, “Hey guys, I think we should do such and such a thing,” or “This is a really
nice so-and-so, and here’s a so-and-so. Okay. Have a good day.” You might be able to get
some traffic with that, but we’re talking about SEO. You’re not going to be able to
build many backlinks and things like that, so yes, you may please jump in Sheila, I would
appreciate it, if you do, and I know there’s been a lot of comments going by, so we’re
going to accept Sheila. Hi, Sheila, how are you? Hi, Ileane. Great to see you today, you’re
looking lovely. Thank you. It’s early morning, I’m fresh, I’ve got some sparkle in my eyes.
It’s usually in the middle of the night when I speak to you guys. I wanted to ask you about
this link that you put up with your blog and the SEO infographic on the rise, on the lead
magnet side, as I call it. I’ve just recently started. I’ve got a huge website, but I just
recently started a second blog, on a different domain. I didn’t know that. Feel free to post
that in the chat area. But I just made the first mistake, because although I’ve got a
whole lot of ones lined up and ready to go, I’ve only got one on there, and the others
I was gonna do like every two weeks, so I’m gonna stuff five on. Yeah, yeah, don’t wait,
because you want to build up some momentum. On my right sidebar, I’ve rather dominated
the bay area with one big lead magnet, which is a downloadable book chapter, whereas you’ve
got lots of littles ones and that’s very much more attractive to me, because obviously,
people can pick and choose what they sign up for, but what I’m trying to do is segment
my list. Because it’s a knee problem, I don’t want to flood people with ligament papers
when in fact they’ve got a knee cap problem or something completely different. Is each
of your little content offerings on the right going into a different segment? No, at this
time, they’re not. But now that AWeber has introduced the new segmentation feature, it
will. Alright. Have to get together with my team now and write the different autoresponders
that need to go out to folks, because Aweber just turned that on for me Thursday, and I
had a big interview on Friday, and then the weekend. And is that something you’d want
to do? Absolutely, absolutely, because I have more than one lead magnet. One was about Youtube,
which is the one that’s there now, and then I have on about Pinterest. Okay. And there’s
others I can do, y’know I can do a whole thing on Blab. Y’know, I’m getting a lot
of folks that are interested in what I’m doing with Blab, and so I would definitely want
to have a separate segment just for Blab tips. People who are into Pinterest couldn’t care
less about Blab. Dameon is suggesting that I use segments in Mailchimp. I was a Mailchimp
-er and then I was about to switch to ActiveCampaign and I actually got a bit stuck with it so
I’ve gone back to Mailchimp, so I will be… I don’t know about Mailchimp but depending
on your level and how much you’re paying they don’t offer the autoresponders, and
that’s okay as long as you are willing to write content and send it out. Like with Aweber,
the autoresponder, and just to clarify for folks who don’t know what the autoresponder
is – Oh, and hi Johan – Clarify for me because I don’t. Okay, Autoresponder, and I have
this set up right now, like for example someone subscribes to my list right now, without me
making any additional effort, is gonna get an email once a week for the next 14 weeks.
That’s an autoresponder. They’re already pre-written emails that folks are going to
get that I wrote. Some of them I have to refresh, because like, “Oh, some of them don’t
pertain anymore,” so I may have to put a new link in there or something like that,
but the content is already written and the beauty of that is the person gets used to
hearing from you. They get used to opening your emails. They see your name and is like
“Okay, I remember why I subscribed to her list.” If you don’t email folks, they
forget who you are, they don’t open your emails, they know “Oh, I haven’t heard
from that girl in six months. Why should I open this?” They mark you as spam and all
kinds of things. I would have thought the opposite, I would have thought that getting
one a week, they would think “Oh, gosh, I’m getting too much of it.” Okay! Set
expectations. You let them know when they subscribe, you’re gonna get an email once
a week. And that’s the perfect time for them to unsubscribe and you have a link for
them and let them know, if you’re not interested, unsubscribe, because you’d rather have someone
unsubscribe than mark you as spam, or not open your emails all the time. For me, it’s
a massive, massive, hurdle just to have done the first one. Yeah, I know! I’m proud of
you! I’m proud of you for starting a blog too. I am so proud. And, Sheila don’t get
intimidated, take things – remember I’ve been blogging for six years, so don’t even
try and compare yourself to other bloggers who’ve been out there for a while. I do
want you to take my advice on, maybe, since you have these posts already in the can, don’t
wait for two weeks, because you’re trying to build up momentum, okay? So that can be
part of your autoresponder. You know that on WordPress, I’m sure you know that you
can schedule a post to go out right now, right? I’m not involved with WordPress. My website
is massive, and that’s one of the reason I wore myself out – my website is literally
thousands of pages of content. Then where’s your blog been? What platform are you using?
I’ve just put my blog on a – well, my blog is new.. Right. So, when people used to say
“Where’s your blog?” To me, my blog was my website, because it’s Drupal, and
it was a blogging platform, but I have not used it as a blogger, such. I get very big
traffic. But I’m wanting to reach out to new people, and reach out to bring to my new
to me courses, so I’ve created a second domain. And one of the things on your Search
Engine tips is to not make it a subdomain, and so I haven’t, but in fact I’ve made
the domain a very similar name, which perhaps is a mistake, and I’m using guest bloggers
to help create a little bit of different interests. So, you’re using Joomla for the blog. It’s
like Joomla, but it’s more sophisticated – I’m sorry, the blog I’m doing on Clickfunnels.
Clickfunnels! Oh! I don’t know It might be a mistake, because I’m a novice. It was
recommended to me because it’s a kind of platform that’s pricey but the Funnel’s
tremendous design tools, and you could also create a website or blog site directly in
it. I did not know that, so that’s new to me. And that’s funny because when I was
at Ascend, this guy came over to me and said, Chris Lang told me to tell you hi. And I was
like, “Oh my god!” Because, if you guys don’t know – Google+’s Chris Lang. Oh,
I love Chris Lang! Oh! and I just hugged the guy and I was like – He’s like, Oh, I’m
with ClickFunnels and I was like “Oh, I never used ClickFunnels.” And they were
a big, big, I believe, platinum sponsor of the Ascend Event. They gave us these thumbdrives,
and I mean, they had the best giveaways of everybody. You know, one of the advantages
of being a total newbie is that you can just jump into the newer end, and jump over all
the historical stuff. And not find it any harder than if you started with the beginning
and worked your way though. Absolutely. I might come back to you in six months and say
“Oh, that was ridiculous of me, I should have been using Leappages, or something like
that, or I should be in WordPress with a plugin,” but WordPress, I have never really liked,
because I have worked in Drupal for years and years, but I will come back to you and
let you know if my initiative has worked, you can actually send your Clickfunnel pages
directly to a domain, so it looks exactly like a domain. I’ll put the link there.
Yeah, yeah. Someone’s asking for your link. As I said, there’s nothing much in there,
because I’ve been holding – I just finished designing and I’ve been holding back. I
can’t answer the question, but if anyone else uses Drupal, can you schedule posts in
Drupal. And you don’t have to schedule them. Y’know, you can be hands-on. Set yourself
a little tickler file that says next Tuesday or next Thursday, I’m gonna send out a second
blog post. On the next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, or whenever, y’know you don’t
want to do it on a weekend – especially since you’re building up this blog, you’ll pick
a weekday, and say “Okay, I’ll send out the next post.” You don’t want to wait
the two weeks. I don’t see an advantage to doing it that way. SInce you already have
traffic there, y’know may be able to send that traffic over to the blog, where they’ll
see Yeah, my problem has been that my readers on my website have been there for years and
years and years, and I don’t feel like suddenly saying “You’ve been here, helping me,
answering questions on the bulletin board, supporting the whole site, and go to the new
site and pay 20 dollars to do this course. So, yet, I need to start creating proper revenue
generating products, so what I was hoping was to do it sort of naturally, sideways,
bringing a new audience via social media to the blog, and then signing them up to the
newsletter, and then giving everybody information about the courses, rather than putting it
on the website itself. Gotcha, yeah, and that’s what I mean, you might want to go back into
the old – Or you have a signature on your forum? In your forum area of your website?
Cause you said they were answering questions. I’m sorry, I just, I presume everybody knows
what I do. My website is into two parts. It’s been going for 20 years, in two parts. One
part is where I started, which is a bulletin board or a forum Do you have a signature,
that’s the part I’m asking about. I don’t know what you mean. A signature, like every
time you write a post, there’s a little signature and it says “This is Sheila.”
I write very little there, because I have so many users there that it generates itself.
Somebody comes in with a question about their knee replacement, and 10 people answer them.
Okay, and do they have a signature? That’s what I’m trying to get at. There is a signature
field. They have a username and they have a signature. So, some of the ones that you’ve
responded to, you may or – even as a header you may say “Hey guys, check out this blog”
“Did you know about this blog.” Okay, that’s not a bad idea. I see what you mean.
And then that way – I want to do it subtly and not force them. Right, they can look at
if they want to, then they’ll go over to there and see, I’m sure Clickfunnels is
probably optimized for converting people into your email list, which is one of the advantages
of using I suspect I’m at the top of the iceberg when it comes to Clickfunnels, but
when you get there…you can check it out. Hey Chef, how are you? Can I jump out then
and leave you? Oh, oh, thank you so much, for Sheila for dropping in and I definitely
would like to talk to you more about your website and I’ll take a look at it – cause,
yeah, I’m not gonna be on here much longer, so I’ll take a look at it. Thank you, dear.
Chef! What’s for breakfast! Your volume is very low. Livestreams on Blab.im and Twitch.
You’re the only chef I know on Twitch. Oh, that’s right, you’re doing gaming too.
I forgot! Yeah, I think the manycam or Camtwist is affecting your volume, because you sound
really, really, weak. Is anyone else hearing Chef? Or am I the only one able to hear him?
Should work now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there ya go! It’s picking up a lot of background
static, but that’s okay. That’s okay. That’s alright. I bought a brand new mic.
It’s one of these newer microphones Cool! Very nice! But it’s, uh, being a pain in
the butt. You need to make sure Blab is picking up that new mic. You need to go into that
little camera icon and make sure that Blab is. Yeah, it’s also a matter of position
too. I have surround speakers and it picks up everything. Yeah, yeah, so you might want
to use headphones and I hate ever suggesting that, but you’re using surround speakers.
I have nice speakers, but I don’t use surround, so that’s why you’re picking up so much
background noise. I do – I think strategic planning – am I off on that? I wouldn’t
say board members, ‘cause that sounds boring. Actually, I will say that SEO is boring, disclaimer
guys, I gotta let you guys know that. SEO is boring. Not unless you’re a real geek,
and you like real geeky stuff – the numbers – watching the numbers and watching the impact
of your SEO? That’s exciting. But the actual SEO? That’s boring. Or a statistician. Yes,
one of the things that you have to do, for SEO, is research. What are your keywords,
look at your stats. Make sure you’re going after those terms and phrases that your audience
is looking for, because a lot of times, what we think people would be searching for, on
google, is not the case. And, you don’t know that, until you do your research, and
find a quick way to – if you ever type anything into a Google search, or if you’re in Chrome,
when you start typing in, you notice that it autofills, and that’s like predictive
– and Google’s saying that this is what people would typically search for. And it
may not even be what you think, but then you’re like “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah that’ll get
me my result.” So you click that on. So, and that way, that’s the research you gotta
do – not just what you think that people are interested in, but what they are actually
looking for in Google, which can be impacted by a whole lot of features, like your locations,
and all of that. So that’s the boring part. Wouldn’t it be easier to write up a program
that would go to other websites, and rip their meta keys off, and do a compilation to figure
out which keywords are the number 1. There are tons of software that do exactly that,
for example SEMrush is one that does that very well. Also, SEMRush, adds this piece
where it not only looks at organic readings for keywords, but it also looks at pay per
click. And it also lets you find your competitors are for a specific keyword. And you can see
what specific page they’re paying for, for ads, for adwords. So, that really gives you
another bit of insight, let’s just say, for example, you’re selling neckties. And
you go and do your research and find out that JC Penney is also selling the same neckties,
and they are buying “Ugly Neckties For Christmas Gifts.” That’s one of the keywords, that
they are buy adwords for. And you guys know this is random and I’m totally making this
up, and it’s probably not even true. So, then you know “Hey, there must be something
about these ugly neckties for christmas gifts, maybe I should be writing about that, or maybe
I should be looking at where that’s taking people when they’re click on, and find something
that JC Penney is doing, as far as pages being laid out, or the angles of the images that
they’re taking of these neckties. That kind of thing. There are so many tools, and I just
SEMRush because they were also at Ascend, and I talked to the CEO, and he was very very
nice and gave me so much information, and, so, there’s tons of tools and I also have
a blogpost on my blog that lists all those tools. Yes, yes, in fact, if you go to that
blogpost, that I was talking about here, and I’m just gonna pin it here very quickly,
and that’s SEO-tips-infographic.html, over at BasicBlogTips.com, so you’ll see a link
in the first or second paragraph, and that links to another article that talks about
SEO tools, that you can use and you can see SEMRush as one in that list. I’ve already
used one. I’ve always used AWStats on my site. Just log it in, see what contents being
used, and which pages are the most viewed. I highly, highly advise you to not use AWStats.
Why not? Use Google Analytics, because AWStats will give you a lot of false positives and
they’re also show you bots that are on your site, that you may think are humans and they’re
not. So, really, really consider using Google Analytics. That is the industry standard,
okay? AWStats is gonna make you think that you have a lot more traffic than you actually
have. Okay? I learned that a long time ago. So, go – just try Google Analytics – set up
Google Analytics on your site and compare it to AWStats and I guarantee you in a month,
you’ll come back to me and say “Yeah, Ileane, AWStats was giving me inflated stats.”
Yes. DeGraphics is saying the video at the bottom of my blog post is really cool, thank
you very much, and also he’s saying he recommends using Google Analytics. Anybody else wanna
talk about Google Analytics versus AWStats? I stopped looking at AWStats because in 2011,
because I didn’t realize at first that it was giving me inflated stats, and yes, you
can see real time, on Google Analytics as well, and I thought that I had a lot more
traffic than I actually have, so that’s why Google Analytics is the industry standard.
Everybody will tell you to use Google Analytics, and it’s absolutely free guys, so if anybody
was wondering about that, and then you also wanna sign up for what’s known as Google
Webmaster Tools, or Google changed the name, recently to, Search Console, Google Search
Console, but if you ever see a tutorial or a tools list that talks about Google Webmaster
Tools, that’s the same thing. And then you can integrate those two: You can integrate
Google Analytics with Google Webmaster Tools, aka Google Search Console, and get even more
data about the search terms people are using to come to your site. For example, I can check
how many people are going to the blog post link from this Blab, that’s right. I sure
can. I wouldn’t do that right now, just because it’s okay, I’m alright. I’m
happy for folks I have right here, livewatching my Blab, but I will look at it later. I sure
will when I get to work, because, right now this is free promotion phase, cause I just
published a post. I’m gonna get it out there, make sure the people on Triberr are sharing
it, I have SocialBuzzClub, which is another site that I use to get my content shared by
like minded industry folks. ViralContentBuzz is another site. Just a retweet, that’s
another site. I got a lot of promotion tools. We gotta have another Blab, sorry I can’t
go over them all. But, in any event, I’m going to be wrapping up in a couple of minutes
here, and thanks so much for coming on Chef, and just to recap very quickly, I published
a blog post on BasicBlogTips today and it’s about SEO tools. It’s 40 SEO Tips From The
3 Best SEO Minds, and that would be Neil Patel – Beg your pardon, dear? I said I’ll check
that out. Okay. That’ll be Neil Patel, Brian Dean chef I gotta head out to work. Oh, me
too, that’s why I gotta wrap up. So, let’s go over those three SEO experts again: Neil
Patel, Brian Dean, and Rand Fishkin, and I don’t really wanna show favoritism, but
I kind of like Rand the most because he’s been here on Blab. And if I ever meet Neil
Patel, here on Blab, he’ll be my favorite! Brian Dean is cool, don’t get me wrong,
it’s just that Brian Dean is a lot newer to the space, then these other two, so I definitely
have to give them the ultimate props. Brian Dean is famous for something that’s called
the Skyscrapper Technique, where you write these humongous 5,000 word blog posts and
then – Oh, I don’t know what happened Chef but thanks – and when you write these humongous
blog posts, you reach out to folks who have similar content on their blog, or that have
linked to the competition for the blogpost that you’ve written and then you reach out
to them, via Social Media, EMail, or whatever, and you say “Hey, I see that you’re interested
in such and such, whatever that topic is, and of course you give them a bunch of praise:
“I love your blog, it’s so wonderful, I really like this article that you wrote
about such and such and such and such, and I just think the bee’s knees. I see you
have a link to this post about SEO tips and I have written something very similar, you
may want to consider linking to my post as well.” And of course the person goes to
your blog post and they see this 5,000 word blog post with all these images and infographics
and case studies and videos and podcasts and they’re like “Of course I’m going to
link to that article, who wouldn’t?” And that’s what the Skyscraper technique is.
And so, Brian is famous for that. In fact, his site is backlinko, just to give that a
plug real quick. I don’t want anyone watching this replay to think I don’t like Brian
Dean because I don’t, but I love me some Rand Fishkin. Very, very smart guy. Also,
he’s grown that mustache, if you’re wondering why he’s grown that mustache, you can watch
that interview that my friend Wade Harmon did here, and when I get that link, I will
post it over there. He interviewed him here, on Blab. I love that Blab can get you connected
with folks that you never, ever, imagined, that you would be connected with. And so,
at this time, I’m going to say thanks to Merlinko, James Strickland, Dameon, of course,
Sheila, Tracy Cooper, thank you, I’m following you, dear. Johan Glace, AngiesAbsoluteColor,
oh my gosh, I love that name, and I’ve just followed you, of course Chef, thank you so
much, my dear. Andrew, and yours truly. And thanks everyone, and Nazim Beltran was here
earlier, from Casa Chiesi. Thanks guys, have a wonderful monday, and I look forward to
November, of course. Here in the US, time has changed, and so it’s gonna be dark on
my going to work, as well as coming home. So, wish me well. Okay, guys? Alright, I’ll
see everyone later,

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