7 SEO Experiments To SKYROCKET Your Traffic
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7 SEO Experiments To SKYROCKET Your Traffic


  • B.A.B.Y Investments

    I can't wait to increase that SEO "juice" for 2019! I'm now at 60K views, could I get to 200K by the end of 2019 with these tips? 🤔

  • Navneet Mishra

    Sir please tell me where I can learn whole blogging from bigening to last step by step any best YouTube channel or how is like Udemy courses

  • Indra KumaR

    the video quality is not much good but i'll still ready to listen to u….thanks fo sharing this really very useful video with us…And plz answer me that commenting a lot on other's blog including a link with it then Google will blacklist u and that post will be defamed in front of Google and that consequently will lead to your site numb….then it'll never rank again in the google?? is it true

  • nitin sharma

    i want to start a startup in 3 billion $ industry but there are already 10 powerful players in that industry
    should i start it or not

  • the man the myth

    Great vid… I have blog url like this /2018/11/13/sample-post/….. I never really liked it, and now I wanted to do ads and target the blog visits and I can't, since it's not like, "/blog/sample-post/… Just Extremely nervous about changing the permalinks 🙂 … I do try to keep the post name as short as possible tho….. I usually just use the keyword… Like: /2018/11/13/Keyword/

  • just dance

    i am your big fan neil and i want to know how can i sell my idea and how can i know the value of my idea and business model
    please make a video on it if it is possible coz trust me there so many people who want to know some insight on it

  • vasile afloarei

    I watched 4 times the part with the Green tea/Nutrition/Marketing part, but I still didn't understand it…
    Is better to have more searches for Marketing then the niche topic we choose?

  • James Lukas

    Hey Neil

    I once saw a video where you were talking about your website getting penalised because you republished your website's content elsewhere. Maybe for a major magazine. It was Business Insider if I can remember it correctly. But I'm a little confused about all this.
    You posted the content first so why did your site get penalised? And let's just say, I have a website and some other site with a higher authority copies my content, would my site be penalised?

    P.S. I was searching for that video but couldn't find it. Thanks!

  • Joe Goodman

    Thank you so much for this Neil! I have a quick question, is it better to create big pillars of content first, and make smaller content around that? Or is it better to get some quick wins with smaller, low competition keywords, then move into the longer content for competitive keywords? Thanks so much!

  • Henry Johannes

    A video series for startups would be amazing!!!! If you will not charge please let us know what charity we should donate to for your time. Thanks!!!

  • A Multipotentialite Day

    Great info as always Neil. You are still out there, I'm impressed. I heard of you years ago and now I guess your info is even better cause it has proved right over time. The Internet is changing so fast nowadays.. Its just crazy…. The info about urls is awesome info.

  • Nikola Vidovic

    Hey Neil , I have started my website where everyone can sell used and unused clothing , because I am new web site now I am try to grow users and pageviews and to earn money from adsense. My main traffic is from instagram. Do you have some idea how I can earn more serious money in this fashion nich with my website and socials beacuse ads are so low earning in my country? You are the best , and I have turn on notifications for your videos because I don't want to miss your great content on seo and other topics.

  • Ka Sing CHAN

    Excellent video and we always wanted to try the simialr experiments to improve SEO. Thanks for sharing this video and the content , very useful. Neil, I have a question about the ranking. You mentioned in other video that, even if we have good contents, but we still have to marketing them . My website have a lot of 'useful' contents (as least we think , and we find the topics according to Google search result , these contents address the long tail keywords ) however, should we trim them(content generated for long tail keywords) out from our site and just focus , market more for the core content i.e. our core products ?

    Btw, we have ranked #1 on Google , but after the Oct updated, we dropped to about #7.

  • Akshay

    hi…..i heard in this video that you once deleted all your posts. I also deleted all my posts in WordPress 5 days ago and those posts are still showing in Google search. I removed some of the URLs from webmaster but there are too many URLs including tags of my posts that are still showing in google. Now, how can i remove all those URLs ?

  • Gismo Review

    Hi Neil, I am a fan of your Ubersuggest. When users search something specific on Google, Does Google prefers to rank long general article (>3500 words), or to rank those that split up into the smaller specific articles (~2000 words)? 

    For example, I have a topic about "10 problems when growing a potato". Should I split it into a few smaller okay-length article? or just go for one longer general article that cover all problems. Let's say one of them is the moulding problem, and people searched for "moulding problem in potato", will I be able to outrank those general articles since I have written that particular problem in more detail?

    My concern is about the length of one whole article versus the length of one particular section. 
    What do you think?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Dan Tetreault

    Neil. You truly are an expert in online marketing and organic search engine optimization expect. Thank you! I would have paid money for this webinar. Incredible content. I hope Google and YouTube are paying attention. I have learned so much from your content on YouTube. You've given me hope after my blog went from a page rank of 4 to total oblivion after the Penguin update. Thanks.

  • Bruno Costa

    Olá Neil! Você diz da necessidade de um conteúdo profundo, ok. Mas o meu nicho, por exemplo, é sobre chá. Os sites que estão em primeiro lugar não escreve conteúdos detalhados e profundos. Outra coisa é que quando uma pessoa tem interesse em pesquisar sobre chá ela não tem paciência de ficar lendo um conteúdo muito grande, ela quer informações básicas. Será que essa história de conteúdo detalhado não serve apenas para alguns nichos?

  • arvind gupta

    Excellent video and we always wanted to try the simialr experiments to improve SEO. Thanks for sharing this video and the content , very useful. Neil, I have a question about the ranking. You mentioned in other video that, even if we have good contents, but we still have to marketing them

  • Cover Lê

    Neil Patel. Thanks for the presentation.

    I liked the idea of answering QUORA's questions with excerpts from the articles and adding the link.

    Can I use the same excerpt to post on all social networks: Blog, Facebook page, Facebook post, Facebook comment, Youtube channel, Youtube vídeo, Youtube comment, Instagram, Tumbler, VK, Medium and Pinterest?

  • Praful Swami

    I'm from india rajasthan bikaner my educational blog not growing so I find u as a mentor but I don't understand english as well as hindi and not find auto translate subtitle in hindi.
    Please also add hindi subtitles. Thanks.

  • Riyan Dreams

    Hey Neil, can u tell me , SEO still works in 2019?, is it still possible to rank on Google 1st paje today? Because I can't do paid ads,I don't have any money 😑😥

  • Paramjeet kumar

    Hi Neil Patel,  
    Suppose our niche is "microwave" and in blog I have added so many YouTube videos link. And that YouTube link is not mine but related to my niche.
    Is it good for our blog?
    Can I add another youtuber video link in my blog?

    Please reply

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