AMAZON AFFILIATE CASE STUDY SITE: $100/month to $15k/month in ONE YEAR
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AMAZON AFFILIATE CASE STUDY SITE: $100/month to $15k/month in ONE YEAR

In this video I’ll cover the, 4-step process
that I implemented to increase the value for my niche site by $118,800. Let me tell you about the results first. The value of the site went from about $1,200
in Dec 2015 to about $120,000 one year later, assuming a 25x monthly multiple valuation. I did all of this part-time, outsourced most
everything but the strategy, and ranked in Google through White Hat Content marketing. And the investment was $4,000 over 5 months. So it’s a chunk of change, YES, but clearly
a good ROI. Let’s check it out now. In Jan 2016 the site made $100 to almost $15000
in December. And if you want to get your hands on my content
templates, just head over to, then I’ll email them to you. $100 per month was fine, but I knew the site
had more potential. I know a lot of people are stuck at this point
– making a $100+ per month but can’t figure out how to grow. Leave a comment if that describes you – and
you can share about your current income. It’s nice to make couple hundred per month,
but it’s not quit your job kinda money. So you can imagine what it was like when the
revenue started creeping up. It was like I cracked the secret code. After a couple years of just doing okay, I
started figuring it out and it was through discovering the supply and demand of keywords. That’s the Keyword Golden Ratio. The ratio is this… The number of Google results that have the
keyword phrase in the title divided by the local monthly search volume, where the LMS
is less than 250. If the KGR is less than 0.25, then you should
rank in the top 100 when your page is indexed. You should still rank in the top 250 when
the KGR is between 0.25 and 1. And it should be pretty fast. I published a bunch of content – a staggering
amount – over 200 new posts. That cost some money since I outsourced 99.9%
of it. The ballpark amount is $4,000 where $3,200
was the content and $800 was for editing and content management. Most all of the content gets some traffic
and I didn’t build links to the 200+ new articles. Adding all that content wasn’t easy, and
I needed a lot of help. If you want to learn about how I published
all that content and get access to the templates, be sure to check out the link below. Here’s the high level steps, and I’ll
go into details in a min. Find a bunch of KGR terms. Hire 2-3 writers to help. Get a content manager. Step 4 is complicated so let me come back
to that at the end. Here are the 4 steps:
Step 1. Find a bunch of KGR terms. I aimed for 200 which was arbitrary. But I know it was a stretch and I learn something
along the way. Before the KGR, the site consisted of product
reviews that targeted keywords that had search volumes of 2,000, up to about 10,000, searches
per month. The KGR targets keywords that have a lower
search volume and significantly less competition. It’s data driven, not intuition. Using the KGR in December of 2015, I published
about 20 articles that averaged about 1,000 words each. The articles targeted a specific keyword – deliberately
– and after a few weeks almost all the articles were receiving 1 – 2 visitors per day. After a couple months, 1 – 2 of the articles
were getting about 10-20 visitors per day. That’s a big win if you consider that some
of those terms were reported by the Google Keyword Planner as getting 0 searches per
month. That’s right. Zero. I assume that some or most of the visitors
were actually searching for an obscure long tail keyword. The takeaway is that keyword research is very
important and you can’t believe the Google Keyword Planner or any keyword research tool
at face value. Step 2. Hire 2-3 writers to help. I’m a slow writer! And other people are better at it. I’m good at hiring people and giving them
instructions. So I slowly hired people from upwork. Here is what my job posting looks like…you
can see it’s descriptive and clear which is a differentiator on Upwork. Most people have bad job postings. I pay about $15 per 1000 words. Step 3. Get a content manager. Again, I’m bad at words, writing, grammar! Just terrible. I take a long time to edit, I’m a slow typer,
and a perfectionist. Bad qualities if you’re going for speed
and quantity. I promoted a good writer of mine and paid
her $10 per hr. If you’re thinking that I overpaid, remember
this: I’m not trying to get the cheapest price, I’m trying to get the best ROI. The best value. So here’s what I realized: I’m the bottleneck. My writers were fast and I had a google folder
full of content waiting for me. It took me 1-2 hrs to draft the content in
WP. So I hired someone to do all that for me,
like edit the content, add images, add internal links, add external links, embed videos, and
so on. Then, it took me about 3 mins to review and
hit publish. Step 4. This isn’t actually a step but it’s even
more important. You need to take your time and grow slow. Hire one writer at a time. Build your team slowly and make sure each
member knows what to do. If you add 5 writers all at once, you’ll
be overwhelmed with questions. Imagine if each person asks 1 question per
day 4 days a week. That’s at least 40 emails your receiving
or sending, and it’s probably a lot more than that. So here’s the recap:
Find a bunch of KGR terms. Hire 2-3 writers to help. Get a content manager. Be patient and take your time. Don’t forget you can download my templates,
the same ones I used at Question of the day: What’s your strategy
to increase income for your niche or authority site? Tell me in the comments below. Remember to check out the comments! Some of the best ideas come from YOU the Niche
Site Project community. If you found this helpful, be sure to like! If you like what I’m doing, check out some
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  • shaun baird

    Doug… $15 for a 1000 word article. So can I just ask.. my motto till now is very long review posts of products at 6000 words+ and its close to $300 to outsource for me from my excellent writer.. but if say one product of mine is telescopes are you saying I should write a bunch of our articles about 1000 words each related to the product (and linking to it..)?? I've avoided this for over a year and just focused on long review posts. If I'm.right this is great news.. let me know please 😉

  • Matthew Brilliance

    My strategy…make a Youtube channel and embed your videos in your articles and link out from the videos to the related articles. This is in addition to KGR

  • olivier Pietrzak

    Amazing figures for sure. But for me it is speaking of nothing if we don't have a clue about the niche, the topic of website, the market…

  • Marcel Theisen

    Awesome video, that's the best summary. I'm working it…I have the $ for content and I'm putting in the work but #4 is the hardest!

  • HomesteadingDepot

    my strategy is to follow your guidance! This channel has grown so much in the last year. Hats off to your hard work and all the help you provide Doug

  • Matthew Lake

    I'm writing all the content and link building by myself for my first proper niche site. I think it'll just help me understand the process well enough, so I can guide people better when I outsource.

  • Lashay Lewis

    Hey Doug, out of the 200 posts, how many were informational?

    And if they were all commercial, how many info articles did you have on the site at the time?

  • Francis Lee

    probably the best video I've seen from you Doug, great job with the editing, reminds me of my own Gopro fun videos but you do it for work! Nice one. By the way (for everyone as well) I find that Jaaxy and AnswersThePublic are additional tools that help in the process as well. Supreme value Doug..blessings .

  • Saif Ur Rehman Shahid Hussain.

    Thank for sharing nice information but we all know theory but not practical how to do this in practical we don't know instead of theory it will better than theory to share practical in front of us I hope you understand .

    Your loving sincere friend .

  • The Yokohama Life

    Thank you for the information Doug! I have a few questions. When you hire writers, do you publish the content under their name, or under your own? How do you handle paying them (PayPal, bank transfer, etc)? Also, do you publish a bunch of the articles on the same day, or do you try to stagger them so it always seems like there's fresh content?

  • TomArmstrong

    Hi Doug. I really like your videos and work as an affiliate myself. What do you think about the quality of content affiliates produce? Isn't most of it fake reviews and 'junk'. Not taking the high horse – guilty of that myself – but where's the value for the visitor? How do you get around this problem? All the best to you.

  • Kamaldeep Chandel

    Hi Doug, thanks for your information. I just wanted to know all your 200 posts are KGR? How it's possible to find 200 KGR keywords from single niche?

  • Shakir Hassan

    Hi Doug,

    I am not sure if you'll reply to this because apparently, you get tons of questions every day but I see you somehow manage the time to answer 'em all. 😉

    So, here's the thing! I am your long time watcher who only likes your video and not comments because I guess i'm simply too lazy for that .. sorry about that. 😛

    So here's my question!

    Most of the keywords have a slight variation to the other keyword. i dont know how to write this but take examples of these two KWs:

    – Best RC boat
    – Best Remote Control Boat

    Now off-course, if you search the other one, you'll get less intitle results compared to the other one, but the thing is, both are the exact same thing in eyes of Google!

    How would you explain this?

    Also, I am thinking about starting a bit broader niche site, so in case if one niche fails, I can try the other one!

    what's your take on this?

    Looking forward to hearing back! 🙂


  • Shakir Hassan

    also I dont get what do you mean you published 200 articles.

    i mean, what kind of articles were they? were they all KGR terms? if so, it means you wrote 200 (top 10 best XYZ) type of posts which is incredible !! OR, did you write one pillar post (aka 10 best XYZ) type post and then write 10 more to support it and thats how you hit that 200 marks.

    can you please explain this ?

  • Dencha

    Hi Doug, I just got your template, quick question…why do you have in the job posting requesting the applicant for TWO articles on the same topic?

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