Backlink Machine Review – Get More Backlinks To Your Site – Spencer Coffman
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Backlink Machine Review – Get More Backlinks To Your Site – Spencer Coffman

Hey guys Spencer Coffman here today I’m going
to show you this amazing tool it is called backlink machine in fact this is so cool and
it’s so good and it does so much stuff that stop watching this video right now and just
click on the link and go get it because if you have a website or you have clients with
websites or anything if you do anything with a domain name you need this it doesn’t matter
if you have a business you have an affiliate site you do whatever it is get this thing
it is so great click the link and go get it right now here we go this is backlink machine
you can get it as a plugin and it also has a web login interface so we’re I’m going to
show you everything that the web interface does then you can buy it get the pro version
get everything I got all the upgrades I got it off because it’s so worth it when you first
log in you’re gonna get to a dashboard thing I’m just going to go right to the link builder
you can easily do this put in your URL so we’ll do Spencer Coffman dot-com number of
backlinks one up to a hundred so you only get a hundred but no big deal you can do whatever
you need to do you can type in your keywords now these keywords will be linked text on
these other places so use short keywords and long tail for example for Spencer Coffman
I could put author as a short one and for a long tail I could do author of affiliate
marketing experts or how to fly a kite how to those would be your long tail keywords
and do short tail put a bunch in one per line build the backlinks weight and it’ll do it
send them out it’s amazing next thing you have this thing called keyword tool you type
in your main keyword so let’s just go with affiliate marketing find related look at this
it will check and find tons of related keywords that you can use on Google YouTube Amazon
and Bing all you need to do is look at them all look at this in a matter of seconds so
you you check all these that you want to use okay you go down here URL to build the backlinks
number of backlinks you can add additional keywords if you want and you can build the
backlinks this is the pro version the pro version finds the keywords for you it has
this keyword tool so if you don’t get the pro version you will have to do that by yourself
and you won’t get all these keywords look at this 253 on Google look at them now to
find them on YouTube and you can do this again so you could do and only phone 10 but no big
deal you check them put it in there build the backlinks so you can build 100 backlinks
for Google keywords YouTube keywords amazon keywords and Bing keywords that’s what the
pro version get the upgrade next thing we have there’s so much link campaigns just a
little more in-depth but how you do you can add a new campaign and it starts building
links for you you can put in your name we’ll do a test here I’ll quickly walk through because
there’s so much I want to get to select the URLs you want to link so we can put Spencer
Coffman calm let’s see we do is Spencer Coffman calm slash eBooks okay and on and on you can
do as many as you need to next step keywords we’re gonna do author will just do a couple
will do affiliate marketing we will do eBooks and that’s it next step now you don’t want
to do a lot more number of backlinks per day okay let’s choose 10 number of days in total
well let’s do it for 5 days that’d be 50 backlinks then you would click start campaign and for
the next five days it will build 10 backlinks all throughout the day so you could space
this at like eighty number of days do it in my month do it in 15 days it divides them
up starts building backlinks with all your keywords and sends them out all over this
is so cool because it allows your links to be built every day without you having to sign
in to backlink machine and do it all manually another thing right here this is an extra
thing you need to get this it is the SEO – okay unbelievable it has everything you can think
of you can get backlinks you can get your links checked social media everything with
Alexa Maas crazy egg any of those things that you can use all those tools that you use online
to figure all this stuff out it’s right here so we’ll go here SEO toolkit get this upgrade
all right here it is SEO reports now I’m gonna briefly scan through and I’ll show you a few
of them there are probably 60 different things here or more so we’ve got all this stuff keyword
position Alexa rank right there link analyzers you have redirect page Authority okay article
rewriter you can check for plagiarism you can get word counts on your posts meta tags
URL rewrites sitemap generator how about that you can get it all generated robots.txt generator
backlink makers checkers you can ping your websites you can get count for how many links
are on your pages you can find broken links on your website so you can repair them and
get rid of them check for malware see if your site is blacklisted check for antivirus look
at the search engine tools check the cache see what the search engines see by spider
you can also index and check how your site is indexed check Page Speed insights minify
JavaScript CSS HTML and optimize images you can do all this right here also we’ve got
server tools so you can check all your server stuff for verse IP look them up check out
your host miscellaneous stuff down here get your source code so you can look at that now
you can also get your source code up here when you do a spider simulator because that
will give you your source code you could check your IP mobile-friendly see what the screen
resolution is even more we’ve got all this IP stuff code to text ratio what is my browser
find DNS records email privacy unbelievable you can do like I said everything get this
additional it’s well worth it let me just show you a couple things here we’ll check
out the search engine spider okay and backlink checker we’ll just go over here so this is
a search engine spider simulator this is what a search engine will see when they go to your
URL so we’ll do a Spencer Coffman com submit it’ll take a little while because it’s running
everything it’s it’s literally pretending to be a search engine it’s gonna show you
what Google or Bing or Yahoo sees on your website which is cool because then you can
go change it and make it a little better if need be all right now we’ve got a backlink
checker here we’ll check this find out how many external backlinks your site has so this
would be really cool because backlink machine you could generate all the backlinks then
a couple days later you can check to see if it went through and of course it will so here
we go back over here to the search engine spider simulator it’s got the meta title meta
description meta keywords see right here there’s an improvement you got to get in some meta
keywords all the tags look at all these h1 tags this is all just the homepage indexable
links right on the homepage there they all are so this is great because you can take
a look and think in your head okay are all these links still on my site are they still
clickable you could check that out or you know you can also use the broken link checker
to check that out here’s the readable text and here is the source code on the page you
can try a new URL and that will start it all over put in a new URL and you’re good to go
isn’t that amazing I mean these it’s so quick and so easy here we go now over here to the
backlink checker Spencer Coffman com 21 backlinks that’s all I mean it’d be nice if I went into
detail and retrieved all those for you and showed you where they were but it just says
you know okay 21 backlinks you can try a new URL same type of deal enter it in and go for
it again look at all this stuff you know we can check Alexa rank I bet it’ll be pretty
low but we’ll check it out social status keyword suggestion it’s got everything let’s check
the Alexa rank quick there it is global rank number of backlinks see so that kind of verified
the other tool is the same so we know that they’re working because Alexa says 21 and
so it does their internal backlink checker not enough data but but still I mean this
is something that you can use to check anything and everything all this stuff that’s on here
it’s well worth the upgrade then it you can get the agency upgrade that’s something that
if you want to do like if I wanted to do this for you you could hire me to do all this and
check all this stuff for your site and then I could just charge you like on Fiverr something
I may post a couple gigs that says I’ll check the Alexa rank the Moz rank and I’ll analyze
your links or I could say I will get you an XML sitemap generate your robots.txt and meta
tags for five bucks and you could do this to get all this stuff and now you can put
yourself out there on Fiverr and start getting this but either way the backlink machine is
so amazing and we have anyone go into the plug-in yet the plug-in I’ll just touch on
it briefly every single post you create it will automatically generate a certain number
of backlinks 10 30 50 100 whatever you choose boom generate the backlinks and if you have
the pro version it will index all of those links out and send them out to Google Bing
Yahoo and get those links indexed so they’re found way faster another thing let’s say you
say hey I already have 500 posts on my site don’t worry because the plug-in will show
you an entire list of all your other posts and you just click get backlinks type in the
keywords and boom generate your number whatever you want 10 20 50 100 and sends it out does
the same thing indexes them automatically amazing and it within the plug-in you’ll also
have a couple of these tools like you can see the log which this would be all your jobs
that you do so it will show you all the reports CIA I don’t have any in there yet because
we just did the test and we didn’t submit it but if we would have and created some backlinks
it would show up in here once they’re done and you can see the report this will also
be available in the plugin but anyway point is you need to get back with machine if you
have anything online sign up for the pro and get the SEO toolkit and you can get a sweet
thing where every month you will be allocated more and more links so you won’t have to buy
and more see what it mean if you go here and hit want more backlinks you can buy this right
away subscribe for a discounted price and you get five thousand every month for twenty
seven bucks or you can purchase them in blocks know when you buy all of this right away you’ll
get a whole bunch of links so you may not need to buy anymore but it’s worth it you
have two $27 in addition five thousand more every month start using this for yourself
put yourself out there on Fiverr or on clients and start getting them to pay you to do this
and you have an amazing back linking thing to rank your site and anyone else’s site and
boost it to a level that you wouldn’t believe pick up backlink machine get it in the link
below and also check out the backlink machine plugin until next time you


  • Midlands Maidens

    Hugely disappointed with this – the plugin packed up working within two days of installation, leaving me having to use the web-based version – and the 'backlinks' still haven't been added after over a week using a minimal try-out of 20 backlinks. It's looking like a refund is going to be asked for on this one.

  • Eric Thurmond

    Hi thanks for the video. 1.What type of links does the software build? Is it just blog comments? 2. How well does the links stick? Are they deleted quickly from the url that they are pointing to?

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