Article Writing Software that WORKS | Article Builder Review
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Article Writing Software that WORKS | Article Builder Review

What’s going on everybody thi sis Bob Sharpe otherwise known as Mr Lead System Pro today I am doing a review on article writing software if you’re looking
for some serious to better when you’re articles maybe you
have a blog need to our has a high quality content you dissed
you’re not you hit the writer’s block maybe you’re doing so my search engine
optimization and you want to use this with something like Article Marketing
Robot I really guard who was addressing
attacks when it whatever it is this is my review on some high-quality article right software specifically
something I have used to rank high in Google called Article Builder Review this is why I’m so serious about this if
you divide up the cost per article builder it becomes so much more valuable than
going to something like five yr repairs only five bucks or going to
leading articles because if you divide up the cost for article builder it cost peanuts compared
to the staying so we’re gonna do is let me take you inside
show you exactly how powerful this is so you can get some good valuable insider details and gotta make the best
decision at this is something that you’re interested in getting so let’s rock and roll this is the first
we’ll see when you have article builder it is browser-based so it doesn’t sell
it doesn’t hold up your computer anything like that you just go to the the members log on
internet site and simply hit login this will take you
to this page right here this is where the magic happens way to build the
articles now there’s actually a way that you can
make this re-post it can our personal blog by clicking
this button right here you can also upgraded to something like
to see you Xero if you have a program like to have
a Magic Submitter and pretty near your login information
into there’s programs far article builder and it’ll inject
content immediately without having to come to this website so it’s very very cool from that
perspective but let me assure you this is a is a score you can do many
different things you can generate a super-spy an article and it’s going to
be a very high quality pretty crazy look at them but for most
people the best way to start is right over here to the left side where it says building tips Base article
and there are so many categories that you
can choose from depending on what nature try and write
about so let me to stand out and just look at all these categories and what’s even more in seeing is that
the acting categories each and every day they don’t rest each and every day his
new article is posted his new categories being explored this
thing is an incredible can’t say that enough just because it is
you know so so you know must say I want to an article on like
article marketing you know why not click on that new super
spun content you always want that because what they do is they wait
thousands upon thousands upon thousands of articles and this super spins them so it’s the
highest quality and actually passed my webb says that
I’ve used article builder on through things like Copyscape and
through plagiarism some checkers just to see if you know this is
one of those things that has articles not the whole internet and believe it or not this was a hundred
percent unique 100 percent I which blew me away quite
honestly I was expecting any ninety percent eighty percent seventy percent
hun percent blew me away so keep that te consumer’s bank on time you can choose how many words you what
you are going to be anywhere from 300 up to a thousand words so say group 600 and I’m didn’t go
anywhere from one to 20 in one hit and then you can come back now if you
look at the top here actually says him generator and Jack 397 were articles
today it actually allows you to generate 400
articles work per day which is more than enough quite honestly
for most people so and US combat adheres to 600 words and
I’m gonna generate two articles and watch how fast this works could
combine was at two seconds two seconds and you
got to 100 percent you need article self 229
words and just watch how well this reads article marketing in
practice may be very filling but if you’re a
beginner can also be very daunting to be successful you need
is spend time learning the fundamentals blah blah blah but you know to know how well that that
rights and 10 do is in the YouTube description
below the video I one clue I one these articles you can read how
well it performs its just incredible how well does this and there’s a two
articles brown highly optimized however high quality is
just this incredible you do two things you can either just
down highway in all this and copy it directly into whatever you’re trying to
do your blog you’re on your backlinking program whatever you’re
trying to do I or even post to blogger down your
article so that sounds cool thing I wanna show
you really quick is up your blog that I wanna see everything
cuz there is a lot of power this thing has and on my inside a community I share
this is shared on how to do each and every step but yes is really quite click on blog
says manage my blogs even had a blog to article builder and it’ll
automatically post when your command like daily twice a day three times a day four times a day to
whatever internet site that %um 80 post on percent unique quality to
your blog so if you’re somebody that you know maybe not fill out our review
Disney some time with your blog but you don’t want to give up on giving
you know content a nap alarm this is where this can do this for you
on autopilot yeah I do blog typing what it’s about typing with
images and it automatically submit each and every day and you can integrate affiliate links
into this as well so it’ll post on your behalf throw in
some affiliate links for you and use it to make it nine you know
potential for income and united in their cell no cool thing that this article builder
can do sumac to my percent if you think about
it from this perspective how much this article below the cost for
this for this new article writing software that I’m reviewing today while it cost two hundred ninety seven dollars
for the entire year that’s it one time per year that saw 297 divided up into my kid massive I’m gonna
be kinda goofed and who have my calculator here so
tonight I seventy but it might well that’s 24 bucks a month now think about it from the perspective
are going to five er we’re going to leading articles or something like that and you know you pay 75 bucks to do this
well this is only an hour twenty four dollars a month so if you
divide that up and say that you gonna do at least 10 articles a month you paint two dollars in 47 cents per
article versus five books per article 150 gig or leading articles
which can arrange to be pretty expensive so if you’re serious if you’re serious
internet marketer like I am you’re serious about you get your
contact Mike on Google this is the program but I’ve used track one to three spots in Google solid shoot up to the top if you put this
stuff into the cracked machine whether that’s in New whether
that’s a of 20 min unique article was a good effort is this
is the thing for you whatever you do not scream out to the
day don’t scrape stuff off the internet is that will be played rise that will be
copied content its garbage is not going to work for you identify
streak is a night in the rankings the income and the desires that you’re
trying to get so if you’re serious if you’re serious
internet marketer here’s the link below click on it day yourself article builder
2097 by for the years a one-time cost per year and not the right here’s my youtube
video I will send you Article Builder Review my ebook and how to use this inside an
hour and how to integrate it was so serious
secret SEO tools Article Writing Software and that’s my gift to you for ordering
for my youtube video so I hope this was Bible my goal is to
bring you value each and every day here with the mister Lead System Pro YouTube channel
so continue to keep on coming back subscribe and I comment below if you have any
questions thanks a lot for watching guys we’ll see you next time on mister Lead
System Pro


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