Are reconsideration requests read by real people?
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Are reconsideration requests read by real people?

Today’s question comes from
Prague, Ihar asks, right now when a webmaster sends a
reconsideration request, how many chances does it
have to really be read by a real human? Do you plan to make it possible
for webmasters to answer when they get a result
back from Google? Great questions. So whenever you do a
reconsideration request, if you don’t have any manual action
by the web spam team, so there’s no way that we could
do anything in essence because it’s algorithmically
determining where your ranking, those are automatically
closed out. So those aren’t looked
at by a human being. But 100% of all the other
reconsideration request are looked at by real person. We don’t have the time to
individually reply with a ton of detail, and so, we do think
about ways to be more scalable, and so I understand it
might not be as satisfying to get, yeah we think
you’re OK, or, no you still have issues. But, that is a real human that
is looking at that, and generating the response
that you read back. Now the second question was also
interesting, do you plan to make it possible for
webmasters to sort of answer when they got a result? Well, if we say for example,
no, we still think there’s issues with your site, we hope
that you will take some time and investigate that and say,
oh here’s something that I could do. Here’s a way that I could
make that better. After you make some more changes
and try to improve things, you can always
do another reconsideration request. And so that way you could put
it back in front of that person, and hopefully talk a
little bit about the progress. Don’t just immediately resubmit
it and say, well I think you were wrong. You need to show some reasoning
why Google should reconsider that manual action,
if we’d already decided that it was justified before. We’ve actually been trying a
very experimental program where, when we see someone who
is doing a reconsideration request more than once, we’ll
sample a small number of those and send those to other people
to sort of say, OK, let’s do a deeper dig here. Maybe we need to send a little
bit more info, or investigate in a bit more detail. It’s just one of the ways that
we’ve just been experimenting, we’ve actually been doing it for
quite a while, to try to figure out, OK are there other
ways we can improve our processes, other ways that
we can communicate more. So it’s the kind of thing that
we don’t guarantee, that if you will appeal a couple times
that you’ll get any sort of more detailed of an answer, but
there are people reading all of this reconsideration
requests. The one thing I would say is,
just because you get back a reply that says, no we still
think there are issues, don’t just immediately appeal again. You do want to try to identify
the issues, and if it looks like you’re not doing that, then
after while we start to think, well this guy’s hard
headed, he hasn’t been making any changes at all to respond to
the sorts of stuff that we think still has problems
with the site. And then at that point, it’s
not as productive to keep having that conversation. But we do absolutely try to
think about how can we have a lot of response, how can we do
better, and a real person does look at those reconsideration
requests. And we have been experimenting
with different ways to try to make the process even better.


  • Rick Cable

    Matt, thanks for the video. I had an issue a while back with my site and did not get any info on what was wrong from Google, I was just dropped. It was not until Bing brought the problem to my attention and was able to discuss it with somebody on the phone that I was able to make the necessary corrections. Once I did, I then submitted the reconsideration request to reviewer at Google who gave me the thumbs up. It was frustrating trying to get the details of what was wrong so I could fix it.

  • Catherine Marsden

    Hi, I haven't responded yet for a number of reason. Who would i contact regarding the reasons ? & i'm sure i speak for a lot of Brits.

  • Rick Cable

    I know….right. Even funnier that I was able to actually get somebody on the phone and they actually helped me. Amazing!

  • Max Power

    If a real person is taking the time to write back, "No, it's not right, try again" AND Google says they are all about making for a better search experience, wouldn't it be logical to give us at least a broad hint as to what is wrong? That way Google WOULD get what they are looking for in a result and we don't have to try to read the reviewers mind. I myself have looked at rejects and can't find anything wrong and I know Google's Terms of Service by heart!. What do you do then? Why make it hard?

  • Peter Watson

    My 5 recon request (over 5-6 months) have been totally ignored with no response what so ever. I have a manaul penalty for inorganic links. After months of pruning, I have now submitted my list of links via the disavow tool which I was unseccessful removing.

    Would someone at Google please reply to my reconsideration request as I need some guidence to help get my site out of this penalty.

  • Will Spencer

    This answer does not match what I have seen in the real world. It makes me wonder if Matt knows what is going on in his own department.

  • Spiry ɃTC

    You must learn really answer the questions . Or else what are you doing it's useless for anybody. Google it's having fail after fail we must expect at something better or else this is not going to change they are very stubborn .

  • Owen Jones

    With hundreds of factors affecting ranking and the fact that you are making changes every week, how can we know exactly what's wrong.
    You must be more accurate in your reporting.
    Just saying: your site breaks the rules somewhere, now guess where and fix them reflects really badly on Google – it is high-handed and arrogant.
    I questioned Google a couple of times, so they just closed my a/c.
    I never got a reason why and when I asked a dozen times, I was told to check my spam filters!

  • Will Spencer

    IF Matt is telling the truth here, those "real" humans are amazingly underskilled, undertrained, underclued, or possibly just not English literate.

  • Shaun Van Drachen

    Google isn't improving search, the recent updates are making it harder to find quality sites.

    The company I work for spends hundreds of thousands of £s on advertising every year on Google using the PPC Adwords system, yet they've seen their ranking knocked into oblivion and their advertising costs almost double overnight. It's rubbish to say this is to improve quality of results. It is really to push small companies to advertise on Google instead of getting free traffic via organic search.

  • Shaun Van Drachen

    Another point, it's ironic Google dodges billions in taxes by using tax havens, breaking the rules in most countries. Yet when it comes to small business they talk in a blase fashion about people being "hard headed" & not following rules! Maybe Google these people are too busy servicing their customers to play with websites and add to pointless blogs?

    I'd love to see the reaction if his salary was halved overnight, that is the reality of what Google is doing to thousands of small businesses.

  • rats arsed

    Recall the American sayings;
    There is a sucker born every minute.
    A fool and his money are soon parted.
    If the advertising team cannot meet the company's expectations, a good move for the company would be to replace that team.
    I suspect you feel entitled to lots of "free traffic" without competing for it in the non-sponsored search results.
    No sympathy for you.
    Bye the way, disparagement of Google is sufficient cause to be removed from some of their programs.

  • rats arsed

    Apparently you did not view this video. You will never get verbose detailed reports of anything. You make repeated demands and no effort to change. Big surprise they ban you.

  • Spook SEO

    It's good to know that a real person is in fact looking at the reconsideration request. The sad part is, the kind of replies they give isn't as comprehensive as we'd want it to be. Then again, with the hundreds of thousands of requests that they receive, no one can blame them. It's just a vicious cycle.

  • Sakura Designs

    Why are we penalizing websites that are the victims of negative seo attacks, Google should help us not harm us more- its often the higher ranking sites that get hit, why are we accused of instigating spam, this does not make sense. This happened to us since we rank so high and have the longest standing website.The blame is misplaced, the spam is not originating from the victims site, and we are supposed to comb Indian/ Russian/ Chinese/ sex websites band beg them to remove bot generated links all day, this is all wrong dear friends. Google need to help us, tenured businesses do not need to spam submit, its done to us rather than from us, and we get a penalty? It's a vulnerable businesses job to come the internet no. Also there are two larger Link Deletion sites that I suspect might actually produce spam links if you contact them and extort you to use their services, Google please help us, no more penalties for victims or black hat bot submissions, this is no longer rare, thanks!

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