• Anthony Eneje

    Hi, Nathan
    Quick question do you think you can do a quick Video on how to do National SEO. I'm not 100% sure on the principles. Would I just be targeting the generic keywords (the big ones) and creating content around that? Would I still need to build Citations? There's not much info out there when it comes to National SEO Campaigns.

  • Sydney Myers

    Thanks for the tips! I have a question and a topic request.
    Question: In a previous video with tips on getting backlinks, you suggested finding resource pages with broken links. In this video, you said that tactic is played out and not as effective as it used to be. Do you still suggest that tactic?
    Topic request: Videos in SERPs. Specifically, how to rank a non-YouTube video in the Google SERP. I once thought that only YouTube videos showed in the video snippet, but I've now seen locally-hosted videos show in that snippet. Do you know how that works?


  • Sam Samo

    A question: When a directory has good ranking for the most of the pages inside, example mydomain com/abc all the pages under abc have good ranking, and I want to target a "special keyword+city" shoud I make an another directory like "local" and make the pages there or its better to have those pages also under "/abc", which all pages are also related to the theme for the new local pages? I thought to have it under "/abc" is better since all backlink and traffic go to the "/abc" I think the directory value matter for google, am I right?

  • Maid sama

    Hi Nathan, wow these mistakes are so true especially the linkable assets, ppl might think ppl wont link but these assets will link naturally regardless

  • Techjackie Jackie

    I did go for outreach and got 90% response rate. But guess what, they all are selling space for links. So going for guest posting now lol

  • shaurya jain

    Great tips Nathan. About the money part, if we are supposed to give money to people, does not that discourage people from investing in content because you are going to be paying people anyway so why not just get links to your money pages? what do you think?


    How to rank local service pages in Google? Is these link building assets will help to rank services pages? Can we build contextual backlinks directly to services page? These are important questions… Please reply.

  • Sarfraj Lakdawala

    More Popularity = Easy to Get More Links

    Since you have talked about Ahrefs, yes the tool is popular so anyone can give link them without hesitant when compare to unknown tools. That's why Neil Patel and Backlinko or Moz are getting links more in natural way because SEOs knew them very well.

    I have also noticed that if you send generic email template then most of the times emails gets ignored. So, I have created templates with image and bullet points to give them hint what they will get when they read my blog and why they should consider for linking.

    There are 2 reasons I am taking into consideration before send any emails. By doing that, I have received great amount of replies than general emails.

    I have also noticed that no one is ready to give link in FREE…they always ask for payment of link (which means paid link). BTW, great explained Nathan!

  • Dinesh Vel

    Gotch sir, Can you give me examples of linkable assets? a big ultimate guide on my blog, Info graphic, DDP, Case studies are the ones?

  • Kyle K

    Hey Nathan, great vid. How do you go about paying for backlinks while being discrete. I don’t want to blatantly say “I’ll pay you!” (Or maybe I should?)But rather let them know I am willing to make it worth their time.

    I work with low authority or new websites most of the time so I need to get the ball rolling ASAP.

    What are your thoughts?

  • Abrons Dilan

    Hello sir

    I am really impressed sharing for quality of information. I have questions for backlink related.. recently check for one website backlink on ahref tools. for this backlink are generate for 100+ backlink per day for spam domain so how to stop autogenerate backlink. I know disavow tools using for block domain but are you know which ways to stop auto backlink generate.

  • Harshit

    I feel like it is impossible for me to get even a single backlink. Really Really tough, I've sent over 150+ emails as of now and no response yet and I do think that my content is great but it is just brand new and Now I am just thinking of deleting my blog. I think only those have experience in this field of years can really get backlinks. It is really highly difficult to get a backlink. Feels Like begging sometimes.

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