#6 YouTube Video SEO  – How to Get the Best Backlinks for Local Business Website
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#6 YouTube Video SEO – How to Get the Best Backlinks for Local Business Website

hello everyone and welcome to another video of our YouTube SEO marketing training and in this video I will talk about a little bit how how you can optimize this video is using PP ends because yesterday I mentioned a little bit in previous video I mentioned a little bit open the PP ends and the power of your own domains and websites to basically use them as a backlinking tool and pop to power up your video so you rank on the first page of Google or YouTube with a video later ok so I have a PP n training separate which is very in-depth what you should do and what you should be looking for and and basically everything about the pp ends but in this video I just gonna show how you can get some cool domains if you are just starting out and you don’t have any domain and a BB and network for yourself so how you can get good domains specifically when you do local or affiliate marketing or different types of products it really kind of little bit matters in these days what kind of domains you get right or it definitely helps if you are targeting the right domains for the right type of business business right just make sense so here we have the video yesterday I uploaded a video and on the new fresh channel let new for challenger zero subscribers on the channel there is no video on the channel its first where they were basically so I wouldn’t expect any big any big magic or or something but actually when we have a look on the organic rankings in Google when I checked for emergency plumber go away hit already ranks on the second page on 11th spot right I’m in the incognito window signed off you see from Google so it doesn’t give me any cookies so kanpei jewelry which is very impressive and forever basically our main keyword so it’s really unexpected but it’s probably because what we did yesterday as well be linked from one of our domains I undiscovered calm and we basically put up with embedded video out there and we also linked to the to the video itself with a link emergency plumber Galway okay so it probably helped because this domain is it’s kind of active it’s not a high authority domain it’s kind of lower or authority domain but even even that helps for YouTube so I think that’s the reason now let’s get to how to get some cool domains for your basically for your linking backlinking strategy for your business so if you do it for the plumbers or local marketing it makes sense and I believe that it really helps in in the matter of ranking and SEO when you go and target the similar domains like good I mean similar domains like a domains with a keyword similar key similar Creek keywords to ranking sorry similar keywords to plumber or plumbing or something related to plumbing and one way you can do that is to get a tube Snooper tool which and I kind of freak a recommend for more advanced marketers because it really helps and saves time tube Snooper is the tool it’s third-party tools in my tool and it’s paid to I think if you have to pay like thirty dollars monthly for this tool but it’s a really brilliant tool to find perfect targeted domains for any kind of type of business so basically if I go here and click expired them domains which I want to find the expired domains right here I have a choice of four different types that Wikipedia domains YouTube domains say citation domains and local domains that means that these domains they’ll have their legs either from Wikipedia or will be embedded on the YouTube on YouTube video so you can find sometimes the website that is sitting on the that is already expired but it’s still in the description of someone’s YouTube video of that it’s getting thousands or millions of views right so it could be really powerful of course you have to be it were like digging it’s not that easy to find it perfect domain Park you can find really good ones Wikipedia remains obviously a link from the Wikipedia that’s perfect proof then we have the citation domains and local domains well that means that basically we can find some perfect the local domains that been previously as a business as a real business most of them are so obviously what we go for for our plumbing we go for local domains it receives time in order to find the real domain right that been real business and here it’s pretty simple right here we just go and we have to select state it’s a it’s a little bit payday that it’s just for the USA right in my case it’s not really much helpful because I’m looking for the client for go away in Ireland which is the top city in Ireland but doesn’t matter because these websites will have the power of the of its own like a niche business anyway they are already niched and it’s about the plumbing right so it helps anyway it would be better if it was targeted specifically but just because it’s just for us at the moment it’s a little bit so I go for the California and also I type here the keyword plumber or plumbing plumber and I can see I have four different types of domains that I can register in the California State that have the keyword plumber in them right it shows me the referring domains number of referring domains it shows me the industry always the construction it shows me to estimate the traffic this one has even some traffic going in right some keywords Wow like it it’s I probably would go ahead and check this one if it’s available obviously because we still maybe it’s you know latest update sometimes it happens at somebody it’s not the domains just before us so it hasn’t been updated right yet so we just go ahead and check it with 91 yeah and as we see it’s available right let’s go back Fremont plumber looks good as well referring domains 91 Sacramento area plumber like I believe that every each one of these is brilliant domain to register and use it as the pvn so I would now go ahead and the register this domain basically for chase it I can purchase this domain for six ninety nine dollars because I’m the good customer of name survive like hundred domains with them so I will go ahead and purchase the domain okay so this is the kind of strategy that we go through then you purchased a domain then you publish couple of articles on the domain about plumbing and once those articles get indexed you basically it’s start linking from the domain to your main website one or two links sufficient enough from your domain the only thing don’t link to from that domain to other websites just leave it specifically for your plumbing main plumbing website or a YouTube channel or video okay so just to recap a little bit here first that what we started was we had to choose the niche right so that niche the second step was when we have done inch we want to create a video so we created video third step was we pick other ways that we got a youtube channel and we uploaded the video to YouTube and we did on-page SEO on the YouTube video we optimized the description and the tags and proper title of course so upload and right foot step was once we had it uploaded we published it and we created one article and we publish that article on one domain so what we did was we embedded [Music] link okay and fifth step would be now what will you do we would start to interlinking like I talked about in the previous video we will do another like it be next all links right so that’s kind of the way that you promote what we did it’s not much of the step it’s it’s pretty simple and not a really rocket science and not that hard to do so thanks very much for watching for watching and see you in the next video

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