• Dental Marketing Guy

    Co-occurance is how I got ranked #1 for "dental SEO expert." My brand was consistently mentioned within the context of topics related to how to find a dental SEO expert. This video rocks man!

  • Dental Marketing Guy

    Quick question: When your brand name is nearly exact match (such as dental marketing guy), do you see any risk in over-optimization when 70% of your branded anchor text is – in effect – partial match?

    For example: I've requested links that say "DMG" or "Justin Morgan," just to make sure I'm not putting a partial match too much. Hopefully that question makes sense.

  • Vazrik Sh

    Do these Generic/URL/LSI anchors help push what u are really targeting for? Like your Main Keywords, I keep creating websites, getting them to page two, and all the time I just bounces out of no where to like page 5, and I relised maybe im doing something wrong with my SEO…

    Furthermore, I look into anchors and I relize im having trouble.. I don't think its my links because I was always able to rank the same way I did back in 2015 lol but now its just my anchors are way too high, Out of like 25 links 8 of them are my exact match.. do you think Fixing this, or diluting this will fix my problem? And Also Do Generic Anchors/LSI/Brand help push the main KW higher.

    Thanks for reading this, Appreciate the video and help!

    – Vaz Sh.

  • Pratik Hambardiker

    Nathan: Thank you for putting together this informational video. I wanted to ask if you recommend to keep same anchor ratio for internal links / pages too ?

  • Jugad sen

    Hey Nathan, I have a question!

    lets say, if I create like 30 links each day for 30 days ( all unique domains ) with my brand anchor + naked url, to my root domain
    ( i have a site related to apps , domain name is something like app_ _.com ) the domain is an expired domain, its already 6 months old in my hands.. So, i want to know if there can be a problem from google? what do you suggest.

    & Thanks for being in the seo world ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hasan

    Hi Nathan, very informative video, I have a quick question regarding the LSI anchor text would it be wise to

    use them as headings (h1's and h2's)?

  • Luqman Luqmqn

    Nathan; thank you so much for this special informative video; I'm doing Seo for a none English site; my marketing strategy is to publish articles with anchor texts at 10 different blogs; my question is what is the maximum articles that my team can publish every day? can I share the ? same articles from my website into the blogs

  • Prithvi S

    For Ranking for a creatine keyword you have picked the line " Learn about creatine or does creatine work ? Shouldn't we use partial matched anchor text while surrounding the exact match ?

    Example :
    What you Picked : Learn about creatine
    What My Idea : Know more about creatine powder, side effects and benefits of creatine

    Can you explain what is right ? and why ?

  • Gabriel1988r

    Hi Nathan ๐Ÿ™‚ i have question, what anchor text ratio should looks for homepage and what should like for innerpages? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ali Senejani

    Very nice video, appreciate it. May I check what is the best way to place your link on these anchor texts?

    Say for example: I get a high authority backlink and I use "house painting" as an exact match anchor, should I link this anchor text to my main website "www.example.com" or "www.example.com/house-painting"?

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