5 siblings’ house – Oppa for the day, Seo Kang-joon [The Return of Superman / 2017.01.01]
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5 siblings’ house – Oppa for the day, Seo Kang-joon [The Return of Superman / 2017.01.01]

(This superstar can cook well, too.) – ♪ You better watch out ♪ / – ♪ You better watch out ♪ – ♪ You better not cry ♪ / – ♪ You better not cry ♪ – ♪ Better not pout ♪ / – ♪ Better not pout ♪ – ♪ I’m telling you why ♪ / – ♪ I’m telling you why ♪ – ♪ Santa Claus is ♪ / – ♪ Santa Claus is ♪ – ♪ coming to town ♪ / – ♪ coming to town ♪ Sian, who is nice and who is naughty? – Sua, Seola. / – Are they good or bad? (I’m watching you.) Sua and Seola are bad. Are they bad? – What about us? / – What about us? (I was so good to you.) I like you. Are we nice? They’re gathered to make a call. – Dad. / – Dad. Hello, Sua. – Sian. / – It’s Dad. Hi, Seola. – Seola, did you perm your hair? / – Yes. You look so cute. – Let me see Seola. / – Seola. (Gosh, Dad.) Seola, that hair looks so cute on you. You’re like a cartoon character. (I knew it.) Dad. We’re waiting for Santa to come. Is Santa coming tonight? – Yes. / – Yes. I’m sorry to be so far when Santa’s coming. – Yes. / – Yes, yes, yes. I’ll be there after a few more nights. Okay. Seola, a handsome uncle is coming today. (Really?) Donggook can’t be home because of a game. Someone handsome will take care of the kids today. (Actor Seo Kangjun) It’s Seo Kangjun. He’s handsome and popular. Seola and Sua will be happy. (Popular actor Seo Kangjun) I really wanted to meet Seola, Sua and Sian. I’ll be their dad and brother for Christmas. (Kangjun is calling someone.) Hello? Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. (As soon as he sees Donggook,) (he smiles.) – You’re so handsome. / – Thank you. I’m Seo Kangjun. – I’ve been watching “Entourage”. / – Thank you. It’ll be tough today. Will you be all right? Of course. I think it’ll be fun. When they see someone handsome, they cling to them. I’d like that. That’s better. Hold me. Soon, the kids will be all over Kangjun. (Kangjun will have the kids falling in love with him.) Thank you for helping out and I’m sorry. Not at all. Don’t worry and good luck with the game. If you have any questions, ask Jaesi and Jaea. I have to go now. Good luck. I want Park Bogum or Song Joongki to come. I like EXO, too. – I like Seo Kangjun, too. / – Me, too. It’s going to be so fun. (Welcome) Hello. Come here. Welcome. – Hello. / – Hello, I’m Seo Kangjun. I’m Lee Jaea. – Lee Jaea. Jaesi. / – Jaesi. (Just looking at his eyes) (makes them giggle.) I’m almost like your brother. (I’m not that old.) People live to 100 nowadays. The age gap isn’t that big. Okay. (Sure.) I have to look after Seola, Sua and Sian today. Do you have any tips for me? What do they like? – Bananas. / – Bananas? – All three of them? / – Yes. They’re like monkeys. They really love it. They will fight if you just give them one. – You have to give one each. / – I need three? I can split one into three, right? Yes. Have you tried changing diapers before? No, never. The Velcro goes to the bottom. Take the Velcro off. – Take it off? Like this? / – Yes. You have to do it properly or his bottoms will hurt. His pee could leak and make a mess. – It could leak? / – Yes. – Do you do this, too? / – Yes. Really? You’re better than me. Do you think I’ll do well? Seola loves handsome men, So she won’t cry. I think you’ll do well. I want to sneak in and surprise Seola, Sua and Sian. Is there any way I can make a surprise entrance? Yes. – There is? / – Yes. (They’re leading him to a secret door.) Is it here? (This emergency door leads to their second floor.) Thanks to his little helpers, Kangjun entered the house in secret. (She checks on her siblings.) They’re playing. They’re downstairs? (They’re playing.) (They’re so cute together.) – They’re on their backs looking up here. / – Really? Bye. Thank you. See you later. (Kangjun is left alone.) (He studies the kids.) (The twins are playing rough.) Thankfully, the kids haven’t noticed him yet. (He’s trying to surprise them with snow.) Will he be able to surprise them with the gift? (Ready, set,) (and shoot!) Who should go first? – Guess… / – It’s snow. (It’s really snow.) It’s snow. (Sian tries to figure out what is happening.) (He’s spraying shyly.) Why is it snowing? (Giggling) (No one is up there.) – What is this? / – What is it? Wow. (It’s a white Christmas and the kids are excited.) It’s on Sua’s hair. (You have snow on your hair.) (How adorable.) With a racing heart, he goes over to meet them. (The kids have no idea.) Hello. Hello. (She’s shy.) Hello. Hello, Seola, Sua and Sian. – Hello. / – Who are you? I’m Seo Kangjun. (Heart, please stop beating so fast.) Can you introduce yourselves? What are your names? – Seola. / – Sua. – Seola? / – Yes. – Sua. / – Sua. – Sian. / – Sian. You’re Sian. (That’s right.) I’m your brother. Brother? You can call me Kangjun. Okay? (Sure, why not?) (Why did you call yourself their brother?) People live to 100 now. I wanted to feel closer to them. (What are you most confident about?) Strength. I’m young. I’m only 24 years old. That makes me their brother. (Rummaging) (What is he doing?) I prepared a present. (A present?) I need you to say “Abracadabra.” – “Abracadabra.” / – “Abracadabra.” Louder. – “Abracadabra.” / – “Abracadabra.” Blow on this. (What will happen?) (Once the paper is lit on fire,) Ta-da. (it turns into a flower.) (Surprised) (He’s a little awkward,) (but his handsome face makes up for it.) What is it? It’s a rose. It’s a flower. Sua, do you want one? It smells like fire. Does it smell like fire? Is it scary? Should I stop? (Do it again.) Blow on it for me. (I’m so nervous.) Ta-da. This is for you. Sian, do you want one, too? Blow on this. (Blowing) (This is the last rose for Sian.) Ta-da. (I like this man.) Ta-da. (The magic show continues.) (His thumbs light up.) (It goes in) (and out.) (This is mesmerizing.) What is it? (It’s flashy.) – What is it? / – I’ll eat it. (He’s working so hard since the kids like it so much.) (What can’t this man do?) Why is it on fire? Why is your finger on fire? It’s a fake finger. – No, they’re real. / – No. – They’re real. / – No. These are real thumbs. Look. It’s going to come out of Sian’s ear. (What did he do?) What is it? Let me pull it out. What? These are real. (Detective Seola investigates.) See? (I knew they were fake.) They’re fake. You can go like this, too. Look. Yes. I want to do it, too. – You do? / – Yes. Here. – Does it hurt? / – Yes. I’ll blow it better. (My goodness.) It’s okay now, right? (This guy is so sweet.) (She’s coming closer to Kangjun.) (She sits on his lap.) Sua reaches out to Kangjun first. (She’s trying to memorize his face.) It looks like he won Sua’s heart. (She’s joking around.) Don’t do that. (She’s like a magnet to Kangjun.) (You’re the South pole and I’m the North pole.) Hold me. (Seola twists her body.) Don’t look. – Don’t look? / – Hold me, too. (Kangjun is surrounded by the kids.) (Sian feels left out.) Kangjun. Kangjun. (The three of them are having a good time.) (Kangjun.) (Kicking) Uncle. I’m not your uncle. I’m your brother. Look at me, Kangjun. – I’m your brother. / – Look at me. (Please pay attention to me, too.) – Do you know how old I am? / – Look at me. I’m 24 years old. (He can’t hear Sian.) Kangjun. (This 25-month-old needs attention.) What are you doing? (I’m trying to charm you.) (What is he saying?) Do you have to pee? (No, I’m telling you to look at me.) – Do you have to pee? / – Look at me. I’m looking. – Look at me. / – I’m looking. (Coy) Shall we see how strong you are? Ready, set, go. (We’ll help you, Sian.) – Sian. / – You won. (I can’t believe I won.) (He jumps in excitement.) Sian. – Kangjun. / – He won. (Kangjun) – Kangjun. / – Yes? – Sian, do you want to play hide-and-seek? / – Yes. (He’s off.) ♪ Come out, come out wherever you are ♪ – Did you hide? / – Yes. – Sian, too? / – Yes. Okay, I’m coming. (Seola is behind the couch.) Where are Seola and Sian? (Flat) (He’s acting like he didn’t see her.) I wonder where they are. (You won’t be able to find me.) (He even has time to reset the camera.) I heard something. (Hurry up and find me.) (Kangjun follows Sian’s voice.) Where is Sian? Is he in here? (Nervous) (He finally opens the door.) He’s not in here. I’m here. I can’t find you. (What’s happening?) He’s not here. Oh, there you are. Let’s go find your sisters. Where is Seola? (She’s fast on her feet.) (Where could they be?) I wonder where Seola is. She’s hiding so well. (I’m hiding over here.) Where is Seola? (Sian finds Seola.) There she is. Seola is right here. (This is fun.) (The kids want to keep running around.) (Is it time for me to use my strength?) One, two, three. Hide-and-seek isn’t enough for the kids. He was confident about his strength. Now it’s playtime. (I’m so excited.) Sian, too. (I want to play.) What? You, too? Sure. In one, two, three. (Pulling) (Was I) (too thoughtless?) (Pulling) (Hanging) (Tripping) (These monkeys don’t ever get tired.) (Kangjun is slowly getting tired.) – Do you want to go on my shoulder? / – Yes. Hold tight. (I feel bad for you, Kangjun.) (He’s short on breath.) – Kangjun. / – Yes? Babysitting isn’t easy, is it? After running around, the kids get down to drawing. Will Kangjun get a break? (He sniffs Sian’s diaper.) – Sian, did you pee? / – No. You didn’t? – No, no. / – You didn’t pee? – Really? / – I think he did. – What? / – I think he did. Do you think so? That’s nasty. It smells like poo. Does it smell? (I didn’t poo.) (They head to the washroom to check.) You didn’t poo. – I didn’t poo. / – I have to pee. – I don’t think you peed either. / – I have to pee! (Kangjun is still focused on Sian.) – I have to pee. / – You didn’t go. – Go. / – I have to pee. – Do you have to pee? / – I have to go. – I have to go. / – Seola, go here. I have to pee. I have to pee. (I’ll take care of myself.) (He pulls down his pants.) – Are you done? / – Yes. Flush. – Sian. / – Good. Sian. (Don’t mind me.) (He clenches his fists.) He peed by himself since Kangjun was busy taking care of Seola. Sian is all grown up. (He did it by himself.) (Kangjun cleans up after Sian.) – Let’s wear a diaper. / – No. No? Why not? (He’s asking Seola for help.) Sit down. Sit down right here. Sian, sit here. (Here is a diaper.) Seola, which is the front? (It’s his first time changing a diaper.) The Velcro goes to the back. – Okay. / – Baby. Seola, how do I do this? (I’m so busy.) You take this and go like this. – Hold this? / – Hold it. Put this side together and then that side together. – This side, too? / – Yes. (Kangjun is following Seola’s instructions.) – Did I do this right? / – Yes. – Like this? / – Yes. (You’re a fast learner.) All done. (I’m sleepy now.) Come here, Sian. Sian, let’s take a nap. Here. Are you sleepy? Let’s go to bed. It’s nap time. (It’s Sua’s turn now.) ♪ Twinkle, twinkle, little star ♪ Following Sian, Sua is off to dreamland. (Seola is last.) Our last runner, Seola is trying to sleep in Kangjun’s arms. Do you know any song? (Kangjun is asking Seola to sing.) (He’s bouncing to the song.) Good job. (She’s starting to doze off.) Thanks to Kangjun’s sweet voice, Seola fell asleep. Is this really your first time babysitting? You’re not just handsome, you’re also a talented babysitter. (He lays her down gently.) (He taps her lightly.) Like magic, all three of them are fast asleep. (Sighing) (He closes the door carefully.) (He’s finally having his first break.) (He looks back on the hectic day.) (My goodness.) It’s harder than I imagined. Babysitting is really hard. (It was harder than he thought.) Did my dad raise me like this? (The day goes through his mind like a film.) I miss my dad.


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