ABANDONED $9,000,000 BEACH MANSION (underground vault found)
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ABANDONED $9,000,000 BEACH MANSION (underground vault found)

We never thought we’d find an abandoned place like this one Surrounded by beautiful mansions on the beach in one of the nicest and most exclusive neighborhoods in the world much of the story behind this place remains unknown. And the deeper we got into exploring it more confusing everything got.. Alright, so we are on our way to pick up one of our favorite YouTubers who goes by the name of “Exploring with Josh”, we recently hit him up, we found out he was in LA, we really wanted to collaborate with him and hit up an abandoned spot, problem is we don’t know any abandoned spots anymore around here, but he’s the expert he’s been doing this for years He’s been hitting up the craziest places. So he answered back and said he has the perfect spot, It’s an abandoned mansion and we have to check it out. So now we’re going to Hollywood, We’re picking him up and we’re heading straight to that abandoned mansion. We have no idea what it looks like we don’t even know how to get there, he knows so.. How you guys doing? I’m doing good, man, nice to meet you. Josh, is really in the car It was built in 1979 and a family a family obviously was there, and then they left and then another family came in 1999 and from that that’s it, there’s no history nothing of what happened after that they could have died they could have I don’t know, they could have moved away Do you access it through the beach? Yeah, so we’re gonna park somewhere else and walk there from the beach. No way! That’s amazing! I’m so freaking excited. It looks haunted, its the only black one. This is great! Doesn’t it look like there’s a secret in there or something? The power works! What the..? Yes!
That is crazy.. Dude, we have to figure out what’s in here, this is unbelievable.
Whoa.. It’s a small room Does it lead to something?
Is it like a secret passage? Is that a vault dude? Check this out, a huge spider web..
Whoa..what the.. Oh S***! What is going on?! Oh, it’s right there. Lemme see? Dude.. It’s a bank vault! It’s legit, a bank vault.. Look!! Dude, what? Let me see that light. I think we can go back here, it’s deep. Like the vault keeps going to the right. No way! Who are we volunteering for tribute? Should we go in the safe? I think Daryn, cuz you’re the tiniest? This is so tiny.. You’ll be able to fit here Nice booty man! It’s the under-side of the house Oh, the other side? No, the UNDER Like, it’s whats below the house. There might be rats in here. Are you fitting through? Dude, I don’t know.. I can barely, Dude F*** me dude.. I hope I don’t die of asbestos poisoning.. My mouth is full of spider webs. There’s an old surfboard, Hello! Really? Yeah. Old surfboard? What the hell is that.. Whoa!
Hold this.. It’s very small. Whoo
My God That’s work dude Aight, well.. That was just the very first part of the house Let’s keep going Yeah, It does say ‘help’ right here This is..really fancy Damn.. Wanna go in? Whoa.. Alright Well, let’s keep going.. This was just like the, the very bottom entrance maybe. Just getting started. Lets go Watch out, the house is really run-down and broken You gotta be careful. Look at this place.. The freakin doorbell still works *doorbell rings* This is like, Legit All the pieces of art.. The doors, like everything was clearly like.. done with good taste. This house has the weirdest relics. It has Asian architecture and like.. designs Is that the way in? Yeah! What? Every little piece of art is just sick That makes this feel like, so unique Oh S*** WHAT THE F***? The lights still work… This thing works too! No Way.. 2000.. What?!
What?! Dude.. This is a really big fridge.. It smells.. Oh man.. It’s moldy Jesus christ dude.. Scared the s*** outta me this is to certify that Sarah *privacy* has been an outstanding student in the pre-alpha level of ice skating March 25th March 25th, 2000 Good Job, Sarah! Feel like the person here must have been an artist there’s paint and there’s like art everywhere This oven is brand new It’s never been used Like, the manual is still inside it. It’s always so bizzare to think that people used to live here You just imagine like, this family like Josh was saying, their kids Just hanging out, going to ice skating school, and now we’re here. Just like observing this mess It’s air conditioning. It’s a wine cellar, so.. It keeps it at like a stable temperature well, why would the electricity be on for like 17 Years without anybody living here? An old TV remotes The generator’s still on Is that a portrait of one of the daughters? ’94? Damn.. Thomas just reached into the bidet Jesus.. this chandelier is still up Look at all that stuff Melatonin Shampoo, I found a master bathroom seen a lot of bathrooms, but This is Jacuzzi Unopened bag of cough drops from the 2000’s Oh my God.. The craziest thing about this is that these are hand carved, like these are worth so much money.. Yeah, it’s hand carved wood The map is there There’s like, a little calculator
And the seat is like, pulled out Makes you think like the person left the house and expected to come back..soon. Check this out Some things around the house are from 2000’s And some things are from 1993 Except dates That Rolling Stone back there is from 2000 That’s so funny and to think like it’s not even been, it’s hasn’t even been tagged up except for like a couple spots Yeah, that’s the thing, i feel like nobody hears about it There’s somebody here Somebody’s knocking Is it you? Shh.. Noo..!! Wait, you hear someone knocking? YES! Dude, what the f***… *laughs* We were just scaring you guys! Oh my god.. Dammit.. Was it them scaring…? It was them scaring us I was so f***ing scared… That’s not funny dude You have to come see this.. This is insane THIS IS INSANE!! Oh my god.. We’re in heaven boys We made it somewhere in life We have our own mansion Yo, I think we should get out of here though cuz it’s getting dark and probably don’t wanna be roaming around with flashlights out here We’re gonna head out. We’re done for the day, but this has been the most insane abandoned place that I have ever seen, so Josh, you da man Hey, I appreciate it guys Yes, come here before we head out Check out this mans channel, we’re gonna leave his link in the description, he’s a beast He’s much bigger than we are so.. Nah.. We’re all chillin right? Alright Lets do it Time to go home *Light switch Clicks* *door closes* This has been a Yes Theory Experience, Please be sure to like and subscribe!


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