Accepted (9/10) Movie CLIP – Ask Me About My Wiener (2006) HD
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Accepted (9/10) Movie CLIP – Ask Me About My Wiener (2006) HD

MONlCA: Wait, wait, wait.
So you’re telling me that there are no tests,
or essays, or required reading,
or any of that nonsense? That’s what
l’m sayin’.
Wow. Ever? Yeah. Never ever. SCHRADER:
Ask me about my wiener!
That’s amazing. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. BARTLEBY: Oh, no. Ask me about my wiener! (CHUCKLES) What the… Ask me about my wiener! Schrader? SCHRADER: Oh,
hey, B.
Hi. And Monica. Hey.
Why–Why are you
wearing this? Every single brother
in my fraternity
has worn this suit. President James Garfield
wore this suit
like a gentleman. Oh, yeah,
and look what happened to him. He got assassinated
by Charles Guiteau. Don’t ask me how l know that. Do me a favor,
ask me about my wiener
really quickly. Schrader, no. Guys, my brothers
could be watching me
right now. Just ask me
about my wiener, please. Why are you
doing this?
What do you mean? Come on. You’re…
This… You’re humiliating
yourself, buddy. You know what, B.
Don’t mess with me! These are the happiest times
of my life, all right? Schrader.
l’m so happy,
l’m the happiest. l’m happy! Hey! Ask me about my wiener!S.H.I. T. Rag.
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