• brittany daniel

    Really enjoyed the interview Lenny, thanks for sharing. Where can I find your bonuses? The link in the video did not bring them up.

  • John Walsh

    Lenny, Clive seems to really know his stuff when it comes to google properties and you did a great job of letting him share his knowledge while interjecting good questions when warranted.

  • Robert Stone`s WebmastersPost

    Clive is the most conscientious marketer I know and his Bam Bam
    Backlinks is extraordinarily better than the competition

  • DutchKing72

    This thing is a scam, this method (RSS +pinging) is dead and has been for years, any self-respecting and testing SEO guy will tell you that

    Stay away from it, basically what he does in ALL the videos is encourage people to spam the shit out of Google properties, like G is retarded

    Your webinar is garbage, you ask no critical questions, but then again you're selling and promoting this shit, so what do you care if you scam a view n00bs, right?

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