Are links in footers treated differently than paragraph links?
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Are links in footers treated differently than paragraph links?

Ok, we have a question from Andres in Boston,
MA, who asks: Does Google treat links in footers differently than links surrounded
by text, for example in a paragraph? Well, if you go back and read the original Page
Rank paper, they said that links were distributed completely uniformly, PR was distributed,
you know, without regard to whether the link was at the top of the page, at the bottom
of the page, in the footer, in the text, all that sort of stuff. In general our link
analysis continues to get more and more sophisticated to the point where what we compute today is
still called PR and still bears resemblance to the original PR but it’s much more sophisticated
that the original PR used to be. So we do reserve the right to treat links in footers
a little bit differently. For example, if something’s in a footer, it might not carry
the same editorial weight, because someone might have set up a single link and it might
be something that’s across the entire site whereas something that’s in an actual
paragraph of text is a little more likely to be an editorial link, so we do reserve
the right to treat those links differently in terms of how we consider them for relevance,
how we consider them for reputation, how much we trust them and all those sorts of


  • Mehmet Yalcin Parmaksiz

    I still did not understand from the video which of these links are better? Footer links or links in main content. And how do google classify links as footer and main content links?? Video would be more explanotory..

  • Tim Staines

    That's not at all what he said. He's never going to tell us something that specific. He said they reserve the right to weight paragraph links differently than links on other parts of the page that might not be as relevant to the content on that page.
    He did NOT say: "Blogroll links that appear on 200 different pages of 1 site are less valuable than "incontent" links from another site."
    His statement was relative to the two different types of links on the same page, see the difference?

  • netandful

    as far as i can tell ive seen pages rankin high for new keywords with 5, 7 footer or blogrolls from huge related sites. so u can figure whats the truth


    @DadsonFireORG If he gave out clear cut yes or no answers in every video, every viewer would take it as gospel and exploit his tips. So, should Matt say "Yes, links in paragraphs are more valuable than in footers", many people would stuff the links that were in footers, into their paragaphs and look junk.

  • Ty Whalin

    The links in the footer are primarily for structure purposes and do not do hold as much significance as the links within the content on the page. As part of proper on page optimization, this is not only for allowing the user to navigate the website easier, but it links your pages internally. While most links within your content use a magnitude of anchor text allowing you to link with multiple types of keywords to other pages the footer usually contains navigational links. Out of space…

  • magnetica2288

    @agapitoflores001 if u listened he says they reserve the right, in other words, if they see the need to treat it differently they can

  • imavex

    We put links in our header and footer on most sites. We do that so that people can have access to all pages on any page of the website. We actually put a lot on our footers including images, phone numbers, and an address. The footer is a powerful piece of your website… don't waste the space.

  • Artakserksis

    @DadsonFireORG Google's the one who judges you, not the other way around. It should have been obvious actually, since you are watching a video on how to make yourself better for them.

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