5 SEO Tips 2020: How to Outrank Big Brands in Google with No Money
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5 SEO Tips 2020: How to Outrank Big Brands in Google with No Money

The biggest mistake what I’ve seen to speak
directly with my potential customers or any other website owners who are trying to get
organic reach a few years that they tried to outrank big competitors, big websites that
have a lot of backlinks, high-quality content, authority, trust, and Google uses all these
parameters to rank websites on their top 10. What you need to do, “You don’t need to use
standard recommendations” because these websites use them. They know how to adapt these recommendations
to their preferences. In this video, I’ll share with you methods
how you need to promote your website in order to get organic reach. Stay tuned. The best part is coming. My tip number one is “Don’t search for general
keywords”. All projects, I started from keyword research
tools like ahrefs, SEMrush, MOZ or Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner because you can find
some keywords, and after this, to choose the best keywords for your niche and create content
from these keywords. And it’s a big mistake for many websites because
they find just general keywords, they see, “Oh, there are a lot of traffic, and it’s
better to create content here.” But it’s more important to check your competitors
on the top 10. For example, if you see their websites like
Amazon, Wikipedia, many other big brands, you can’t outrank them even if you create
better content than they have because Google ranks websites that have authority and trust. And Google ranks websites that people want
to see because they know these brands. For example, if you type on Google trying
to find some sneakers, what you will choose? From Amazon or unrecognizable shop? Of course, you will choose Amazon because
you know and trust this brand. And even for Amazon, they don’t need to create
a lot of backlinks for all pages that they have because their trust is more important,
and authority that they have for the whole website gives them ranking. For new website, you don’t need to outrank
these websites, it’s better to skip some general keywords because big brands occupy all these
keywords, it’s better to find new keywords. And how you can do it? This brings me to my next tip. According to Google, 15% of new keywords appear
every single day. What does it mean that you have a lot of opportunities
because big brands don’t have time to cover all these keywords because they have own priority
to improve their products, to improve existing content, to create some new content, but they
can’t cover everything. There are a lot of opportunities, just go
to Reddit or Quora or any other websites question and answers and find some topics that have
a lot of comments and engagement. You can find questions and answers. What you need to do, to convert all this information
to blog posts and rank all this information on Google. You can create much better content than on
Quora or Reddit because you can add some visualization, pictures, images, or any other type of content,
to use some subheadings on your content. And yeah, after this, Google will rank your
content on the top 10, and you will not compete with big brands, you will not spend a lot
of money with link building or any other SEO Services, just create content what people
want to see. And because lack of content online, Google
will rank your content. And this brings me to my next tip. My tip number three is, “To find low-quality
content online”. I usually use for this purpose ahrefs, you
can use other tools like MOZ or SEMrush. What you need to do in ahrefs, go to content
explorer, type your keyword, and click search. After this, you’ll find a lot of content opportunities. And in ahrefs, you can limit some filters,
for example, to choose pages with less than 1000 words, and limit some authority for these
pages with backlinks, and choose pages with a lot of traffic. And after this, you will see a lot of content
opportunities with low-quality content. And yeah, one more important filter, that
you can choose the date of publication, and that means if somebody published articles
three or five years ago, perhaps today is outdated. And what you need to do, to create something
new, to highlight some excellent information on your article, create much better than existing,
and yeah, submit this article to your blog or your website. And after this, you will see that Google will
rank your content because your content is fresh and much better. Why big brands or any other websites don’t
outdate, don’t upgrade all this information, I mean like outdated information? Because they don’t have time to cover everything,
and especially for these articles that have a lot of traffic. And they see, “Oh, we have traffic, why we
need to change it?” But you know, if you can create much better,
you can take away this traffic to your website, and you don’t need to create a lot of backlinks
to promote this page, just create something better. Of course, you need to promote. Without promotion, you can’t get ranking,
but you don’t need to have a lot of backlinks like your competitors have to these pages. And we will go to the next tip. Next tip is “Build your name in social media”. It’s important today to be present in social
media because customers want to see social proof for any brands. And 70% of customers don’t buy from brands
if they don’t engage with their content in social media. It’s important today because online fraud
is over $100 million each year, and customers don’t want to pay for brands if they don’t
know them. And social media is the best way where you
can prove that your content and your business cost their attention. What you need to do, to choose the best social
media where your audience is. For example, for digital marketing, I pay
attention to Twitter and LinkedIn. You can watch some of my videos where you
can understand how I promote my content on Twitter and LinkedIn, or you can go to my
social profiles and see that I have thousands of followers, and I got them in a few months. And what you need to do, to choose your social
media. It’s not difficult to promote them, and you
don’t need to pay for paid advertisement, it’s better to set up organic reach. And you know, for example, when I provide
a test on Twitter, I paid $9 and get 3 subscribers. You know, after this, I created my paid ads
and decided to to pay all my attention to get all my subscribers, followers organically. What I usually do, I just have a list with
influencers in my niche, and I comment their publications, I comment every day. And the second step, I publish a lot. When you publish a lot and comment some influencers
publication, you will see that your followers will increase every single day, and yeah,
it works, it works for Twitter, it works for LinkedIn, it will work for your social media
where you will pay more attention. For example, I don’t pay a lot of attention
with Facebook because Facebook organic reach is less than 3%, and I’m not interested a
lot with this social media because I can engage on LinkedIn and Twitter more. But for example, you can choose Instagram
or Pinterest or Snapchat, it depends on your business. And it’s important today to be present in
social media, publish a lot, don’t worry about the quality of your publications, just choose
interesting information online. For example, it’s difficult to create 20 post
every day. What I usually do, I just go to other bloggers,
take their content, and publish on my social media. I always link back to their content. But you know, it helps to promote my social
media and even help these bloggers, you know, to get additional traffic. Yep, it works, and it’s important for SEO
today to have your social media accounts, have followers, and to prove your visitors
that people know you. My last tip is “To bring value and help people”. It’s important today because many new website
owners, they have the same mistakes, they want to sell, they want to sell from first
day how they started. They usually create content for sales pages. But it doesn’t work today if people don’t
know you. If you don’t have strong social presence,
if you don’t have organic reach, if you don’t have loyal audience, forget about selling. First step, “You need to create name”, you
need to create strong brand recognition. If people know you, they will order from you
in the future. And big brands, they usually pay a lot of
attention to bring value and help people for free. What do you need to do, to write blog posts,
to create webinars, to record videos for YouTube, it depends on type of content what you have. Just focus all your attention to help people,
to bring more value that you can. And after this, when you feel that you have
loyal audience, you can link to the commercial pages, to your course, to your products, and
sell it. Without loyal audience, you can’t sell effectively. And it’s a big mistake for many website owners,
they try to sell from the start. Even if they have great product, unique product,
but people don’t know them, then they won’t buy. And it’s a big mistake to set up Pay-Per-Click
advertisement because Pay-Per-Click is overwhelmed with a lot of competitors, and they have strong
brand recognition, if you don’t have it, you can’t outrank them in Pay-Per-Click advertisement
because customers will click to your ads, and after this, they will decide to buy from
you or not because they don’t know you, it’s better to go to other websites if they know
them. And it’s a big mistake to start from Pay-Per-Click
advertisement, just bring value, help people. And after this, when you have a loyal audience,
you can customize other type of marketing advertisements. That’s it for today. Thank you for watching my video. Ask questions in the comment sections. Like this video. Subscribe to my channel. And see you next time. Cheers.

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