Behind the scenes of Google Webmaster Central videos
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Behind the scenes of Google Webmaster Central videos

>>CUTTS: Okay, so some folks have asked,
“Hey, how do you make these videos? Is it a really big production? Does it cost a lot
of money? And the answer is that it really doesn’t cost a lot of money at all. So in
order to show you a little bit behind the scenes, I thought we take our flip camera
and sort of say hello to Wysz. So why don’t I come around and tell us a little bit about
what’s going on here, you know? First, introduce yourself, Wysz.
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: Oh, yeah. I’m Michael Wyszomierski. I post as Wysz in the help forum, and also
write for the blog and do these videos. And it’s pretty much what I do.
>>CUTTS: Fantastic. Very cool.>>WYSZOMIERSKI: Yeah, this equipment–it’s,
you know, is a very low, low budget production here. This is just a canon HD camera.
>>CUTTS: Cool.>>WYSZOMIERSKI: I was actually on vacation
the other month, and my mother’s friend pulled out her video camera. It was the same exact
model.>>CUTTS: Excellent.
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: And she was saying, “Do you think this is a good camera?” And I was like,
“Well, we, you know, use it to make these YouTube videos that get, you know, thousands
of views from webmasters all over the world, so I think it’s all right.
>>CUTTS: So it’s not too expensive. How much would you say it cost?
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: It’s in, like, the thousand dollar range.
>>CUTTS: Okay.>>WYSZOMIERSKI: And we bought this, you know,
more–maybe about a year ago. And so, I’m sure you can find something cheaper now. This
one runs on tape. They have ones that record on hard drives now.
>>CUTTS: Cool.>>WYSZOMIERSKI: Which make the process even
faster, and you don’t need to pay for tapes.>>CUTTS: Uh-huh. Well, it looks like you
got something on top of this.>>WYSZOMIERSKI: Yes, this is our wireless
microphone receiver.>>CUTTS: Oh.
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: This is actually a dual receiver, so we can do interviews with two different
microphones and then separate the audio later. But the whole audio setup is only probably
a couple of hundred bucks. We just got the cheapest ones available. Always good with
the resources at Google.>>CUTTS: Now, you’ve got some headphones
here too, are these expensive fancy schmancy headphones?
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: Yeah, these are just the headphones I use with of my computer. I just
grabbed one before I come into the room.>>CUTTS: Okay.
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: And, yeah, I picked these up at like at BestBuy one day.
>>CUTTS: Uh-huh.>>WYSZOMIERSKI: And, yeah, that’s pretty
much it for the, for the hardware.>>CUTTS: So now, how do you actually edit
these videos together? What’s the software look like?
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: I use Final Cut Pro. It’s a Mac-only-program, but–and they have, it’s
kind of, first, kind of expensive. It’s in like thousand dollar range again. But they
do have an express version which is, you know, more in the couple of hundred dollar range.
>>CUTTS: Okay.>>WYSZOMIERSKI: I think every Mac comes with
iMovie which is completely free.>>CUTTS: Right, right.
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: Where you can actually do, you know, videos like we do, you can probably
do most of that for free. And I think Microsoft has its equivalents. There’s, like, Windows
Movie Maker and things like that. And, you know, just search online, you can probably
find some good stuff too.>>CUTTS: Very cool.
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: Yeah.>>CUTTS: Now, a few people have commented
about on the quality of the videos on YouTube like they are in High-def, right?
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: They are. They–we’re actually recording in full HD.
>>CUTTS: How you get the high quality on YouTube?
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: So we don’t have to actually do anything. Actually that’s kind of a key
to it is when you upload to YouTube; don’t try to do any compression yourself or anything
like that. Just upload the highest quality you can, and then, you know, let Google servers
take care all of the compression and transcoding and all of that.
>>CUTTS: Yeah.>>WYSZOMIERSKI: And it’ll generate a mobile
version, a low bandwidth version. And then for people who have the bandwidth, they can
watch it in HD. We actually started uploading an HD before YouTube even launched that feature.
And then one day, they just kind of turned it on, and then there’s an HD version available.
>>CUTTS: So you got it for free whenever they upgrade it.
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: Yeah. Yeah.>>CUTTS: Excellent. Well, it doesn’t look
like it’s that hard. You basically got it all set up. How long does it take you to make
a given video like cut it together and all that sort of stuff.
>>WYSZOMIERSKI: Just a few hours, you know. I’m editing in slides, but if it’s just somebody
sitting down and talking, it pretty much happens in real time.
>>CUTTS: Excellent. Very cool. Well, thanks for the tour behind the scenes and showing
us what–what happens to make a video at Google.>>WYSZOMIERSKI: Yeah, sure.
>>CUTTS: Great.>>WYSZOMIERSKI: Thanks, Matt.


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