Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 60 – Clickbank : Getting Backlinks for SEO
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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 60 – Clickbank : Getting Backlinks for SEO

most of you will know that a link is
text or an image which when clicked takes you to another page on the
Internet what you might not be aware of.. is that links are extremely important
for search engine optimization and helping your site rank well in the
search engines for your important keywords and this lesson we are going to
take a look at getting backlinks for SEO link anchor text helps your site rank
for your important keywords ever heard of Google bombing or link bombing this
is where a web page is able to rank highly for a search term purely because
there are many sites linking to the page using those words in the clickable
anchor text this is how a search for miserable failure was once manipulated
to show results for pages about President George W Bush for a
documentary filmmaker Michael Moore it didn’t matter that these sites had no
mention of miserable failure in them what made it was that hundreds of other
websites thought differently and linked to the sites using that text although
the search engines now employee measures to prevent link bombing from
manipulating search results to show unrelated content it’s evidence of the
search engines emphasis on anchor text for determining rankings and relevance
PageRank briefly is the reputation of your site based on the number and
quality of sites that are linking to you it’s one of the core ideas behind
Google’s ranking algorithms and even though it isn’t the only thing that
determines your search engine ranking it’s a useful thing to work on building
of course the only way to build page rank is by getting links to your site
beware however a lot of affiliates get caught and that must build PageRank
mentality and thus don’t bother to get links from sites that don’t pass on
PageRank they forget the most important thing and the reason for building
PageRank in the first place your goal first and foremost is to get traffic to
your site if you can get links in places where they will receive a lot of
click-through traffic and targeted visitors even if the link doesn’t give
you PageRank or help your search engine rankings then all you’ve done is skipped
a few tedious steps and go on right to the finish line so don’t look
past blog sites or social networking sites when you’re building links these
can deliver lots of good targeted traffic some links are better than
others what makes a good link depends on which of the benefits we discussed above
interests you must improving your ranking for keywords links that improve
your ranking for a specific keyword use your keyword in their anchor text and
aren’t marked with the nofollow attribute improving your PageRank links
that are good for improving your page rank come from sites with high PageRank
appear on pages where there aren’t too many other links and aren’t marked with
the nofollow attribute good links for getting traffic links which get traffic
are enticing and interesting or aroused curiosity one good trick is to leave a
thought unfinished or ask a question that people want to know the answer to
then people have to click through to find out also don’t be spamming remember
you’re trying to get people to click on your link and they won’t click if it
looks like rubbish finally if this link is only being used to garner traffic it
doesn’t matter if you apply no follow or it’s automatically applied good links in
general generally links appear on prominent pages rather than being buried
deeply inside a site ideally your links will appear on pages that get a lot of
traffic and are relevant to your site there’s not much point in your
automotive restoration website being linked to by a vegetarian food forum
finally we’re possible your links will come from authority sites or
well-respected sites high page rank sites are great as our sites worth dot
e-d-u top-level domain a link from C and in the new site is probably going to be
better than a link from your local pétanque Club
inbound links to your site are good links they all help you whether it’s by
giving you PageRank helping you rank for keywords or sending you traffic even if
they don’t do any of these things very effectively they certainly can’t hurt
you your site won’t be penalized in any way if bad disreputable sites link to
yours the worst that can happen is that your site becomes a subject for a Google
bot and starts to rank well for undesirable keywords but even that can
be turned into a good thing be warned however if you decide to link to
disreputable sites from your own site even if it’s just a part of a link
exchange for SEO purposes you can’t end up being penalized for associating with
bad Internet citizens your site gets tired with the same brush and you might
find your rankings plummeting and your site being D indexed be careful when
participating in link exchanges so you’re not being unwittingly drawn into
a bad neighborhood and time for today’s lesson summary and this lesson we’ve
looked at what purpose backlinks serve an SEO including helping your site rank
for important keywords passing your site PageRank to improve your search engine
ranking getting traffic to your site we then looked at what attributes make a
good link for each of these aspects including using your keyword and a links
anchor text to improve your ranking for keywords getting links from high page
rank sites to improve your own page rank enticing interest in your links to gain
traffic and having your links appear on prominent pages that’s all I’ve got time
for thanks for watching and we’ll see you again soon bye for now

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    Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 60 – Clickbank : Getting Backlinks for SEO

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