Backlinks are DEAD – Long Live Content Marketing. Drive new customers to your website

What exactly IS a backlink? Well think of
it like this. Two pie shops are in the same town, sell the same pies, and have websites
that are pretty much the same. So how does Google decide which website to put in the first position?
Backlinks. Each backlink counts as a vote, and all other things being equal, the website
with the most votes wins top position. OK, so these links are magical and awesome
but where to get backlinks for your website? That, my friends, is where we come in. Backlinks aren’t a mystery, but doing them
right and managing them as you go along takes time and experience to get stellar results. Our team of experts knows how to handle all
of the strategy and technical details, and we use real people to hand place and manage
everything, no computer generated spammy stuff for our customers! Let us show you how powerful backlinks really
are we’ll give you 5 free backlinks. Really. Just create your free account, and we’ll
start driving new traffic to your website. So what are you waiting for?

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