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5 Ways to Get Free Backlinks Online | Tyler Horvath

what’s up guys it’s Tyler with tyton
media I got another video for you I wanted to
make today in this video I’m going to show you five different ways that you
can get free backlinks online so why do you want backlinks well if you know
anything about SEO you know that having the more backlinks to your website will
increase your your rankings in Google now that’s one factor of many when
you’re ranking in Google but it’s a pretty big factor and it’s highly likely
that if you can get high quality backlinks to your website and your blog
pages or your product pages you’re gonna get more traffic so I’m gonna share with
you five free ways that you can get some great backlinks to your website and
depending on you know how hard you work at it you can get I would say upwards of
a thousand high quality backlinks do follow backlinks to your website so how
do you do it well here’s the first way and a lot of you probably already know
this way but it’s a good one so guest posting so
the idea of guest posting is pretty much you are trading another website owner
content for a backlink so how it works is you can reach out to similar websites
in your niche and you can email them and say hey I have this article that I’d
love to write for you know your blog and pitch them the idea and a lot of them
will say yeah sure I’d love for you to write an article on our blog and you can
throw in you know one or two links back to your website and get a free really
high quality backlinks that way so they call this outreach so that’s just reaching out to blogs and
piercing them ideas for you know content that would match up well with their site
and you can throw in a bunch of natural backlinks both to your website and other
Authority websites that you would want to match up you know your site with and
it’s important that you make sure that the blog is you know a good blog you
don’t want you know spammy kind of blogs like that and you want to make sure that
the content that you’re providing is really good because as you probably know
the best way to get good high quality backlinks is to create good content that
people want to back them to so that’s a little bit about guest posting be sure
to follow me if you want to learn more about you know good ways to do outreach
and how to find the best places to outreach to and stuff like that
the next thing is IO IP so I why P stands for Internet Yellow Pages so
these are websites like yellowpages.com brown book comm all those type of
websites where you can list business information so if you have created a
business for your website you can submit your business information to you know
thousands of these places so this is really great for local SEO so if you’re
a business and you’re trying to rank locally you know people are searching
for let’s say you live in Los Angeles and you are a general contractor so if
you want to rank better for people searching for Los Angeles general
contractors you might want to submit your your contractor business
information to as many i/o IP sites as you can so I mean you can just Google IO
IP sites there’s plenty of blogs that list you know hundreds of sites that you
can submit to for free and a lot of them you can add your website as well
so they call these n AP or n AP w citations so that’s name address phone
website so the more of these citations that you can get at internet yellow page
sites the better that you will rank locally and you can get hundreds of a
really high quality backlink I mean they’re not you know super high quality
as far as you know the rank of the URL and stuff but they’re high quality in
the sense that you can rank a lot better in your local market which can also help
you bet rank better in the national market so the next thing that you can do is called web 2.0 so web 2.0 are web
sites like WordPress com Joomla com medium those type of sites where you can
publish content on their domain and you know sometimes you’ll have a subdomain
so you can create you can create a let’s say for example a wordpress.com site so
let’s say that we have let’s go with our general contractor example spill so
let’s say we want to let’s create a wordpress.com site called general
contractors in Los Angeles dot wordpress.com
so on that web site you can blog and make sure that it’s new content and it’s
not the content from your blog and it doesn’t need to be you know super long
high quality stuff just good 600 word articles and you can link back to your
site in your content and these these will be considered you know pretty high
quality backlinks so there’s a ton of web 2.0 sites that you can you know blog
on and add content to and link back to your site from just Google web 2.0 sites
like IO IP users you know blogs that have lists of a ton of these web 2.0
sites that you can actually write a content and publish content to and
backlink to your site so that’s web 2.0 so another one and a really good one
that a lot of people don’t know about is creating a job so you can create a
job listing for your company or your website and you don’t even need to
necessarily be actually hiring for that job but you can create a job for your
site or your your company and you can submit it to a bunch of free job
websites so there’s a ton of websites where you can submit free job to I know
you know like in deed and places like that they’re gonna cost money so unless
you’re willing to throw out a couple bucks you can just use the free ones and
then they’ll ask for a URL to where they can apply and you can just put in your
website and a lot of job aggregators will find this content and they will you
know publish it on other web sites other job sites and you can get a lot of
backlinks that way just by creating a job and linking to your website from
that job listing so that’s really going that a lot of people don’t know about
here’s another one that will have people don’t know about so you can actually create a scholarship
in the same way that you create a job and you can’t get it listed and get a
lot of really great edu backlinks so you know about SEO you know that dot edu
backlinks are really high quality backlinks because you can’t buy a new
domain without being you know a register of school so if you can create a
scholarship for your company or business and you know you can even make it a
really cheap scholarship you can submit this information to
colleges and they will list your company in their scholarship section and you can
get really high quality backlinks from DBU sites just by creating a scholarship
for your business so I know that this is five ways to get free backlinks but I
wanted to give you guys one more just for watching the whole video so the last
one that you can do now it depends on what kind of company you have when a lot
of the times there’s a lot of these websites now where you can submit
startups to and you can review startups and you can you know see all the
recently submitted ones these are a great way to get backlinks there’s just
forms that you got to fill out that include you know your business name the
description your URL all that kind of stuff just fill those out and you can
submit it to these these startup Lister’s and get your your company
listed add a lot of these type of sites and that will give you a little extra
link juice when you are just starting to give your site a boost and kind of get
it going and get it started and get those backlinks coming in so here’s
that’s been six ways that that you can get some great backlinks online for free
I hope that I share some good dollars with you on SEO and getting more traffic
to your website be sure to follow me if you want to see more cool videos and
content like this and have a great day

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