Best Backlinks For SEO: 7 Telltale Signs Of A Valuable Link (EASY)
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Best Backlinks For SEO: 7 Telltale Signs Of A Valuable Link (EASY)

– Today, you’re gonna learn the best types of backlinks for SEO to increase your website’s
traffic and organic rankings, because link quality
matters more than ever and if you’re not careful and you build the wrong
types of backlinks, you can easily get a penalty from Google or even get your website
deindexed completely. And if you’re a website owner, you really need to understand this. So keep watching if you’re
serious about link building and you wanna know which links
get you the most traffic. When it comes to getting high quality backlinks to your website, you wanna make sure there’s some sort of editorial manual
process in adding the link. The last thing you want is for anyone to be able to
get a link through that site. Okay, so you can see here, this is an outreach email
I’ve done previously, where the webmaster has
actually gone into the website and added the link manually. Okay, and the reason you don’t
want like an automated link is that you’ll be getting
links from a website with a very spammy neighborhood, and here’s an example
on Okay, and mainly that’s because it’s linking to really spammy websites because anyone can go on
there and upload as well. There’s no manual review
process in getting the link. And you can see here, like they’re linking to casinos, they’re linking to, like, Viagra websites, and that’s the last sort of place you wanna be getting links from. You should be making sure there’s
a manual editorial process when you get a link from a website. Next up, you wanna make
sure most of your backlinks are actually do follow
rather than no follow. Okay, and what I mean by this is when you right click
on a link on your browser, you can click Inspect, and
if it’s a no follow link, you’ll see rel=”nofollow”, and what that means is
basically no PageRank, or AKA, link juice is going from this site to the site they’ve linked to, okay? Whereas if you get a do follow link, let’s look at Forbes for
example, here’s a link, you can see there’s no nofollow rel. There’s no rel equals nofollow on there, which means it’s a do follow link. Okay, and that means
PageRank is going from Forbes to the site they’ve linked to, which is what you want, ideally, if you wanna rank your website. However, no follow links are, they’re not completely useless. Okay, so first of all, if you’ve got a mix of no follow links and do follow links in your backlink profile, it’s gonna look a lot
more natural to Google. Also, if you’ve got a link from a really high traffic website, and even if it’s nofollow, you can still a lot of traffic
from that page to your site. So it’s not completely useless. The other thing is, as well, you wanna make sure you’re getting links from highly authoritative websites, because that’s what
carries the most PageRank. If you imagine backlinks
like a voting system, then you can imagine that the
more authority a website has, the more influence that link carries. And there are certain skills you can use to check a website’s authority. One of them is Ahrefs Domain Rating, and this basically shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile. This can be ranked from zero to a hundred, and the closer it is to a hundred, the more authority a website carries. Now, obviously, this is
just a ranking system. You shouldn’t rely on it completely and it’s definitely not gospel but it does give you a bit of an indicator of which websites have the most authority. So for example, you
can see this is a DR 6. It’s a less well known website. So a link from it carries more weight compared to like, which is a DR 93 website. It’s got a hundred million backlinks. So a do follow link from is worth a lot more than Amp Legal, and that’s something
you wanna bear in mind when you’re building links. Another metric you can check on Ahrefs is the page’s UR rating. So this is the rating
of that particular page and how much weight a link
carries from that page. So for example, if you
get a link from a page with a UR 60 versus UR 30, then the UR 60 is worth a lot
more in terms of a backlink. Okay, so even if you get a link from, say, a low domain rating website, the link may still be incredibly valuable if it’s a high UR page. And you can actually check the definition of this on Ahrefs here. Yeah, and basically the UR is calculated with the number of internal links and the number of external
links to that particular page. When it comes to backlinks, anchor text is also really important, and it’s important in two ways
as I’ll explain in a second. But basically what anchor text is, is it’s the text that’s used
to link to your website. So when you get a link,
for example like this, the anchor text here is Source: Google. Okay, and this matters in two ways. So first of all, you want relevant anchor text to the content you’re getting links to. But you also don’t wanna over-optimize. So you don’t wanna get too many links with the same anchor
text over and over again, because actually that looks very unnatural and looks a little bit spammy to Google. So, you know websites have
actually been penalized for having over-optimized anchor text, and you can actually check
your anchor text profile on Ahrefs here. So you can see the
anchor text that’s used, what percentage of
domains actually used it, and whether the link is do follow, too, which is also quite useful. And yeah, basically, since the Penguin update a few years ago, you have to be really careful about manipulating anchor texts. I personally wouldn’t recommend it and if you’re doing link building through outreach or something like that, just let the webmaster decide what the anchor text is gonna be, unless he asks you. But basically, you don’t
wanna over-optimize and get penalized for
having unatural anchor text in your backlink profile. The other thing you should consider when it comes to link building is making sure that the website
you’re getting a link from has a decent amount of search traffic, and it’s not had a Google
penalty in the past. Because if it’s suffered
some sort of penalty, that means Google probably
doesn’t like the website and therefore you probably
don’t want a link from it. Ideally you want a link from a website that has a
lot of organic search traffic because number one, Google
obviously likes that website, and number two, you may get some referral
traffic from it too. So it works both ways. Now, you can see, for
example, this website. It was at previously around a million organic search traffic per month, and that’s dropped down to 10,000, and obviously that’s some sort of penalty the website’s received. So therefore you wanna avoid
a link from it ideally, because Google doesn’t like that website and therefore it may
consider it a spammy link. And finally, you wanna make sure that the backwards you’re
getting to your page are actually relevant to your website, or at least contextually relevant to the content you’re building links. So for example, if you’re building links to a dog food website, you don’t wanna be getting links from a website about cryptocurrency or something very random like that. You wanna make sure they’re
at least contextually relevant and relate to each other. So one of the best things
about the skyscraper technique, for example, in your link building, is that you can see your competitors. So if you’re building
links to a dog food page, then you can check, okay,
who’s linked to my competitors. They’re obviously relevant, my competitor’s ranking with these links and therefore I should contact them. But yeah, basically when
you’re building links, make sure the’re relevant or
at least contextually relevant. So when it comes to the
best types of links for SEO, that pretty much sums it up. Now, obviously it’s important
not to over-optimize on any of these factors, so don’t over-optimize on anchor text, don’t over-optimize on building
too many do follow links, it’s important instead to make sure your backlink
profile looks natural, because you don’t wanna
look like you’ve cheated or manipulated the system. Because that’s a way you
can get a penalty, okay? If you have any questions, let me know, and I also wanna know, what’s the number one thing
you’re struggling with when it comes to link building. Let me know in the comment section below. All right, thanks for watching.

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