A Day In The Glamorous Life of A Webmaster
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A Day In The Glamorous Life of A Webmaster

“Do I like being a webmaster?” ..”yeah.. who wouldn’t be? I mean people..” ..”people are jealous of me and my life”
(sad music playing) you know day in the life of a webmaster
it’s the same as everyone else’s i put my pants on one leg at a time just
like everyone else you know i wake up early just like
everyone usually around 9:30AM or so.. because it’s important to get a good running start on the day You know my mom always tells that.. you know my .. mom.. yes she’s a great woman..She lives in the
house the front house so she checks up on me a few times a
week as she always tells me.. every day and you know the best way to start
the day is to make your bed i’m just gonna mess the the bed up again
when I take my nap this afternoon.. but i do know is that the day started
with a good healthy breakfast that that really is important you really
need to fuel your body so that you really can.. take the day
on.. my body is like a machine and this is
just the fuel.. that runs on and just like everybody else in you know
i make the commute into the office it’s only fifty or sixty feet for me but it’s
my office you know we converted my little brother’s bedroom into the office when he moved
out you know working at home is pretty much
the same as everybody else working in a real office except i’ll have to put up with all that near the office politics and and bs all that all the stuff that goes on in a
real office birthday parties and pot lucks casual dress Fridays i get to where my underwear everyday but you know i just you have to deal
with all those people ..those “people issues” you know i can i just sitting here in
you know i’m first i’m the only one that i have to deal
with … it’s you know it’s.. you know.. you get used to it.. but i i i do have my one office mate..
my faithful partner he’s always there for me use he’s my loyal office mate..I call him.. you know .. he never lets me down.. so once I get into my office thats when things
really get rolling you know I like to start off with you know an hour or two of good research you know.. serious research .. cause, you know.. people say you know you really..you really got to keep your
nose to the grindstone if you’re going to be you know.. successful online or
successful working from home it’s so you know i i i spent a lot of time now doing you know the research cuz you know i just you really got to
get quality time you know ..it’s the quality of the research that matters and then you know the rest of the day you know i just kinda watch my stats.. you know my online earnings stats the because you you gotta know you to know
what they say that you can’t improve what you don’t measure so it’s important
to keep your eye on your stats sometimes you know if you if you hit the refresh button enough
times it’ll through the stats.. they’ll jump up like a dollar and then but then the next time hit refresh you know it goes right back where it was ..your… your actual earnings yah.. i think.. it must be a glitch. “it really is..” “it’s a great life..” “you know ..and the best part of it is
it’s the same you know every day..” “why would i want to change anything?
Everyone wants to be like me…”


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