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    What should I do if my competitors are using webspam techniques?

    Today’s question comes from Hood River, where lisawilliams wants to know, “White hat search marketers read and follow Google guidelines. What should they tell clients whose competitors use black hat techniques such as doorway pages and whom continue to rank as a result of those techniques?” So first and foremost, I would say do a spam report. Because if you’re violating Google’s guidelines in terms of cloaking or sneaky JavaScript redirects, buying links, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, all those kinds of things, we do want to know about it. So you can do a spam report. That’s private. You can also stop by Google’s Webmaster forum, and that’s more public.…

  • YOUTUBE SEO: Increase your views with these simple tips!
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    YOUTUBE SEO: Increase your views with these simple tips!

    In this video, I’ll be going over YouTube SEO basics and by the end of it, you will be able to rank your videos in YouTube search! Just by the way if you guys stick around to the end of the video I’m going to be giving you a secret tip to help you rank in YouTube search. Firstly, what is SEO actually? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website ,through organic search results. So we want to attract viewers to our videos that are genuinely interested in the topic that we are talking about and…

  • How to upload your WeChat QR Code on your profile page
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    How to upload your WeChat QR Code on your profile page

    Hi, in this video we will show you how to upload your WeChat click to reveal QR code on your profile page on Juwai.com. First, you need an image of your QR code. To do that, go to your WeChat account and use your phone to take a screenshot of your QR code in the profile section of the app. You can then send it to yourself via email to your computer, or use it directly on your mobile phone. Once you have an image ready, log into Juwai Admin. Click on profiles then on the individual profile. Click Edit profile. Click the Edit icon next to the WeChat section…

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    Are Google SERPs the same on all browsers?

    Matt Cutts: We have a question from Land Lubber in Colorado. We’ve had a few from Land Lubber but you know these are kind of interesting so I enjoy answering them. The question is, Do your SERPs, Search engine result pages, return the exact same results on all browsers? That is, the same results on IE6, IE7, Firefox2, 3, Opera, Chrome and so on. The answer is, usually they do but not in all situations. So let me give you a couple of situations where it could differ. If you um, you know, personalization is based on who we think you are. So if you’re logged in versus not logged…

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    Greg Jeffries SEO Affiliate Domination Review: SEO for beginners

    Hey everyone, this is Yogesh. Welcome to my channel utilize your business and in this video I’m gonna talk about an SEO course by Greg Jeffrey. It’s SEO affiliate domination It talks about how you can earn 100 to 200 dollars per day passively Is that true? I mean and one of these techniques that he talks about so let’s find out So what is a SEO affiliate domination course all about so first of all Let’s talk about the Creator great Jeffery he’s actually a six-figure affiliate marketer where he goes and talks about why he did the garden walls with the SEO and one of the techniques that…

  • Image Optimization – How To SEO Images Tips
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    Image Optimization – How To SEO Images Tips

    Hello and welcome, my name is Chris Palmer and in today’s video, I will teach you some image optimization tips And also how you can optimize your images for SEO and I’ll give some image optimization tips for 2020 so let’s just get right into the information so First and foremost the most important thing and something that I’ve learned over time is when optimizing your images You might want to add some text To your image now. I want to go ahead and show you a cloud Api that Google has been using if you hop on over to the cloud vision and I want to go ahead and…

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    Oh YoonAh’s dance seduces giant Seo JangHoon! [The Swan Club /2018.01.03]

    Today, there’s someone who came by to join you for the class in hopes of learning ballet. (Hold on…) – What? / – A new member? No, she’s not joining the club. She’s just someone who loves dancing. Let’s welcome her with an applaud. (Excited) (Who came by The Swan Club?) (Eyes widen) (She enters wearing a white tutu.) Hello. It’s nice to meet you. (Former Miss Korea and announcer) (She’s been in the industry for three years.) (Kim Joohui) – Nice to meet you. / – Hello. Hi. She barely said hello. – Nice to meet you. / – Hello. (She suddenly starts dancing.) (She greets everyone by dancing.)…

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    SEO Metrics for Estimating Ranking Difficulty Webcast | SpyFu

    Host: Mike is the founder and president of SpyFu, founder of VelocityScape and SpyFu. And Mike was awarded Arizona’s top entrepreneur under 35 which is really, you know a kind of a cool thing. And this is a quote I got from Mike’s LinkedIn page; success is an endless cycle of failures that you can manage to learn from. So Mike, we do have your presentation up in the screen and you are the presenter so, Mike please take it. Mike Roberts: Thanks. So yeah, again my name is Mike Roberts. I’m the president and founder of SpyFu. And this is a new presentation. Actually every presentation from me is…