• Rebecca Blokzijl

    I Never have put much work in to keywords, because my best video ever had almost no keywords, I found out after a year or so. It did great on its own. So I do all the things that I should for my videos but I don't put much effort in keywords. I will try to use this tool en what you explained in Patreon.

  • ElChristo

    Excellent tips. For a small channel most of my views either come from me directly contacting people to view it, or from search results.  

  • Let's Go Road Trippin

    Thanks Tim.  I need this help.  I am horrible about looking up what keywords to use.  I just KNOW everything that everyone searches.  HA.  Thanks again.  

  • Kiwi

    Hello tim,
    should I use other youtuber's names in tags to help get people seeing my content? or considering i have already realised my audience retention isn't amazing i should maybe not do this else they might click off it really quickly?

  • Video Creators

    Google has taken away most keyword data, but there's still other tools online to help you determine what videos could be popular on your channel. Here's 6 of them.

  • Xenro66

    To be honest, Tim, I don't put keywords. At ALL. I generally just upload now for the heck of it and if people see it, they see it. After my pc kinda packed up and slowed the heck down, I was limited in what I could do "seriously" so what do I do, just upload random fun things, My channel has no structure any more because of this and to be honest, I'm glad. YouTube shouldn't have to be formal at all 😀

    Don't take me wrong, I definitely want people to view my stuff….. But I don't think I'm psychologically ready. Also my equipment is a bit outdated (besides my lovely, shiny new mic :D)

  • Chad Wild Clay

    Perfect timing on this video Tim! I've been digging into this topic lately. I use your method #2 quite a lot and will be using that Keywordtool.io now. I've also started using the free version of https://proranktracker.com/ to track the placement of my videos against various YouTube searches. 

  • Wayne Strickland

    I swear the opening jingle was also used as the"back from commercial" sound on the documentary series Rise of the Videogame.

  • Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable

    Although I have not gotten that deep into key word searches I'll often go trough similar channels and use their best videos to key word search to see what's showing up and what's missing under that subject which allows me to target highly searched terms but put a targeted video in there that is unique or does not have a ton doing the same thing.

    Great tips my friend ! Time to google in disguise 🙂

  • Jarvise Alexander

    From self promotion to effectively naming and tagging my videos, I really enjoy the advice you give. I'm all by myself with this YouTube journey of mine. I just hope things get easier as I progress. Thanks @Video Creators

  • Global Health with Greg Martin

    I sort of think of key word research as similar to researching what time of the day you should upload your video. Yes you might find more popular key words or a busier time of the day to upload, but you also land up competing with many more content creators for the attention of those people searching for that keyword or online at that time of the day. I'm not sure that there is any real benefit. I guess the long term success of a video is a function of its quality. If people that watch it enjoy it and find it useful, it will do well (hopefully). Thanks for an interesting video @Video Creators 

  • DirtHog365

    Awesome, I have been using YT search results for keywords but these are great places to see what others are searching for.  Great tips!

  • Harry James BD

    Thanks for this video, actually i was getting headache thinking which keywords is good for my video. your video is really helpful for me 

  • Rayzor Studios

    Thanks so much TIm. After watching loads of your videos my GoPro timelapse ranks within the top 5 videos for "GoPro Storm Timelapse" "Hero 4 Storm Timelapse" "GoPro Thunderstorm TImelapse", etc. You have really helped out my channel!

  • Boba Lovers

    Thank you so much for this Tim  from India
    Big fan since 2.5 months ,when i started  my channel 🙂
    wish i could one day be as charismatic as you are ^_^

  • Pozitif Akademi - Öykü Büyükdere Pozitif Psikoloji

    This is such an awesome video that I wish you film an updated version every 6 months :))

  • My Little Monkeys

    Very useful tips – Getting started on Youtube does feel like climbing a mountain. Your videos are really helping me understand how to take the first few step. Many thanks.

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