5 NEW BUSINESS YOUTUBERS THAT BLEW UP IN 2019 (Successful YouTube Channels That Grew Fast!)
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5 NEW BUSINESS YOUTUBERS THAT BLEW UP IN 2019 (Successful YouTube Channels That Grew Fast!)

Hello everybody, and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going to be talking
about five business you tubers who completely blew up in 2019 so if you want me to break
down the success of each one of these amazing YouTubers, keep on watching. So the first business YouTube that blew up
in 2019 blew up pretty early into the year. So I’m going to start with Vanessa Lau. Now, Vanessa had a YouTube channel for a few
years, but looking back at her videos, her very first video was this one, which is how
to stop feeling behind in life and to start taking action around this time, Vanessa quit
her corporate job and started making videos on YouTube in July 2018 so you can see from
her videos that she posted videos every few weeks or month for the rest of 2018 but really
didn’t have a ton of success. So to really figure out where Vanessa blew
up, I’m going to jump into a tool called SocialBlade, which is crucial because it gives you all
the stats about views and subscribers for different channels. So Vanessa continued to post videos through
2018 and she really had less than 500 subscribers by the end of December, 2018 but you can see
in January she blew up per subscribers. She went to 3,500 subscribers, which for a
small YouTuber that is tremendous. That is huge for someone who had just 101
hundred 15 200 for the first few months, that’s a really, really big deal. And you can see obviously in February her
subscribers just exploded. By the end of February of 2019 if Vanessa
had 22,287 subscribers. Now the reason for this was one video that
she did, which blew up. So if we go to her channel and we sort her
videos by most popular, you’ll be able to see this video right here, this video, how
to gain Instagram followers organically 2020 it was 2019 at the time, but she’s updated
a few things. So what’s really interesting about this video,
it was released in January at 2019 and she was really on trend because people were wanting
to grow their Instagram accounts. People are always wanting to grow their Instagram
accounts. But she released this in the middle of January
and that’s where you saw she had that jump from a couple hundred subscribers to 3,500
subscribers at the end of January. Now the YouTube algorithm really started picking
this video up February and that’s where she gained in your lead 20,000 subscribers in
that month. Now you can see at the time of this recording,
this video has 3.7 million subscribers. So it has continued to be a huge behemoth
for her channel and a huge reason for her success. So after this, she had all these subscribers
who are really into our content and so she started doubling down on Instagram when she
first started her channel. Her focus was for millennials, millennials
who wanted to quit their job and leave the nine to five but she realized really quickly
that maybe people are more into Instagram than they are then putting their job. And so she pivoted and you can see her top
videos. You see that? Yes, she has one video, just one that’s over
a million subscribers, but a lot of her top performing videos are all about Instagram,
Instagram, Instagram, going back to social blade, you can see each month she was roughly
getting about 20,000 subscribers each month and during this time she really capitalized
on that. And she released a course in April called
the BOSSGRAM Academy. This is her flagship course, but she had all
these new subscribers that were really into her and her message. And as a result of this launch, it was a six
figure launch. Now you can see at the end of April, she had
around 42,000 subscribers. So you don’t have to have hundreds of thousands
or millions of subscribers to monetize your platform, monetize your YouTube channel, a
couple thousand subscribers. It’s really all that it takes. And so she was able to then take this six-figure
launch and then generate even more YouTube videos. So you can see from social blade, her biggest
month of gaining subscribers was obviously in February. That’s where she’s peaked, but she’s still
continued to grow every single month. She had another peak again in April. Again, that’s when she launched her course
and has done anywhere from 10 to 20,000 new subscribers every single month for other popular
videos. Obviously are ones relating to growing on
YouTube because people who are on YouTube and in business, they want to learn more about
YouTube a lot and so they say find other YouTubers who are successful. So you can see that today she has pivoted
her YouTube channel a little bit. She’s still talking about social media and
entrepreneurship, but she is really adding a lot more content for new coaches, content
creators and entrepreneurs. Do I watch her videos? That’s obvious. You can see that she has 203,000 subscribers
at the time of recording this, which is pretty freaking awesome. All right, let’s jump into our next business. YouTuber that completely blew up in 2019 and
that is The Content Bug or Cathrin Manning. So what’s interesting about Cathrin or the
content bug is that she has a completely different story than Vanessa Lau. Vanessa Lau while she was on YouTube for about
six months. She wasn’t totally consistent with her content
and she really did have this overnight success. Now she doesn’t like when you use that term,
but it really was just a few videos that she did and she had one that completely took off
and exploded her channel from there, which is amazing. Cathrin, on the other hand, was a different
story. So if we jump into Cathrin’s channel and then
we sort her videos by the oldest, you will see that she actually has been YouTube since
2017 her very first video was uploaded October 9th, 2017 and it’s how to use Instagram stories
tutorial. So that was her humble beginnings and for
two years, for the most part, she really just continued to chug and chug away at YouTube
with very little success, at least subscriber success. All right, so hopping back over to social
blade, you can see that for the most part she had less than a thousand subscribers for
nearly two years. June, 2019 she had 944 subscribers and then
in July it crossed the thousand subscriber threshold. So a huge lesson is that sometimes you have
to continue putting in the work and that’s exactly what Cathrin did. She is a huge example of just showing up day
after day after day, and then finally all that hard work pays off. It’s like chopping a tree. The first a hundred shops aren’t going to
do anything but on the 101st that’s when the tree comes tumbling down and finally you have
some nice firewood. So interesting things to know is that her
content kind of was all over the place and this attributes to the reason why she wasn’t
growing, perhaps the way that she should have because she does have really high quality
content, but her videos were on blogging, they were on Pinterest, they were on personal
development and all of that was great, but still it was hard for people to follow and
really hone in on what is she all about. Now in early 2019 she completely went all
in on her upload schedule and started releasing videos every three days as she did that basically
for the entirety of 2019 through 2020 and she’s changed that since then. She’s since switched to two times a week,
but that really was huge because it allowed her to really pump out content so that way
when she did blow up, she had a huge backlog of bingeable content that people just went
nuts for. Now the video that really made a difference
for Cathrin was this one right here, it’s called how long it takes to get monetized
on YouTube, and if you look on her channel, it actually has a really great thumbnail. It’s her super excited. The caption says, finally monetize. It has the YouTube logo and dollar signs and
getting monetized, especially for new YouTube ERs is something that is so, so important. People are just dying to get their 1000 subscribers
and their 4,000 hours of watch time and so she released this in July. Now, like we see with YouTube, you’re going
to release a video and sometimes it’s not going to completely take off or right away
and that’s what happened to Cathrin. The YouTube algorithm did not pick her up
until September. You can see, yes, she was gaining subscribers. Even at the end of September, 2019 she was
at 2000 subscribers. Now for someone who had been going at this
for two years and it took basically two years to get your first thousand. This is huge to get this in just a few months
and October was the key month for her because that is when the YouTube algorithm picked
up that monetization video of hers and it just exploded so you can see she again continued
to grow in October since it was at the end of October. She really started seeing the fruits of her
labors in November, December this. Now this isn’t crazy explosive growth like
some of the other channels we’re going to talk about in this list. However, the short time period that it happened,
I mean basically she was picked up on October and by the end of December she had 25,000
subscribers. This is incredible and I think really has
a lot to do with a few things. Like we said, having bingeable content is
huge, so when YouTube finally picks you up, you need to have a back catalog of things
that people are ready to watch. She also doubled down on the content that
people were coming to her for. So since that video that went viral was all
about YouTube, she continued to make more and more videos all about YouTube because
that’s what her new subscribers wanted. Now, something that also helped with her bingeable
content is that she decided in August, I’m gonna make videos all about YouTube before
I’d been Pinterest and blogging, but August she started creating tons of videos on YouTube
and that’s where we can really see the bingeable content factor pay off when her videos went
viral because people are looking for YouTube content. Suddenly had more YouTube content directly
from her, which YouTube was going to put in the suggested section after someone finished
watching her videos. Now another thing that I think is really interesting
and important to note for the content bug is her style of videos. She’s a huge fan of logging and actually took
a lot of inspiration from the blogs that she watched and binged every single day and she
incorporated that blogging style into her business. YouTube videos. This makes it very personable. You feel like you know her, it’s different. It keeps you engaged because she’s always
switching locations and so that was something that was new for a lot of people, which really
kept people watching her videos and invested in her. Cathrin’s channel obviously has continued
to grow since this point. She now has 78,000 subscribers and most likely
will hit 100,000 within the next few months. All right, our next YouTuber who completely
blew up in 2019 is Erin on Demand. So here is her channel. You can see she has 824,000 subscribers at
the time of this recording and she focuses on business building productivity and social
media. Marketing’s her very first video was actually
released on August 24th 2018. She didn’t release videos for the next few
months and then started picking up again back in December. Now this is where we see her getting into
a more consistent upload schedule, but we really didn’t see her explode or grow and
that didn’t happen until May, 2018 so even though she had that first video in August
her, she really started in December and it took a good six months for her to get her
first 10,000 subscribers. So here is her first 10,000 subscribers video. She did a live Q and a on May 20th 2019. Now getting your first 10,000 subscribers
is a huge goal for a lot of new YouTubers. So what happened during those six months where
she went from zero to 10,000 subscribers? So looking at her channel and sorting it by
oldest videos, she was kind of all over the place. It was just business and how to be successful,
how to have good habits, more confidence. But really it was the videos that she started
talking about money saving and money that started taking off. And you will see this trend in the next two
content creators that we talk about, that money topics tend to perform really well for
a lot of these people and are a huge factor in a lot of people’s success and for having
them go viral. So instead of doing videos on how to stop
procrastinating and how to be more productive, she really shifted and started talking a lot
more about money and income and a little bit of YouTube, how to be successful at YouTube
here in there. So those things were what led to her success. So you can see she didn’t really have this
explosive growth and she was just kind of chugging along for the next few months. After she hit 10,000 July she hits 20,000
and then November and December is really where she starts taking off. So if we go to her channel and we sort by
the most popular uploads that she has, obviously her top two are where she breaks down for
different income streams. People are really interested in how other
people are making money, how much money. Seriously, we are so nosy. We have no problem asking YouTube is how much
they make, but when it comes to our neighbor, heck no, we would never ask that, but it’s
YouTube. Now, the other video that did really well
is her breaking down, getting monetized by YouTube. The whole process. What happened for her, how much money she
was making. So again, it’s all about the money. All right guys, our next YouTuber is our first
guy on the list and it’s a guy named Biaheza. So Biaheza is totally different than a lot
of the other YouTubers that we have talked about. His channel actually started a few years ago
where he shared his skateboarding videos, tips and tricks. Now in November, 2018 that all changed when
he posted this video called how I made it 25,000 in my first month drop shipping at
17 years old. So this had everything that could be appealing
to somebody, a very young making a ton of money, tens of thousands of dollars within
one month doing it very young and doing it with drop shipping, which is a very hands
off way of selling physical goods. This video was a complete departure from the
skate videos that he had done previously. So if we look at social blade, you’ll actually
see something really interesting before this point in time, he had a couple thousand subscribers
and he wasn’t really growing at all, but he decided to completely shift the focus of his
channel. And you notice right here for his weekly video
views, it’s actually a negative 800,000 views. So how can you have negative 800,000 views? That’s what happens when people either delete
their videos or they make them private. YouTube no longer counts those views in your
YouTube account for your rankings, and so that’s why he had nearly a million views go
away during this month. Now, nothing really happened right away, but
you can see that he is pivoting his account during this time. November he gets maybe a hundred subscribers
January a little bit more, but then things start to take off in February, 2019 and things
go absolutely insane from there. 2019 was just a record year for him. He crosses 100,000 subscribers by November
and he has continued to have this huge hockey stick growth. He’s at 312,000 subscribers now. What was the reason for this? There’s obviously a few things. He’s a young, young guy making a ton of money,
so again, money making how to make money is very, very appealing to people, but also the
fact that it’s this really young guy doing it. He also, during this time started focusing
on Instagram growth. He has a few accounts that have done incredibly
well and so people are always hungry to learn just like Vanessa Lau, how can I get more
followers? And so his top video actually is how to gain
1000 active followers on Instagram and a whole bunch of his other videos are relating to
just gaining followers. So he’s really good at making great captions,
really, really cannot clickbaity but definitely something that makes you want to click and
to find out more. He’s just this again, he’s this young guy
who’s very personable and so time getting followers with making money. It’s popularity and money is the thing that
everybody wants and things going to totally change the game for them. And so he’s really focused on that. Yes, he does have some videos about drop shipping
and he actually released his first course in October, which is Biaheza’s. Full Dropshipping Course. So he had tons of videos all about his drop
shipping strategy, but he didn’t give you all the secrets. If you want those and you want to start your
own drop shipping business. He has this course for $294 right here, which
you can buy. So within a year Biaheza gained over 250 a
thousand YouTube subscribers and he is much different than those other content creators. As you can see, he’s young, he’s youthful. I think he has a much younger demographic
than those other ladies do. And people like watching him and they like
seeing his antiques on YouTube. He realized after a few years, skate videos,
not successful, making videos about making money super successful. All right, our last business, YouTube or that
completely exploded in 2019 and this guy has the most success out of all the people in
this video. It’s Andrei Jikh. At the time of recording this, Andrei has
nearly 460,000 subscribers, but at the beginning of 2019 that was not the case. You can see at February, 2019 he had less
than 1000 subscribers and his channel is really interesting because he’s kind of straddling
these two things. You can see that the subheading of his channel,
his “magic of finance”, and those really are his two niches. He has magic videos and he has finance videos. So his early videos actually do reflect those
two niches. He has some about making money. Stocks and investing are actually a big thing
on his channel. But then he has these random videos about
card tricks and it is one of these videos that in April, 2019 just completely took off. And that’s this video or right here it’s now
you see me versus real life. It’s a card scene from a movie. Now you see me to recreate it and it’s really
short video. But currently it has 17 MILLION subscribers. So talking about one video is all you need
to go viral and to take you to the next level. This is true for Andrei. So then another one of his videos actually
goes viral and instead of the magic space, it is the finance space. This video is called, I got paid $781 and
40 cents with Robinhood dividends in March. So again, are you noticing a trend with some
of these top business, YouTubers? When you start talking about making money,
people start listening. So looking at his social blade, you can see
at the beginning of the year, less than a thousand subscribers, and he really picked
up in April when that one video went viral, it got a couple million views within a month
or so. Again, with 17 million views, it just has
to go crazy off the charts. And so he starts raking in the subscribers,
45,000 subscribers by the end of may 57,000 and so he’s gaining around 20,000 each month
and later from November to December, he has another huge wave that picks him up. He gains nearly a hundred thousand subscribers,
about 80,000 subscribers in that one month, and has continued at that pace. So within one year he went from less than
1,000 to, at the end of December, nearly 250,000 and it’s continued to just completely skyrocket. So you’ll notice by his most recent videos
that he, they are all about investing. They’re all about money. He talks about one of his biggest affiliate
revenue streams, which is Robinhood, which is a company that he really believes in quitting
your job, making six figures in a year. All these things that people are really interested
in doing. So even though Andrei has shifted away from
solely magic trick based content and has moved towards financial content, he still does incorporate
the magic elements in his videos. The way he does it is as he’s talking, he
will do a magic trick and it’s really fun and exciting and it really does keep your
engagement. So that is why the subtitle for his channel
is called the “magic of finance” because he really has blended two of his passions for
the best of both worlds. So if he continues at this pace, no doubt
he is going to have a million subscribers within the next few months, if not by the
end of the year. All right guys. So those are the five business YouTubers who
I saw completely blow up and kill it on YouTube in 2019 now obviously I don’t subscribe to
every single YouTube channel, so I am interested what other business YouTubers you saw blow
up in 2019 as well. Now I do have a list of a few business YouTubers
that I see blowing up in 2020 so if you want to see me do a video about new business YouTubers
that are killing it in 2020 let me know. Or again, if you have your own YouTubers,
you want me to break down and talk about, let me know in the comments below. Also give this video like my goal is to get
500 likes on this video and I’d love it if you could help me get there and of course
to subscribe for more amazing videos like this where I talk about how to be successful
on YouTube and that’s all that I have. I wish you the best success on YouTube and
I hope that your channel makes it onto my next list. I’m Morgan and I’ll see you next time.


  • Lewbot

    That was really interesting breaking down all those accounts. I always assume people who are really successful on youtube have always been, even though I know its not possible! HA
    Crazy to see how much things can change in a year

  • Lewbot

    That was really interesting breaking down all those accounts. I always assume people who are really successful on youtube have always been, even though I know its not possible! HA
    Crazy to see how much things can change in a year

  • BKWeb Productions

    Really cool list. I have been watching many YouTube tutorials on how to grow my channel, but I'm still trying to figure out what videos to release over the next few weeks. My content is all over the place, but I'm willing to fix things around. Do you have any good topics for 2020 that could help my channel grow?

  • Steven Burt

    Super informative. It's a long process and a lot of hard work to go from just starting out to "blowing up" as you probably know sis πŸ˜‰ Keep up the great vids!

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