6 Signs That Your Phone Has Been Hacked
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6 Signs That Your Phone Has Been Hacked

six signs that your phone has been
hacked with everything firmly manifested in the digital age the next logical step
in our security seems to be encryption how can we protect our private
information whether it be texts phone calls or emails from potential hacking
technology or big agencies with new technology evolving every day and
everything now on the Internet being easily accessible to everyone what are
some ways that we can protect ourselves and also ensure that we are not being
spied on if you’re wondering how to find out if your phone has been hacked
you’ve reached the right place whether you have an iPhone Android or something
else these tips are sure to help you out now
keep watching for how to see if your smartphone has been hacked and some ways
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never miss our new videos number six your battery if your smartphone starts
to run out of battery really quickly it could be a sign that there is an unknown
app running in the background of your phone if you usually have pretty good
battery life and start noticing that your battery is draining it should raise
red flags this may also be due to the hardware or software issues but it is
always best to take it to an electronics store or phone shop to rule out those
possibilities number five your phone keeps restarting or doing odd things if
your phone constantly restarts itself turns off starts apps and or dials
random numbers it could be a hacker trying to infiltrate your phone it
should always be a huge red flag if you start to notice that your phone is
turning on and off or randomly doing things like closing or opening apps
and if you start to notice that your phone seems to be randomly dialing or
texting numbers that is another huge red flag so keep an eye out for this type of
strange behavior number four your phone is warm if your iPhone
Android or other device is constantly warm or hot despite you not using it
that much it could be another sign that there’s an unidentified app running in
the background generally a phone should never be
overheating heating is a sign that is being overused or potentially defective
if you notice that your phone has randomly started to overheat but you
aren’t using it or aren’t running very many apps then you may want to get the
phone checked out mobile devices should never be overheating especially if
you’re not using it in excess in the event that you do use your phone a lot
mobile devices in general should not get very warm this could be a safety hazard
so make sure you get your phone checked out if it starts to overheat do you know
what methods hackers use to try to hack mobile phones well keep watching until
the end to find out number three unknown numbers if there are unknown numbers in
your recent calls that could be a sign that someone is tinkering with your
smartphone from abroad if you recall getting phone calls from unknown numbers
that is another warning sign just keep an eye on your recent call list if for
some unusual reason you start to notice that there are strange amounts of
unexplained unknown calls in your list consider it a red flag
number two controlling your phone if you cannot turn off your cell phone or
control simple apps like brightness in the camera then it could be a hacker
behind the deficiencies you should always be able to have full control of
your smartphone if you can’t turn it off for some strange reason or can’t even do
simple things like change the volume turn down the brightness or take a
picture it means there is likely something wrong with your phone and one
of the possibilities is that a hacker is causing all the defects a smartphone
should always be easy to use and when simple things start to seem difficult or
nearly impossible to do consider it another red flag number one noises or
echoes if you start noticing that you are hearing echoes during your phone
calls in places where you’ve never experienced those kinds of issues before
I would beware echoes during phone calls could mean that someone is listening in
on your conversation if you start hearing other strange noises as well
those could also signify that your smartphone may be hacked how to protect
yourself there are several ways you can protect yourself using new technology if
you get a message without a full URL code simply don’t open it if you charge
your smartphone with a foreign cable choose the only charging option instead
of connecting to every public Wi-Fi network turn it off and finally don’t
make purchases on a public network and don’t use the remember password option
unless on a secure network you can always invest in new technology that
helps prevent hackers from stealing your information if you start to notice your
phone is acting up and exhibiting any of the strange behaviors mentioned in this
video go get your phone checked out at an electronic shop or other trusted
mobile dealer the experts at these types of stores can look at mobile devices and
determine what may be causing the issue in your phone now that you know how to
tell if your phone was hacked here are ways and methods that your phone could
potentially be hacked number five spy apps the first and
probably easiest way is for a hacker to manually take your phone and install spy
apps spy apps can take the private information that is stored on your phone
they can also be used to listen to conversations and spy on your activities
number four unprotected Wi-Fi networks the second and probably just as easy way
is using an unprotected Wi-Fi network such as those in a cafe or an airport
because it is public Wi-Fi that is open to all people everyone around can share
or potentially see all of your traffic number three USB cable a lesser-known
way of charging your phone is via a foreign USB if you plug or charge your
phone with an unknown USB there could be a risk that your information is
transferred or revealed number two SMS phishing SMS phishing is when a text
message is sent to a receiver saying something about a bank statement or
money transfer and when that message is opened and downloaded it could
potentially release a virus onto your smartphone and reveal sensitive
information number one signaling system ss7
signaling system ss7 which is used by most telephone stations around the world
can be infiltrated by hackers who can then listen to your phone calls read
your messages and track your location so protect yourself and protect your phone
security is extremely important and mobile devices are expensive and if your
phone is at risk for being hacked it could potentially get damaged not
only can it get damaged but hackers can also invade your privacy steal your
personal information and even listen in on a private conversation or phone call
this is a huge invasion of your privacy and should never be taken lightly so
watch for the signs in this video and guard your phone with your life so now
that you know how to tell if your smartphone has been hacked as well as
security tips keep a lookout what type of phone do you have an iPhone and
Android or something else has your phone ever been hacked tell us what happened
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  • Bestie

    Now that you know how to tell if your smartphone has been hacked as well as security tips, keep a lookout! What type of phone do you have? An iPhone, android, or something else? Has your phone ever been hacked? What happened? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  • beutifulnanaaisha usman

    I hear strange noises when ever I switch on my data n making calls…I even hear echoes too…but when I remove my sim and place on a different phone all those starneness stops…

  • Izz Water

    I watched porn a few times and it said my phone had 13 virus so I got rid of my history and data on safari and it seemed fine so I’m guessing i was fine

  • Ms. Harley

    U know its sad-the internet shouldv bn the most wonderful invention of all time-n in most cases-when its used for the purposes it was created for-IT ACTUALLY WAS THE BEST-but when u realize just how easy it is for these degenerates to back door their way into ur private space-it sometimes makes me wish it had never bn created….its just all so messed up n too hard to keep up w…..maybe it was the worst creation ever-know what i mean….its gotta @least make u doubt the worthiness of what it provides in comparison to the headaches n potential REAL danger it gives us-more n more as it all keeps advancing-i mean -u can figure it all out one day n make sure uv used every possible way to protect urself n feel safe-then wake up tomorrow n find out-the degenetates r one step ahead once again-n uv got to figure it out all over again…sometimes i wonder if its worth it-just so we can carry around computets in our back pocket-maybe it was better when a phone was just a freakin phone-u dig….i know i do……sooo fkn sad -u shithead scammets simply suck all the fun outta progression-tell me people-AM I RIGHT-OR NOT????!!!!!!

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  • vamsi krishna

    My battery is draining rapidly and I don’t mind if its gets hacked because i got nothing on my iPhone 😂

  • waka1022

    My phone increse volume by itself buttons are ok and also at same time it opens again and again google…. What does it means it never happens and alao pause youtube video by itself? 😳

  • Cyber Biggs

    keep hearing noise in the background whenever i am having a conversation, which free apps can i use to protect myself

  • Clark Kent

    I laughed hard at the "hacker with hoodie and dark glasses" at the keyboard with Matrix-like graphics in the monitor

  • littleApricot_Princess

    This is literally the dumbest video I've ever seen
    Here's why :

    Overheating & short life of battery can simply be caused if your phone memory or SD is full & there's not even a MGbyte left, because smartphone's are constantly processing data of everything you have in it – apps, pictures, music, videos.

    Random phone dialing
    I mean for real? What hacker would randomly dial a number from your phone, knowing you will notice it??

    I'm writing a comment & my phone randomly started calling someone – oh it must be his usual function. Right.

    Noises or Echoes
    This isn't a a sign of a phone hack! This is literally government listening your calls. Most common reason is cuz you started doing illegal stuff.

    The only thing that could be considered as a hack jere is №2 but then again, your battery won't last forever.

  • deceasedestatemusic

    I'm sorry but I think this video forgot to mention that people, sure lets call them hackers can access your web cam. on your lap top n your phones through FACEBOOK N MESSENGER for a start. Put a band aid over the web cam on your lap top. Here's a TIP buy some stickers and if you have a family
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  • Christine Deepa

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  • Jaemie Vlogs

    Someone on Xbox got my ip adress an changed my WiFi name :/ idk what to do but also weirder stuffs been happening someone ordered 9 pizzas to my house :/ need help lol

  • cotton_candy21 candy

    I have been hacked ;-; my hacker plz stand up for what u have done before i get my Gucci belt…i don't fell safe no more Cuz y'all stank hackers wanna hack i almost thro my phone out the window thanks to you have a good life hacking you only do this beacuse you have no life and you steal money beacuse you are p.o.o.r i hope you are happy with your desison 🙂 This Is a Shoutout To All the Hackers Good job! On making our lifes live in anxiety thank you 🙂

  • Lesa Soman

    My phone has had problems from day one, my calenders is seeing changed Amy blocked numbers that I've shut off reopen app not on my phone are showing up in history with so many uses I can't count them.
    They're are words on my predicted words that lead me to think my husband is having an affair. Yet it doesn't make sense.
    There are apps put on my phone I e never used and my settings are constantly being changed.
    I've done 9 hard resets, I've taken it in to Sprint who sent it back to L G never buy one they come from Korea, who did a system flash and found other thing wrong with my phone.
    I spent hours with Sprint and LG trying to figure out what's going on and no one can figure it out.
    .I have 3 other phone id numbers attached to my phone in my activity in location which they can't figure out how to remove.
    Numbers are constantly showing up but they are showing up as if I made the call when the number is no where in my phone for me to call.
    I've been called crazy, any many other things because no one believes me that someone is in my phone. I've put on 2 step verification yet I never get an alert.
    My password is constantly being changed and it's crazy my battery is not lasting like it once did. Along with many things in your video. It's been going on 5 mos now. And has almost caused a divorce from a 29 marriage. I need help and no one has bee able to help me. No One. Even the technical support team can't fix my phone and LG won't replace it. I'm at a loss here and don't know what else to do to get this taken care of. Thank you for the information it has proven to me that I've been right all along that there something wrong with this phone. Can a hack come the place where you buy them from a person who builds them? Idea like to know
    .lesa Soman

  • Lindsey Thomas

    I think mine is hacked I don't know why they would want to hack my phone I have nothing to give them besides my identity. Do they just do it for fun

  • Gregory Edgerton

    Unicorn down below, yeah for sure. Did you all notice the little cartoons
    of 'hackers' ? Gimme-a-break.
    My question is, just what might be a
    reason for someone out-there want-
    ing to get into your phone ? I mean,
    besides some of the obvious ones.

  • Cynde Duree

    why and who made decision for me to no longer have instant messenger. No longer. even my installed apps. Instant messenger is gone. Chat search is all I have won't ring number no return calls since any of this……why…..plz fix

  • Sonny Jennings

    So yes my phone has been hacked my Samsung Galaxy S7 has been hacked by my husband. What should I do for wifi? Is there a way to get my own wifi? Please Help.

  • Ronald Jolly

    Let someone that thought was a friend use my phone more than once got all my pass word s ever thing and has mad me alot FB page ig pages and messed my phone up

  • WTF how bizarre

    phone was on this morning. i sleep with it off. my phone is hot. my charging battery symbol is opaque white it's usually transparent black. yeah, i heard a whisper on my phone last night. i use headphones. yes, my phone and FB were hacked.in April snd May. My wife reset my phone for me. we took my phone to the shop. one of the told m
    my FB was hacked. there were a whole bunch of Alien posts i didn't make. plus some blue rainbow and unicorn gif profile picture that was undeletable that the hacker had uploaded which was why i had my wife delete my FaceBook which is the only reason why i cannot contact my friends in Nagoya. the hackers caused about 20,000 yen in financial losses. from a phone.reset and number change at the phone shop.i have officially come to distrust all of my fellow man because of the hacking of phone. *feel the hate flow through you. soon your transition will be complete.*Trust no one. i am disabled and unemployable.

  • Craig Robertson

    If u think Ur phone has been hacked , the company u bought Ur phone from will ask u if they can access Ur phone to run tests on the device . I got my service provider to put bar on anything been charged to my phone bill . That helps greatly as well . Most phones do come with antivirus as well , well my p20 pro did my iPhones never came with one though

  • Jank Nati


    its been a lot time that u have uploaded this video but now i WATCHED IT

  • Алекс Сотиров

    Every Time If iTurn My IPhone 6 Plus & My Samsung Galaxy S7 & My Samsung Galaxy J7 To Sleep Mode It Keeps Turning On To Vibration Mode

  • Алекс Сотиров

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  • Doris Night

    My phone keeps telling me that my contacts are being downloaded to my Sims card. I don't even know what that means. Help!!!!!

  • Dark Wolf

    My Device was Hacked ___Someone sent A Virus apk that Invades and steal Everything that I have in my Internal Storage 😫😫

  • Youssef Samir

    I have a brother who I think is hacking my phone , he knows who I text and he knows what I’m doing right now literally I caught him by saying that he knew what I just did in my setting he told me why and he wasn’t with me , I just want to literally kill him with my hands because I HATE THAT TYPE OF PEOPLE SO MUCH! and he knows who I’m calling , I just to know how to stop it ! He literally knows what I’m doing right now here ! This is so annoying and someday I’ll literally have no mercy on him! I wish he die!

  • J G

    Phone has been hacked since I had a Nokia. Playing the snake game screwed up my life. They now now my strategy for winning. Somebody should call the cia.


    all the things you mention I have experienced before. I called it one of the greatest Criminal Minds International threats for the world. I call it the Cyber War . anything that's tied to internet to be at they can even cause the electronics in the aircraft which would be a plane . descontrol mostly by internet type things. give that some thought the cyber Wars. I think they should send out a recruitment APB for any hacker that thinks he is the greatest or she is the greatest hacker of them all . whichever one can find the most hackers in destroyed their systems . wins the cyberwar contest therefore they are giving a job and a career. in inside hacking 2 for every 20 systems they shut down that would be $1,000 also information leading to the hackers for an arrest internationally this isn't a war this is the new age . welcome to and meant the Cyber Wars

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