Animator vs. Animation IV (original)
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Animator vs. Animation IV (original)

hey i was forced to do these subtitles please help *Happy music while drawing* Animator vs. Animation IV Animator vs. Animation IV *drawing* *still drawing* *still drawing* *drawing stilll* *drawing yet again* *draw* *ing* *so* *cooolololieol* im going to stop *gets message* *opens message* Darren Schwartz: are you serious?? *keyboard sounds* Alan: yup so i had no choice but to get a new computer all cuz (because) of a stick figure i made *continues drawing* Darren Schwartz: do you think it’ll happen again? *types* Alan: well it’s been 3 years and nothing’s happened Alan’s wife: Alan? Alan: Yeah? Alan’s wife: Can you come here for a second? Alan: K Alan: hang on *Door closes* *puts foot down* Orange Stick figure: Huh. Animation… another window… *Door opening* Orange Stick Figure: Oh Jeez! Orange Stick Figure: *hurried breathing* *Alan typing* Alan: Oh hey I gtg (gotta go) get the laundry I’ll ttyl (talk to you later) *Door closes* The Second Coming: Ow. The Second Coming: Huh… I think… The Second Coming: He’s gone!! Let’s have some fun! *Big leap* *Jumps on facebook chat* Orange Stick Figure: Hmm? Stick.. Figures Fight? what is that? *Goes on Stick Figures Fight* The Second Coming: *dusts self off* Humph. *Blue enters* The Second Coming: uuhhh… The Second Coming: Wait DON’T– *Green enters* The Second Coming: uhmm… *Fighting sounds* The Second Coming: *knocks on glass shield* Uhh… Hello? *Yellow enters* *Red enters* The Second Coming: You know what? The Second Coming: Get ready for a beatdown! The Second Coming: Oh right. Scrolling would help. *Horizontal scroll* The Second Coming: come ON! There’s gotta be another way in… The Second Coming: Hoo, Hoo, Hoo… The Second Coming: hrrAUGH!! Green: Wait, timeout… who’s that? Blue: I don’t know… Green: Hrmm… The Second Coming: Come on then! Let’s fight! Green Stick Figure: Oh, it’s a new Figure! Name’s Green. Orange Stick Figure: Oh, come on. Red: What in the world… Red: Uhhh… Red: Blueyougofirst. Blue: DU- NO, You go first! Red: How about all of you! Blue: No! You decided you would go first Red! The Second Coming: Dude. The Second Coming: This is NOT that hard to comprehend. The Second Coming: *steps out* Green Stick Figure: OHMYGOODNESS The Second Coming: See? There nothing to be afraid of! Come on out of that house! The Second Coming: What are you waiting for? Let’s Go! The Colored Gang: *proceeds to wall-hop their way top the top of the house* The Colored Gang: *all proceed to jump to the Facebook Tab* *Jumping* *Scrolling down* *Green clicks on emojis* (Emojis escape box) Green: Aww, don’t cry, lil’ guy! The Second Coming: Howsabouta Pool Party? *Splash* Emojis: YAY! Alan: No… Alan: I must be dreaming… Alan: Not again…. *Drops laundry* The Second Coming: Oh no… (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) *Windows task manager opens* All: Huh? What is that? Red: Is that… Me? am I just a- *Deletes Red* All: HES GONNA DO THE SAME TO US!! Blue: No, please, do- *Deletes Blue* The Second Coming: Yellow, don’t LEAVE!! *Deletes Yellow* Green: Help u- *Deletes Green* The Second Coming: nononoNONO!! *Deletes all emojis* *Stops the rainbow pool* TheSecondComing.exe =The Chosen One`s Return Do you want to end ‘TheSecondComing.exe”? The Second Coming is not responding. Error: The action cannot be completed because the program is too resistant. The Second Coming sends the following message: The Second Coming: You ended my friends. Now I will end you. The Second Coming: The Chosen One: The Chosen One: I give up on life. I’m not even gonna try any more. *Likes* Wow insensitive, I might just unfriend you for that. The Second Coming: you see what I’m getting at here? Alan: Grr…. Alan: I will NOT let this happen EVER AGAIN!! *Alan Smackes desk* that wasnt me!!! The Second Coming: what a bunch of losers winners The Second Coming: go die Alan: LIVE! LIVE!! The Second Coming: ugly Alan: BEAUTIFUL! The Second Coming: I DO!! I DO!! Alan: NO I DONT!! I DONT!! The Second Coming: your photography skills are like drinking straws, meaning they suc- The Second Coming: AAAAHHH!!! *Bash* *Slam* The Second Coming: Time to sync! *The Second Coming enters iPhone* Copying 1 of 1: The Second Coming Sync complete The Second Coming: Wooooooaaaahh HooHoo!… *Grabs phone* Alan: Where did that little bugger go…? Alan: HAH! *Pulls off Snapchat ghost* Alan: Get back here you! The Second Coming: catch me if u can… u monster Alan: … This is going to be a problem in the future… Phone: 9 91 911 *Lands on photos* *Swipes Photos up* *Lands on Chrome* *Swipes Chrome up* *lands on Doodle Jump* *Swipes Doodle Jump up* *lands on Twitter* *Swipes twitter up* *lands on clock and starts clock* *Swipes clock up* *lands on Calculator and types 987* *Swipes Calculator up* *lands on Facebook* *swipes Facebook up* *lands on 2048* *swipes 2048 up* *lands on Candy Crush* *swipes Candy Crush up* *grabs onto Notes* *Swipes Notes up* *lands on Home Menu* The Second Coming: Try and catch me now! *closes Dropbox* Alan: Where is he? TheSecondComing.exe added Alan: Hmm…. The Second Coming: DIE!!! The Second Coming: Ougghh!! *Box breaks* Alan: OI!! Let GO! The Second Coming: NEVER! The Second Coming: Now stay right here! *mashes bunch of tools together into a laser gun* The Second Coming: … Sweet. The Second Coming: What’re you gonna do… The Second Coming: … now that you don’t have your precious cursor? *Destroys Cursor* *Tries to get his cursor working* *throws the weapon away* *sketching* The Second Coming: Heya! The Second Coming: Hmm… *gives sketch muscles* *flex* *Keybaord Sounds* *Chaos* *Crocodile eats Scroll bar* *Crocodile eats another scroll bar* *Admires Artwork* Brolic-Stick: *punches coursor* Alan: Wait- DON’T DO THAT!! *Delete* The Second Coming: Agh!!! *Pulls up* Skinny box The Second Coming: Simple Escape! The Second Coming: Ahh! Another one, please. The Second Coming: Ow The Second Coming: STOP!! Alan: …it talks? Alan: you talk? The Second Coming: DON’T DELETE ME PLEASE Alan: I’m not gonna delete you.You need to calm down. The Second Coming: you need to die Alan: Hey stick figure. You’re a really good animator. The Second Coming: what? Alan: If you help me animate, I’ll let you free, as long as you dont wreck my computer. The Second Coming: no Alan Why not?? The Second Coming: You ended my friends Alan: Oh. Alan: well, I can fix that in a jiffy. *Reloads Stick Figures Fight* *Yellow places card* Red: Look! It’s the Orange dude! All: HEY Man! Where were you? The Second Coming: when do we start? 5 Months Later Alan: good? The Second Coming: next frame please lan: Last frame… if I’m not, mistaken… aaaaaand…. Alan: Done! Looks pretty good! The Second Coming: Let’s watch it! *play* The Second Coming: Not too bad is I do say so myself! Alan: high five dude. *Hands Clap* Alan: break time! All: SC!! Green: Good to see you bro! Red: Yellow! SC is here! We’re ready to fight! Green: Everyone ready? Blue: Let’s go boys. Red: As ready as I’ll ever be. Yellow: Yup! The Second Coming: Let’s Do this. Green: 3, 2, 1, go *Intense Fighting* *All Clapping* The End Subtitles By NathanTubeHD. (The one with a flame for it`s logo) Subscribe because it took me a long time to make this. And also subscribe to Alan Becker. Hes a really good animator. I Pitched in too! (Noah Badgley) Just noticed a few spelling errors here and there and thought I could do what I could, and I sprinkled in some creative jucies as well. Full Credit to NathanTubeHD though. He carried the bulk of the load and took time out of his day to make em. Great job. (sorry the last text box was so big.) Have a good day and Thanks for Watching!


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