Amazon SEO – The Only Way to Rank That Will Get You Steady Safe Sales?
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Amazon SEO – The Only Way to Rank That Will Get You Steady Safe Sales?

– (air whooshing) – Have you heard of
the Pareto’s Principle? Basically it states that
most in things in life roughly 80% of the effects
come from 20% of the effort. How does this relate to
Amazon SEO, and how can you utilize it to gain a competitive advantage over other sellers? Selling your product in a crowded niche is a subject to Pareto’s Principle. 20% of the most successful
products get 80% of the sales. So the products that are
positioned in the top 10 results so top page one, will
make most of the profit for that specific keyword. You can be one of those
products proudly staying in the top 10 results
making daily organic sales utilizing fully the potential of Amazon’s search engine optimization. Or you can make almost no
money being somewhere below those top 10 positions doing nothing. The problem is that
most sellers don’t know how to blast their product
into those top 10 positions. And here’s where you can
crush your competition easily. This is your opportunity
to dominate the sales. Here at Alpha Raven House,
a boutique marketing agency we help Amazon sellers to
triple their daily income by ranking their products to top page one for any keyword. At the same time, we help them get verified reviews too. That’s two benefits in one service. Take a look at some of the
examples of our recent clients we’ve helped get from not selling at all, to the top of the search results. Please be aware that we
blurred sensitive info as the privacy and security
of our clients for us, is the most important. Take this product from health and household
category in the US. We did a blast of 55 units
and ranked the product from position 61 to position three. You can imagine how sales
sky rocketed after that. Or this product from clothing category. We’ve ranked it from position
31, where it was selling two to three units daily, to
best seller at position one. And we did that with only 60 units. What about another example? This time from patio, lawn and garden. We’ve blasted only 50
units and got the seller from position 53 to number
two in its category. And on the way, we generated 26 reviews. And last quick example, again from health and household category. With only 75 units, we took
the product from non-existent 288 position, to best seller
number one for this keyword in less than seven days. Aren’t those examples showing
the power of Amazon SEO? We boast to be the most
effective solution on the market. We can get any product to
show up on top page one for any keyword. If you want to gain ranking,
obtain verified reviews and triple organic sales along the way, go to now and find out what effects we
can generate for your business. If you like this video, please
click the thumbs up button and consider subscribing. We’ll be sharing more
videos on how to maximize your potential on Amazon.


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