Amazon SEO Automation Tool – Listing Builder 【PRO Version for FREE!】
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Amazon SEO Automation Tool – Listing Builder 【PRO Version for FREE!】

Let me quickly show you how this listing builder
can help you optimize your product page in an autopilot way.
Let’s create a new group, paste your selected keywords here, or add keywords directly from
any of our keyword research tools. It will automatically count the frequency
of each individual word from your list. Then paste your product URL here to import
listing details. Product title, description, and bullets will
be automatically filled in for you. Or you can write one from scratch if you don�t
have any yet. Keywords already included in your�listing,�will
be highlighted in green in the Keyword Bank. The Phrase section shows you how many times
each keyword phrase has appeared in your listing. All of these help you make sure no important
keyword is missed out. Now let�s extract the search terms of our
top 10 competitors using the backend keyword extractor, and add all of them to the�S
T�Bank. It consolidates all keywords�automatically,�and
shows you how many times each word appears in the 10 set of backend keywords you just
added. The higher the frequency, the more important
the word is. Now you can add all keywords, from the most
to the least frequently appeared, into the 5 Search Term fields at the right with just
1 click. Keywords that all of your top competitors
are using should be used in your listing too! It also helps you automatically limit the
total characters to be 250, following Amazon’s latest rules.
Keywords already added into your search�terms,�will be highlighted in green in the�S T�Bank.
You can also manually edit your 5 search term fields after�that,�if you want to.
Now you can simply copy everything back to your�sellercentral, and save it for future
edits. So if you find some other keywords you want
to optimize for in the future, you can simply add them into the keyword bank and optimize
the listing accordingly. This will save you tons of time from manual
listing�optimization,�while making sure you don�t accidentally de-optimize any existing
keyword. Now try it out yourself, and you will love


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