Android Developer Story: Omnidrone develops a better game with Early Access on Google Play

[dramatic music] Gerard Fernandez: I’ve been
playing games all my life. It’s my passion. I also learned
how to program computers, and then in 2001, we started the first
video games company for mobile phones in Spain
called Microjocs. In 2013, my studio was acquired
by a big company. Some of the guys and myself, we decided that
we should do something fresh, something new,
and we founded Omnidrone. “Titan Brawl” is
a real-time strategy game. It’s considered as a MOBA. MOBA is a massive
online battle arena, but especially designed
for mobile devices. The game is today as it is thanks to
the early access program. We changed many things from the learnings
from the community. Since we launched the game
on early access, we got more
than 2 million installs on Android devices. Gonzalo Fasanella: We started
in the early access program back at
the very beginning of it. The difference
between the early access program and a traditional soft launch
is that users are actively giving the team
feedback. So you not only check
the metrics you have, but they also provide
possible solutions, and so you end up by doing
the game players want to play. The thing about
not having the ratings, but having the constructive
feedback was very good. The early access was
a great opportunity for an indie developer,
someone starting, and very key
for us in Omnidrone. When we started
with early access program, we approached it
in different stages. So the idea was at the beginning to focus on the engagement
of the games. Once we sorted that out, we focused on the retention
of the game, and finally,
we focused on monetization to do a valued product
for the market. We managed with early access to improve our retention
into 41%, the engagement by 50%, and the monetization by 20% from the very beginning
of the program till worldwide launch
of the game. Gerard Fernandez:
I feel very happy working on
the video games industry because it has been my passion
since I was a child, and it’s really inspiring
that through Omnidrone we have a real chance to shape the new era
of the video games. [pops and swishes]

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