Answer the Public and Keywords Everywhere for Keyword Research
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Answer the Public and Keywords Everywhere for Keyword Research

hi friends if you’re ever struggling to
find topics for your blog posts or ideas let me introduce you to answer the
public this is a really cute site you see the guy there looking around for
answers searching it looks like he’s got writer’s block doesn’t he either that or
he’s waiting for the bus anywho with this site let me show you how easy it is
to use you just get your topic now I’m going to use video marketing and you’re
going to change the country to whatever country that you live in or where you
want to find those answers and the site brings back a host of blog post ideas
for you so let’s just see what we’ve come up with alright first it gives you
I love this carousel look here it gives you the what the when the how who and
all that and it adds that to your topic title so for example why is video
content marketing appropriate why video is good for marketing what is online
video marketing so you’ll notice there that these little pop-ups also show the
cost per click and the competition search volume for those words now stay
tuned I’m going to show you a special add-on that I use in order to make that
information appear so the next carousel I want to show you is about prepositions
so it adds a preposition to your phrase so with two versus four let’s look at
verses so it’s video marketing versus advertising so now here is where those
keywords come into play in order for me to get this information I need and a
special tool and it’s called keywords everywhere now this is another extension
for Chrome that I have an see monthly search volume and cause per
click for every search and it adds those to answer the public at the bottom of
the page you’ll see the alphabetical listing for all the results that answer
the public has returned but then you’ll see also those cost per click let me
make that bigger so for example video marketing software it’s bringing in up
to $13 and 86 cents cost per click video marketing agency $8.98 video
marketing companies $12.38 so you’ll see that the combination of these tools
together will help you determine what topics you want to cover on your blog
post on your social media post you may want to also include these as keywords
when you’re doing your YouTube videos you want to make sure that you’re using
those examples that you find here you can also combine this data with Google
Trends plug these words over into the Google trends map and see if you get even
more ideas so with that thank you so much for your patronage here on patreon
if you haven’t become a patron yet just go ahead and sign up you can start off
at the $5 a month membership subscription level and with that I want
you to have a wonderful day and I look forward to reading and sharing your
content bye for now


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