5 Ways to Boost Your Domain Authority! | Domain Authority Help
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5 Ways to Boost Your Domain Authority! | Domain Authority Help

Do you know what Domain Authority is? And why does even matter when it comes to
Rank your website in Google searches? Well, Domain authority is not an easy thing
to achieve for your website and cannot be built overnight. It requires lots of patience and hard work. So, why not take advantage of the most important
ranking factor which most of the competitors feel reluctant to work on. Hello All, My name is Rashmi Batham and Today
I am going share – how to boost Domain authority of your website. So, Let’s first understand what Domain Authority
is. Domain Authority, commonly known as DA, is
a grade or score (ranging from 0-100) which estimates how well a website will rank on
Google and other search engines. A website with a high DA score is likely to
rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages. So if you are not sure how to work on boosting
your domain authority, Keep watching because I am going to explain you 5 important factors
that can help you boost your website’s domain authority. But before we jump into it; we need to understand
why it is important to increase the Domain Authority of your website. Well, boosting your Domain Authority will
increase the possibilities of your website to rank in Google and other search engines. Sometimes, you may have seen that a website
which has a low DA ranks lower than websites which have a high DA. So, in general you can say that, High Domain
Authority leads to high search engine rankings which eventually increases the traffic of
your website and helps you connect with your potential customers faster. However, as mentioned already- DA cannot be
improved overnight. Well, it is not going to be easy, but it won’t
be as hard as climbing Mount Everest. So, why not try it. To make things easier for you, here are the
top 5 factors that needs to be considered to boost your DA. So, let’s check them out. Number 1: Publish Quality Content
You need to write quality content in order to achieve a good DA score. Unique and approachable content gets value
everywhere. So, If you want to write quality content,
you need a great strategy for your content. It doesn’t matter how long you write; what
matters is – it is unique and relevant. I’ll leave a link to a video below on Quality
vs Quantity for your content. Number 2: On-Page SEO
On-Page SEO is a best method to optimize your website performance organically. It plays a vital role in moving your DA from
low to high. It includes technical factors like page titles,
URL structure, broken links, Meta descriptions, keyword placement, and keyword density. Number 3: Internal Linking is the Key
The best example of internal linking is Wikipedia (which has a DA score of 98 out of 100), which
is huge and really hard to achieve. Internal linking reduces the bounce rate and
increases visitor’s average time spent on your website. By linking to your older posts, will make
your current posts more informative and attractive. Simply try creating a web within your content. Number 4: Generate High Quality Links for
Your website It’s not going to be easy to generate high-quality
links for your website, but it’s going to be worth it. Many bloggers and webmasters make mistakes
here. They end up making low-quality links which
don’t add any value, hence reducing their site’s ranking on Google. So make sure that you have good DA backlinks
linked to your website to rank higher in searches. Number 5: Get rid of Bad Links
It is essential to remove bad links regularly that are affecting your site’s position
on Google. Removing toxic and spammy links is as important
as gaining quality links. You will have to keep your link profile clean
and spotless. Above of these factors, the most important
thing to keep in mind is – Domain Authority cannot be purchased or stolen from another
high Domain Authority website. To lift up your DA score, you need a great
strategy, thousands of pieces of great content, and lots of patience. If your DA is around 10 or 15, then it will
be easy for you to raise it up to 30 or 40. But when it comes to growing your DA score
above 50, the job becomes much tougher. I hope now you now know the importance of
Domain Authority and how to boost it. Thanks for watching and leave a comment below
with your DA scores and questions you have. If you want to see more SEO tips and tricks,
subscribe to our channel and yes, don’t forget to grow big and convert more!

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