Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step By Step Tutorial
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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step By Step Tutorial

hi everyone what’s going on in this
video I’m going to show you exactly how I do affiliate marketing myself this is
a complete affiliate marketing tutorial I’m going to show you everything step by
step and even if you’re a complete beginner you can still follow along and
implement these methods here on the screen you can see some of the earnings
from some of the affiliate networks which I belong to I’m going to show you
some more examples as we go through this video as well my name is Greg Kononenko
you might also know me as the caffeinated blogger and on this YouTube
channel I publish regular tutorials about traffic generation I feel it
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get notified about my next video as soon as it’s uploaded let’s get into the
details so here is everything that we’re going to be covering today I’m going to
tell you what a film it marketing is and how it actually works and then we’re
actually going to work together step by step to uncover a super profitable niche
I’ve got something very very exciting for you so make sure that you keep
watching don’t go anywhere this is a very hot niche and I’m going to explain
to you the whole process of how to actually come up with a profitable niche
for affiliate marketing and then we’re also going to talk about how do you
actually get the traffic and make money in that niche just in case if you’re
wondering whether affiliate marketing actually works then yes it definitely
does I’ve made over three hundred thousand in the last few years with
affiliate marketing so you can see for example here jvzoo is one of their
teammate networks the way I do my promotions if i refresh this then you
will see that in all time now it’s just reloaded all time in total on jvzoo I’ve
made one hundred and forty seven thousand dollars I also do a lot of
promotions on other networks as well so if you net marketing is definitely a
great way to make money online this is exactly how a lot of people make
hundreds of thousands of dollars per year so how does it feel in marketing
actually work just in case you’re a little bit new to these basically you’re
gonna find an affiliate program I’m going to show you some examples as we go
through this and once you become an affiliate for that product you get a
special link okay the tracks all of those sells for you let’s just say that
you’re into basketball and you want to jump higher what do you do you come
to Google and you start typing in something like how or best programs to
increase vertical jump okay and that’s what people who want to increase
vertical jump might start typing into Google and when they do there are some
results they come up here the first result that comes up let’s just take a
look at it quickly so someone basically made a website about how to jump higher
okay they’ve called a jump manual blog and the matrix post about best vertical
jump training programs now this post is nothing special
they talked about three best programs and this particular program vert shock
alright is if someone reads about it and they click on here click the trail
vertical shock you will see that that takes the person onto a different page
okay it takes them on to the sales page of the shock program now this link is an
affiliate link okay so if I just copy the link this link address you can see
that it just slash get slash vert shock pro that’s where it goes okay and
likewise this second program that they recommend the jump manual also if
someone clicks on it it opens up on a new page and that opens up a sales page
for a product now let’s say I’m browsing I’m reading these I’m gonna click on
here and I end up buying this program here okay the person who created this
website is going to get credited with a sale this is how it works we can see
that this software sold through Clickbank here in the right side well
actually my face I think is going to be there but basically if we click try it
risk free Clickbank what a form will open up and Clickbank is just one of
many affiliate networks I’m gonna jump in the Clickbank and I show you around
in just a second but you can see that this is sold by Clickbank so this person
is an affiliate and of course because this article ranks as number one for a
lot of related terms related to how to jump higher okay they will be making a
lot of sales of this program that’s as simple as as that you just need to put
together some content gather content ranked and then if someone comes and
buys via link from your website then you’re gonna get paid a commission
so all you need to do is just send traffic to that link and whenever people
buy you make money that’s how simple it is to be an affiliate so let’s talk
about step number one for what you need to do to make money as an affiliate so
step number one is to find a good niche and a good product to promote in your
niche let’s talk about exactly how to do that I’m going to use click back as an
example Clickbank is sort of a website or a marketplace that connects those who
want to sell their products with those people who want to promote the products
with their feelings so you should go ahead if you’re not signed up with
Clickbank yet then you should go ahead and open an account on Clickbank after
you open an account and sign into your Clickbank profile you should go into
marketplace and under the marketplace you will be able to find the different
products that you’re able to promote us on the filler the products are arranged
in two categories so on the left hand side you’ll find a lot of categories
bedding system education green products health and fitness and so forth and let
me just show you something here quickly if I open this sports niche and then I
can go up and I’ve got some topics to sort the products by popularity or by
gravity popularity means how much of this product has actually been sold in
terms of dollar volume if I sort by gravity that will sort them by how many
different affiliates have been successful of promoting this product I
like to sort them by gravity remember this product we talked about
just before jump manual so anyone who lands onto that blog and ends up buying
this product well that product is actually listed
here on Clickbank it’s called jump manual as you can see I found it here
okay so average per sale is 113 dollars not
bad right if you can get one hundred and thirteen dollars Commission per sale
alright so now let’s talk about how to actually find a good niche to make money
in with affiliate marketing on Clickbank so I try you know I try to sort of
advise to stay away from super highly competitive niches to people who are a
little bit new to this so health and fitness as well as a business and
marketing are some of the more can Nisha’s there’s just a lot more
competition it’s kind of a little bit harder to make money so in this tutorial
I’m actually going to focus on the spirituality new age and alternative
beliefs niche because there is a huge amount of opportunity in this niche and
that’s the example that I’m gonna walk through in this particular tutorial so
let’s take a look at what kind of products if I saw them by gravity what
kind of products are at the top of Clickbank charts so there is one called
numerologist which is also an excellent niche but for this tutorial I want to
focus on this one on the manifestation magic product so let’s just work through
this niche together and try to understand what it actually is because
you might also be wondering what exactly is manifestation and how come there are
so many people making affiliate sales every single day on Clickbank for this
manifestation magic so first of all if I’m not familiar with the niche then I
do a little bit of research I’m gonna explain to how this works so the first
thing that you can do is check out this called affiliate page there are links on
every Clickbank product same affiliate page so if you open that up you’ll be
able to review some information about what this niche actually is its
manifestation magic it’s got to do with personal development so kind of just
review that and understand what it actually is the second thing that I
normally do is I google for it so I type in so let’s say mani crustacean I feel
that marketing niche alright and just review what kind of information actually
appears for that so you will see that there is this sauce here from niche
hacks com okay because there’s always some information about this particular
niche online and we will be able to see here on this blog post that some of the
keywords for this niche are law of attraction the law of attraction the
secret bull or attraction book power of Attraction law of attraction
relationships and so on my next step after that usually is to find some blogs
that are dedicated to this so if I type in Law of Attraction into Google let’s
see what comes up so I’ve googled law of attraction and I can
there is actually the top result here is the law of attraction and there it looks
like there is a website basically that’s dedicated to this whole Law of
Attraction thing so if you read about this you will see that it says law of
attraction is the ability to attract them to our lives whatever we’re
focusing on so this is all about kind of thinking about positive things and
manifesting them and you know the more you think about good things the more
likely it is that good things will happen to you so that’s essentially what
the niche is about obviously you can read a bit more about it but we now know
a lot of really useful information for us we understand what the niche is we
know that there is at least one extremely highly converting profitable
product in this particular niche and we also know that there is at least one
blog that seems like it’s completely dedicated to this law of attraction so
last thing that I normally do is I run this website through a website called
similarweb so let’s see what happens if I do that so I’m going to grab this URL
law of attraction calm and I’m gonna paste it into similar web here are the
results of the law of attraction from similar web this is a free service by
the way that you guys if you don’t know about it you should use it gives a lot
of really cool information here is the overview so it tells me that this
website the law of attraction com is getting close to a million visitors per
month okay in December they had 1.1 million in February they had eight
hundred and sixty thousand visitors so one a per day basis that’s approximately
thirty thousand if my math is right it’s approximately thirty thousand visitors
per day how many clicks do you think they sent to various affiliate offers
you know in that niche so thirty thousand a day let’s say even if only
five percent of them actually click through okay from thirty thousand people
a day that are coming through if only five percent of them end up clicking
like an affiliate link or something like that on that website that means that
thirty thousand three thousand one and a half thousand clicks a day go to
affiliate links now we know it says here that the average earnings here are
dollar and twenty-five five per click okay and we said one and
a half thousand right so this website basically it tells me that this website
is probably making at least one and a half thousand a day most likely much
more from the email list and various other things that we’re going to talk
about in just a second but these are just some quick kind of rough
calculations to understand whether there is actually enough money to be made in
this niche and this is really good information now if we scroll further
down you will see that in terms of their traffic sources most of their traffic
sources comes from search ok so there is a ton of people more than 30,000 a day
probably hundreds of thousands of people a day searching for various terms
related to the law of attraction and a visiting that website so it’s really
good news for us because it means that if we create a similar website maybe a
smaller website but you know there is a very high chance of us being able to tap
into some of that search traffic as well so so far this is looking really really
promising so let’s just make sure that we’re on on the same page so first of
all we found a great offer on Clickbank and then we looked into that offer and
loop we validated it on similar web that’s what we’ve done so far so the
next thing that we need to do is we need to do some keyword research and I’m
going to show you exactly how I do this process how I go about it step-by-step
so our goal here is to build a website similar to this law of attraction
perhaps a little bit smaller when we’re first starting out and we will monetize
it by people coming to our website through a variety of different search
terms okay and as they’re looking for the information they will be reading
different articles and there will be clicking various links so there might be
links in the sidebar there might be links somewhere in the article and we
will send them to their is I feel it offers as well as we’re going to be
building a list okay then you can email the people on your email list you can
email them with affiliate links to promote and make affiliate commissions
so that’s sort of the whole idea the whole concept of what we’re trying to
get to now how do you actually figure out what kind of keywords we should be
using all right that’s the next step in our assessment so there are a couple of
ways to do this first of all within similar web if you
click on this search it will give you top five keywords that are bringing in
the traffic to this website so it says Law of Attraction how to love yourself
motivational quote and inspirational quotes so we’re getting some good
information from here now the other bits of information will come from this
actual initial page that we were looking at so what is the law of attraction you
can look at it and you can look at some of the terms that I mentioned on here
okay so you need to start kind of building in a little bit of an inventory
here with the keywords so we’ll just say law or attraction then we will also put
in how to love yourself that was the other one right from here how to love
yourself so that’s good some of the other things that I read on here that I
won’t bore you with now is just preparing for the video is positive affirmations morning affirmations
alright so that’s some of the key words that we can start with so our next step
is to run them through a free tool called Google Keyword planner if you
don’t have Google Keyword planner now it’s actually a free tool so just type
in Google Keyword planner Google for it and you will see this
search result click on that it might ask you to register and so forth but
essentially it’s a free tool for you to use so when I sign in it will take me
through it to Google Keyword planner inside Google Keyword planner what I
want to do is I want to find new keywords because we now want to
understand what are all the different keywords that people might be typing in
to find our website and how can we kind of start showing our content for those
keywords when people start typing them in to Google so let’s move these
keywords into here law of attraction or to love yourself positive affirmations
morning affirmations so we’ll start with that okay okay so let’s just start with these four
let’s click get started and let’s see what comes up for us now make sure that
the location is us it might be set for you
to a different location so just double check that because that’s usually the
biggest english-speaking market okay so here is what we can see it’s set to
showing broadly related ideas which is what we want and it’s given us a long
list of keywords in a descending order of relevancy that are related to this
law of attraction niche okay so these these are the four that we gave it but
then it also has given us a ton of additional keywords that we didn’t know
about before so it says the secret law of attraction of affirmation cards daily
affirmations affirmation quotes what is the law of attraction and so forth so
we’ve actually now ended up with an amazing list of keywords that people
actually type into Google to find this kind of information so our next step is
to try and figure out how difficult it is to rank for some of those keywords
and can we actually build a successful site in this niche is the competition
low enough to enable us to build that successful site I’m gonna show you first
of all the free tool that will help you do that it’s called kW finder so you can
just type in kW finder com into Google so then you will want to take each of
these keywords and paste it into carefully to see how that actually works
so let’s start with the one that’s probably gonna be too competitive but I
want to show you anyway how that works so I’m just gonna type in law of
attraction and then click find keywords look at the information that we’ve got
here so for the actual keyword law of attraction it looks like the competition
is pretty tough it says keyword difficulty is 15 and it actually states
here that it’s hard it would be hard to actually rank for it but if we go
further down the page this tool has actually given us some other keywords
which are in there 37:39 law of attraction PDF okay is this it seems to
be a pretty easy one but there are actually some good ones here law of
attraction money and law of attraction meditation which are 23 so if I can
on that let’s see what it tells us it says that it’s still easy so this is a
keyword that if we write an article about Law of Attraction money then we’ll
have a reasonably good chance of coming up on the first page of Google for that
keyword term which is really good information so what you should start
doing is start building a database of these keywords so you might create a
spreadsheet with these three columns keyword difficulty and volume and then
just type in the information here so lower attraction volume is okay let’s
just call this one volume this one difficulty so volume is 2500 and
difficulty is 23 then you might take law of attraction meditation and put in that
two one one two difficulty 23 and then you should continue the process with all
of these other keywords for example I’ve seen one down here that I think will
probably be fairly low competition so if I go positive affirmations for success
let’s check out this one soft like in positive affirmations for success it’s
also is easy so let’s put that in as well
volume is one six seven two and difficulty is also twenty three but look
at this there are a couple here that are even easier with a high search volume
positive affirmations for women that one is 19 so that is even even easier to
rank for so let’s take that one as well so you need to repeat the process and
check whether there are there is a good amount of these kind of keywords there
so we put three zero three two and difficulty would be nineteen now as you
go through this process with all of these keywords you’re actually gonna
find some that are probably you know maybe have a keyword difficulty of ten
which is really really good but overall this is starting to tell us that there
is a huge amount of potential in this niche there are a lot of keywords that
are very easy to rank for they still green and with very minimum amount of
effort you should be able to rank on page one of Google and start bringing in
the traffic and start making those affiliate sales there is also a
different tool called eh revs I really love this tool as well I’m gonna show
you a couple of quick things that you can do in here so if you in
eight reps if you type in key a go to keyword explorer and type in the
keywords so I’ve just typed in these keywords to start from and let’s click
search it will bring us these keywords and the information for just those
keywords then I’m going to choose this option here in the left hand side called
having same terms and it will bring up all of the keywords that have got these
four seed keywords contained in them so you can see that I’ve now got ninety
three thousand six hundred and sixty seven keywords okay now since the site
you got that you’re going to be building is going to be a pro team kind of you
know it’s a beginner site right it won’t have any authority it won’t be an aged
website it’s a good idea – it’s a good idea to use some of the filters here so
a cadiz keyword difficulty and let’s go up to a keyword difficulty of eight they
use a slightly different scale 2kw finder what eight means is that if it’s
a keyword difficult of kind of like zero one two three or four you have a good
chance of ranking your content even if you don’t have any backlinks so if you
site has zero a thority you still have a good chance of ranking let’s say volume
of 200 or more per month okay and we might even put in something like that we
want let’s not worry about word count so essentially just these two filters so
keyword difficulty and volume that’s given us two hundred and forty seven
different keywords potential topics that you might write content about now look
at this the cool thing is that some of these actually have 0 a keyword
difficult now guys this is pretty much a slam-dunk if you put together an article
a good quality article and posted on your website even without any backlinks
there is a really good chance that you’re gonna rank and there is more than
one of them so law of attraction planner for example is a really good one 15
minute manifestation I think that’s the name of the product okay then here are a
couple here called Christian affirmations and manifestation quotes
that are zero as well I think they’d be really good ones let’s check which kind
of web sites are ranking for Christian affirmations so for Christian
affirmations we can see I’m actually seeing
a lot of opportunity here because I can see that in top 10 see this AR AR means
age refs rank so it says that this is a rank by strength of the bank lik
backlink profiles ok so the website with the strongest backlink profile is ranked
as number one and then anything that’s kind of over a million or over five or
over ten million that means that this website is very weak and doesn’t have a
lot of Link’s pointing to it the cool thing is that the number one website
called Christ audio is H refs ranked 30 so very weak website and
pretty much the fool like the whole you know page one of Google for this search
term for Christian affirmations is full of websites that have got very very low
Authority so one point one minute one point four two point three and so on so
there at the very end at the very bottom of the H refs rank which is really good
news for us because that means that our website will have a really good chance
of ranking likewise he can look at the same thing for manifestation quotes but
basically so far so good you know this is just looking like a niche that’s
really ripe for the taking it means they can create content and get a lot of
traffic to your affiliate links via this niche using these keywords the other
thing I’ll just quickly show you ATF’s can do is if you it can analyze a
website so if you go to law of attraction com
if you put in that domain name or any domain name really into site Explorer
and then you run a search it will show you all of the keywords that this
website is ranking for so this website is currently ranking for sixty thousand
different keywords once again so you don’t even need to type in the keywords
to begin with right you don’t need to type in a law of attraction or something
like it’ll just give you all of the keywords that this is ranking for so
what you could do is you could take several different blogs in your niche
okay plug them into H revs and then analyze in H revs what kind of keywords
are bringing in the traffic to this website so here I can once again say
limit keyword difficult – just five and volume we want something
that has got a decent search volume so maybe search volume of 200 and that
still gives us three thousand six hundred and seventy five which is more
than enough for us to have a successful website so you can see for example this
one here laws of karma you know this is something that we would have never
thought about but this is actually a good keyword for this niche there’s
another one how to manifest money you know this is something that a lot of
people are searching for and this would be a great article you know to write
about like how do you actually manifest the money and then you can put in an
affiliate link to this program to the manifestation magic affiliate program
that we talked about before that is paying an average of $39 per cell so
this is I’m hoping that you’re starting to understand the potential of this
niche we’ve done all of this together here with you guys live and you you can
now start creating that content and start getting traffic to your blog and
start getting these affiliate sales so let’s just recap quickly what we’ve done
so far without our profitable niche the product that we can promote we’ve also
looked at the keywords we now know that there is a lot of potential we know how
to generate keywords on Google Keyword planner you know how to assess them with
kW finder and also we’ve looked at how to reverse engineer websites and do
keyword research with age rifts age Refs just quickly is actually a paid tool
it’s a little bit expensive it’s 99 bucks a month but what you can do and
what i did when i first got started with a través I did a 7-day trial okay
so I just signed up and then you can cancel within these seven days it’ll
cost you just seven dollars to do it you can batch up all of your research and
just do all of this research within those seven days it’ll only cost you $7
and it’s actually a really powerful tool as you saw or alternatively you can of
course just continue using kW find that that’s completely fine as well which is
completely free alright so what do you do next so now
that you know your niche okay you will start creating related content so we
want to create this kind of website that pulls in all of this traffic that comes
to that website and then people start clicking the links and start giving your
affiliate cells now just so that you can kind of understand the big big
here we want to start creating this content and you want to create a lot of
articles all right you should be setting out to do at a website with at least 50
200 pages on that site obviously you can’t do it all in you know one day or
one week but within a couple of months you can actually get there and once you
do it it’ll be super powerful because each page might only get you 20 to 100
visitors a day which does not seem like much right but don’t forget that if we
extrapolate that with 100 pages that can give you 2,000 to 10,000 visitors every
single day coming to your website for free clicking your affiliate links and
making yourselves every single day so you want to create a website similar to
this there is nothing complicated about this website I’m going to talk about
that in just a second and basically as you publish your articles a lot of
people will start coming to these articles reading it
clicking different things and if you place the links to affiliate products
you’re going to be making sales how do you actually make the money once you
start getting the traffic coming in all right so there are a couple of things
that you can do one is put links to affiliate offers right on the pages
going with the example of this manifestation niche if we click on to
this affiliate page that will give us all of the information that we actually
need so generally as you scroll down you will see something like access my
affiliate tools now and it actually even says here click to access affiliate
tools without signing up so let’s just click that all right and that will give
you a ton of resources that you can use on your website so I’ll give you emails
that you can send if you’ve got an email list it will give you banners blog
reviews product images and so on so let’s see what kind of banners they give
us okay so here are a ton of different banners that you can place on your
website so for example if this was your site right then in the sidebar you could
place one of these banners it just gives you the code you insert that code and
this starts appearing on every page of your website you can also use these
banners to insert these banners in your blog posts so somewhere you know as
people are reading about visualizing the dream home and etc etc etc you might
insert a banner with a product image in here somewhere and a lot of people as
they’re reading the article they will actually click on it right
the other thing that you can do which is very very powerful is to build an email
list you’ll notice that most websites these days they build an email list
because once you’ve got you know a list of let’s say 20,000 people or 50,000
people once you’ve got that database you can send them emails every single day
sending them to your blog articles or sending them directly to their affiliate
links so you can actually just promote you can send them an email list sorry an
email to say hey guys check out this new product that helps you you know manifest
or helps you with with daily affirmations and once you insert that I
feel it linked into the email if anyone clicks and buys you will make money will
make their affiliate commissions from it as an example here on the lower
attraction they’ve got this thing called free access to the Law of Attraction
toolkit if you click on here you will notice that something comes up and it
says yep discover the missing pieces you need to utilize the law of attraction
your life if you click on here of course it’s asking you for your name and for
your email now here is a quick tip you should actually in your niche which have
initially decide to go for you should sign up for as many of these as you can
because that’ll give you an idea on what kind of products people promoting and
you can become an affiliate for the same products or you will kind of find out
what sort of email content those websites actually send out so that you
can you know learn from it and you can you can adopt it and you can start
promoting in a similar way as well the logic here is if those websites are
already doing it and they’re successful websites it must be working those
products must be selling so you kind of just reverse engineering and doing the
same thing that they’re doing so just to recap how do you start monetizing the
traffic well you put the links to a few net offers right on the pages right onto
your website you can also build an email list which is very very important super
powerful and you can promote affiliate offers via the email I want you guys to
understand the power of the email list because I did not understand this when I
was new to this business and I actually missed out on a lot of earnings because
of this let me show you something so let’s say you’ve built an email list of
just a thousand subscribers okay which is easy to do with the website it won’t
take you very long to do that at all with a thousand email subscribers let me
just make this a little bit bigger as you email them whenever you send an
email you probably are expecting an open rate of about 20 percent it could be a
little bit lower but let’s just go with this example and about 30 percent of
them will end up clicking a link that you send an email all right so let’s say
you send them an email and you recommend this product this manifestation magic
product as an affiliate with your affiliate link so the earnings as we saw
the earnings are about $1 per click so as an affiliate you should be expecting
to make it about $1 for every email click that you send to them now click
send per email if you send it 2,000 subscribers
click send is about 60 clicks okay so your earnings per email will be $60 and
you can obviously email you know a few times a week okay so that could be just
a couple of hundred dollars that you could be making per week just like that
just from the email list not even from your website because some people will be
buying directly from the website as well now if you have an email list of 10,000
then look what happens you could actually be making $600 per email
obviously none of this is guaranteed but these numbers are realistic numbers so
very very important that you build an email list I just want to stress this
and make sure that you understand how powerful email marketing actually is all
right so what do you actually do now you now need to set up a website now that
you know that you’re going to be building you’re going to be building a
website in a particular niche whether it’s this law of attraction niche or
some kind of other niche your next step is to buy a domain and set up a website
now this is a very big topic in itself so I’m actually going to put a link in
the description below so scroll down I’ve put some videos there that you can
learn how to buy domain and how to actually set up the website from scratch
I personally use Namecheap to buy domains great company and I use
SiteGround for my hosting also really really good company can’t recommend them
highly enough get the links to them in the description below if you want to you
know register a domain and grab a good hosting as well okay so after you have
built a domain and set up the website you can move on to the next step
you can now starting to produce this content so here are the content
guidelines it’s recommended that you don’t produce any
content in less than a thousand words per page if we go back to this law of
attraction blog you will notice that all of their content is kind of lengthy okay
it’s not just 200 words Google these days really likes these longer articles
so if you want to rank on page one you need to create this longer form content
I actually recommend one and a half thousand words or more that’s how I do
all of my blogging but you know if it’s a simple topic and the competition is
here you can probably even get away with a thousand words but one thousand to one
and a half thousand is a good rule of thumb anything more than that is also a
good idea your options for creating the content there are two options so the
first option is to write your own content if you are starting out you
don’t have a lot of budget then this is probably going to be the option that you
will want to go with okay I still write quite a bit of my own content especially
the more complicated content like also outsource quite a bit as well and if you
decide to outsource via someone else to the higher writer then you can expect to
pay between ten to twenty dollars per 1000 words okay so one and a half
thousand word article will probably cost you between fifteen and thirty dollars
if you’re busy for example when I started I had a day job I had a little
bit of money to spend so I prefer to outsource and I was completely fine with
spending a little bit of money on that so if you decide to do this then you can
just post a job on up work and hire a writer there here is the website up work
you P wo RK you can find a lot of freelancers including writers on this
website here is my recent job posting you’re welcome to use something similar
guys I just want to show you that I posted this ok blog writer needed I’m
currently building a website in the kind of weight loss niche and that’s what the
posting says you can see here that I’m building a large content side etc etc
etc and I actually said that I want to pay between ten to twenty US per 1000
words this is my rate these are my requirements I explained everything what
I want to do and I actually got a lot of proposals I got over 20 people beating
for it I ended up hiring one writer listed about three writers and I hide
one writer from this I’m very very happy with that writer so it’s completely
possible to hire a super high quality writer through up work okay so to recap
you’ve got two things that you can do you can write your own content or you
can outsource fire up work if you decide to write your own content that literally
all that you would want to do is you would want to read similar articles
about this so if you decide to write an article for example about positive
affirmations for women okay I recommend that you just look at what other
articles are saying say here nine affirmations for women that contribute
to personal growth so this particular article is ranking as number one so it
must be good in the eyes of Google I’m sure that they’re getting a lot of
traffic from Google and you would just look at what they do
what they have done here it’s a very short article actually and just write
something similar in your own words never copy content that’s not good for
your rankings if you just copy the content and it can also get you into a
little bit of legal trouble as well but just rewrite in your own words what this
article says on your own website here’s a bit of interface so basically what do
you now do okay so you will want to publish those articles onto your site
you’ll need to choose easy keywords so a lot like we talked about on kW finder
that’s anything under 20 well under 25 and for a través that’s anything under
five that you want to go with okay you will need to publish at least 20 posts
before you can expect to see any traction because Google will not send
you traffic if you just have one article on your site you need to create at least
20 of these posts after you’ve done 20 points or more then you need to start
building links to your website so just in case you kind of not familiar with
this topic each of the websites on the Internet has got links pointing to it
from other websites the more links a particular website has the more
authority it has in the Google eyes and the more traffic you’re likely to get
just to quickly demonstrate to you what the strength of the domain actually
means let’s run the law of attraction through site Explorer and a traps will
actually tell us what strength of this website is so we can
see that the domain rank is 65 ok by comparison if I go to oh yeah and the
other things that you can see here is that they currently have
12100 backlinks so links from other sites pointing to their domain and they
have 1.8 thousand of different unique domains that are linking to it now by
comparison if I go to then of course they’re gonna have domain rank
of probably in 99 or so maybe even 100 okay so let’s just compare here quickly
okay so domain rank of YouTube is 98 and the other comparison is if I go to my
website caffeinated which is kind of like you know I guess an
intermediate or more of a beginner kind of website in terms of the links that
it’s created because the website is quite new then my domain rank is 15 now
domain reg 15 is actually enough I get a lot of traffic from search under
caffeinated domain but as I work more and more on this website that
and I built more links domain rank will go up as well but this is just to
illustrate to you why building links is actually important the more links you
have pointing to your website the more traffic you’re going to get from search
engines now guys there is a video just below that you can check out to learn
more about how to build backlinks to your website I’ve got a separate video
about that so just take a look at the description below and you can learn all
about that what do you actually expect I know that we all want to start making
money yesterday right what today maybe tomorrow but in general it’s important
to set realistic expectations if you’re trying to get into affiliate marketing
the way that I’m showing you here is you’re gonna get free traffic so you’re
not gonna have to pay anything for traffic there is not ads or anything
like that so minimal outlay for this if you post to post per week ok to post per
week in one month you’re gonna get a approximately ten posts in two months
you’re gonna get approximately 20 posts with 20 posts if you go for low
competition keywords you can expect to start getting some traffic already even
without backlinks just go for low competition keywords and you’re going to
be starting to see some traffic coming in at that point in time
building some backlinks the more backlinks you have the more traffic your
site will attract as well now if you are if you have the capacity to produce more
content so perhaps five perspec maybe you write a couple outsource a
couple per week something like that with five posts per week in one month you can
have 25 posts and in two months you can have 50 posts now in two months time you
could have a website with 50 posts this is actually a big deal you know kind of
a website with 50 posts is a good website in terms of how much content
it’s got in four months you’re gonna get a hundred posts and depending on which
keywords you go for it’s not unusual to get you know twenty to thirty to forty
to fifty visitors per page of your website per day so you can get results
fairly quickly you know maybe just not tomorrow or the day after but as long as
you stick to this and you understand that it will take a couple of months to
get there then you can definitely do this using the model that I’ve shown you
well that’s everything thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe to
my youtube channel just below this video for more videos like this one click the
bell notification icon as well to make sure that you never miss my future
videos also if you want to grab my free blogging and traffic course the link is
in the description below as well thank you so much for watching I’ll see in the
next video


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